Three hundred and twenty years have passed since the Coven sank in the dark. May: month of emerald. A thief in the dark, struggling to survive this world.

The sound of heavy footfalls echoed throughout the empty Vale street. Night had fallen, and only a handful of people every came to this part of town at night; usually, the unsavory types. Emerald was running for her life, afraid of what would happen should those men catch up to her. She only stole a little bit of money off of them; she was certain that they wouldn't really miss the small amount that she had taken. Yet here they were, chasing her relentlessly through the alleys.

"She's gone this way!" one of them yelled.

Daring a glance back at her pursuers, she saw three suited men running after her. Panic set in, forcing adrenaline to pump through her system as she ran harder and faster. Attempting to lose them, she turned into another nearby alley, only to find that it was a dead end. "No," she said in a hushed, panicked voice. "No, no, no, this can't be happening!"

"We've got her!" said one of the men. Turning around, she saw that all three of them had made it to the alley and cut her off. "You think you can steal from us and get away with it?"

Scared out of her mind, she backed up until she hit the brick wall behind her. "Please," she whispered. "I didn't take much. I need it. Please, I have to have this money."

Drawing a large pocket knife from his jacket, the middle suit stepped forward. "So, how to punish the little thief? Cut her up? Slice an eye out? Cover her face in scars?"

"Nah," said the rightmost man. "Just gut her and be done with it. She's not worth the time."

The left man groaned. "Do we have to off her now? She looks pretty damn good. Maybe we can...preserve her for a while longer?" He gave Emerald a full body glance; from her worn out shoes, up her dark legs and over her shorts, pausing at her exposed midriff before his eyes finished on her face.

"No," she whispered, begging them. "Please, just let me go." She reached into her pocket and pulled out fifty lien; the money she had stolen. "I-if you want your money back, here. I just want to go. Please."

The men looked amongst themselves, ignoring her words as they silently debated. "Fine," the middle man said to the left man. "She's yours. Save some for me, though. Aight?"

"Aight," he agreed. Approaching Emerald, he started to undo his belt. "I'm going to enjoy this."

Emerald's fear began to grow. He grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. One of his hands grabbed her by the chest as he leaned in and tried to lick her face. Her eyes shot wide open as she screamed, and soon there came a wet, crunching sound. She collapsed as the man let go of her; he was on the ground writhing in pain. No sound escaped his throat, as it was crushed. She watched him twitch violently as he slowly died.

"What the hell?" the other men asked. One pulled a gun and was about to take fire. Emerald met their eyes and watched with horror as they began to do the same as their comrade. Wet crunching noises reverberated off the walls as they fell in pain to the ground.

Her eyes full of tears, she watched them slowly die before she fearfully stood and started to run away as quickly as she could. At the last second, she had an errant thought: dead men don't need wallets.

~Witch Hunter Ruby~

Episode 2: Head Like A Hole

Wearing the brand new black trench coat that was used as Beacon's work uniform, Ruby entered the gate of the property and approached the password locked door. Fumbling around her pockets, she searched for the combination code that she had written down on a scrap of paper the night before. "Where is it?" she asked out loud. Suddenly, she heard a click as the door came unlocked on its own. She gave a curious glance before turning to the front desk behind her, where Port smiled at her; his finger was leaving the unlock button on his desk. "Thank you," she said, bowing politely, before entering her new workplace.

The front "lobby" of Beacon was unlike any other lobby Ruby had ever seen. It was a cold, hard grey stone room with what looked like a well in the center of the room. Upon closer inspection, however, she realized that it was purely for decoration, as it was only as deep as the floor around it. At the end of the lobby was the old style elevator with the metal bar doors. Ruby entered and rode it to the third floor.

The metal door grinded open as she stepped out of the elevator; today was her first real day on the job. The first thing she noticed was that Jaune and Blake were hovering over Mercury's workstation. Approaching, Ruby peaked over Mercury's chair to see what they were looking at. Three different monitors and a laptop each sat on the desk, each one displaying different windows of information documents, emails, and web browsers, with the exception of the laptop, which appeared the most personal of the four screens; on it, a music library and several social media sites were open. "What's going on?"

Mercury shook his head. "They're trying to sneak a peek at today's assignments. I swear, you Hunters; I don't know if you're the most dedicated or the most competitive with your work."

"Can't help it," Jaune said. "Gotta beat Ren someday, you know."

Mercury scoffed. "Good luck on that."

"Oh," Blake spoke up. "Ruby, since you're over here, I suppose I should show you your workstation." Grabbing Ruby by the arm gently, she led the younger girl to the desk behind directly behind Mercury. "Whatever you leave on this desk is safe from anyone who isn't named Mercury or Yang. Keep that in mind."

Ruby nodded. "Thank you," she stated happily.

"Mercury," came the low voice of Ren. Everyone looked up to see him and Ironwood standing at the doorway to the conference room. "It's time."

Nodding, Mercury unplugged a flash drive from the multi-monitor desktop and plugged it into the laptop, picking it up as he stood and made his way to the room. "Come on," he said to Ruby. "Time to start your first day of work."

A moment later, everyone was in the conference room, with Yang barging in at the last second. "Safe!" she cried before noticing Ironwood. "O-oh."

"Ms. Xiao Long; how nice of you to join us this morning." Gesturing to the seat for her to sit down, he motioned for Mercury to start the meeting.

Clearing his throat, Mercury hooked his laptop to the holographic projectors built into the table."Right. Last night the police department received a call about a local disturbance in downtown Vale. Upon arriving at the scene, they found three male corpses; all of them John Does. Their wallets and IDs were missing, and they all seem to have died violently."

"Sounds like they were mugged," Jaune said.

"Except your typical mugger can't do this." Hitting a button, three pictures of the dead bodies came up onto the projectors for each person to see; it was a disturbing display of mangled flesh. "Their organs and several bones were crushed. No murder weapon was found and there are no exterior wounds; they were crushed from the inside."

"That's just creepy," Yang commented.

"Do we have any witches, or possible witches in the directory with powers like this?" Ren asked.

"None. I've spent all morning digging and so far I've found nothing. If I had to guess, I'd wager that these men were harassing our witch when they suddenly awakened; new witch, new powers."

"Why would their wallets be missing?" Ruby asked.

"Really?" Yang deadpanned. "In that part of town, it's a miracle the police even got a phone call."

"You're not wrong," Mercury chimed in. "The police only handed this case over because of the government rulings on our cases; they're actually very reluctant to give this one up to us. While we can't currently identify our three victims, they each had a tattoo on their wrists marking them as members of the local crime syndicate; the White Fang."

"Wonderful," Blake said. "Let's hope we don't get on the wrong side of them."

"Eh," Jaune said smugly. "Worst case scenario, Ruby can just crisp 'em up, right?"

"No," Ironwood interrupted. "Legally, the moment a craft user uses his or her powers on a human they are to be treated as witches. Ruby can't use her power against the White Fang. We need to treat this case discreetly if they're involved."

"Oh," Jaune stated. "I didn't know that was a law."

"Haven Headquarters placed that law into affect over two hundred years ago," Ruby said. "It was to keep witch hunters in line and prevent them from becoming too addicted to their powers. The failsafe was that if they ever became rampant they were to be put to death immediately by their fellow hunters."

The room became silent. Jaune sighed. "Just like..."

"Anyway," Ren interrupted. "Jaune; take Ruby to the crime scene and investigate further. Meanwhile, Blake and Yang will consult with the officers who were on scene and visit the morgue; see if you can get any more information from the bodies. I'll work with Mercury to double check out database; I find it hard to believe that we've been witch hunting for all these centuries and haven't seen this power before."

"One final thing," Ironwood said. "Ruby, I didn't get a chance to speak with you after that last hunt. Come to my office." Turning to face the rest of the hunters, he nodded. "Good luck."

Everyone stood and made their way out of the meeting room. Jaune waved at Ruby, saying, "I'll wait for you here," as she followed Ironwood to his upstairs office.

The room was rather large for its purpose, and it contained a window that looked over the conference room that Ruby never even noticed while she was in it. Ironwood sad down at his desk and poured a small glass of brandy for himself. "So, a Signal hunter who's been sent here by Headquarters to replace our...casualty." Ruby nodded. "What do you know about your predecessor here at Beacon?"

"Only that her power became out of control. She was consumed by it before a Hunter could eliminate her, accidentally killing herself. That's it," she answered.

"We do not eliminate our witches, Ruby," Ironwood said. "I used to work at Headquarters. I didn't like it. I'm not fond of witches, but they are still people. While it's true that many witches use their powers maliciously, there are many that don't understand what it is that they do. Our current hunt, for example, is likely hiding somewhere trying to understand what they've done to three men. We don't kill someone for not knowing how to control their own bodies. We capture them and incapacitate their powers."

"Yes," Ruby said. "With the Aura."

Ironwood nodded. "The Aura bullets incapacitate witches, while Aura pendants protect our hunters. It has the drawback of weakening a hunter's powers if they have any to speak of, but most of our hunters are humans who've descended from witches somewhere in their family history but have no powers of their own. Normal human's can't use the Aura; it causes a strain on the body and creates a myriad of medical issues. But those descended from witches have the strength to resist the side effects."

"Am I the only one here who actually has any powers?"

He shook his head. "You and Blake are our only two craft users. Though, you've actually studied and honed your power. Blake's power came to her when she was very young, and she's resists using it unless she absolutely has to. Her power isn't exactly helpful during a hunt, though it has come in handy during investigations."

"I see," Ruby thought for a moment. "Sir, with respect, I don't want to use the Aura."

"You don't?" he asked.

"No, I find it repulsive. I've become dependent on my power for hunting, and I can't afford to have it be weakened by something that I feel that I really don't need."

He smiled. "I see. Well, that's your prerogative. I hope you change your mind. I don't know why you're here, Ruby, and considering that Headquarters themselves have sent you I can't help but feel somewhat suspicious of you. As I said, I'm not fond of Headquarters. That being said, you are in my care now, and as your supervisor I want to insure your safety. If you ever decide to wear an Aura pendant, just let me know." He sipped at his brandy for a moment. "You may go. Today is your first official Beacon hunt."

Ruby nodded and left to make her way back to Jaune, who was chatting with Neo casually before he saw Ruby. "Ready to go?" he asked.

"Yeah," she answered politely.

"Let's get going then. My car is in the garage."

Blake climbed off of Yang's motorcycle as quickly as she could when they arrived at the police station. "I hate this thing," she said. "I hate it so much." She held a hand over her mouth, forcing herself to not throw up.

"Oh, come on, don't wimp out on me now. We're about to go look at three mangled corpses, and you find bike riding nauseating?"

"I like corpses better," Blake added as the pair walked up the concrete stairs in front of the station. "Corpses don't drive above the speed limit during rush hour."

Yang shook her head. "I hope the new girl has a stronger stomach than you." She grabbed the door handle and gestured for Blake to go in first. Approaching the front desk, they showed the attendant their IDs and were led to the downstairs morgue.

The rooms downstairs were always dark and cold. Blake and Yang were left to their own devices until they needed assistance, which they gratefully accepted; no one really needed to see how they do their job. Within a few minutes, they found the bodies of the three White Fang members and Blake pulled out their drawers to look at them. The first man she revealed was twisted horribly, with his arms and legs taking strange shapes that human limbs were never meant to take. Yang gagged at the sight and covered her mouth, causing Blake to smile. "I hope the new girl has a stronger stomach than you," she teased, echoing Yang's words.

"Bite me," Yang said through a muffled voice.

Blake smiled a moment longer before returning her focus to the corpse before her. She removed her left hand from her pocket and held it nervously over the body. "Be ready to catch me," she said, to which Yang nodded in response. Carefully she placed her hand upon the dead man, and her vision blacked out as a myriad of emotions washed through her. Happiness from a night on the town with his friends. Anticipation for his next assignment. Anger when he saw that he'd been robbed, or cheated. Amusement, seemingly at some one's expense. Fear for his life. Agony. Nothingness. That last one was always tricky; it was for that feeling of nothingness that Blake avoided using her power, and she quickly forced her hand away from him as she started to fall to her knees.

Yang, per their agreement, caught her before she hit the ground. "What did you feel?"

Panting, Blake stood back up. "He was having a normal enough night until someone robbed him, or something similar. Likely our witch. I believe they gave chase and cornered the would be thief, until that thief turned out to be a witch." She glanced over him. "He died painfully. Granted, he died quickly, roughly thirty seconds. But those thirty seconds must have felt like a lifetime of hell."

"Should we check the other two?"

"We need to be thorough, but I'd wager that we won't learn much more than that." Blake turned to the other two, one at a time, and repeated the process. True to her opinion, they felt much the same during the encounter with the witch. Except for one man, who felt something slightly different at some point; arousal. Gasping, she looked at Yang with a smile. "Assuming he matches up with the average sexuality, I believe our witch is female. He was turned on right before he died, and seemed to have some sexual fantasies about the thief. Presumably."

"Go girl power," Yang said sarcastically. "I guess it's a good thing I don't do this to every man that fantasizes about me."

"Yeah," Blake said with a smile. "We'd likely not have a man for miles, if what you claim is true." Yang shook her head. Smiling still, Blake put the bodies back the way they found them and the two hunters made their way out of the building. Blake pulled out her work cell phone to call Mercury."

"Any luck on your end?" Ren asked from his computer desk next to Mercury's. "I'm not coming up with anything."

"I'm in the same boat, man," Mercury replied before he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth. His desk was always littered with seemingly random snacks that Neo brought him. "I've got four different searches running and I still haven't found anything."

"Really?" Ren asked sarcastically. "I only count three searches. The fourth screen is playing cat videos."

Mid chew, Mercury glared at Ren. "Man's gotta have a hobby, right? Who doesn't like cat videos? Besides, that's just the front window. My laptop is running the fourth search in the background."

"Could you please not talk with your mouth full," the Chief said from his desk on the other side of the room as he was doing paperwork. "Neo, could you get me some more tea?"

"Sure thing," she said as she eagerly left the room to prepare the drink; Mercury always noticed that she was never truly happy if she wasn't giving someone food or drink.

Emphasized once more by the fact that every single snack on his desk was brought in by her, he happily ate another handful of popcorn just seconds before his desk phone began to ring. Quickly washing the snack down with a large gulp of cherry soda, he answered the phone. "What do you have?" he asked immediately. He knew it was the one of the hunters; no one else had his desk number.

He listened to Blake explain what her powers detected in the bodies of the victims before hanging up. "Well, there's some decent news, I suppose. Blake has narrowed down our investigation by gender: she believe that there is a high chance that our witch is a female. Seems one of our John Does held some...unsavory thoughts towards our suspect."

"In a city the size of Vale, that barely narrows down our search; but I suppose every bit helps," Ren commented.

Mercury nodded and heard a beep from his left computer screen. "Hello," he said in a low voice. "I think we may have something."

"Let me see," Ren stood and leaned over Mercury's chair to read the file.

"It's an old record; older than most of our records actually. It dates back to around the same time as the Salem Trials. Unrelated, of course, but that's just how old it is."

"Do we have an exact date?"

"Somewhere around the period of 1698 and 1700 it would seem. A witch with a similar power was found out and sentenced to burn at the stake."

"I take it Headquarters passed the sentence?"

"Yeah. This was back when they were still a subsidiary of the Church, but it's one of their oldest known cases. Back then, if a witch was discovered they'd not only be killed, but so would their entire family. It never came up in my initial searches because, if this is accurate, there's not a single living member of this witch's family."

"Of course, Headquarters would be okay with committing populicide just because a handful of them were witches."

"It must have been effective," Mercury commented. "Looking at some of these other cases from back then, I'm learning about a lot of things we've not seen for centuries. Still, it seems a bit extreme, even for them."

"Back then religion was more important. People would do extreme things in the name of faith," Ren added. "I'm actually amazed this record still exists. You'd think it would have been destroyed or lost in the last four hundred years."

"Well, somewhere in Headquarters there's a physical copy of this on a four hundred year old scrap of paper. Someone's been maintaining it, and thank goodness they did. It's unlikely, but there is the slightest chance that a member of this family escaped and carried the witch's genetic code. Our new witch just might be the remnant of a very, very lucky individual. They may even be the first witch in the family since 1698."

"It's a shame that she awakened now," Ren commented. "Start looking into Vale's family records; see if you can trace anyone back to the 1698 hunts."

"You got it," Mercury said. Starting the next leg of the investigation, he opened a bag of cheese puffs and began to munch away.

Emerald strolled calmly down the street, wearing the new clothes that she bought with the money she found in the wallets of the three men who attacked her. She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt all day, knowing that she was somehow responsible for the way those men died. Sure, she didn't like them, but she was a thief; she'd never intended to kill anyone ever. The police had come by after she left, took their crime scene photos, removed the bodies, and taped off the area. Half the day had gone by and she decided to revisit the scene in the hopes that she could either understand what had happened, or to at least come to terms with it and move on.

So it struck her as odd when she saw a black car pull up in front of the buildings adjacent to the alley where the crime scene was taped off and two people stepped out; one young man, and a young woman, each wearing a matching black trench coat. The man approached the tape and lifted it so he could crouch and move underneath it while he was reading something on his phone. The woman, however, paused and gave her a quick glance. Emerald, not wanted to look suspicious, made it appear that she was trying to mind her own business. After a moment, she heard the man call for the woman and she soon followed him beyond the tape.

Must be the cops again, she thought. Detectives? Probably. She laughed inwardly; there was no way they would ever figure out that she, a thin lightweight young woman, had brutally murdered three men. She was about to leave and come back later when she saw two suited men approach from another alley and enter the crime scene. They gave off the same vibe to her as the three she'd killed. I don't like the look of that, she thought as the men disappeared into the alley behind the cops.

Quickly and silently, she made note of the fact that the building next to the alley was vacant and abandoned, so she ran into it to observe the alley from a high up window.

Ruby and Jaune arrived at the crime scene. Jaune put his car into park and gave Ruby a friendly smile. "Welcome to the ass end of town; please keep all valuables on your person at all times and don't get within arm's reach of anyone aside from me if you don't want to get robbed."

Ruby blinked a couple of times in confusion. "Uh...okay."

"Let's go," Jaune said. The pair exited the vehicle, and Jaune locked it remotely. "This way." He motioned to the crime scene tape. Lifting it up, he crouched underneath and moved into the alley, all the while reading a message from his phone that was sent by Blake; the witch was probably a woman. Ruby started to follow but noticed a dark skinned, green haired young woman watching her. Ever curious, Ruby stared back at her for a moment or two until she heard Jaune say, "Come on, Ruby. We've got work to do."

"Okay," she muttered as she crossed the tape and followed Jaune into the alley. The scene was covered in plastic markers that the initial investigators used to photograph potential evidence. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; there was no blood, the chalk lines of the victims were still on the ground, and none of the evidence seemed relevant to the witch hunt.

"Great," Jaune said. "This is useless. There's nothing here that can help us. Maybe if Blake was here she could learn something, but she's off looking at the bodies right now."

"How could Blake help?" Ruby asked. "Does it have to do with her power?"

"You haven't heard yet?" Jaune asked. Ruby shook her head. "Blake has the ability to sense emotion from direct contact. If you ever notice, she avoids touching things that don't belong to her because of this."

"She can get that from touching anything?"

"Yep. Comes in handy for our investigations. Though, compared to your power its impractical on the actual hunt."

"I see," Ruby thought for a moment. "I did hear that because of the Aura's side effects, only hunters who are distant descendants of witches can use the Aura pendant and the bullets. Are you worried that you might someday awaken?"

"Not really. I may be a witch's descendant, but I'm a witch hunter first. Awakening with a power would probably just make be a better hunter and classify me as a craft user."

"What about my predecessor?" she asked. "What happened to her?"

Jaune got awkwardly silent for a moment. "You don't know? I mean, seeing as how Headquarters sent you, I kind of assumed..."

"I was only told that her power went rampant and that she accidentally killed herself. I was never told the details."

He sighed. "Nora...Well, it was only six months ago, Ruby. It's still pretty fresh for us, and we were all pretty personal with her. I don't think any of us are ready to talk about it. And when we are, I doubt it'll be me that tells you. It's not my place." Glancing over Ruby's shoulders, his eyes narrowed. "Ruby, come closer," he whispered.

Out of her peripheral vision, Ruby saw movement from behind her. She obeyed Jaune and stood next to him. Discreetly, he handed her a small Aura gun. "Since you can't scorch em," he whispered. She nodded, gripping the small, pocket sized handgun tightly. Even just holding this small amount of Aura, she could feel her powers being drained. She wanted to drop the gun and be rid of it, and that made her grip the gun tighter.

"Well, what have we here?" asked one of the two men who had snuck up on Ruby and Jaune. "You know, your pals from late last night were cool with us; they were trying to find out what happened to our mates, and we appreciate that. But still, we don't much like to have cops in our turf, y'know?"

"Yeah," the other one said cockily. "If I's you, I would leave. Cept we aint gonna let you leave."

Jaune pulled out a fake Vale Police Department ID and showed it to them. "I'm Detective Arc from the Vale Police Department. I'm here for the investigation regarding the deaths of three unknown men."

"Look et that!" the right man said. "He's even got a badge! Aint he special!"

"I'm warning you," Jaune said as he reached for his gun slowly. "Leave the crime scene, or I'll have to use force."

"Bitch, make me!" the left man yelled as he pulled his own gun and took aim. Before Jaune could draw his own gun, he heard a loud crack as bone broke; the man's arm just snapped in half. "Aaaaugh~!" he screamed in agony before his throat caved in, killing him.

"What the hell?" the second man asked.

Jaune panicked. "The witch is still here!" he exclaimed.

"Forget this, man!" the man yelled as he tried to run away; in the process, both of his legs caved inward. He collapsed and screamed until his skull caved in.

Jaune ducked behind a dumpster to try to stay out of the witch's line of sight, holding his Aura gun at the ready by now. Ruby, on the other hand, calmly looked around the area, seeking out the witch. After a moment, she caught sight of the same green haired woman she saw from earlier; she was hiding in a nearby building, watching from a window. She caught sight of Ruby staring at her, and she very clearly panicked as she ran away.

"She's about to exit that building," Ruby said calmly.

"Then let's go get her!" Jaune exclaimed as the two gave chase. They exited the alley at the same time that she ran out of the building. "Freeze!" Jaune yelled, causing the woman to stop in her tracks. "Hands where I can see them!"

"Please, don't!" she cried back. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone! The first ones attacked me, and those two were about to kill you...I don't know how I did it, but I did!"

"Turn around!"

Obeying, she turned and met Ruby's and Jaune's gazes. "Please, I don't understand what's happening to me! Don't hurt me."

Jaune narrowed his vision and pulled the trigger, firing an Aura bullet into the girl's shoulder. Recoiling from the pain, her eyes expressed pure terror. Narrowing her vision, she willed the barrel of his gun to implode, causing his firearm to jam. "Damn it!" he exclaimed as the barrel made a horrendous grinding noise, crushing itself shut.

With the distraction, the girl began to flee. Ruby's eyes narrowed and turned a slight shade of red as she willed fire to stop the girl. However, due to the distance, she missed and only scared the girl into running faster until she was lost in the sea of run down buildings.

Jaune cursed once more before throwing his gun down angrilly. Pulling our his phone, he made a quick phone call. "Mercury, we've encountered the witch. Call the police department and have them seal off this part of downtown; tell them to look for a young woman with bright green hair, dark skin, and red eyes. Right, we'll be here. Also, tell Ren I need a new gun. Bye." Hanging up, he looked at Ruby. "I'm gonna need that small one back," he muttered, retrieving it from Ruby. "This one is meant for emergencies only, but I suppose it'll do."

"Are you sure the police can contain her?" Ruby asked.

"She ran deeper into the structures. We can seal off the exits before she makes her way back out. Also, she was afraid of herself; unless she gets exceptionally desperate, she won't risk hurting the police. It's too dangerous for her."

"So what now?"

"Now," Jaune said. "We wait."

Song: Head Like A Hole - Nine Inch Nails

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