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Chapter One

Alex looked at his reflection in the carriage window. He toyed with the bangs that had fallen in front of his eyes. Maybe he should have cut it after all, it attracted too much attention even before he let it grow so long. The unusual circumstances around his birth had left him with pure snow white hair and winter gray eyes. His appearance was enough to garner the unwanted attention of the blood purists. They ridiculed him for blood status, calling him a wide range of insults from unclean to abomination. In his early years at Hogwarts the antagonizing and had been difficult to withstand on his own, lucky for him though that he was sorted into Gryffindor house who stood behind him against the ridicule. The Weasly twins, Fred and George, had turned out to be his greatest friends.

The door to the compartment opened, pulling Alex from his reverie. He looked over to see three of his housemates enter. "Hey there Harry, Ron, Hermione, have a good summer?"

"We did thanks, mind if we share your compartment everywhere else is full" Ron asked plopping down onto the bench without waiting for an answer. The youngest of the Weasly boys could be trying at times, especially so after he had beaten you at chess.

"Honestly Ron, you could at least wait for an answer before sitting down." Hermione admonished. The young witch was incredibly bright to be sure, but she had an annoying penchant for following the rules to a fault, even going so far as to correct others in there mistakes. Though from what the third member of the group said she was a tried and true friend. "You don't mind if we sit here do you?" She asked.

"No please I could use the company." Alex said gesturing at the seats. Hermione took the seat next to him leaving the final member of the trio, Harry to sit across from him. Alex looked the boy over. It seemed Alex wasn't the only one to let his hair grow over the summer. "Alright there Harry?"

Harry gave a half hearted smile, "Yea, I'm excited to get back to Hogwarts."

"And Katie Bell," Ron teased, earning him an elbow in the ribs.

Alex couldn't let the chance go. "Katie Bell? I can't deny she's cute, you ask her out yet?"

Harry looked up eyes wide in surprise that he would suggest that he had. "W-well...I mean it's not like haven't thought about it...that is to say I want to... B-but..."

"You're not really sure how?" Alex asked.

Instead of answering Harry just nodded, not trusting his words.

"You better get around to it this year or someone is bound to beat you to it." Alex said, to which Harry only nodded.

"Blimey Harry just walk up and tell her she is pretty and you want her to be your girlfriend" Ron said thumping Harry on the back.

"And that is why you Ronniekins don't have a girlfriend." Came a voice from the door.

Alex looked over to see the Weasly twins in the doorway. "Alex how've you been mate? Care to join us? We have the next round of products lined up."

"Yea I'll be along in a sec." Alex turned back to Harry "Find a way to spend time with her, not too much time mind you but some. Have fun, but don't force it and when the time is right ask her to Hogsmead, just you and her." He clapped Harry on the shoulder and made to exit the compartment.

"How will I know when the time is right?" Harry asked before Alex could leave.

Alex turned, "You won't." He laughed at Harry's hopeless expression. "Look for it and you will miss your chance, feel for it and you might have a shot. Some guidelines though, make sure she is in a good mood and don't put her in the awkward position by asking her in front of people. Be honest and you'll do fine. Good luck." He turned and exited the compartment.

Alex spent the rest of the train ride with Fred, George, and Lee Jordan testing out some of the twins new inventions. By the time they arrived in Hogsmead Fred's hair had turned into yellow feathers, George looked sunburnt, Lee having had the puking pastie looked like death warmed over. Alex came out of the ordeal with his hair twice the length than it was when he boarded the train, curtesy of the improved joke wands. After a lecture from McGonagall and a visit to Madam Pomfrey the four were able to return to the feast, having only missed the sorting they were just in time for the food.
Once every one had eaten their fill and the plates had cleared away did the headmaster stand to give his opening speech.

"Let me begin by welcoming our newest members of our family to Hogwarts. And of course I would like to welcome our returning students back for another year at our illustrious school. I have exciting news to share with you all this year. But first a few announcements, our caretaker Mr Filtch would like me to remind you that a full list of rules of conduct are posted just outside the hall. If you have not read them be sure to do so. I would also like to introduce this years Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Alastor Moody." The headmaster gestured to a man in a heavy leather coat who looked as if he suspected a dragon might leap from his goblet. Though with all the scars the man bore, such a thing may very well have happened.

"Quidditch this year will be somewhat different than normal and will see an accelerated schedule due to other events that will be taking place." The headmaster paused raising a hand to quell the whispering that had broken out. "If there are any positions open in your team I suggest you fill them quickly. There will be a special trophy for the winning team this year. In addition to Quidditch there will be a dueling tournament held. The details will be addressed by your heads of houses in the coming week.

"And finally the big news" the headmaster paused for dramatic effect. "Hogwarts has been given the honor to host the first Triwizard tournament in over a century." At his words the hall erupted in quiet speculation and excited chattering. "Now I know you all want to know more about the the tournament but I'm afraid I will have to ask you to wait until the end of the week when all potential participants will be present. Which brings me to the announcement that The proud schools of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be joining us this year for the tournament. I expect the two schools will have arrived by the end of the week at the latest. Now before you all get your hopes up of participating only students of the age seventeen or older may submit their names for the tournament." An uproar at the announcement rose to the point that Dumbledor had to use his wand to call for silence over the students. "I know you are upset by this but I assure you that it is for your own safety that the restriction was put in place. In past tournaments many contestants have found themselves hopelessly out of their depth and as a result perished in what was intended as a prestigious sporting event. As it stands only those who may make the choice for themselves shall be allowed to enter.

"And finaly bit of news i, sure everyone will welcome. All classes for the week are canceled in hopes to better organize ourselves for the coming months. I suggest you use this time to bolster your Quidditch teams and if interested, try out for the dueling tournament." Dumbledor clapped his hands together once, "Now as exciting as this year promises to be, I'm afraid you must be off to bed. Goodnight all and good luck in your endeavors for the year." Dumbledor stepped down from the podium and turned to address the teachers.

"Well shall we?" Alex said getting up from the table. He along with the rest of the student body shuffled out of the great hall in the direction of their respective dormitories. Each student undoubtably pondering the events to be held during the year and likely what role they wish to fill. Alex for his part only listened to Fred and George as they began to scheme a way to trick their way into the Triwizard tournament.

Slowly they made their way up to the seventh floor to the Gryffindor common room pausing only briefly to await someone who knew the password (unity) before they could enter. The common room stayed busy with discussions about the tournaments but slowly everyone filtered out to their beds. Alex made sure to go to bed early so as to sweep his bed for pranks, a constant threat when you share a dorm with the Weasly twins.

The next morning was marked by a gathering of students at the notice board. Three notes had been placed on the board. There were two different notices about the upcoming dueling tournaments and one showing the schedule for Quidditch matches. The first match to be Gryffindor verses Slytherin. Alex looked at the fifteen matches to be held during the year, and was surprised to see that both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang would be participating in the Quidditch matches.

Reading over the dueling notices he was surprised to see that there were in fact two separate dueling tournaments the first would be a one on one tournament, where as the other was to be a doubles tournament. Registration for the singles tournament would be next week and registration for the doubles tournament would be held in the first week of October.

"Hey Alex," one of the twins placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him away from the notice board. "Angelina is quidditch captain this year and is holding tryouts this afternoon. Looks like she wants to get an early start this year." He thumped Alex on the back, "Gotta find the rest of the team and let them know." He waved and exited through the portrait.

"Nice of a bloke to let his own brother know," a voice grumbled from behind Alex.

He turned to find Ron looking after his brother before turning back to face Alex. "You going out for keeper too?"

Alex had to admit he had toyed with the idea that he might want to play Quidditch but up until this year there were no spots open. "I thought I might give it a shot though I've never played before."

Ron brightened up a bit at the information. "Don't worry mate, just try to stay on your broom and I'm sure you will do alright. Though if I make the team over you no hard feelings right? I play keeper when we play over the summer so I feel like I have a good shot at it." He puffed out his chest proudly, looking for all the world as though he couldn't fathom anyone else being made keeper. "But good luck to you anyway." He offered his hand to Alex.

Alex had to remind himself that tossing a boy, two years his junior, across the room would be frowned upon, so instead he took his hand and wished the boy luck aswell before heading of to breakfast himself.

The great hall was packed with students lingering around after their meals. Without classes to attend many were using the time to catch up with their friends. Alex was looking for one friend in particular. He waited until he saw the tell tale unruly mop of dark hair. "Harry got a minute?"

Harry plopped down at the table a piled food onto his plate, "Can it wait til after breakfast?"

Alex laughed and sat down across the table from Harry and made a plate for himself. "I was thinking of going out for keeper this year and I was hoping you could help me with my flying," Alex leaned towards Harry so as not to be over heard, "Maybe you could get Katie to give you a hand in teaching me."

Harry choked on his food.

"Oh? Speak of the devil." Alex stood up and waved Katie bell over, "Morning Katie, got a minute?"

Katie sat down next to Harry who was doing his best not to look at her. "Morning Harry. What's up Alex?

"I'm trying to get Harry here to help me with my flying since Angelina is holding tryouts for keeper in the afternoon. Would you mind helping me too?"

Katie seemed to think it over as she made her plate, "I don't know Alex I don't want to appear to be playing favorites before tryouts."

"Come on Katie I'm not asking you to train me as keeper out right, I just want to be sure I can stay on the broom long enough to attempt the tryouts." Alex put his hands together in a pleading gesture "Please guys come on. I have flown some before with Fred and George but I want another opinion. Just come out and point out anything I'm doing wrong."

Katie looked over at Harry, "I don't see anything wrong with critiquing his flying do you Harry?"

"I guess not, but we should avoid Angelina all the same. Just in case." Harry pushed his empty plate away so it would disappear. "Where should we go to avoid attention?"

Alex pushed his plate away as well, "I was thinking out by the lake so if I fall I could land in the water instead of on the ground."

"That's a long way off, I doubt we would be seen there." Katie said.

Alex stood up from the table, "Sounds like a plan I'll meet you two in the courtyard. I have to go borrow a broom from the school." As Alex left the hall he couldn't help but feel pleased with himself. While it hadn't been his original intention to get Harry some quality time with Katie, things had fallen into place a little too well to let the opportunity slip by. Hopefully Harry didn't botch it by inviting his other friends along.

"No no you are sitting too far back on your broom. Scoot forward some and really lean into it when you are moving forward to help pick up speed. The broom moves with the intent of the rider as much as with the motions of the body. Not to mention wind resistance is a factor." Katie Bell had been on a broom riding lecture for nearly twenty minutes before feeling satisfied with Alex's form on the broom and his riding had improved significantly because of it. "Shall we test his handling?"

From the evil grin Katie had on her face harry suspected he knew, but asked anyway. "What did you have in mind?"

In answer Katie drew her wand and fired a stinging jinx at Alex who wasn't paying attention. It hit him in the leg and he yelped nearly falling off the broom. "Ouch what was that for?"

"Think of it as a bludger." Harry called up to him as he fired off his own stinging jinx.

Soon Alex was dodging and weaving his way through a veritable storm of jinxes courtesy of the two on the ground. "Haha come on I'm starting to get the hang of this. You can stop now."

Harry and Katie stopped firing and Alex came down to hover in front of them. "Geez I was going to fall off my broom from exhaustion before you two managed to hit-Woah!" Alex had to dodge a surprise jinx from Katie.

He flew a little further off over the lake, "close one," he called back to the pair on the shore, "but not fast enough. Enjoy the walk back to the castle."

Katie in response whipped her wand up and lent a spell hurtling after Alex as he flew his way back to the castle over the lake. Harry thought she had missed until Alex flipped up and off the broom and skipped once off the water's surface before splashing down into the lake.

"That'll teach him" Katie said satisfied with her work. "Shall we head back up to the castle it's about time for lunch." She began the walk back up the path they had used to get to the lake.

Harry hurried to catch up, "What spell was that and how did you do it without an incantation?"

"I was wondering if you were ever going to speak." Katie laughed at Harry's confused expression. "You haven't said a word conversation wise all morning, well unless some one directly asked you a question that is. I'll answer your question if you answer mine. Agreed?"


"What's the matter? You have been quiet and distant since it saw you on the train. In fact you look worse now than you did then. Is everything alright?" Katie moved closer to Harry, concerned evident on her face.

"It's nothing."

"Harry you remember last year after you fell off you broom during our match with Hufflepuff? I came to visit you in the hospital wing everyday. And the year before that when I had the Mummblemumps? You came to visit me every day then. During those times it was just you and me and you trusted me with your problems then, well not immediately mind you, you were a right stubborn git about keeping it all to yourself. If you trusted me then, why don't you trust me now?"

Harry looked down feeling guilty. He hadn't wanted to bother anyone else with his problems so he hid his feelings. Well he thought he did, neither Ron nor Hermione had noticed but Katie seemed to be able to see right through him. "I haven't been sleeping well...or at all really." He added seeing Katie's skepticism.


"Nightmares mostly" Harry rubbed his arm.

"What of?"

"Remember what I told you I heard when dementors were near? It's a lot like that but instead I see flashes of green light and any one I care about laying dead on the ground. I don't get the nightmares all the time but when I do I just can't go back to sleep."

Before harry could react Katie pulled him into a fierce hug, "oh harry I'm so sorry." She let go and held him at arms length, "have you tried talking to Madam Pomfrey? I'm sure she could get you dreamless sleep potion."

Harry in the mean time was desperately trying to get his brain to reboot after being hugged by his crush. "I hadn't thought to ask."

"I'll take you up to ask her after tryouts today." Katie took Harry's hand and lead him up the path to the castle. "To answer your question, I used a banishing charm. You actually learn it this year in charms. But I can show it to you if you like."

Harry's mood took a turn for the better, "you will teach it to me?

Katie smiled at how hopeful he sounded, "Yep, and the summoning charm too."

"What about the silent casting? How did you do that?"

"We'll save it for another time. A girl can't give away all her secrets, right?" Katie winked at him making his face turn red. She was still holding his hand.

Katie finally let go of Harry's hand as they approached the castle. They arrived at the same time as Alex who was still soaking wet.

"That was some great aim." Alex said.

Katie tried to hold in her laughter, "Why didn't you cast a drying spell?"

"I lost the broom I borrowed and I was hoping that McGonagall would take pity on me if I looked like this."

"Did you try summoning it?"

"I did but nothing came. I'm pretty sure the squid got it." Alex ran a hand through his hair. "McGonagall is going to kill me. Should I leave you anything in my will?"

"I don't think it will be as bad as all that. Besides, Harry and I will go with you and explain what happened. Right Harry?" Katie pulled Harry by the arm to stand next to her.

Alex took out his wand and cast a drying charm on himself, completely drying his clothes. "Well if you're going to share the blame then I don't need to play the pity card. Think we will be out in time for tryouts?"

"You better hope so."

"Katie, Harry, you're late. We almost had to start tryouts without you." Angelina stood at the center of the pitch arms crossed an one foot on the box that held the bludgers in check. "Here to try out for keeper Alex?"

"Am I too late?" Alex hefted his newly borrowed broom, curtesy of a very reluctant McGonagall.

"No we were just about to get started" Angelina pointed to a small gathering of hopeful looking Gryffindors. "Get in line and do your best when it's your turn."

Alex watched as one by one, prospective keepers tried their hand at defending against the Gryffindor chasers. Putting a novice keeper in front of a well coordinated team of experienced chasers seemed like a harsh way to go about choosing the next keeper but from what Alex could tel Angelina was making sure that she increased the difficulty with each shot. So where a person began to miss was the assumption that that was their level of talent.

Alex took notice when the youngest Weasly boy stepped up to try his hand at playing keeper. He heard Harry wish him luck followed by the twins assurances that he would need it.

Alex almost felt bad for Ron with how badly he played, given that he assured everyone he would make the team, but his over confidence caused him to miss every shot. He didn't even land after the fifth shot. Instead he flew straight for the castle without looking back.

"Should I go after him?" Harry asked Fred and George.

"I don't think that would be a good idea." Fred said.

"Ron can be a right git after something like this." George added.

"Knowing him he will blame everyone but himself." Fred continued.

"Best to leave him alone for a bit." George finished.

"Next" Angelina called.

The tall blonde next to Alex took off on his broom. Alex was impressed by his flying he managed to block four of the five shots and only just missed the last one. He had completely outshone the the others who had gone before him and they all knew it. Some had already started to leave the pitch.

George slapped Alex on the back. "Tough competition eh Alex?"
Fred clapped him on the shoulder, "We've seen you fly, Cormac doesn't stand a chance."


Alex mounted his broom and took off at a lazy pace until he was in position in front of the goal posts.

The first play was a simple two passes amongst the chasers then the attempt at scoring a goal, which Alex thwarted easily. The next play was a series of passes and false attempts to lure Alex off guard, but he kept his eyes on the quaffle and caught it when Alicia took her chance to score a goal. The third play involved the chasers circling the goal posts passing the quaffle quickly, forcing Alex to guard both sides of the goal to prevent them from scoring. He watched as Katie faked a pass by turning the motion into a roll on her broom as she aimed for the goal furthest from Alex. Alex, while impressed with the move, still caught the quaffle. Next the chasers gathered to gather and each made for the goal posts, they had hidden which one of them had the quaffle and Alex was unsure of who to focus on stayed at the middle ring. Katie ducked down and to the right where Alicia flew up and to the left leaving Angelina to fly right at him. Alex was about to turn to track Katie who he couldn't see when he caught a slight grin on Angelina's face when he made the move to turn. In a brief moment of inspiration Alex turned to Katie but used the momentum to flip over his broom to block Angelina from making the shot. Angelina not expecting the move turned hard to the right but not before Alex was able to knock the quaffle from her hands.

"Tricky that," Alex called after Angelina "but your not going to get past me."

Angelina responded with a one finger salute before huddling up with Katie and Alicia to decide on their final play. Alex mean time leaned back on his broom for a quick breather. The girls were pushing hard against him, the last play was the one they had used to trip up McLaggen. Alex wondered what they would use for their final play against him as it seemed Angelina was taking his performance from the last play as a personal insult, he bet she would be the one to make the shot if she could help it.

When they finally broke and headed his way ether began to pass the quaffle rapidly between each other before swooping together and breaking apart now hiding who had the quaffle. Alicia broke left as Katie dived below him and Angelina pulled up and to the right. Alex was forced to pull back to the goal posted to keep the three in sight. He nearly fell of his broom to stop Katie who made a play for the goal only to see it was a feint in time to turn and catch Angelina diving for the furthest ring. Alex swore under his breath as he pored speed into his broom to make the intercept only to once again see Angelina's smirk appear as she caught sight of him heading her way. In a bold, or as some would later say desperate, move Alex looped an arm around the center goal ring and used the momentum to slingshot around to block Alicia who had intentionally stayed in his blind spot until she could make a play for a goal.

Alex was barely able to get his hand in front of the quaffle in time to stop it from entering the ring, but as a result collided with the ring, knocking him off his broom and he fell to the ground.

Everyone rushed to where Alex had fallen as he had yet to get up or even move. Katie was the first to reach him shortly followed by the remaining chasers all looking extremely worried.

"Alex are you ok?" Katie asked tentatively.

Alex mumbled something that no one was able to make out.

"I'll get madam Pomfrey." Alicia said mounting her broom and flew towards the castle.

"What were you thinking making a reckless move like that? You could have killed yourself!" Angelina growled.

Alex cracked a slight grin. "Couldn't let you beat me now could I?"

"Way to leave an impression Alex." Fred said as he approached with George and Harry.

"Though I'm not sure you were supposed to leave it in the ground," George added.

Alex gave a short laugh but it was cut short by a grimace. "Ow. Don't make me laugh."

"Where does it hurt?" Harry asked, he himself had fallen off his broom enough to have an idea what Alex was feeling.

"Everywhere." Alex grinned again. "Did I make the team?"

"You pick now to ask?" Angelina couldn't believe he was worried about making the team after falling nine meters (30ft) to the ground.

"Was hoping pity would factor in you judgement."

"Well you are the only one who blocked all five plays. Even if your method was a bit unorthodox." Angelina said.

"So is that a yes?"

"Welcome to the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Practice is every Thursday afternoon starting next week."

After a bit of congratulations the group was approached by madam Pomfrey. "Tell me Mr. Potter hasn't injured himself already. It hasn't even been a week since term started."

Harry grumbled something only the twins could hear making them laugh.

"If it isn't my other frequent visitor. What have you done this time?" Madam Pomfrey waved her wand over Alex. "Two fractured ribs, your tibia and fibula in your right leg have broken, you have extensive contusions (bruises) and quite possibly a concussion."

"Wouldn't want to make it too easy for you."

"Indeed Mr. Rise. Now how did you manage to make such a fine mess of yourself?"

"Well I was good looking before hand the injuries came later."
Madam Pomfrey scowled down at the boy though a smile threatened her features. She looked to the others for an explanation.

Angelina stepped forward and relayed the events leading up to the injury. When she finished her story Madam Pomfrey gave Alex an exasperated look.

"Seemed like a good idea at the time." Alex grumbled. The pain from his injuries were startin to sink in.

The mediwitch seeing Alex's growing discomfort fished a small vial of pain reduction potion out of her pocket and helped Alex drink it. "I seem to remember a 'good idea' from last year about a shortcut from the second floor to the green houses. If I recall correctly it ended up much the same as your recent bit of ingenuity. Now come on let's get you to the hospital wing."

Madam Pomfrey flicked her wand at Alex and levitated him up and they headed up to the castle.

Katie watched as Alex was levitated away. "For not really knowing how to fly he certainly flew really well for only having had practice this morning," She said to Harry.

"What are you talking about?" Fred and George had over heard Katie's coment. "Alex has been flying with us since our second year he's great at it."

"Then why did he ask Harry and I to help him with his flying this morning?"

"Don't know, you would have to ask him."

"I think I have an idea why" Harry said under his breath. When the others looked at him he shrugged it off. "I'm going to ask him about it." He said grabbing his broom and headed to the locker room.

"Why did you do that?" Harry asked a bit angrily.

"Do what?" Alex was a bit surprised at Harry's anger. The dark haired boy had barged into the hospital wing and immediately set upon Alex.

"Why did you ask Katie and I to help you with your flying if you already knew how to fly?"

"I wanted a warm up and when I saw Katie I though maybe two birds with one stone so I asked her so you could get some time together?" Alex shrugged. Madam Pomfrey had mended the fractured ribs and set and bound his leg in a cast. With some bone knitting potion he would be out of the hospital wing after twenty four hours of mandatory bed rest. "Did something bad happen?"


"Did you two talk once you had some alone time?"

Harry nodded, "We talked about some things while we walked together."


Harry looked confused, "'And' what?"

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

Harry though back to how Katie had held his hand while they walked back up to the castle and felt his face flush a bit.

Alex laughed at him, "I'll take that as a yes then. So if you got to spend time with the girl you have a crush on, had fun doing it, and I saw the way you both were smiling. I don't see why it's a problem. I mean yes I kind of forced you to confront your feelings for her but you have dealt with so much worse. Besides, your strength isn't in planning somthing out but living in the moment."

Harry sat there in silence thinking over what Alex had said. "You're right. Sorry I yelled at you."

"Hey no problem, it's what friends are for." Alex said.

"Can I count on you to not do something like that again?" Harry asked.

"Can't make any promises."

Harry sighed and bid Alex a good night as he left the hospital wing.

Alex spent the night in the hospital wing and was released around lunch the next day by a reluctant Madam Pomfrey.

Alex was surprised to learn that the Durmstrang students arrived just before dinner the previous night. The students of Durmstrang had apparently decided to sit at the Slytherin house table during meal times. With how many bore surly and unwelcoming expressions it wasn't a great loss to Alex.

The Gryffindors congratulated Alex on making the quidditch team, most of them anyway. Ron was still taking his performance at the tryout rather hard and had, it seems, not spoken with anyone on the team. This of course included his supposed best friend Harry Potter. Ron's cold attitude towards Harry had driven him closer to the rest of the team and his other friend Hermione who had made it her goal to bring her two friends back together.

Alex took his place at the table across from Fred and George. "Hey there Alex, Pomfrey let you out early for good behavior?" They greeted.

"Miracle worker that woman" Alex said grabbing a sandwich from the tray that had appeared.

"Too right." Harry agreed.

"Noticed the Slytherin table has a few additions," Alex said.

"Durmstrang arrived last night," George said

"Their headmaster is that greasy git that's sitting next to Snape," Fred added.

"His name is Igor Karkarof or some such. He told his students to sit with the snakes." George continued.

"Looks pretty chummy with Snape," Alex observed.

"Looks like they use the same pot of grease for their hair." Harry quipped causing a round of laughs.

The Gryffindors spent the rest of the afternoon in the common room discussing quidditch and the tournaments to come. When Alex went to bed that night he had no idea that his life would change the very next day.

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