Summary- Once Upon A Time one-shots based off of Maroon 5 songs... Red/Queen (Ruby and Regina), Red/Swan (Ruby and Emma), Red/Beauty (Ruby and Belle), Swan Queen (Emma and Regina), Beauty/Queen (Belle and Regina), even Swan Beauty (Emma and Belle)... You can also make it a three-way relationship... Pick a song, pairing, and PM to tell me what you want...

Disclaimer- I do not own Once Upon A Time or any of the characters. If I did Regina and Ruby would each get a happy ending.

A/N- I came up with this while listening to the song One More Night by Maroon 5... I hope you all like it. I had help from a few people so thank you for all the help... Oh and if the words are italicized that is a flashback or a text, you will know which though.

Red Queen- One More Night.


It had been a month since Emma broke the curse, a month since Ruby realized who she really was. She was pissed as she poured Regina a cup of coffee, the woman she had been fucking throughout the curse. She still couldn't believe that she would ever be with this woman, the woman who tried many times to kill her best friend Snow White.

"What's the matter Red, need me to fuck you? I mean would your best friend like to know what we've been doing for close to three years now." Regina growls out with a smirk, looking the wolf up and down.

"God, you are so infuriating Regina... One second I am nothing to you and now you want sex... This is not happening so fuck you." With that said the usually composed yet sometimes insecure waitress stormed out of her Granny's diner.

Before the curse broke they had been sleeping together on and off, Regina using Ruby's insecurities against her. The first time it happened Regina had called her a slut.


You and I go hard,

At each other like we're going to war.

"You need to stop dressing like a slut Miss Lucas. I will not tolerate this in my town." Regina Mills growls out staring at the waitress as she takes her order.

"There is nothing wrong with what I am wearing. Why are you always so hateful towards me? What have I ever done to you?" Ruby asks looking down at her usual red mini skirt and white shirt that leaves little to the imagination.

"You look like a drag queen dear and it is just appalling."

"Fuck you!" Ruby yells rushing past Regina and into the kitchen before heading out the back.

Regina follows her and shoves her up against the brick wall in the alleyway. Kissing the taller woman roughly. Ruby tries to fight it but ends up kissing back just as rough, moaning at the stinging pain of Regina biting down on her lower lip hard.

Suddenly Regina's back is pushed hard against the opposite wall and she moans in pleasure and pain. Ruby forces Regina's hands above their heads pushing them painfully against the wall as she start licking and biting her way down Regina's neck.

Without releasing Regina's hands Ruby moves her right hand down and under the Mayor's skirt; pushing her black silk panties to the side and ramming three fingers roughly into Regina. Moaning Regina tries to pull her hands free as her back arches against the wall. Ruby loosens her hold on Regina's hands as she continues biting roughly on her neck and slamming her fingers deep into the mayor.

"Fuck..." Regina gasps out as she grabs a fistful of red streaked hair.

Pulling back from Regina's neck Ruby slams their lips together in a rough kiss, her lower lip already bleeding from the first kiss. Twisting her fingers at just the right angle with the next rough thrust, she manages to hit Regina's g-spot making her cum. Regina cums with a silent scream as she pulls Ruby's hair roughly, as soon as she finishes her orgasm and Ruby pulls out she has the taller woman pushed up against the opposite wall.

"You stupid girl, now it's my turn to fuck you." Regina growled out before surging forward, capturing Ruby's lips in a painful kiss.

With a strength Ruby didn't even know the mayor had her panties were ripped straight off. Suddenly she was moaning loudly into the kiss, her hands fisted the material of Regina's purple blouse as the Mayor pushed three fingers inside her roughly.

"You like that you little slut? Of course you do." Regina whispers into Ruby's ear before biting at it.

"Fuck you..." Ruby gasps out as Regina fucks her hard against the side of the building.

Regina lets out a low growl before she starts biting roughly all over Ruby's neck knowing the bites will surely bruise. Ruby gasps and claws at Regina's back gasping and moaning with every bites and thrust, Regina pushes Ruby harder against the wall causing the taller woman to wrap her legs around Regina's waist. With one final thrust and bite Ruby is cumming, scratching at Regina's back roughly as she lets out a loud scream of pleasure.

"I will see you tomorrow Miss Lucas. Wear something more appropriate to work." Regina whispers into the waitress's ear as she lets her down with a final rough kiss.


You and I go rough;

We keep throwing things and slamming the door.

Ruby did not plan on showing up at Regina's house after leaving the diner, sitting down on the porch she waits for the woman to arrive. Sighing she couldn't believe how stupid she was, she fell in love with the Evil Queen. The woman who tried to kill her best friend for years; and then cursed them for twenty-eight years. Three of which Ruby and Regina had sex almost every day.

"I knew you would be here, honestly Red you should stop trying to stay away." Regina whispers with a smirk as she leans down to bite the brunette's neck.

Ruby jumps and moans having not seen the woman pull up or get out of her SUV. Suddenly her anger gets the best of her and she stands grabbing Regina's hand and pulling her up the steps. Pushing her roughly up against the front door, before crashing their lips together. Regina moans into the kiss and pulls on Ruby's hair breaking the kiss, smirking she turns to open the door. Growling Ruby instantly latches onto her neck sucking and biting roughly as she waits for the door to be opened.

"Mmhmm... Dear let's take this inside wouldn't want your precious Snow to find out correct?" Regina husks out.

The only response she gets is Ruby pushing her inside turning and slamming Regina's back against the door causing it to close. Crashing their lips together once more, Ruby lets her hands roam as she quickly starts tearing at Regina's clothes. Moaning as Regina pulls roughly on her hair before her hands slide down to her shoulders.

Pushing forward Regina manages to get Ruby to start walking backwards as they begin throwing clothes with every step before Ruby pushes her roughly onto the couch and fucks her.


You and I get so damn dysfunctional,

We stopped keeping score.

A loud moan is heard as Regina pushes Ruby down on her Queen sized mattress. The Mayor starts biting her neck down to the red laced bra that is barely covering Ruby's breasts.

"T-this isn't a good id- Oh fuck!" Ruby moans arching her back as Regina bites down on the top of one of her breasts.

"You can stop this right now... We can act like this never happened or we can continue and I fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week." She growls out as her hand slides down a toned stomach.

"Fuck!" Ruby moans even louder as soon as Regina slides a hand into soaking wet panties.

Grinning Regina shoves three fingers roughly into the moaning woman. Moaning herself when she feels three fingers slip inside her roughly. Both women begin rocking their hips at a fast pace. It isn't long before both women are moaning louder with every thrust, Regina leaning down to capture Ruby's lips in a rough kiss.

Her free hand leaving scratches on the Mayor's back, Ruby starts thrusting into Regina faster and harder. Following the waitress's pace Regina groans loudly as Ruby claws at her back no doubt drawing a little bit of blood.

As soon as they both reach their orgasm they are back at it again rougher than before; hair pulling, lip biting, scratching, moaning, screaming. It was a wonder that nobody ever heard them, Regina finds herself thanking the gods that she had let Henry spend the night with one of his friends.


You and I get sick,

Yeah, I know that we can't do this no more.

It had been a few days since Ruby gave in last and here she was once again moaning as Regina fucked her roughly against the kitchen counter.

"I-I don't think we should... Should do this any-anymore." She moans out causing Regina to stop her movements.

"Why is that? Hmmm? You worried Snow will find out that you've been sleeping with the Evil Queen and will stop being your friend?" Regina growls out before she starts rocking her hips again causing the fake dick to slam harder into Ruby.

Gasping loudly and clawing at whatever skin she can find Ruby struggles to find her voice. Giving up on speaking for the moment she lets herself enjoy the amazing yet rough sex.

"Answer me bitch." Regina growls as she thrusts into Ruby harder and deeper than before.

"I... Oh god! It's... It's not that... Fuck! Regina this isn't what I want anymore... Mmmm... I'm sorry but I want to be with someone else..." Ruby finally manages to get out between Regina's thrusts and bites. Screaming loudly as her orgasm hits.

Suddenly Regina pulls out of her and turns away angrily. "Leave." She all but whispers.

Hopping off of the counter Ruby quickly gets dressed before walking up behind Regina and hugging her.

"I'm sorry..." She whispers kissing the woman's shoulder before leaving the house.


But baby there you go again,

There you go again,

Making me love you.

"Oh God! Gina!" Ruby screams as her back arches off of the wall, her hands grasping roughly against the woman's head that is buried between her thighs.

Regina smirks as she continues sucking on the waitress's clit. They had just had a fight while the taller woman was closing the diner which led to them fucking all over the diner. Ruby was just happy that nobody was there to witness this.

"Fuck! Baby don't stop!" Ruby screams out her fists clenching in Regina's hair.

Regina moans at the feeling of pleasure and pain she gets when Ruby pulls her hair. Biting gently on the waitress's clit she grins as the woman comes undone. Slowly licking the woman clean she stands back up and smirks. Ruby leans against the wall panting, her eyes closed as she tries to control her emotions before she says something she will regret.

"I love you." She gasps out before her eyes snap open and she stares at the woman in front of her.

Regina stares at Ruby in shock before quickly dressing and leaving the diner. Ruby slides down the wall sobbing as she places her head in her hands. Why did she have to fall for Regina, she should have known that nobody would ever love her.


I stopped using my head,

Using my head,

Let it all go.

Ruby sighed as she walked home from yet another disastrous date. She had been going out on random dates for months after she broke it off with Regina. But something inside of her wouldn't let her enjoy the dates she was going on. Her most recent date was with Victor Whale, all he had wanted was to get into her pants, and because she was missing Regina so much she let him.

Pulling out her phone she sent a text off to the one person she wanted right then.

Unlock the front door... I'm coming over...-Ruby

Don't bother.-Regina

Growling she turned anyways and headed for the now former Mayor's house. Knowing that even though Regina said no the door would still be unlocked. Grinning as she reaches the house and opens the front door before she is suddenly slammed back against it. Staring into brown eyes that are blackened with lust.

"I hate you." Regina growls out as she yanks Ruby up the stairs and to her bedroom.

Throwing the brunette down on the bed before climbing up her body leaving painful bites as she goes. The rest of the night is filled with rough sex and exclamations of hate. Regina kicks Ruby out the next morning without a look.


Got you stuck on my body,

On my body,

Like a tattoo.

Ruby rocks her hips faster and faster as she rides Regina's fake dick. Throwing her head back in pleasure with as the Mayor sucks on her left breast the other being palmed roughly.

"Fuck! Regina I'm so close!" She yells out as she continues.

Regina grins before flipping them so she is on top, quickly picking up the pace she begins slamming the fake dick inside of Ruby. Wrapping her legs around the woman on top of her Ruby screams out as a hard orgasm over takes her body, her nails scratching down Regina's back causing the woman to moan at the pain.

Not even minutes later Regina screams as her own orgasm hits, causing her to thrust into Ruby harder and faster sending Ruby over the edge a second time.

"Mmmmm, that was amazing." Regina breathes out as she kisses Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby only manages a breathless nod before she pushes Regina onto her back with a grin. That night they took turns fucking each other with the dildo.


And now I'm feeling stupid,

Feeling stupid,

Crawling back to you.

"I fucking hate you!" Regina moans out as Ruby fucks her roughly in the backseat of her SUV.

Ruby says nothing as she continues thrusting the fake dick in and out of the woman underneath her. She couldn't say she hated Regina even if she wanted to, she loved this woman.

"Oh fuck!" Regina screams out as she claws at Ruby's back gasping with every thrust from the woman above her as she goes over the edge.

It was three hours later while Ruby was working at the diner that anyone noticed the scratches.

"Ummm... Red does your back hurt? Like at all?" Belle asks looking at the waitress.

"No why?" Ruby asks looking at the librarian in confusion.

"It might be because of those bright red scratches down your back dearie." Rumple says with a laugh.

Ruby blushes before quickly turning to walk away just as Regina walks into the diner. Emma walks over to Regina followed by the rest of the Charming family and Henry.

"Hey, we were just waiting on you."

Regina just nods not taking her eyes off of Ruby, knowing that she no longer hates the tall brunette. Following David and them she takes a seat at the table just as Ruby walks over.

"What can I get you guys?" Ruby says trying really hard not to look at Regina.

Writing down everyone but Regina's order Ruby turns to the woman herself.

"And for you Regina?" Ruby asks.

"Hmmmm, I will have the chicken Cesar salad." She replies with a smirk.

A little while later before they all leave Ruby slips something into Regina's hand as she walks by heading to Ashley and Sean's table.

See you tonight. I want you to fuck me. -Ruby

Smirking and slipping the note into her pocket Regina ignores the looks she is getting from the other's at her table.


So I cross my heart and I hope to die.

That I'll only stay with you one more night

"Regina, please." Ruby whispers as tears fill her eyes.

Regina sighs and turns back to the woman holding onto her arm, "No. This has to stop Ruby. I'm sorry but I will never love you."

"Just fuck me one more time please?" Ruby begs pulling Regina closer.

"No, now let me go Miss Lucas." Regina growls out glaring at the waitress.

Ruby ignores the request and captures Regina's lips in a deep, desperate kiss. Slowly walking the Mayor backwards until she hits the desk in her office. The kiss becomes rougher as Ruby knocks everything off of the desk, Regina suddenly glad that her laptop was still in the bag on the floor.

The room is suddenly filled with moaning and panting as they begin tearing each other's clothes off. Ruby climbing on top of Regina as she rocks down causing their cores to hit. Regina moans and claws at Ruby's back as they reach a rhythmic pattern of thrusts, Ruby deepening the kiss once again.

Neither woman understanding why they kept letting this happen, just knowing that it always felt amazing.


And I know I said it a million times
But I'll only stay with you one more night

Regina moans as she is pushed down on the bed by Ruby, the taller woman having already discarded their clothes leaving them in just bras and panties. Ruby gasps as their positions are suddenly reversed, Regina grinning as she begins kissing down the younger woman's body.

Arching off of the bed Ruby reaches down and pulls Regina back up to her and into a rough kiss. Moaning into the kiss as Regina trails a hand down her body.

"Tell me to stop. Tell me you don't want me to continue. Ruby tell me you want someone else. Tell me you hate me." Regina growls out as she pulls away.

"I-"Ruby doesn't get to finish as Regina shoves three fingers into her.

That night they continue fucking each other faster and harder. Both women knowing they should stop before one of them regrets it.

Regina doesn't even bother pushing Ruby out that night too exhausted to even form a sentence. The next morning she wakes up wrapped in Ruby's arms and freaks out, quickly waking the other woman up.

"Mmm.. What?" Ruby mumbles not opening her eyes.

"You need to leave. This was a mistake and can never. I mean never happen again." Regina growls out.

Ruby fights back the tears as she quickly gets dressed. Why did she keep coming back? Why did she initiate it yesterday morning or last night? Why was she in love with Regina?


Try to tell you no,

But my body keeps on telling you yes.

"Mmmm. S-stop... Oh god... Faster!" Ruby screams in pleasure as Regina thrusts three fingers into her at the same time she bites down roughly on the waitress's nipple.

She doesn't know how Regina found her at the Rabbit Hole, or how they ended up in one of the back rooms. All she knew was that Regina was fucking her against the wall and she loved it.

"R-Regiiiiinnnnnaaaaa! Fuck! P-please stop! Mmm.." Tangling her hands in Regina's hair Ruby throws her head back in pleasure.

"If you really want me to stop dear tell me now." Regina whispers as she moves her lips up to Ruby's ear biting down gently on the lobe.

"St-" Ruby is once again cut off as Regina smashes their lips together in a rough yet passionate kiss.

Lifting Ruby up Regina deepens the kiss as the waitress wraps her legs around her waist moaning and rocking her hips desperately.


Try to tell you stop,

But your lipstick got me so out of breath.

Here she was once again pushed up against the brick wall in the alley between the Diner and the B&B. Ruby stares at the hypnotic red lips of the woman in front of her.

"I can't do this- Mmmm" Ruby moans as soon as Regina's lips touch hers.

Regina bites down gently on Ruby's bottom lip asking for entrance, sliding her tongue along the taller woman's as soon as she is granted access. She was upset, that freaking Savior was once again keeping her son from her. So she rushed off to the diner and dragged Ruby outside before slamming her up against the wall of the alley.

Ruby slides her hands from Regina's shoulders into her now longer hair. Moaning as she feels how close Regina is to her. Pulling gently on the woman's hair she tries to get her to pull back.

"What!?" Regina growls pulling back.

"Y-Your house." Ruby gasps out.

Regina smirks and brings their lips together once again as a cloud of purple smoke surrounds them bringing them back to Regina's house. Quickly using her magic to rid them of their clothes and placing the thicker dildo around her own hips. Ruby grins before pushing Regina on the bed and quickly sliding down on top of the fake dick moaning loudly.

They quickly pick up a fast pace moaning loudly, Ruby leans down and connects their lips roughly as she speeds up the movements.

"Fuck!" Regina yells as she latches onto Ruby clawing at her back and moaning as the brunette rides her.

They continue that way the rest of the night each round getting rougher than the last.

I'll be waking up in the morning, probably hating myself.
And I'll be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.

Ruby wakes up with a loud yawn and stretches feeling more satisfied than she has in years. Stiffening when her body hits the woman behind her.

"Mmmm... Morning Red." Regina husks out kissing Ruby's neck softly and tightening her hold on the younger woman.

Smiling Ruby turns in Regina's arms and kisses her softly.

"Good morning gorgeous."

Regina smiles back feeling different than before, all the times they had tried staying away from each other. The times they hated each other, and the times when Ruby's cursed-self said she loved Regina playing in their heads.

"I love you Ruby Elizabeth Lucas." Regina whispers staring deeply into the hazel eyes in front of her.

Ruby leans forward and kisses Regina a lot more passionately than she had before.

"I love you too Regina Nicole Mills."

They were sure then that just one more night would never be enough. Forever was what they needed and they spent the entire day showing the other girl just how much they loved them.

But baby there you go again,

There you go again, making me love you.

Yeah, I stopped using my head,

Using my head,

Let it all go.