Summary- Once Upon A Time one-shots based off of Maroon 5 songs... Red/Queen (Ruby and Regina), Red/Swan (Ruby and Emma), Red/Beauty (Ruby and Belle), Swan Queen (Emma and Regina), Beauty/Queen (Belle and Regina), even Swan Beauty (Emma and Belle)... You can also make it a three-way relationship... Pick a song, pairing, and PM to tell me what you want...

Disclaimer- I do not own Once Upon A Time or any of the characters. If I did Regina and Ruby would each get a happy ending.

A/N- This was a request from a friend of mine, laintjie I hope this comes out the way you want. I did not use all of the lyrics, I only used the ones that I felt would work for this.

Red Queen and Swan Fire- Won't Go Home Without You

Emma smiles as Neal pulls her seat out for her, they were at the diner for lunch while Henry is at school. Ordering their lunch they talk about everything from their past to Henry to Neverland.

"Emma, I am so glad we decided to try this again." Neal places his hand on Emma's from across the table.

"So am I Neal."

A burst of familiar laughter from a few tables down causes Emma to look behind Neal. Seeing Regina laughing and holding hands with another woman broke the blonde's heart. She didn't understand why Regina had become distant; yes they were together for a while in Neverland. They kept it a secret from everyone though, and seeing her laughing with another woman was painful.

"Dear, I am so glad you talked me into this." Regina says staring into the hazel eyes in front of her.

"So am I Regina. This was really nice." Ruby says smiling as she stands before leaning down to kiss Regina's cheek.

Smiling up at the waitress Regina couldn't help but feel so much happier. The leggy brunette had asked her to lunch, and after crying over Emma for so long the Mayor agreed. Standing up Regina grabs Ruby's hand before the wolf could get back to work.

"How does another date sound? Friday night my place?"

"That sounds amazing, I will be there. I should get back to work though, you know Granny." She replies with a smile.

"I heard that girl! Get back to work!" Is yelled from the kitchen causing Ruby to laugh softly.

"Well, I will let you get back to work. Just one more thing." Regina whispers stepping closer.

"Wha-"Regina places a soft kiss on Ruby's lips, a light touch just enough to tease a reaction out of her, causing Ruby to smile and wrap her arms around the mayor's waist.

Emma sees the kiss and drops her fork causing Neal to turn and look as well. They continue watching silently as Regina pulls back with a smile and walks away. Still not knowing who the other woman Regina was with they continue to watch. Ruby turns around with a smile not noticing the duo watching her before she heads back to work.

"Oh my god." Emma whispers feeling her heart break even more.

Just then Mary Margret or Snow walks into the diner smiling when she sees her daughter with Neal. Walking over to the table she greets them both before Ruby walks over and gives her a bag for lunch.

"Thanks Red." Snow says with a smile hugging her best friend.

Glaring at the waitress Emma stands, grabbing Snow's arm she pulls her mother a few tables away.

"What is it Emma?" Snow asks, worriedly looking at her daughter.

"Do you know why Regina has been ignoring me?"

"Well no, but I assume it's the reason she has been acting different since that night she went looking for you in Neverland. It was while you and Neal were getting firewood I believe." She replies, not understanding what was going on.

Emma suddenly goes pale, that means Regina saw them. She saw the kiss and now she hates her. "Thanks mom. I have to get back to the station."

With that said Emma walks out of the diner and heads to the station, leaving Neal to pay for their lunch and wonder what was going on. On her drive to the station Emma starts to think, she thinks about Regina, about Henry, about Neal, and more importantly what happened in Neverland. Flashes from Neverland keep popping into her head; the ride on the Jolly Rodger after she went overboard, the walk through the forest, finding Tinkerbelle, kissing Regina, being with Regina, finding Neal alive, kissing Neal, saving Henry, losing Regina.

She couldn't believe this was happening, they stopped the failsafe only to have Henry taken from them. Now they were on the Jolly Roger hoping to find Henry by going through a portal. She was shivering after being pulled from the water; she went overboard trying to get everyone's attention. Charming had jumped in after her and brought her back onto the ship, which she was grateful really just wished it had been someone else. She continued to look around the ship as she stood next to Hook and spotted where Regina was easily. Regina was glaring at Snow and Charming as they huddled together near the front of the ship, Emma would have laughed if she wasn't so worried about finding Henry.

"You okay love?" Hook asked looking at the blonde standing next to him.

"Hmm? Yeah just worried, I mean what does this Pan guy want with my son?"

"I wish I knew love." Was all she got in reply before she walked towards Regina.

Regina ignored her at first as she glared at Snow and Charming, why did they have to come with them? Emma smiled softly as she reached Regina, looking in the direction of her parents.

"You glare any harder and they might just fly off the ship." She teased with a smile.

"Yeah, well maybe that is what I want." Regina replied before turning to look at Emma.

"We are going to get our son back Regina. No matter how hard a task I have faith that you and I will get him back."

Regina finally smiled and looked Emma in the eyes, "I have faith we will as well."

Emma blinks as she realizes she is outside of the station, turning the car off she gets out and heads inside. Once inside she lets her mind go toward another memory from Neverland.

"Would you please be careful dear? We do not know what is here." Regina said once again after stopping Emma from falling.

Blushing Emma looked away before continuing on the journey through the woods. Regina laughed as she followed behind the stubborn blonde, Snow and Charming were already further ahead so the only one to witness this was Hook. The further in they got the more Regina kept an eye on Emma, in her mind it was to make sure she didn't have to tell Henry he had lost his mom.

"Do you think we will find him?" Emma asked as they stopped for a few minutes.

"We will, together we can do anything." Regina reassured.

After stopping for a few minutes, losing Rumplestiltskin on the ship had put them down a person but Regina believed they could save Henry. They sat on logs as they tried to figure out a plan when Hook brought up Tinkerbelle, nobody but Emma had noticed how Regina tensed up at the name. An hour later they were on their way to track Tinkerbelle.

Emma jumps leaving the memory as someone enters the station, freezing when she realizes who it is. Regina stands in the doorway holding a yellow envelope, walking forward she lays it on the Sheriff's desk.

"I need these by ten tomorrow morning." Is all Regina says before walking out of the station.

Staring after the brunette Emma begins to wonder if she really loves Neal or if she loves Regina. Looking at the envelope Emma pulls the papers out and looks through them, it was mostly signatures and reports so she could get these done before tomorrow. For now she was being pulled back into another memory.

They had been looking for hours, having no luck in finding Tinkerbelle. Finally they found the fairy's home, Regina refused to go in and just sat outside. As the rest of them searched throughout the little tree house, there was no sign of Tink. After finding nothing the all exited the house, heading back to where they left Regina who was no longer there.

"We have to look for her." Emma insisted looking at her parents pleadingly.

Then they were off to find Regina, as they walked through some tall grass Regina appeared in front of them out of breath. Rushing forward Emma looked her over to make sure she was okay.

"I'm fine. Tinkerbelle won't help us." Regina sighed out looking at Emma.

"And just how would you know?" Snow growled out staring at the former Evil Queen.

Regina glared at Snow, standing up even taller as they glared at each other. Emma looked between them in confusion before stepping in front of Regina.

"What do you mean?"

"That fairy pulled me away to tell me she will not help if I am in the group. I will leave so you can find my son. But I expect you to find me so I can help save him." Regina replied before turning to leave.

"Wait, I know of a way to get her to help. Even with you here. She owes me." Hooks says before Regina leads them to her.

After a few minutes of talking Tink agrees to help, as long as Regina listens to her this time. They then set off to Pan's camp.

Coming out of the memory Emma decides to work on the papers, signing where needed and filling out the information. After finishing she locks the envelope up in her desk, grabbing her keys she then decides to head home. Upon arriving home she ignores her parents and heads up to her room in the loft, laying down she lets the memory of hers and Regina's first kiss to enter her mind.

Emma couldn't believe it; they had all been separated because of the Lost Boys. She had no clue where she was, where anyone was and it scared her. All she knew was they ended up in different areas on the Island. Suddenly she turns when a hand lands on her shoulder, ready to knock one of the Lost Boys down. Freezing when she realized who it was, staring at the familiar brown eyes in front of her. Without thinking about it she crashed her lips into the ones in front of her, the kiss was desperate and passionate between the two women.

"Emma." Regina gasped out between panting breaths as she looked at the woman in front of her.

"I-I'm so sorry Regina." She said panicked that she had just kissed the woman she loved.

Instead of replying Regina crashed their lips back together in a rougher kiss, pulling the blonde closer and moaning at the feeling of finally kissing the blonde. They pulled back after a couple of minutes panting, both smiling at the other woman as they finally catch their breath.

"How did you find me?"

"I sensed your magic."

They both smiled even brighter before going off in search of the others, they were a little grossed out when they found Hook and Tink together. Nobody should have to see that, it was just not okay to see those two having sex. Finally finding Snow and Charming they continued their search for Henry.

Sighing Emma stands up and heads to her bathroom, taking a nice hot shower to clear her mind for a few minutes. She really missed Regina and didn't understand why they couldn't be together, why did the brunette have to find comfort in Ruby? Why couldn't she wait for Emma to realize that she still loves Regina? Getting out of the shower, and putting on some pajamas Emma lays back down. Her mind wandering back to being with Regina.

"Come on." Regina whispered grabbing Emma's hands as they snuck away from the camp site the others had built.

They had been sneaking around for a couple days as they continued their search for Henry. Emma laughed as they entered a small cave, before Regina crashed their lips together in a needy yet passionate kiss. Pushing Regina up against the cave wall, Emma locks their hands together about Regina's head. The kiss continued to deepen before they started to tear each other's clothes off. An hour later they snuck back to the camp hoping nobody had heard or seen them. Not knowing Hook was awake, he wouldn't tell anyone though. The next morning they continued through the woods where they suddenly ran into Neal. Emma froze he was supposed to be dead; looking towards Regina she could tell the brunette was trying to hide her emotions.

"H-how?" Was all Emma could breathe out as her parents excitedly hugged Neal.

They believed that with Neal back Emma would be happier, and they would have a better chance at finding Henry.

"I have no idea." Neal whispers pulling Emma into a hug, he was glad to have her back.

I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen
And she left before I had the chance to say
The words that would mend the things that were broken
But now it's far too late she's gone away.

Sitting up, Emma feels her heart break once again as she pictures Regina kissing Ruby at the diner. A few minutes later she feels her phone vibrate with a text from Neal.

I miss you babe.-Neal

Miss you too. I'm heading to bed. Text you tomorrow.-Emma

She felt guilty lying to him but she couldn't tell him that she was actually thinking about leaving him. She really wanted to get Regina back. She lays back down gasping as another memory hits her.

It was an hour later when Regina and Emma snuck off again, they needed to talk. Reaching a new cave a few miles from the camp they sat down to talk.

"Regina, I love you. I'm so confused right now though." Emma whispered as she looked down at her feet.

Regina stifled a sob as she looked away from Emma; she had felt that this would happen as soon as she saw Neal. Emma looked up quickly upon hearing they stifled sob.

"No, baby I'm not breaking up with you."

"Y-you're not?" Regina asked confused.

"Never." With that Emma leaned forward and kissed Regina passionately.

The brunette smiled into the kiss, her hands latching on to blonde curls. After a few minutes they pulled away and smiled at each other. Emma's smile slowly faded as she thought of how to say this to Regina.

"Um, I'm not breaking up with you but I think we should take a break until we find Henry. I just need to figure out my feelings and thoughts."

Regina froze her smile dropping before she stood up to leave, pausing when Emma grabbed her hand.

"Baby please stay just for tonight." Emma whispered.

Regina just yanked her arm free before disappearing into the night, Emma followed after her but left her alone once they reached camp.

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?
Hard to believe it

Tears were streaming down her face as she finished that memory, was that when she started to lose Regina? She needed to talk to the brunette, she wanted her back. Maybe she could head to the office early tomorrow, she didn't know. Soon after that thought her mind was invaded by another memory.

Neal smiled as he followed behind Emma, they had been asked to gather some fire wood by Charming and Snow. He knew this was their way to get him and Emma back together, and he hoped it worked. Emma didn't know what to do, her emotions were all over the place she loved Neal but she also loved Regina.

"So, I was wondering if maybe after we saved Henry and we head home could we have a normal first date?" Neal asked as they continued cutting down wood for the fire.

"I- I don't know Neal."

"Come on, please I want to fix every mistake I've ever made." Neal pleaded as he dropped the wood and stepped in front of Emma.

Had Emma known that Regina was watching them through some trees she would have stopped herself. She couldn't though as she got lost in Neal's eyes, surging forward she kissed him deeply. The kiss sped up before they both pulled apart panting, neither one hearing the sound of a strangled sob as the former Evil Queen ran off.

"Let's go save our son." Neal whispered before they headed back to the camp.

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

Emma was nervous as she grabbed the envelope from her desk; she is heading to Regina's office earlier so they can talk. Getting into her car she drives off towards Regina's office, she wanted to talk to Regina about maybe giving her a second chance. Upon arriving she heads up and walks into Regina's office after Leslie; Regina's assistant confirms that she can.

"You're early." Regina says without looking up from her laptop.

"I was kind of hoping we could talk before I have to go back to the station?"

"What is it Emma? What do you want to talk about?" Finally looking up Regina sighs.

Walking closer to the desk Emma sits down on the corner right next to Regina. "I want to get back together."

"I'm sorry but that is not happening dear. I have moved on and frankly I couldn't be happier."

"Regina please, I'm still in love with you." Emma pleads looking at the brunette.

Regina laughs humorlessly before standing up and looking Emma in the eyes. "You should have thought about that before you stuck your tongue down Mr. Cassidy's throat. Now if you would just give me the papers I asked for that would be great."

Looking down Emma sighs before giving Regina the envelope. "I won't go home without you, so please come to the diner tonight at eight to prove that you still love me."

"That would be all Ms. Swan please leave."

Emma walks out with one final glance before heading back to the station. As she headed home another memory hit her, she had said these exact words to Regina once before in Neverland.

They were gathered around the ship, after defeating Pan and saving Henry. Emma looked around and saw her son hugging Regina; she wanted to talk to the brunette so as soon as those two separated she walked over.

"Hey, um can we talk?"

Regina just ignored her and continued onto the ship, she then headed down to the room beneath the deck. Emma sighed before following her, grabbing Regina's hand she turned the brunette to face her.

"What is going on with you?"

"Nothing. I am just tired; we saved our son now I am going to sleep." Regina growled turning away from Emma.

"Alright as long as we get home safely and you come over to my apartment." Emma whispered with a smile.

"I will be going back to my home."

"Regina, I won't go home without you." Emma said turning the brunette back towards her.

"Forget about it Emma. Now please leave so I can get some sleep."

Emma sighed but left after kissing Regina's cheek, then suddenly they were back in Storybrooke and Regina started to avoid her.

The taste of her breath, I'll never get over
And the noises that she made kept me awake
The weight of the things that remain unspoken
Built up so much, it crushed us every day

Glaring across the diner at the couple who appeared to be having dinner, Emma stood up and passed by them. Regina ignored the blonde as she kept her attention on Ruby, smiling brightly as the waitress leaned over and kissed her softly before pulling back.

"I am so glad we are together Regina." Ruby says with a wide smile.

"So am I dear. Now what do you say about heading back to mine for some desert."

Ruby waves her grandmother over and pays the bill before her and Regina leave, both giggling as they kissed a few times. Emma watches them leave before heading back to her table where she sits down with Neal.

"You okay babe?"

"Neal there's something I have to tell you." Emma says looking down.

"You can tell me anything Em." He was beginning to worry as he reaches his hand out to take hers.

"I used to be with Regina, we dated while in Neverland and then you came and I'm so sorry." She said as tears fell from her eyes.

"It's okay Emma, I knew about you two. Honestly I was shocked when you and I got together but I am happy now. I love you."

Standing up Emma walks over to him and hugs him as she cries. She couldn't believe how understanding he was being and she knew then that she really did love Neal.

"I love you too."

And I won't go home without you
And I won't go home without you
And I won't go home without you