Summary- Once Upon A Time one-shots based off of Maroon 5 songs... Red/Queen (Ruby and Regina), Red/Swan (Ruby and Emma), Red/Beauty (Ruby and Belle), Swan Queen (Emma and Regina), Beauty/Queen (Belle and Regina), even Swan Beauty (Emma and Belle)... You can also make it a three-way relationship... Pick a song, pairing, and PM to tell me what you want...

Disclaimer- I do not own Once Upon A Time or any of the characters. If I did Regina and Ruby would each get a happy ending.



I'm at a payphone trying to call home

All of my change I spent on you

Where have the times gone? Baby, it's all wrong

Where are the plans we made for two?

Ruby sighs as she walks around the streets, she thought they had been happy. Emma had never given any indication that she wasn't happy, but after a year of living in Boston the blonde up and left her.

This had upset Ruby so much, the wolf had given up everything she had; her family, her job, hell even her friendship with Snow to be with Emma. Now here she is walking around the streets of Boston trying to find a payphone to call home.

Not watching where she is going Ruby bumps into someone knocking them both to the ground. "I'm so sorry." she whispers.

"Watch where you're going." A woman growls out as she gets back up.

Looking up tears immediately fill her eyes when she realizes she had just ran into the woman that broke her heart not so long ago.

"Emma?" she asks quietly as she slowly stands up.

Rolling her eyes the blonde looks at Ruby with her arms crossed. "What could you possibly want?" she asks coldly.

Tears slowly begin to stream down Ruby's cheeks as she looks at Emma. "What happened to us?" she whispers brokenly.

"I got bored, you weren't fun anymore." She responds even though she doesn't mean a word she says. "Look I have to go."

"I thought you loved me! We had plans and everything!" Ruby cries out as she watches the woman she loves walk away.

Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember

The people we used to be...

A year after leaving everything and everyone behind in Storybrooke, Emma and Ruby were at their house, sitting in front of a fire. They had been so happy, having finally gotten the house they wanted after living in an apartment for a year.

"I love you Emma." the wolf says turning to look at her girlfriend, they had been together for three years, two years in Storybrooke and officially one year in Boston.

Emma looks over at Ruby, her breath catching at the way the fire aluminates the brunette's beauty. "I love you too so much Ruby."

They sat there in silence for a little while before they decided to go make dinner together.

"Granny called earlier today." Ruby says as she goes about making the chicken fretichini.

Emma immediately stops what she was doing and turns to her girlfriend. "And what did she say?"

"She wants me to come home." the wolf responds sadly.

Sighing Emma walks up to her and wraps the tall brunette in her arms. "Don't let her get to you."

Nodding Ruby goes back to cooking.

A little while later they are lying in bed after an intense love making, rolling over Ruby looks at Emma. "I love you Em."

"I love you too, and when we are fully on our feet I want a family with you." Emma whispers.

Man, fuck that shit

I'll be out spending all this money

While you're sitting round wondering

Why it wasn't you who came up from nothing,

Made it from the bottom

Within the year after Emma had left her, Ruby had gone from being a waitress to an actress. She also met Killian again after he had left Storybrooke and came to Boston. They had been together since February and couldn't be happier. It was around May of 2015 that she found out she was pregnant with her and Killian's first child, she was due any day now as it had hit January of 2016. They had gotten married around March of 2015 before she found out she was pregnant.

"How do I look?" the brunette asks standing in front of the pirate, she was getting ready to go to the 'Golden Globes' she had been nominated for an award due to her movie, 'Rising Dead Watchtower.'

"You look stunning." he says walking up to her and pulling her close to him, placing his good hand on her small baby bump. "I love you Red."

Smiling she looks up at him, "I love you too baby." she says leaning up to kiss him.

The pirate smiles into the kiss before pulling back and noticing that Ruby looked to be in pain. "What's wrong love?"

"It's time." she gasps out.

And the next morning Paisley Milah Jones was born to two loving parents, Hook couldn't keep the smile off of his face.

"I will always protect my girls." He whispers as he watches his wife and daughter sleep.

However he didn't know they would be getting a visit from someone who had hurt them both in more ways than one.

Phantom pulled up valet open doors

Wiz like go away, got what you was looking for

It had been two years since they last spoke, when Ruby hear the familiar sound of Emma's bug pulling up into her driveway. Standing up she walks over to the front door and waits until there is a knock.

Opening the door she looks at Emma, the blonde looked worn down. "What do you want?" she asks trying to keep her voice steady.

"You, Ruby I want you." The blonde whispers regret and pain filling her eyes. "I saw you on tv and in that zombie movie, and realized how stupid I had been."

Rolling her eyes at her ex. "You only want me because I have moved on. You only want me because I have made it into the big leagues." she pauses and looks behind her at the three week old laying in the bassinet. "You only want me because I'm happy without you." she says turning back to look at Emma.

"Red, please." Emma couldn't stop the tears that were filling her eyes.

A choked laugh leaves the brunette. "I don't need you anymore Emma. You left, you did not me." She says just as footsteps can be heard walking up behind her.

"Everything okay out here love?" An Irish accent is heard behind the wolf.

Turning around Ruby smiles at her husband, "Everything is fine Killian. Can you take Paisley upstairs?" she asks the pirate softly.

Nodding the pirate kiss her cheek before picking up their daughter and heading upstairs. They had gotten together when he came to Boston after getting his own heart broken by Tinkerbelle. The brunette had let him stay with her for a while, and as time passed they fell in love. When Hook asked her to marry him, she couldn't contain her excitement. A year later they had their daughter, and the three week old little girl was their everything.

Turning back towards Emma, "You should leave." Ruby says as she crosses her arms.

"But, Ruby I love you!" Emma cries out.

Rolling her eyes Ruby looks at the bug before looking back at Emma. "Leave and take that little piece of shit with you." she says before slamming the door and heading up the stairs to join her husband and daughter.

Now it's me who they want, so you can go and take

That little piece of shit with you.