Summary- Once Upon A Time one-shots based off of Maroon 5 songs... Red/Queen (Ruby and Regina), Red/Swan (Ruby and Emma), Red/Beauty (Ruby and Belle), Swan Queen (Emma and Regina), Beauty/Queen (Belle and Regina), even Swan Beauty (Emma and Belle)... You can also make it a three-way relationship... Pick a song, pairing, and PM to tell me what you want...

Disclaimer- I do not own Once Upon A Time or any of the characters. If I did Regina and Ruby would each get a happy ending.

RubySlippers- It Was Always You


Woke up sweating from a dream.

With a different kind of feeling.

Gasping Ruby sits up her body covered in sweat, she had just had another dream. She'd been having them ever since she came back to the Enchanted Forest to find her pack.

"Are you okay?" a voice says from nearby startling her. "Sorry Red didn't mean to startle you."

Ruby looks over and spots Mulan and gives her a shaky smile. "It's okay Mulan. Just another dream." she says semi-reassuringly.

Mulan nods her head and offers her hand to Ruby. "We should get going, maybe we can find your pack today."

They had been searching for Ruby's pack for months and had yet to find them, there was one place left to look and it was a place Ruby had read about and seen a movie on.

"Oz isn't that far from here." the wolf says standing up and taking a deep breath. "Let's go."

They continued walking when Ruby caught the scent of her pack, that's when she took off running.

After running through the woods Ruby took a turn and followed the scent, they had to find her pack, this was their last chance and she couldn't afford to have gone through all of this for nothing.

As she was running by an area she caught a stronger wiff of what she hoped was her pack.

"This way!" she yells over to Mulan.

"Right behind you!" Mulan yells back as she catches up to the wolf.

Suddenly stopping Ruby sniffs the air trying to catch the scent again, letting out a huff she spins around for a second before groaning.

"What is it?" the warrior asks walking up to her while trying to catch her breath.

Ruby turns to her in frustration, "I lost the scent!"

"It's okay, we'll find them tomorrow."

"You said that yesterday and the day before." Ruby says turning to look at her friend.

They continued to walk when Mulan asked Ruby what she knew about OZ.

"There's lots of singing." the wolf responds as they walk.

Mulan pauses and looks at Ruby. "Singing?"

"Well in the book and movies in Storybrooke, I like to think I know something about this place." she responds defensively.

Mulan rolls her eyes, "Well this isn't a book or a movie."

"We should find somewhere to sleep for now." Ruby says before they both tense up upon hearing something coming their way.

Mulan holds her sword out in front of her ready to attack, before a little white dog appears.

"Oh I think I know this little guy." Ruby says kneeling down. "His name is Toto." holding out a hand she goes to gently pet the dog.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A voice says from behind them causing them to quickly look up, Ruby losing her breath at the sight of a beautiful woman holding a cross bow. "Toto only growls when he smells a witch, so which one of you is it."

"Oh, I'm not a witch." Ruby looks toward Mulan worried about what is going to happen.

Mulan nods reasurringly. "Tell her."

Dorothy looks between them both in confusion. "Tell me what?"

"I'm not a witch, but I am a wolf." Ruby responds softly. "He smells my wolf and that's all he is smelling. I'll show you." she says reaching out her hand again only for Toto to run off.

"Great, see what you've done!" the brunette says angrily as she moves to go after her dog.

Ruby clears her throat, "You're going the wrong way."

All day long my heart was beating.

Searching for the meaning.

They had just found a place for the night when Mulan told them she needed a Poppies to continue the sleeping spell.

Dorothy nods and moves to grab her things. "I know exactly where we can get some."

"I'm coming with you." Ruby says quickly before turning to Mulan. "Mulan, keep the cauldron going." she says ignoring the look Dorothy is giving her.

Dorothy tenses up and glares at Ruby. "I can handle myself."

"I wasn't asking permission." the wolf responds before beginning to walk off.

As they are walking through the trees and Owl lets out a hoot. "Either you're still mad at me or you don't like to talk."

"You really want me to answer that?" Dorothy asks looking toward Ruby before looking back in front of them.

Ruby bites her lip and sighs. "Toto's more than a pet, isn't he?" she asks after a few minutes of silence.

Rolling her eyes Dorothy looks at Ruby. "You're right. I don't like to talk."

"Shouldn't I know what we're fighting for?" the wolf asks tilting her head to the side as they walk.

Dorothy sighs once agian. "Fine. You want to know?" she asks before getting a nod from Ruby. "The first time I visited Oz, I was just a kid. I wasn't here long, but when I went back to Kansas, I told my family what happened." she says stopping to look at Ruby.

"What?" Ruby asks before seeing the look in Dorothy's eyes. "They didn't believe you?"

Dorothy shakes her head to let Ruby know she was right. "They tried to have me committed."

Suddenly feeling bad Ruby looks down. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." the other girl says shrugging. "Showed me who my real family was Aunt Em." a smile crosses her lips. "She believed me. She kept me from getting locked up."

Ruby smiles softly at that information. "Is she still back in Kansas?"

"She died not long after that. But just before she did, she gave me Toto." the brunette responds her smile turning down slightly at the reminder.

The wolf looks at her in understanding. "He's all you have left of her."

"He's the only one who understands me." Dorothy responds as she begins walking again.

"Don't worry. We're gonna get him back." Ruby begins as she follows after Dorothy. "You know, I understand what it's like to feel like you don't belong anywhere." she finally admits her eyes trailing toward Dorothy.

Dorothy pauses her walking once again and looks at Ruby slightly offended. "Really, Wolfie? Your family tried to have you committed?"

Shaking her head Ruby looks at Dorothy. "No, my entire village ran me out of town."

"Really?" the brunette asks in shock at the news.

"With torches and pitchforks." Ruby tells her seriously.

Dorothy turns fully and looks at Ruby. "Because you're a wolf?"

The wolf nods as she crosses her arms slightly. "I didn't always know I was, and I certainly didn't back then." pausing she thinks of how to continue not wanting to scare Dorothy away. "I wasn't in control. And one night, I accidentally killed my boyfriend."

"Wow." She responds in shock not knowing what to say.

"Yeah. I lived on the run after that, and I eventually learned to control my power, made some friends along the way. I ended up in a town called Storybrooke, but I still felt like there was something missing." Ruby admits as they begin walking again.

Dorothy looks at her in confusion. "And you came to Oz looking for answers."

Ruby nods her head. "I came here looking for my pack. I thought maybe they were what was missing, but after searching for so long, I'm not sure if they're the answer anymore." she says looking down.

"What are you looking for?" The brunette asks looking at Ruby.

Ruby just shrugs as she continues moving. "I'm not sure."

Dorothy lets out a soft laugh. "Well, maybe that's the problem." she says before speeding up. "Come on. Field's up ahead."

As they get closer to the field Ruby can't help but smile.

"The poppy field." Dorothy says as she points at the field. "This is Zelena's territory."

Ruby nods her head and speaks for the first time in a while. "We need to be careful."

Dorothy bites her lip. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Ruby asks in confusion as she looks at Dorothy.

The brunette smiles sadly. "Calling you "Wolfie." Dorothy chuckles at the nickname before conitnuing. "If I had known."

The wolf cuts her off before she can continue. "No. It's okay." she smiles at Dorothy. "I actually kind of like it."

Dorothy chuckles at the admittance and a smile crosses her lips.

"But I do think it's only fair that I get to give you a nickname, too." Ruby says seriously with her own smile.

Dorothy looks at her in shock before speaking. "Really?"

"Really." Ruby responds with a slight laugh. "How about, Kansas?"

Both girls laugh at the nickname before Dorothy speaks up. "All right, Wolfie, Kansas it is."

Ruby smiles before leaning down to grab a poppy only to be stopped by Dorothy's hand on her arm, trying to ignore the racing of her heart Ruby looks up.

Clearing her throat Dorothy finally speaks. "Careful." she says as she quickly pulls a poppy free. "One sniff of that, and we'll be snoozing all night." she says holding the poppy out the Ruby.

Ruby nods her head and takes the poppy. "Thanks." she says attempting to put it in her belt.

Suddenly the sound of screeching causes them to look up and spot flying monkeys.

"Zelena she found us." Dorothy says worriedly as she pulls out her bow.

Ruby listens closesly. "There's more on the way." she says looking at Dorothy as they begin to run.

Fear enters Dorothy's heart. "We'll never outrun them."

Stopping Ruby smiles at Dorothy. "Well, sure we can."

Dorothy looks at Ruby in confusion. "How?"

"Do you trust me?" the wolf asks as she begins to untie her cloak.

Shock crosses Dorothy's face. "Uh." she is interupted as more screeching is heard. "Yes." she finally gets out.

As soon as those words fall from Dorothy's mouth, Ruby drops the cloak and begins to transform into her wolf. Once she as transformed she looks up at Dorothy, catching the wide grin on the brunette's face as she grabs Ruby's cloak.

"Oh." Dorothy breathes out as she climbs on Ruby's back and holds her fur.

Hazel eyes I was so color blind.

We were just wasting time.

"What is she doing here?" Charming asks as him and Hook gently lay Ruby down on the bed.

"We don't know. She just appeared here." Snow says looking at her husband.

Charming runs a hand through his hair, "Where has she been since she left Storybrooke."

"She's been searching for her pack."

"Well unless her pack is down here." Regina says just as Ruby wakes up.

Her eyes widen when she sees everyone. "Where am I?"

"You're in the Underworld love." Hook explains as well as he can.

After a few explinations they appear outside of Zelena's home, where the redhead is already standing outside.

"You know, I can't get better for my daughter if you keep showing up." she says looking at the others.

Regina sighs and looks at her sister. "I know but I wouldn't be here right now if someone you screwed over hadn't literally dropped out of the sky."

Ruby steps forward trying to keep her anger under control. "What did you do with Dorothy."

Zelena stays silent not knowing what to say.

"Zelena, if you want us to trust you, you need to tell us what you did." Regina says softly looking at her sister.

Biting her lip Zelena looks at all of them before sighing. "Sometimes I am to good at what I do. I placed her under a sleeping curse and only true love can wake her up."

After that reveal everyone had gone looking for Dorothy's Auntie Em, only for Hades to turn her into water from the lake of souls. When they get back to the house Ruby is freaking out.

"Are you sure there isn't anyone else that can give Dorothy true love's kiss?" Snow asks as she sits down and watches her best friend.

Ruby turns and looks at Snow. "Like who?"

"You, maybe." Snow responds without a care.

Regina was then sent to retrieve the magical shoes before they headed to the cemetary, where Snow and Ruby were then informed that Charming wasn't going because he put his name on the grave that Snow's was on.

Looking back now I know it was always you always you.

Mulan looks up when Todo begins to growl, worry etches on her face as she thinks of the possibilty of Zelena being back.

"What is it Todo?" she asks watching as he jumps off of the table where Dorothy was lying sound asleep do to a sleeping curse.

Just then a gray smoke appears before Snow and Ruby are revealed, the wolf having a worried look on her face.

"Ruby! Snow?" Mulan says in shock as she looks at the wolf and Snow.

A shocked look appears on Ruby's face as she looks at Mulan and then Dorothy. "Wait, you found her?"

"I've been waiting for you to get back. She's under-"

"A sleeping curse I know." Ruby says before smiling slightly. "Thank you for taking care of her."

Mulan smiles back thankful that she could be any help. "I've had some experience with this sort of thing." she says before Aurora and Philip appear in her mind.

Ruby smiles again before she starts to worry about everything else, her eyes traveling to Dorothy laying on that table.

"Ruby, you can do this." Snow whispers looking at her best friend. "Go."

"Okay." the wolf whispers out before making her way toward the table, stepping onto the stool she leans down slightly.

The wolf takes a deep breath and looks down at Dorothy placing one hand on her hands and the other on her shoulder. Lifting her hand off of Dorothy's shoulder, Ruby pushes a strand of hair behind the girl's ear before finally leaning down and kissing her gently.

As soon as their lips touch a yellow light passes through them, signalling their true love.

When Ruby pulls back she sees that Dorothy's eyes are now open and staring up at her.

"Wolfie?" the girl says softly upon seeing the girl she had fallen for.

Ruby can't help the large smile that crosses her face. "Kansas."

Mulan and Snow watch them with smiles on their faces while Todo barks happily.

Sitting up slowly Dorothy wipes her eyes before looking at Ruby.

"You left without saying anything." the wolf says softly as she looks at Dorothy.

Dorothy stares into Ruby's eyes. "I was afraid. I couldn't lose you to Zelena."

Ruby lets out a soft laugh as she looks at Dorothy. "Well yeah, but I almost lost you."

"But you didn't, you came back for me." the other girl says softly as she moves a little closer toward the wolf.

"I always will." Ruby whispers softly before leaning in to kiss Dorothy again.

This kiss wasn't like the other kiss they had shared, this kiss was full of passion and love. A love that they now knew would last forever.