Meeting him

Ever been so surprised in your life that you almost had a heart attack. That happened to me yesterday. I was in the bathroom washing my face I went to get the soap... it moved.

At first, I thought it was my brother's prank. But it wasn't he was in a meeting for college. I thought I was hallucinating but when I went to get my clothes the same thing happened.

I think its telekinesis. Im still not sure. If it is, its not good. Its bad enough that I have to hide that im a Sanidina now I have to hide my telekinesis.

What's a sanidina? It's a human with wolf feature and can turn into one.

Even worse today is my first day of school in Divergent high.

When I get up early I unplug my alarm clock. I decided to practice my telekinesis so it dosent go wild in school.

After half an hour I got it down good. To make sure I put my hand out and plug in my alarm clock with my mind. Im good.

I go to take a shower with cold water. I already have enough body heat. (I am part wolf). When I get out I decide to use my telekinesis. (this is all with my mind) I open my drawer and get my undergarments put them on the bed. Then I take out my black lose crop top that says bruh in red white skinny jeans well shorts that go mid thigh my orange hoodie my Chicago bull cap my black beats and my jumps (Jordan sneakers) then I get dressed. I look in the mirror. I look good.

I put some(only a little) make-up on (eye liner blush no lip-stick I have regular red lips)

I get my breakfast an apple and red bull. I know its early but telekinesis takes a lot of energy, im tired.

I get on my red lambo and drive to school.

I find parking quickly. Everyone is in the parking lot so I just wait for the bell. Almost everyone is staring at me. I just ignore them.

Someone flashes by me on a mortocycle almost makes me fall. When the person takes his helmet off he has deep blue eyes. His hair is flawlessly brown and short. His noes is hooked a little in the end. I find myself staring and he gives me a sexy smirk.

I look away and feel my cheeks get burning hot. Hotter then usaual. My ears and tail are twitching. Why does he have this effect on me. I see him walk over and I back up a little.

"Hey I'm Four, I couldn't help but notice staring from across the lot you need something"

"you" I mumble so he cant here. Did I really just say that?

"what was that" god this boy is curious.

"nothing I just got lost in your eyes" there I go again. He just chuckles. A low (hot) chuckle.

"I never got your name" He says

"Cause I never gave it to you" I say trying to joke. It works. He chuckles that deep chuckle of his.

"Tris" I say after a while. I guess I could start over with a new name. My past was not the best past ever.

"So Tris can I see your schedule" I nod and give it to him. It says:

Beatrice prior

Homeroom 10B

Science 345

Math 567

Music 464


Music 464

Free time

Free time



"Well you will be seeing me more often we have the same schedule and your locker is next to mine.