A blonde Teen was making on this day his way up the slums that compromised the slums of Honnōji Academy, his pace was sedated but his eyes took in every detail of the area. 'Man... What a dump...' He thought with his hands in his pockets. 'Really, if the Kiryūin family had so much cash to blow to build the academy... should they not have at least made this area more...I don't know...decent?' The blonde thought with disgust and disdain at what he saw. The buildings, if they could be called that looked like were hastily built, could fall apart at any moment, and the roofs looked like they had been ripped from the setting of a Die Hard Movie, full of so many holes that these families were sure to suffer when it rained.

He sighed. 'Nothing I can do for them. . . I should hurry to the academy.' Shaking his head he started jogging lightly towards the giant building. As he walked he started feeling several presences that were tailing him, he chose ignore them as he felt they would not pose much of a threat.

"STOP RIGHT THERE, BLONDE BOY!" A deep voice bellowed out coming closer by the minute.

The blonde stopped "Huh?" He looked at the figure confused. Are you are talking about me?"

"INDEED!" The voice once again bellowed out.

All the sudden, an incredulously large man crashed down from the sky in front of him.

"So... what do you want with me?" The blonde starting to get more confused asked. 'Where the hell did he came from!?' He thought.


"I was Jogging my way towards Honnōji Academy to submit my transferal application. What the fuck does it look like I was doing?"


"What went up your ass this morning to make you so uptight? Did your girlfriend dump you or something?"

"I am always this strict, as it I, Ira Gamagori, am the head of the disciplinary committee!

'So you kiss the butt of your boss every day, good to know. Next thing I learn is that you're a masochist as well.' The blonde thought while rolling his eyes. "Of course you are big guy, and I'm the Ambassador of Japan."

The dark skinned blonde was starting to look like he might blow a fuse at the spiky blonde's constant disrespect and nonchalant tone; however before he could retort said blonde opened his mouth again.

"Look if you are one of the big Kahuna's here, could you tell me where I need to submit my application form? If I am late to class my mom will chew my ear off for the next month or so." The blonde thought with a shudder, last time he had been late to something his mom had taken her time over the weekend to drill on his all the nuances of just why being on time was so important. . . he would rather not go through the same experience again. 'I'm just glad she didn't bring out the dominatrix gear and matching outfit, I don't want to be whipped like dad...'

"Hand them over to me, as the Head of the disciplinary committee is part of my job to sign the applications of the newer students. Mister. . ."

"Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki. And no, my name means maelstrom, not fish cakes."

"I see… duly noted." The tall blonde said as he read the papers something called his attention. "It says here you transferred because we are the only place in the country that has explicitly banned the Icha Icha books?" That for Gamagōri looked both a very suspicious and a rather petty reason so he asked for clarification.

"My dear Godfather writes those books, and more or less every other school I have attended has never sought to stop the students from reading them, I transferred mostly out of spite for him to see if that would shut him up about 'It's time for you to be a man! You should get a girlfriend, or some lady friends!'" Naruto explained as he recalled the numerous times where, Jiraiya had ranted on the subject.

Gamagōri's eyebrows rose up in surprise, from nowhere he took out a large stamp and sealed all the papers. "Consider yourself from now on a proud student of Honnōji Academy! Before you attend to class you must take a physical."

Naruto produced from his backpack another folder labeled, 'UZUMAKI NARUTO's MEDICAL REPORTS'. Gamagōri's eyebrows shot up in surprise once again at seeing the signature of the medic that had performed the evaluations. . Uzumaki Tsunade. "I believe this will suffice for my medical?" Naruto plainly said.

The dark skinned blonde eyebrows furrowed in thought. 'This represents a problem, we need to know how high his life fiber resistance is, but I cannot order him to go and take it without indirectly insulting one of the three greatest medics of the world.' He continued looking at the unruly boy in front of him. "Yes, it shall suffice, be on your way and before I forget your assigned classroom is the 2A."

As Gamagōri saw the spiky haired blond be on his way he started walking towards the academy in a sedated pace. 'I will need to inform Satsuki-sama about this.'

"Well that was annoying like hell..." Naruto muttered. "I feel like I'm gonna have to deal with that guy a lot in the future..."

Gamagōri was now kneeling in front of his mistress having given her his report on what he considered a potential spies, such as one Naruto Uzumaki.

"Interesting indeed Gamagōri, The son of two of the greatest Martial artists of the world has entered our school."

Gamagōri looked confused. "Excuse me Satsuki-sama who?"

Satsuki leveled a stare at him. "Minato Uzumaki expert of the Gamaken fighting style and Kushina Uzumaki expert and only heir of the Uzushio no Ken, or in English the Toad Fist and the Whirling Tides fist, both are traditional and very old style thought to be originated somewhere in the very origins of Japan, long before the Samurai rose to power of the Ninja even existed there are records of these two styles. Both thought to be long lost though. . ." A voice came from Satsuki's side; it belongs to a Blue Haired student who was carrying a laptop.

"Indeed, what Inumuta has failed to mention is that both styles are known for being particularly clinical in their approach to combat."

The dark skinned blonde looked confused "What you mean by clinical?"

"Inumuta, video feed" Satsuki orders.

"On it Satsuki-sama"

A large screen came up from the floor and started playing a video, there was a blonde with a large mane of wild and spiky hair being surrounded by a group of what Gamagori presumed were Martial artists.

"I don't want any problems, your master challenged me to a match and he lost, we both parted ways in friendly terms." The man spoke in a somewhat exasperated tone, as if this had happened a thousand times to him before.

"Our dojo was one of the best in Japan before you showed your face here Gaijin! You will pay for damaging our reputation."

The man simply sighed before entering a half crouched position with one arm extended and the other half extended.

As the first man launched his attack the blonde simply stood there ready to face the attack, however at last minute the man missed his intended target crashing into the floor and onto one student of the now defunct dojo that planned to attack him from behind.

"Too slow buddy, gonna have to do better than that." Minato tiredly said.

Seeing that one on one would not help, they all launched themselves at him, like a mob wanting to lynch a criminal, only that the results weren't as they expected, every hit they launched missed the man and wound up instead hitting another of their comrades, soon enough where was once a group now was pile of fatigued and beaten up men.

The video ends and another starts playing.

"Uzumaki Kushina, by orders of our employer Masamune-dono you are commanded to teach his son the whirling tides fist." The man addressed a Redhead who was starting to look less and less amused at each word spoken.

"Yeeeeeeeeah I am going to say no to that." She flatly said.

"It was not a request." The man attempted to grab her arm only to find reel back as he felt a growing pain in his gut, the redhead had punched him there before anyone could take notice.

"And I'll say it again, N.O, no."

The men quickly drew knives and launched themselves at her, only to find they were outpaced, literally, the redhead was throwing kicks, punches, chops, stabs, all manner of bare handed attacks at her attackers not letting them set the tempo of the fight, she strikes quickly and with surgical precision, her chops land in the collar bones, her stabs go among the ribs, her kicks hit the shoulder blades, in less than five minutes no less than 50 men are left groaning in the floor.

"Tell that baka the style is for my family only and I am already a happily married woman!"

The second video ends.

Gamagori and now Jakuze and Sanageyama who arrived in the middle of the previous video are confused.

"What, we just saw?" The swordsman of the group asks.

"Those were the only available videos on the Gamaken and Uzushio no Ken, both are dramatically different battling styles, for the Gamaken," Inumuta plays the first video 1000x times slower and they see the blond shifting slightly at last second "is a style built around patience, it fools your opponent into thinking that you are static but the movements are minimal and subtle, your brain interprets his kata in a form but in reality your senses are fooled."

Inumuta paused to take a breath of air. "As for the second video it's a style that doesn't lets you set the rhythm, much like a whirlpool the style drags you into the users tempo not giving you time to adapt or count with your reflexes as a way to save yourself, coupled with hits meant to damage the muscles and organs of the body it's a very dangerous style."

Naruto kept jogging until he reached the entrance of the academy 'Jesus these people sure can waste money.' The blonde thought at seeing the enormous size of the academy along its extravagant design, it looked like the love child of a battleship with a woman sailor uniform.

Naruto shook his head. 'However designed this must have a wicked sense of humor.' He thought.

He dug from one pocket of his Jeans a scrunched up note that Gamagori had given him. 'Classroom 2A, well school here I come.' The blonde once again resumed his jogging idly noting that the classrooms were in reality two big towers, each of four floors, the most curious thing is that one tower had a big sign with stars and the other dint. 'So not only do they discriminate regarding living accommodations but classes too?' Naruto was starting to regret having switched schools. 'What the fuck is wrong with these people?'

"So he is a martial artist, big deal, I am pretty sure Satsuki-sama would be able to defeat him with ease." Nonon passionately defended her longtime friend.

"While what you are saying is true I took the liberty to search for one Naruto Uzumaki at the time, the results were rather surprising."

At Inumuta's voice everyone's attention became focused on him.

"Uzumaki Naruto, 16 years of age, known as the Nippon vagabond, he is a well-known drifter who goes from school to school seeking to test his skills against the most skilled fighters of each school or dojo and has taken by himself a little of 50 schools and dojos." Inumuta started to recite out loud all the information he could gleam.

Sanageyama whistled, impressed by his skills. "Not bad, I didn't reach, that level until I joined Satsuki-sama, when did he start?" He asked out of curiosity.

Inumuta quickly typed some more on his laptop. "Several testimonies suggest he started his travels three years ago, he started on Osaka and moved to Kyoto and the Kobe, dominating all three of the schools to the point where they call him Master."

"Are you saying a thirteen year old accomplished the same things as Satsuki-sama!?" Nonon exclaimed in disbelief.

"Indeed, that's what I said. . . I wonder if playing so many instruments has diminished your hearing Jakuzure." Inumuta threw a jab towards the president of the Marching Band club.

"I must agree with Jakuzure, it's simply does not seems possible for such a punk to have achieved something, look at Satsuki-sama! She is the example of discipline! And now look at him, brash, with no manners and a foul mouth!" Gamagōri exclaimed feeling disdain and disgust towards the spiky haired blond.

"Enough!" Satsuki bellowed, "Anything else to add Inumuta?"

"Yes, it looks like Uzumaki-san has gotten into a fight." He stated mildly surprised at that.

"With who did he got into a fight? And bring up the live feed." Satsuki asked and ordered at the same time.

As Naruto jogged towards his class he spotted a bunch of guys wearing a light grey uniform with a couple of One Star harassing a girl for her lunch.

"No wait! Hyougo-sempai! Atalanta-sempai! That is my lunch! My mom prepared it!"

"We don't give a shit! We are part of the Lunch Canteen Club, you are disrespecting us!"

'The fuck is the matter with them!?' Naruto angrily thought at hearing what those two were saying. He started walking to them and once he was behind one of them he tapped the male blonde in the shoulder. "Why the fuck are you harassing this girl? You get your rocks off on that or what?" He growled

"We are the Lunch Canteen Club! We are in charge of feeding every student there is in this school! And this girl is stopping those efforts, and so as it's logical we need to dispose of all the non-canteen lunches to correct the order."

"Feh, order my ass, you are just a couple of bullies!" Naruto spat.

"If you wish to interfere then try our extra spicy Monday lunch, nothing better to start the week!" The female of the two bullies exclaimed as she started throwing hot sauce at Naruto.

The blonde simply took an iPod as he dodged the attacks idly noting that the spice was hot enough to melt apparently the earth, he then proceeded to set the random play function.

"He is listening to music!?" Sanageyama exclaimed totally confused by that tactic.

"Pf, if it's not classical, then I'm not interested." Nonon retorted.

"What a highly unconventional tactic." Inumuta thought out loud.

"Its part of the Uzushio no Ken" Satsuki spoke with a smirk on her face… remembering the time when she challenged the Uzumaki's in an attempt to bring them into her inner circle, Kushina trashed her as Minato did, but they treated her like a person and a worthy adversary despite her age.

"Don't insult me Blondie!" The girl then started throwing cooking utensils at him, much to her shock however, the blonde simply started deflecting them with his bare hands or dodging them.

Atalanta then took a couple of cooking rollers and rushed to bash the blonde's skull in, only for the blonde to use his forearms to deflect them as he then started to into the offensive.

"Time for you to taste what an Uzushio no Ken no Ken practitioner can do! I ain't holdin' back just cause you're a girl either!" The spiky haired teen exclaimed, tapping his foot to the rhythm of the music, he launched a quick jab, then another, followed by a haymaker, then a knee strike, then he slid right underneath her legs and gave her a sideways axe kick to the ribs then another axe kick but this time going upwards, then the blonde rushed to the shocked club member to use him as a springboard to deliver a full stomp to the girl. . . then the music switched and with it the rhythm of the attacks. Now instead of light and quick attacks the blonde switched to precise and much more focused attacks, a knee to her liver, a double slap to hear ears, an elbow to the mouth, to the crowd that had gathered the blonde looked like a human typhoon, every so often switching attacks as the songs switched.

As the girl looked she was in her last legs she heard him exclaim something. "And now that you've seen what an Uzushio no Ken student can do it's time for the finale, the best technique that our school ever produced, The Rasengan!"

The spiky haired teen rushed even faster than before hitting her with two open palms at the solar plexus and the base of the stomach, the Dou Ki he had been accumulating all this time was unleashed in opposite directions twisting the Ultima Uniform into two different directions as the two opposite rotational energies, slowly climbed to the center of the body, dragging with it the fabric, then at last instant Naruto increased the output as he shouted the name of the technique. "RASENGAN!" The increase made the student start spinning around the teen palms before the two energies clashed exploding outwards, sending the now unconscious blonde girl crashing against the wall.

Sanageyama whistled at this, impressed at the display. "Not bad! He seems like a fun person to fight!" The Kendoka exclaimed.

"I wasn't aware that using Ki in that manner could destroy our uniforms, I need to have a talk with Iori about this." Inumuta then stood up and to walk out of the office, impressed as he analyzed such a simple yet complex technique.

"His rhythm kept changing during the entire battle, shame; you should always have a set rhythm. . ." Nonon mumbled annoyed at the seemingly random shifts.

"At least he isn't much of a punk if he took out what he called bullies." Said word brought Gamagōri memories of the days previous to him joining Satsuki-sama.

"Make a note of the disbanding of the Lunch Canteen Club for this loss."

Naruto then inhaled and exhaled, slowly to bring the rush of adrenaline under control along his heartbeat. "Yosh, I finally…managed…to…pull it off… " He muttered panting due to the large amounts of energy the Uzushio no Ken demanded along with the Rasengan.

He heard a scream coming behind him. "Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnksssssss Blooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee-chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

"What the fu-" Naruto got out before he was jumped by the girl he had just saved. "You are welcome." Once he managed to put her on the ground he introduced himself. "I am Uzumaki Naruto professional bully hunter, martial artist extraordinary and a hero of justice!"

The girl's eyes grew to incredible proportions as stars appeared on them."Coooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll!" she exclaimed.

"I am Mako, Mako Mankanshoku!" The girl happily exclaimed.

"Pleased to meet you Mako-Chan!"

"Oh btw Mako-chan can you tell me where is classroom 2A?"

"Sure! That's the one I was going too! Follow me, I'll show you the way!"

"Alright class this is Naruto Uzumaki-kun he just transferring, please give him a big hello!" A man with blue hair, 80's glasses and a hunch introduced Naruto to the class.

Unfortunately, no one greeted him as they were all doing their own thing.

"Well kid. Go on and sit in a free spot."

The teacher cleared his voice as he started the lesson of the day. "In April 1907 Rasputin was invited again to Tsarskoye Selo, this time to see Tsesarevich Alexei. The boy had received an injury which caused him painful bleeding. It was not publicly known that the heir to the throne had the hemophilia B, a disease that was widespread among European the doctors could not supply a cure, the desperate Tsarina looked for other help; she had lost her mother, her brother, her younger sister when she was young. Rasputin was said to possess the ability to heal through prayer and was able to calm the parents and to give the boy some relief, despite the doctors' prediction that he would die. On the following day the Tsesarevich showed significant signs of recovery, this marked a turn for the Russian history and was the birth of the legend of one of the most famous figures of the recent history. . . Grigor Rasputin . . ."

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