Ch2: Get on Your Dancing Shoes

Satsuki Kiryūin was meditating deeply on the newest issue that had appeared on her school, one Naruto Uzumaki, the technique he had shown proved that it could destroy life fibers, despite it left him looking winded it was a useful technique, 'and it could prove valuable to me in the end, if I can somehow convince him to join forces with me', however she could not devise a way, 'Inumuta's spy drones have shown that he is not a materialistic person' Satsuki's lips thinned at that, his home (if it could even called that, she had gasped and felt nauseated at what she was making live the No Stars in) was devoid of many materialistic possessions, one old banged tv, a fridge and some light for him to read the famous work of Jiraiya "Tales of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi." and oddly "The Art of War of Tsun Tzu." Satsuki frowned as she recalled that bit 'So I am unable to use material means, given the thrashing he gave several clubs the last couple of weeks we know that he dislikes the Darwinian system of Honnōji', she started massaging her temples at the sheer headache 'how do I approach the issue? He is too much of a wild card to be left alone' she wondered, her elite five had been all recruited via their ambitions, Gamagōri to enforce justice, Inumuta due to his search of knowledge, Nonon wanting to prove herself to her, Sanageyama because the teen loved to have a good fight and him was because he wanted to help her to defeat that woman.

'Uzumaki looks like a rebel…' She started attempting to tackle the issue from a different angle when a voice she had not heard in months reverberated on her inner sanctum "Thinking hard, Satsuki?" A very familiar voice spoke behind her; she smiled before turning her chair "it's been a long time since I last saw you, how was your journey? Found anything that could test your abilities?" She asked out of curiosity.

The raven haired teen nodded "there was this man from an unknown martial arts school I crossed paths in my journey, we sparred, she was pretty good to be honest."

Satsuki raised an eyebrow "How good?" She asked out of curiosity, it was not often someone was able to give her friend a good sparring match.

"She made me activate my regalia and actually beat me, her name was Ta, Tay, eh something like that, I don't remember." He admits sheepishly.

Satsuki starts to rub the bridge of her nose "how can you not remember the name of the man you fought?" She all but screamed.

"I was hit pretty hard on the head y'know? I spent a few days unconscious on a hospital, the match is still a bit of a burr to me, one moment I am getting trashed then I activated my Regalia and then I woke up in the hospital" he shrugged as it was the most obvious thing of the world.

Satsuki sighed and put a hand on her forehead feeling the headache blooming in full force "then why you did not contact me?"

"… oops?" Was all he could say, he honestly had forgotten to call her.

Satsuki sighed, "maybe you will be able to help me" she pressed some buttons of the console that was attached to her chair bringing up the image of a spiky haired blonde. "This is Naruto Uzumaki, he defeated a couple of One Star students with some difficulty and without using any Anti Life Fiber equipment, I was thinking of recruiting him but I do not see a reliable way to do so, any ideas?"

The black haired student started scratching his chin in thought 'well she could simply call him over and tell him the situation, that would be the easiest solution, but I doubt she will take it , and if she is having troubles then he is not someone to be swayed by money, or promises of a good fight.' He pondered. "I don't have anything, sorry, I simply just don't know him well enough to throw an idea here."

Satsuki nods at her friends answer, "yes, aside of him looking to be a virtuous person we know nothing else, after the fight last week he has managed to avoid the clubs that are hunting him, he has not been in his house on the No-Star district and no one wants to check it again."

The newcomer raised an eyebrow, an unexpressed question had been formed, Satsuki sighed again, and "after I had Inumuta bug his house he must've noticed something out of place so he trapped it." She proceeded to press some other buttons of her console bringing several images.

The student whistles, "That is… really creative, wait from where he got the cattle prod?"

Satsuki shrugged "I have no idea, Inumuta attempted to see if he had any bank accounts in order to trace the product but turns out there are no accounts with one Uzumaki Naruto as the owner, nor anyone with the Uzumaki last name, apparently they do not trusts banks."

The drifter blinked "are you serious?"

Satsuki grimly nodded "as it stands we have no idea of what he can do beyond the attack called Rasengan." She finishes relaying all the data.

The student nods, a comfortable silence settles down on the room when it's interrupted suddenly by a loud *SLAM* "Satsuki-sama! The blond student is in the middle of a fight!" One Ira Gamagōri quickly shouts.

Satsuki wastes no time and brings up a large screen seeking the correct camera to switch to.

20 minutes before.

"Naruuuuuuuuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" An all too familiar voice shouts at full power, the blonde turns to see the same brown haired girl he had saved the week before flying through the air with her hands in an X shape, the teen quickly grabbed her midair by the collar of her shirt and set her down.

"Hey there Mako, sup?" The teen causally greeted his classmate.

"Ohayo! Naruto-chan! Where you've been? I didn't saw you at all of last week here."

"I was searching for a Ramen stand." The teen quickly replied, 'well that and training until I dropped, I can at least use the Rasengan consistently now, but it still drains me too much.'

"Well you heard the news?"

Mako's voice snapped Naruto out of his musings, "what news?"

"Well turns out some of the Gourmet club members were found unconscious on some No Star house and they looked like they had been shocked!" She cheerfully delivered the news "although I dunno why they would want to be shocked."

Naruto stifled a laugh that, 'so… it seems some idiot was actually bold enough to sneak into my home of all places, note to self, find an abandoned building and move everything there. '

Years of training with Jiraiya had taught Naruto why being paranoid was a good thing…

"Naruto listen to me" a tall man, with a large mane of white hair called his attention.

"Whadda ya want ero-jiji?" The Teen snapped back with an annoyed tone of voice.

"Well Gaki I thought you would like to be taught the 101 of the Toad Fist" 'along with my tricks of the trade for spying' he thought.

"Wha, are you serious!?"

"Like the flu." He answers back with a grin.

"So... whacha teach me? The Flattening of the shadow? Oh oh oh! Maybe the oily escape?"

"We'll start with the basics."

That killed all the excitement Naruto had "you suck Jiraiya-jiji."

He had to get back Naruto's attention somehow, the blonde had the same temper as his mother, tick her off and better start praying for a miracle, remembering Kushina Jiraiya got a brilliant idea, "Gaki, weren't you fawning all over Enter the Dragon?"

"Yeah! Bruce Lee is AWESOME!" The blonde exclaimed, pure and undiluted admiration leaking into his voice.

"Well, let me tell you a little secret, he told yours truly once, that he feared not the man who had practiced one time, one hundred punches" before he could continue Naruto interrupted him.

"Cuz he is awesome!"

Jiraiya grinned while nodding, "yes, but that's not all to it, he also told me that the man he feared was the man that had practiced one punch a hundred times not the one that had practiced one hundred punches a single time."

"Are you making this up ero-jiji?"

"Nope! If by the end of the session you have the answer I'll start you on the Rampant River technique… now Gaki" Jiraiya addressed Naruto by his personal nickname again "run, I want you to run like a madman!" he exclaimed while holding several needles on each hand.

The chase had started that day, Naruto had attempted to run at first but was quickly found by Jiraiya, time and time again 'Oh c'mon! This is not fair! It's like he can always find me! Maybe if I vanish he'll leave me alone.'

And so Naruto had started to attempt to hide, at first he failed, but slowly his skill grew, and he wound up getting the mental scars that would define his paranoia against home invasion.

"Halt!" a loud voice startles Naruto out of his flashback.

The blonde teen soon enough found the source of the voice, a person clothed in a spacesuit with a rocket backpack.

"Are you Naruto Uzumaki!?" the student demands.

"What if I happened to be him?"

"Then you will pay for destroying the tri way alliance between the Lunch Canteen Club, the Gourmet club and the Space Aeronautic club! What do you have to say for yourself!?" the member of the club asks.

Naruto can only give back a flat stare, "What? I only fought those two idiots because they were hurting Mako, I have never seen this Gourmet Club, are you sure that you didn't spend too much time inside that suit?"

"No, in fact let me show you this!" The club member exclaims once again and produces a tablet, "now Naruto Uzumaki can you deny this are picture of your house!"

Mako gets closer to see what they are talking about and her eyes widen, several One Star members are hanging in different and embarrassing positions and some look like they had a close encounter with electricity.

"Oi! Who gave you permission to invade my place!?" The accused student angrily shouts the question.

"We had the right to avenge the loss of the Lunch Canteen Club!"

On the monitoring room of Honnōji academy one Ira Gamagōri sneezed.

"Hey Ira you all right there man?"

"Thanks for your concern, it was nothing, just some dust that got in my nose, I shall remind the Cleaning Club to do a more in depth job here."

The raven haired student shrugs and focuses back on the screen.

"Very well your silence speaks volumes Uzumaki-san" The student proceeds to remove a piece of cloth revealing two stars on his uniform.




The astronaut then moved his hand to his helmet in order to trigger the microphone "Volk to Mother ship, Volk to Mothership… do you copy comrade?"

The transmissions were heard loud and clear by everybody present on the scene."Here the Gurlokovich Space Station we copy you comrade Volk, what can we do for you?

"Engage Orbital Laser and shoot one Naruto Uzumaki!" Vladimir shouts.

"WHAT!?" Naruto exclaims.

"Understood comrade, coordinates received! Fire away the Damocles!"

The entire population of the school started fleeing the scene en masse, as a bystander would coin later it looked like the rats were fleeing as the ship sank.

As soon as Naruto heard the first word he grabbed Mako by the collar and took off in a mad sprint, 'Oh you gotta be shittin' me! Why do I always attract the weirdo's!? First that guy with the out of date haircut and his weird sword, then that other guy who carried a baby of all things into combat, did I screwed someone so hard in my past life that I became cursed!?'

"Ira." Satsuki calls the dark skinned blonde name.

Said blonde gulps loudly, "yes Satsuki-sama?"

"Why does a club owns a Space Weapon?" She calmly asked as her eyes met Gamagōri's own as if she was analyzing his soul.

He loudly gulped. "I have no idea why Satsuki-sama, as far as the balance for the space aeronautics club budget goes everything checks along their purchases, they did not buy anything illegal." As far as he was concerned everything checked against the rules.

"Except the items were components to build a space station and laser cannon." Inumuta calmly points as the descending beam sweeps through one of the buildings opening it in half.

Gamagōri gulps again. "I'll amend the rule book then."

"Yes, do that and you are also banned for a week of enforcing any of the school rules, Sanageyama and Inumuta will pick up your part." Satsuki calmly imposed her selected punishment on Gamagōri who at time was looking paler as he slid down until he was kneeling. "Have I been understood Ira?" Satsuki coldly asked.

"Yes Ma'am!" Gamagōri replied as firmly as he could.

'I need to find an isolated space otherwise those nutjobs will kill me!' Naruto thought as he kept rushing through the campus doing his best to dodge missiles, the laser beam that came from space and more missiles, it did not help that he also was protecting Mako and that he had already taken some indirect hits along Mako being knocked unconscious thanks to the stunts he had been forced to pull.

He remembered an area near the No Star district that happened to be void of both buildings and life, he had been using it to train in secret, away from prying eyes, 'that place will do; now how in the blazes do I lure him there? And how do I get rid of Mako? I cannot involve her.' Naruto kept running attempting to lose Vladimir Volk in order to let the excitable (and very much excited) girl down somewhere.

"MISSILE HAMMER BARRAGE!" Vladimir shouted as he unleashed a new technique, hundreds of missiles fired from his backpack all with the same instruction 'hunt down one Naruto Uzumaki.'

Naruto's senses picked up the smell of burnt fuel, 'so more missiles were fired… that gives me an idea.' A grin spread on Naruto's face, shifting Mako to a bridal carry Naruto started dodging as best as he could the missiles while making sure they did not detonate too far away one from the other creating a smoke curtain that blinded Volk.

Once the wind dissipated it there was no trace of the boy or his friend. "B`lyad'!" Vladimir cursed once he noticed his prey had disappeared.

"Inumuta." Satsuki addressed the teen Black Hat, quickly understanding her intentions he sends a series of commands to his fly-spy-bots in order to keep an eye on the blonde.

"Hmm, he has a flexible mind." The newcomer idly comments.

"How so? Blondie looks to be quick on his feet, but I haven't seen anything else."

"Exactly Jakuzure, he managed to make a plan right on the spot in order to escape and probably put that young lady somewhere safe."

Naruto grinned as he managed to escape from the Russian space-boy, 'now where to put Mako?' Naruto asked himself as he scanned the area when he saw a dumpster, "that's perfect!" Naruto pushed a bit the dumpster from the wall and placed the chestnut haired girl against it as he re affixed the dumpster to hide her.

After he was done he ran towards his personal training area, a small desolated spot of Honnōji City where man's hand had strayed, a place where there was still a bit of Nature remaining.

Naruto started to relax when a voice startled him.

"So this is where you hide!? Fitting like the coward you are, like the beast you are! " Vladimir shouted as he descended from the sky.

Naruto whirled his face giving a flat stare to the Russian astronaut poser, "Why are you hunting me!?" He shouted getting tired of playing the part of the prey in this play.

The aspiring astronaut descended, his feet nearly touching the earth and his helmet touching Naruto's face. "You destroyed our alliance, we astronauts need dehydrated food for space, however you monster destroyed our principal cooks in the Lunch Canteen Club! Dehydrated food tastes horrible, if you did not bother to save that little criminal, then neither The Space Aeronautics Club nor The Gourmet Club would have a need to hunt you! But no you little beast, no you had to defend the criminal and destroy our dreams!" Vladimir ranted.

"As far as I am concerned I did the right thing! Mako's lunch was probably done by her mother! With her love, it's just one student! What is wrong with you!?" Naruto countered Vladimir's speech as he felt his blood boil due to being turned burned, blasted and nearly killed due to such a petty motivation.

"What is wrong with me!? My dream was to reach the stars! The members of the Lunch Canteen Club wished to create new dishes in zero gravity! To revolutionize the world's cooking! The Gourmet Club desired to taste never before created dishes! Thanks to your actions dozens of people had their dreams crushed! All because you decided to defend someone who broke the law! Once the Lunch Canteen Club was formed by decree of Satsuki-sama that club would handle all foods! No student was allowed to bring in food from their homes!"

Satsuki frowned at Vladimir's declaration, she had indeed given the Lunch Canteen Club the green light to be formed, however 'I never gave them such ample permits, all they could do is handle is their own canteen, I wonder from where they got the idea that they had a large authority?' making her mind she turns to Inumuta. "Inumuta I want you to give a look to that club permits, there is something odd going on here, I do not recall giving such permits to them and yet Gamagōri's failure at detaining them means they were acting within the boundaries of my rules."

Inumuta nodded as he focused back into his fight.

"It doesn't matters, they had no right to bully Mako!" Naruto exclaimed as he slowly dug his right foot in the muddy earth slowly attempting to set off a trap.

"The happiness or well-being of one person cannot be put over that of hundreds of others; such is the law of the world." Vladimir sternly replies to Naruto's arguments.

"Who says that!? Why you must put others before someone else? Does that person is not taken into for anything!?" Naruto kept the argument going as he felt that the wire had finally entangled itself on Naruto's right shoe, now all he had to do was wait for the right moment to spring the trap.

"We cannot put the good of a single person above hundreds of others! If one must be sad for others to be happy so be it! It's how the world works!" Vladimir refused to go beyond his argument.

The suddenly his view was obscured by mud. "Gah!" He shouted in surprise while Naruto grinned. 'My trap worked perfectly!'

"Ya know man you got mud on yo' face, you big disgrace." Naruto said as a sadistic grin started to form in his face.

The raven haired teen whistled impressed. "Not bad, he is pragmatic."

At that statement Nonon quirked an eyebrow at her sempai "Isn't he a martial artist? Shouldn't he be honorable and all that?"

The boy shrugged casually. "This is a fight, not a tournament, anything goes Kohai."

"Feh I bet that Satsuki-sama has no need for cheap tricks like that greeny, tournament or not."

The others wince. "I was not aware you could bend an arm that way… or a leg shove there…" Satsuki comments with a clinical detachment as her mind attempts to understand what the No Star is currently doing and how he was doing it. 'After all, I could use it on them.'

Vladimir was attempting to remove the mud out of his helmet with his hands when he felt a sharp tug, 'what!?' he felt being dragged to something when a weight suddenly fell on his shoulders.

'Time to tame this bad boy!' Naruto thought as the sadistic grin grew wider.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWWWWWWWW" Naruto took out of his pants inner pocket a cattle prod and started using it to push Vladimir around.

"Ya don't want to be hit by that laser right? So MOVE IT!" Naruto shouted as the boy entered in a full state of panic and started to try and shake the blonde off him.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAW Boy! Move it motherfucker!" Vladimir felt a tug forcing him to go to the left as his arm felt a close contact with the Damocles beam.

"That is the most sadistic thing I have ever seen in my life..." Gamagōri commented as he watched the aspiring astronaut being ridden like a bull.

"Crazy and not in a good way..." Nonon muttered a bit horrified. "Sure he got hunted like an animal but… thats taking it a bit too far isn't it?"

"I would usually agree with you Jakuzure but… seeing how he was hunted like a witch and the club took attributions Satsuki-sama never gave, nor to mention injured a large number of students… somehow I cannot feel sympathy for him." Inumuta analyzed the entire situation.

"Hey Satsuki-sama how soon you think you can arrange a match between him and me?" Sanageyama asked.

The raven haired student sighed. "Uzu, what you want, a formal match or an underground ring one?"

"There won't be any matches between anyone here and Uzumaki-san, we need to study him more and sending any of you could mean I would lose a valuable friend in an attempt to scout more about him, so no one has any right to go and challenge him." Satsuki firmly forbid Sangeyama's idea.

"And if any of you happen to go behind my back to challenge him you will be harshly punished."

"So tell me you finally understood why you should not go around hunting people?" Naruto asked sitting down next to the sobbing, whimpering wreck of Vladimir Volk, he had extracted his pound of flesh from him so he was satisfied now and was willing to call bygones bygones… 'as long as he does not gets the funny idea to hunt me again.'

Vladimir Volk only nodded as he cried. "I am sorry Naruto-sama! I will never do it again! Vladimir will be a good boy from now on!"

Naruto ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "This place is really nuts and something tells me it will only get worse..." He muttered. "Next thing I learn, there's an actual secret war involving aliens..." He snickered at the thought. "Yeah right. . ."

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