White Roses Bloom Best in the Moonlight chpt 3

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A Blooming Love that Will Last Forever

Weiss Schnee felt terrible after she came to the conclusion that Ruby had seen her ask Neptune to the dance, now she was just walking back to her dorm for a night's rest, shoulder's slumped and her head looking down at the floor in guilt. The heiress was completely unaware that Yang was waiting for her just outside the dorm, leaning against the wall her arms folded across her chest, an angry expression on her face. The blonde brawler stepped in front of the door blocking Weiss's only access to the dorm.

"You have some nerve you fucking bitch" Yang growled.

Weiss's head snapped up at the insult "How dare you-"

"How dare I? How Dare I!" Yang hissed "How dare YOU do that to my sister"

The heiress went silent and looked away slightly. "I have no clue as to what you are talking about"

"Yeah I call bullshit on that one." Yang scoffed. "Look here Schnee I will not see Ruby being hurt by anyone, especially you. But you have already done that so I think it's time you deserve some punishment"

Yang cracked her knuckles and cocked her right fist back then punched the white haired girl in the stomach which surprised Yang for she thought the heiress would put up a glyph or dodge but no, she literally took the hit. Now winded and gasping for air the fencer looked up at Yang with slightly teary angry eyes.

"Y-You think I wanted to hurt her?" Weiss wheezed. "All I did was trying to deny the feelings I had for Ruby"

Yang was taken aback once again; this snooty little rich girl was trying to deny her feelings she had for her sister.

"Why are you trying to deny them? Is it because Ruby is a girl?" Yang pressed "or is it because she is 'below' you?"

"None of those" Weiss inhaled deeply. "It's…..It's because of my father. If he found out, he would…."

Oh Yang's mind clicked, she completely forgot about Weiss's tyrant of a father.

"Yang please I need to fix this. I like Ruby, I really do, but I just can't let my father find out" Weiss pleaded.

"Ok, ok, I got it I forgive you." the blonde grinned "now how about we finish planning the dance?"

Two Hours before the Dance

Blake was getting ready for the dance while Ruby was sulking on Yang's bed hugging the corgi pillow. The black-red head just kept thinking about Weiss, imagining the scenarios of her and Neptune dancing the night away and ending it with a kiss. With a groan Ruby smothered herself with the pillow.

"What's wrong Ruby?" Blake asked as she put on some purple eyeshadow.

"I don't want to go to the dance anymore" the scythe wielder whined.


"I just don't ok"

"Bur Yang was so excited to see you all dressed up though" Blake smiled as ruby groaned again. "Come on Ruby, just put on the dress and have some fun, Weiss and Yang should already be there"

The mere mention of Weiss made Ruby all the more reluctant to go. But Blake was going to have none of it. Getting the young teammate's dress, the Faunus chucked it up at her.

"Get dressed or else you will find that your whole cookie stash is going to be missing" Blake growled just because she had a nice day's rest didn't mean she was well rested.

"ok, ok" Ruby surrendered "I'll get ready just don't touch my cookie stash"

Blake nodded and Ruby went into the bathroom to change. After taking her time the young team leader emerged wearing her red cocktail dress with grey tights and black heeled shoes. Blake turned her attention to ruby and smiled slightly.

"You look good Ruby"

"I'm not sure about the heels can I wear flats instead?" Ruby wobbled a little bit.

"I don't own any, but you could walk to the ballroom bare footed and put your shoes on before you go in" Blake suggested. "But the dance doesn't start for a while so you can relax for a bit"

With a sigh of relief Ruby sat on the edge of Blake's bed and put on her headphones to listen to music which helped passed the time.


"Oh you look beautiful!" Yang squealed happily as she saw her young sister all dolled up in a nice red dress and with heels no less.

"Can we have a serious talk about how Weiss fights in these" Ruby said but she immediately felt crestfallen as she mentioned the heiresses name. Yang went up to her sister and pulled her into a hug.

"Everything will be alright Ruby, just try and have fun tonight ok?" Yang smiled. "Now I have to keep greeting the rest of the students but once that's done I'll find ya alright?"

With that Yang went back to the front of the ballroom. Ruby however, just slowly made her way over to the refreshment table, and noticed that Jaune was there quietly sipping his drink. Grabbing her own drink from the table she went and stood next to him.

"I see you are hiding at the punch bowl too" the young girl stated.

"Yep" Jaune responded putting extra emphasis on the 'p'.

"to the socially awkward" Ruby toasted, Jaune chuckled and clinked his glass with hers.

"So Ruby where is your date?" the blonde boy asked.

"Oh I came alone; I mean I wanted to ask Weiss to the dance but she asked Neptune and he's pretty cool. I can see why she went with him"

"What do you mean?"

"Well come on not many people can pull off blue hair" Ruby let out a sigh.

"No I mean Weiss came to the dance alone"

The scythe wielder chocked on her punch and coughed a bit before looking at Jaune. "Wait what?"

"Yeah" Jaune shrugged "She said she had too much to focus on to worry about boys"

Ruby scanned the ballroom to immediately zone in on Neptune, who was hanging with Blake and Sun telling a joke of some sort. A low growl rumbled in her throat.

"Hold my punch" Ruby handed Jaune her cup and he took it without question.

Weaving her way through the sea of students she kept her sights on the boy, her eyes narrowed in anger as she came up to him. Blake saw her team leader and gave her a smile.

"Hey Ruby you enjoying the night?"

"I'm fine but I would like to talk to Mr. Shinee teeth for a moment." Ruby pointed to Neptune with her thumb.

"Uh me?" Neptune asked confusion lacing his voice.

"yes you."

Sun whistled and asked Blake for another dance on the dance floor. Blake looked at Ruby and the red themed girl just nodded, the cat faunus understood and went with sun.

"So Ruby this party is pretty lame huh? I mean, ballroom dancing pfft" He grinned lazily. "Cute girls though huh?"

Ruby growled again "Is that all you think about?"


"Do you even care about the girls you are hitting on, how they feel about you?" Ruby jabbed her finger into the taller man's chest.

"Woah where is this coming from?" Neptune snapped back.

"How could you just turn her down like that"

"Wait who?"

"Weiss, you moron. Weiss Schnee, the prettiest girl in the school who has the voice outmatching that of a song bird and the beauty of goddess. How could you reject her like that!"

"How is that any of your business?" Neptune demanded.

"She is my team mate, my best friend and I will not stand idly by while she is hurting do you hear me! I would do anything for her even if it meant going to hell and back."

By now most of the students were looking in their direction wondering what was going on between them. Noticing this Ruby just huffed and walked off in hurry up the stairs, thinking that some cool fresh night air would clear her head. What Ruby didn't know was that Weiss heard the entire thing. The heiress followed Ruby up the stairs to the balcony and saw the young girl leaning on the railing and looking up at the moon.

Weiss's heels clacked against the stone alerting Ruby of her presence. "hey Ruby"

The red themed girl looked over her shoulder "Oh hey Weiss"

"you alright? You seem upset?" the white haired fencer pointed out.

"Just fine Weiss," Ruby replied bluntly.

Weiss raised an eyebrow at her leader's attitude and walked up next to her. The heiress remained quiet as not to pressure her friend into telling her what was on her mind. So the red and white duo stared at the shattered moon for a while, the silence a suffocating blanket.

"I saw you ask Neptune out yesterday" Ruby spoke softly.

"I know" Weiss smiled slightly "he refused, but that's ok because I was just trying to deny my feelings for someone was all. My dad would disown me if he found out I liked girls than boys"

"Wait so you swing that way?" Ruby questioned looking at her partner now.

"well I'm not sure, the feelings I have are for just one person, who is a girl" Weiss explained. "it's hard to explain in words"

"I think I understand; this person is the only person who makes you feel special and that you weren't attracted to anyone until you met them" Ruby said.

"Exactly" Weiss confirmed. The two girls chuckled together, the pain of yesterday disappearing replaced with warmth and happiness. Yet it was only fleeting for Ruby suddenly became downcast.

"So who is this girl you like Weiss?"

Weiss looked around her until her eyes settled on a vase filled with white roses. With a small smile still plastered on her lips she went over and plucked out a single rose and walked back to her partner.

"Well firstly, she is cute" Weiss lifted the rose to her nose to take in its scent "she has a sweet tooth, can be a little clumsy at times, the way she sleeps is deplorable but I can't help but love the face she has when she is asleep,"

Ruby's gut twisted into knots with each word yet kept her face void of any sad emotion and nodded for her white haired friend to continue.

"her favourite colour is red, she is quick on her feet and talented in terms of fighting with her weapon" Weiss listed off all the qualities she loved about ruby "but what really takes my breath away is the colour of her eyes, they shimmer with a light unlike anyone else, I tend to get lost in them. Like pools of liquid silver"

The word 'silver' caught Ruby's undivided attention "Wait silver?"

"Yes along with her soft black red tipped hair" Weiss gazed into Ruby's eyes and tucked the white rose behind the young girl's ear before gently caressing her cheek. "I have fallen for you Ruby Rose and I'm sorry I hurt you, but I won't deny it anymore. I love you"

Tears welled up in Ruby's eyes the knots in her stomach unfurling, she sniffled a few times before the young leader hugged Weiss and nuzzled into her shoulder sobbing happily mumbling "Oh Weiss, I'm so happy, I love you too, for so long I loved you"

"You dunce," Weiss sighed as she felt a weight lift off her shoulders and stroked Ruby's hair. "I promise I will do everything I can to make you happy"

Ruby pulled back and laughed "You already have"

She leaned in and naturally Weiss did too as the duo met half way as their lips brushed together.

The kiss wasn't perfect, it was uncoordinated, messy and downright clumsy. But it was full of love and warmth that both girls overlooked everything else. After what seemed like an eternity they broke a part and looked into each other's eyes, they intertwined their fingers and rested their foreheads together.

"Hey Weiss…"

"Yeah ruby?"

"You know what they say about white roses?" Ruby grinned.

"And what is that?" Weiss smiled back.

"That White roses bloom best in the moonlight" Ruby giggled joyfully.

Weiss shook her head "Dunce."

Leaning in a second time, they shared another kiss and it was at this moment that these two girls knew that their love will last for eternity.

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