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So, as you all know, FNAF has been out for months now, and there already is an FNAF2. But I am just going to be writing this. BUT! There's the 'but' word... yeah, I know, I hate it sometimes too. I will be mixing in with the FNAF2 characters later on in the story. And just so you all know, Foxy is the freaking seme! He isn't the uke at ALL. Mike is the uke! I'm a fujoshi, and if you are one, but mistake them to be the other way around, then I hate to say that it saddens me... ;-;

Chapter One

The New Animatronic With A Familiar Name

I looked at the tablet I held in my hands, searching through all the security cameras around the pizzeria. Upon searching for a certain purple animatronic bunny, I hadn't found it anywhere. Until I lowered the tablet and looked at my left door, it was standing right there. It stared at me with it's large maroon eyes. I quickly pushed the 'door' button, shutting it. After a while the bell chimed, signaling that it was already 6am. I sighed in relief and hurridly made my way to the entrance of the pizzeria, unlocking the door. I glanced towards the stage where the animatronics were standing in place before walking out.

My name is Mike Schmidt. I'm 18 years of age and I work in this dreadful place. And the reason why I called it dreadful was because I've hated the animatronics. They looked really creepy. And trust me, it is not fun to be in my work position. At all. Having to look after the pizzeria with all those animatronics roaming around, waiting for the right time to grab me then drag me to the backstage and stuff me in an animatronic suit. Nope. And I swear, I do not want to go back there after I'm done with this stupid job.

I was walking to my car, until I felt someone put a hand on my left shoulder. I turned and looked at whoever it was, only to find Mr. Winry, my boss. He had a smile plastered on his face. "Mike, good news!" He started. "We have a new animatronic coming in today, and it should be arriving in a few minutes," I looked at him, somewhat confused.

"A new animatronic? But there's enough in there to kill m– I mean enough animatronics in this pizzeria! Why would you get a new one?" I asked, looking into the pizzeria, only to be greeted with glares from all three animatronics on stage.

"Well, I felt that Foxy might be needing a first mate, but not one of my employees would want to volunteer. So I thought about getting a new animatronic to be his first mate! Isn't that great?" Mr. Winry smiled at me, this time, a little more wider it started to get a little creepy.

"Yeah, great," I laughed nervously. "And why are you telling me this exactly...?" I asked.

"Well, since I knew that none of my employees would come this early, I decided to tell you instead! And I need you to–"

"'Get the new animatronic into the pizzeria' is that it?" I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Exactly! And that's all you have to do! It's simple,"

"B-But Mr. Winry! Why couldn't you do it?"

"Because I have to do some paper work in my office. But if there is any problem whatsoever, just knock on my door, and I'll talk about it with you. Now if you'll excuse me," Mr. Winry walked into the pizzeria, leaving me standing there thinking of what might the new animatronic look like. Is it a girl? Or a boy? It better be a girl. I mean, Chica is the only girl in the gang...Not that I'm worrying, but I'm just wondering, why is there just one girl? And I also hope that this new one doesn't come alive and try to kill me like the rest do. I sighed, but just waited for the delivery to get here.

~Time Skip~

It took a while, but the delivery truck was here. A man came out from the truck, and went to the back to open it up. He took out a large crate, to which I assume that the animatronic was in, and set it in front of the entrence of the pizzeria. The man then walked off back to he truck and drove off. Looks like I'll have to get the trolley to carry this inside then. I sighed again, and walked to the back to get a trolley for the large crate.

I finally got inside with the large crate on the trolley. "I wish animatronics were never this heavy," I whispered to myself. I pushed the trolley into Pirate Cove, then approached the purple curtain which was decorated with stars. When I opened the curtains, it was still a little dim, but at least some sunlight had entered the room. As I looked around, I saw my one and only hero. More like he was my hero. Foxy... I muttered to myself. But I tried to forget my past and just walked off the stage to get the new animatronic next to Foxy. Well, at least my new boss, Mr. Winry fixed him up. Not like the previous owner, he didn't care for Foxy, at all. And that saddened me.

I got thre crate on stage. "Now, for the moment I've been waiting for... Well, kinda," I took a deep breath and opened up the crate only to reveal a light blue wolf with a pair of white headphones around it's neck. And it seemed like it's tail had a very pale blue mixed with the slighty brighter color.

"Isn't she looking beautiful, Mike?" Startled, I turned only to see the smiling face of my boss.

"Oh, hey there Mr. Winry. Is this a 'she'?" I asked, looking at the animatronic from head to toe.

"Why yes, she is. Her name if Wolfy The Snow Wolf. Well, I know that she doesn't seem to be like the 'Piratey type' of animatronic, but I was thinking of making this entertainment a little bit different."

"Different? How different?" I cocked my head to the side, waiting for an answer.

"Let's just say that she'll be helping Foxy for only special occasions like a birthday party. And she'll be having her own section as well."

"Her own section?" I thought about it for a moment. "Wait, is that what that place is?" I said, pointing opposite Pirate Cove.

"Why yes, my boy. That is called 'Winter Porch'. Since she is a snow wolf, I figured that I'd make her a little bit special. Wolfy will be entertaining kids in her Winter Porch who are about the ages from 11 to 13 years, and looking for their talent." Mr. Winry explained to me, looking at the animatronic.

"Looking for their...talent...?" I asked. "But why does she have a pair of headphones around her neck?"

"Well, since I found out that there are a lot of kids who are 'gamers' as what you call them, which are the ages of 11 to 13, she will be in the arcade as well from time to time, if not in her place at the porch," He said.

"Ah, I see,"

...But her name sounds so familiar...