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Chapter Seven

We're Glad You're Safe(Part 3)

The Golden Freddy suit stood in front of me, looking at me with it's cold glare. It's head tilted, looking at me from head to toe while it walked around me, as if examining me. It then stopped in front of me. We stared at each other for a couple of minutes in silence, until it finally spoke; "I assume that you are the new animatronic, yes?" I just stood there. It – he – seemed to have a thick british accent, quite similar to Freddy's. Probably Freddy's twin. "Not answering, are we? Well then, might I ask, what is it you need that caused you to create such... Trouble here?"

"This is none of your business, bear," I started. "So move aside so I can look through these empty suits. Need to find that–"

"Human? The night guard, I presume?" I stayed quite for a while. How did he know who was Vincent looking for? I don't understand. Maybe he– "Heh, I knew it. But you see, he is here, yet he isn't."

"What do ye mean, Goldie?" Foxy's voice was heard from behind me. I glanced over at him before back to the golden bear, who was nicknamed 'Goldie'.

"What I mean, is that the night guard – Mike Schmidt – isn't here, because you don't see him. But he is, in fact," Goldie pointed at his own chest. "In here."

"W-What..!?" Foxy looked over at Freddy and Chica who were standing behind Goldie.

"W-We didn't–!" Freddy was about to say something, but was interrupted by an angry Foxy.

"You stuffed the lad into Goldie's SUIT!?" At this point, there was no going back. Freddy and Chica stood there in silence, looking down at the ground. "How can ye do this..!? Mikey was – is – our friend...!"

"Foxy, we know how much you love Mike, but–" Bonnie glanced over at Goldie. "you know that there isn't anywhere else they could've hid him... Wolfy would've got to him no matter where you hide him, that is visible!"

"I..You're...Y-You're right... But–!"

"No 'buts', Foxy!" Bonnie started. "He's probably dead, and you know it! Plus, there isn't much that we can do!"

"Ye may have a point there, Bonnie..." Foxy looked down at the ground, sadness can be seen in his face. I felt so bad for him. I wanted to give him a hug, but I'm still not in control of my own body.

Get out of my body, Vincent!

Now, Now... Why would I do that? You're far to fun to mess with, my dear~!

Just get out! I don't want to hurt anybody...!

Oh, But I do...~!


"Oh, are you sure you don't wanna get him back, fox?" Goldie spoke, almost making it seem as if its though he wants Foxy to feel much worse.

"Pipe down, Goldie! Don't talk to him like that!" Chica was yelling, standing right behind him.

"You're not my mom~" Goldie pushed Chica back, making her hit the wall, and sliding down it.

"GOLDIE!" Bonnie seemed as if he was going to rip him into shreds. "Don't you dare touch her again!"

"Do what~? This~?" He walked over to Chica and started to kick her repeatedly.

"NO!" Bonnie started to charge at Goldie, going for his head. But he was blocked by Freddy. "OUT OF THE WAY, FREDDY!"

"No! You'll only hurt Mike!"

Aughh... They're so noisy... Makes me want to tell them to...!


W-What the... Was that... me...?


If I can control my voice again, then I can probably control my body again, right? Let's just hope so.

"Oh~ Looks like someones–" I lounged out at Goldie, tackling him to the ground.


"Y-Yesma'am...!" He squeaked. I got up and pinned him to the wall. "W-What're you–?"

"Don't you dare come back, and hurt Mikey. Because if you do, you're fucking screwed for life... UNDERSTAND, MOTHERFUCKER!?"


"Now then..." I took the head off, revealing Mike's head, but he was covered in blood. "Holy shit..." I did the same to the rest of the parts.

"Well damn..." Bonnie said. Foxy ran towards Mike's dead-looking body.

"M-Mikey...? P-Please wake up...!" Foxy hugged Mike's frail little body close. "Why did ye have to leave me...?" Beads of oil and blood was seen trickling down Foxy's face. Pain and sorrow on his face; he was crying. But stopped after he heard the sound of Mike's groan. "Mikey...?"

"I'm not–" he coughed. "D-Dead yet, you fucking furry..." Mike gave him a weak smile, to which Foxy smiled happily and hugged him real tight.

"...Foxy, you're suffocating me."

"...I DON'T CARE, AS LONG AS YOU'RE SAFE, BABYEH~!" Wow. That came out of nowhere from Foxy. Everyone darted their eyes towards him.

"...Dafak bruhh–" Bonnie said, but Chica punched him at the back of his head. "OW!"

"Don't be rude!"

"Sorry, babe..."

"Good boy. Now, let's go make some pizza~!" With that said, Bonnie went to the kitchen, hand in hand. Freddy and Foxy just poker faced at the whole scene. Thinking whether they should laugh, or just stay silent. Well, laugh, of course. I have to admit, it was pretty dang funny.

"Wolfy, are you fine now...?" Freddy asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Y-Yeah... As long as Vincent doens't get into my system again." Freddy nodded and left. "Foxy, I um... I'm sorry. You too, Mike. I'm sorry to everyone... I should have never let myself gone wild because of Vincent. I just didn't think I was an easy target to him, and I let my guard down, which caused so much tr–" I was cut of by getting a big hug from Foxy and Mike.

"It's fine, Wolfy... I...I forgive you." Mike said first, which was also followed by Foxy.

"Yeah. We fergive ye, lass."

"Thanks, guys... Now then, let's get out of here." With all that said, we all left the backroom, and went to our respective places.

...What's important is that you're fine...

...We're just glad that you're fine...