Fox, Crow, and a Vampire

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Rosario + Vampire, or any of their characters, they are property of Masashi Kishimoto and Akihisa Ikeda.

Chapter 1: Down the rabbit hole

He landed safely on his feet, breathing heavily after avoiding an enormous explosion that would have taken his life, debris and gusts of wind flowing everywhere, Kakashi and Sakura appearing suddenly at his side unceremoniously thanks to Sasuke's teleportation.

A mixture of red and yellow eyes narrowed in the direction of the blast, observing with rage as a floating figure stood looking at them smugly.

Kaguya Otsutsuki, the Rabbit goddess, and the progenitor of chakra had her hand extended in front of her after showcasing the ridiculously strong power of the true owner of the six paths and the ten tailed beast. Suddenly a hand covered in lightning materialized inches away from her face ready to turn her head to nothing but ashes.

With her Byakugan and Rinnesharingan observing and predicting the movement, she simply moved backwards and countered slashing with a bone coming out of her palm and turning the silhouette of a young man into nothing.

"Fast" she said in mirth as she caught the instant transportation of the young Uchiha to his companions "but you won't be able to defeat me with that Indra, I thought I had made that clear" she said with shaking her head mocking their attempts at touching her.

Naruto felt the sudden presence at his side after Sasuke almost got blown away by the woman's Bone Ash Jutsu, they had been fighting her for over four hours now and they had yet to even land an attack successfully, he was completely terrified of the woman, she had already proved that they were but a joke to her the way they were fighting.

Not even a barrage of tailed beast bomb rasenshurikens had been able to go through her almighty push, her speed and precognition far exceeded theirs and her raw power was enough to make them change the battlefield location to avoid dying, even their strongest combo attack which was a continuous barrage of super tailed beast bombs and a dance of lightning from the heavens in the form of dragons had only made her move from her position, they were running out of options and he was already feeling exhausted from using so much chakra.

The wind blew slowly ready for the next storm coming, as he turned to look at the others; Sakura was gripping her arm as she tried to keep herself conscious, blood dripping from her mouth and forehead, she didn't have enough chakra to stay in a place like this.

Kakashi was no better struggling to keep himself awake, they had to use almost all their chakra trying to not get themselves killed, even with him and Sasuke taking most of the damage from the goddess.

Finally Sasuke was observing the enemy from a position close to theirs, his left eye's tomoe dancing menacingly looking for a way to hurt their foe, his shirt had been completely obliterated leaving only his muscled upper body, even his seals on his wrists had been disintegrated.

He took a look at himself too, noticing that his jacket had been destroyed as well, he groaned internally because he really liked that jacket, but this was not the time to be thinking about that so he turned once more to the others, mostly to Sasuke "So what do we do now, we can't keep attacking like this it's not working" he said regaining his breath and preparing for the next assault.

Kakashi and Sakura looked at him then at the ground trying to come up with something that could save them.

"You're right, it's not working" said the gruff voice of the Uchiha "we can't keep fighting if we have to protect them every time that witch attacks us" he continued turning once more to the woman who was eying them expectantly.

"I'm not going to let them die Sasuke, If I have to push myself to the brink of death just to keep them safe I'll do it" he snarled at his friend, irritated about his methods of doing things.

The pink haired Kunoichi and the Jonin captain clenched their fists tightly for not being able to help more and instead burdening their teammates; since this whole fight started they had been nothing short of an obstacle to defeat such a powerful being.

Naruto kept looking at the Uchiha who had his eyes closed in thought; he clapped his hands and met with the tailed beasts inside him.

"Guys I'm going to need another boost, I'm running dry and it seems we are in the losing side, I think our best bet is give her more than she can chew, if it works we might be able to seal her" he said taking more natural energy into his body

"Be careful kid, the pressure of her chakra is suffocating" Said Kurama putting his hands in a seal along with the other beasts

Naruto nodded determined "Ah"

His body quickly started glowing in bright yellow chakra, his cloak once more going down to his feet and the seal in his abdomen became more noticeable, the powerful energy surrounding him quickly grew enough to shake the area around them. Kakashi and Sakura looked at him in awe, astonished that he still had so much chakra, while sasuke observed him with a blank face.

They all turned when the Uchiha stood up as well looking at the blond jinchuriki defiantly before turning to the other two.

Naruto kept his gaze in sasuke, confused of what he was going to do, his eyes narrowed when he observed his right eye change into mangekyou "what are you doing sasuke?" taking a step towards him

"Getting rid of our problem" he said without looking at him; suddenly the space in which Sakura and kakashi stood a started bending into a spiral that sucked them immediately leaving no trace they were there to begin with.

Suddenly he was pressed against the wall, his shoulders gripped by the blond who was looking at him furiously "what did you do to them, where the hell did you send them bastard?" he asked angrily and somewhat nervously knowing full well, the lengths the Uchiha was capable of going

The young raven quickly swatted away his hands and turned to look at the floating demon who had been observing in amusement. "They are in the elemental nations, back to where Kaguya first appeared" he took a deep breath covered his right eye with his hand.

He had finally grasped the power of Kamui; as he had been fighting with Kaguya he had realized they were not going to win with Kakashi and Sakura here, so he continued experimenting trying to recreate obito's ability, it seemed he was finally able to do that, but that was not nearly enough to defeat an enemy such as her, with a short glance to his only friend he closed both eyes and started drawing the power residing deep inside of him.

Earth started shaking and the wind started blowing frenetically, as a purple aura surrounded his body.

At his side Naruto observed relieved as his partner continued to power up, soon he too started to prepare for the fight and the floor cracked leaving an immense crater from their combined energy "are you ready bastard?" he said grinning slightly at the strange feeling of familiarity he was experiencing.

Purple eyes with ripple pattern and six tomoe dancing around them opened slowly, locating immediately the flying figure "Let's get this over with" he said clasping his hands in front of him.

A second later Naruto was gone in blinding speed as the Uchiha chanted his next technique "Wood style: Wood Dragon"

A massive reptile made of wood rose from the depths of the earth moving at enormous speeds surrounding the goddess who made no effort to move. As it closed in on her two more dragons came behind her ready to strike.

The princess simply disintegrated the artificial beasts with her air palms; quickly dodging to the right, she avoided being hit by the blonde's staff made of his truth seeking balls, in a second she was surrounded by hundreds of clones carrying similar staffs, she however saw absolutely no threat in that, blows came from all directions as she parried and slashed through the clones like butter, losing interest rapidly she extended a hand and blew all the clones eliminating them instantly.

Suddenly roots attached to her feet, arms and body dragging her rapidly to the ground. A frown marred her face in indignation, how dare that brat lay a finger on her, her gaze immediately turned to the purple eyed boy, he had changed locations and was looking at her blankly.

An enormous amount of energy above her took her attention and she was mildly surprised to find hundreds and hundreds of clones with giant tailed beast bomb rasen shurikens ready to blow up the whole planet along with her.

She again shook her head in disappointment, it seemed this kids didn't learn, she was getting bored of toying with them and would probably kill them soon, she quickly obliterated the roots holding her down and prepared to extinguish their lives once and for all.

A building size fire ball was immediately sent towards her, and she smirked in amusement, as if that would change anything.

The orbs of chakra were sent flying at incredible speeds in her direction and she closed her eyes waiting.

In an instant nine other fireballs coming from all directions closed in on her, she was slightly confused but, brushed it off as their tactical mediocrity.

Once more she sent everything around her away with her power of six paths, the fireballs and the rasenshurikens were no exceptions

Not a second later a blade slashed through her cheek, her eyes narrowing in hatred, she had barely been able to dodge that attack, purple eyes stared at her emotionlessly, it was exactly the same feeling she had when she had fought with Hamura, not losing time she slashed with the All-killing ash bones only to widen her eyes when he parried with a black blade.

They were suddenly clashing blades at ridiculous speeds, neither one being able to gain any ground.

The rabbit goddess was extremely surprised that the heir of the rinnegan was able to fight on par with her; she however didn't have time to ponder on that for another presence appeared behind her ready to take her down, and she immediately slipped through a portal and took some distance from them.

The duo was staring at her contemplating on their next moves; it was going to take all their power to win.

Naruto quickly made another army of clones and surrounded the mother of chakra, this was going to be their last attack he knew, he didn't have enough chakra to keep going, and sasuke was on the same boat as well, their last try was going to be this one.

The Uchiha took a deep breath, and nodded to the blond at his side.

The clones then started to spit every last drop of chakra they had in the most powerful jutsus in the tailed beast arsenal, lava, sand, water, blue fire, ink, acid, and pure raw energy, followed by a shower of missiles sent from the raven.

An enormous explosion took place leaving the place they were fighting in nothing but rubble, kaguya withdrew the shield made of all elements she had used to protect herself with, and leaped back dodging a sword slash, her other cheek was cut this time and she started sending monstrous chakra waves in his direction trying to annihilate him .

The uchiha however, appeared and reappeared with unbelievable speed, their forms soon seemed to disappear and in their place, shockwaves of their battle covered the entire battlefield signaling the places where their clash was happening

A hand suddenly touched her back and her eyes widened petrified, she hadn't been able to sense him, she turned to look back on reflex and caught the eyes of a grinning Naruto, another palm touched her chest and her eyes locked with purple ones, six tomoe in each eye dancing hypnotically, her eyes widened further in realization, the Uchiha had put her in a genjutsu so that she wouldn't be able to sense the Uzumaki behind her "how?" she breathed as the yin-yang powers concentrated ready to unleash their sealing jutsu

"with your eyes, it's nearly impossible to put you in a genjutsu, I immediately knew that, neither taijutsu, nor ninjutsu were going to work, you outclass us completely in those areas, however, the fact that your first doujutsu was the byakugan, gave me a hint about how you might be more proficient using the all-seeing eyes after all we were only fighting with ninjutsu and taijutsu, with that thought in mind I speculated that perhaps I could put you in a genjutsu, shortest it might be, would be enough to get you. Even so I had to use a genjutsu as subtle as Koto Amatsukami, it used an enormous amount of chakra, so I needed all the distraction I could get" explained the young raven not removing his eyes from her

"You were so preoccupied with my tailed beast bombs that you didn't notice Sasuke's fireballs were only an illusion" said the blond chuckling glad that their plan had succeeded.

"I see" she said closing her eyes

Naruto and Sasuke were both ready to activate chibaku tensei when suddenly Kaguya was being covered by a completely black energy.

Their eyes widened in recognition of the energy, it was the same mixture of all the elements but this time it was about to explode.

The purple eyed boy turned quickly to his companion "Naruto take the beasts from her now, I'll help you with my rinnegan" he shouted receiving a nod from the blond

The Uzumaki quickly found the energies pertaining to his tenants and extracted with all his strength along with the beasts residing inside of him.

The world suddenly started shaking, as storms and tornados took form around them.

Gusts of wind pushed against them with enormous intensity, their hair swaying wildly.

Soon the complete tailed beasts rested inside the reincarnation of Ashura; however that didn't stop the black energy about to detonate.

The raven used all the power of his rinnegan to absorb everything else including the black energy, before falling to the ground leaving an enormous crater.

Naruto was at his side in an instant

"Get away loser, I can't contain it for much longer" Sasuke said breathing heavily

Naruto looked at him determinedly before approaching him once more "No way in hell am I gonna let you die here, you hear me?"

The raven felt the energy about to detonate and used the rest of his power to activate kamui and take him to another dimension

As Naruto's hand made contact with the ravens shoulder they disappeared, ready to face their deaths.


He awoke to the sound of trees rustling, his body hurting all over and a strange feeling of chakra depletion; he pushed his body forward to sitting position, and looked at his surroundings, the scene was what he would call weird, the trees were old and had no leaves, and strange crosses made of stone covered the entire field.

He moved to stand but the pain quickly caught to him, he gripped his lower abdomen and stood up, he didn't recognize the place at all, and had no idea what he was doing there.

He gripped his head in pain when the memories came back violently; the last thing he remembered was an explosion, and then nothing, he needed to figure out where he was and what had happened to Sasuke.

He was suddenly feeling worried, had he made it out alive or perhaps, he pushed those thoughts aside and readied himself to look for him, but something else stood out to him, he couldn't feel Kurama's presence nor the other tailed beasts either for that matter.

He jumped to the top of a tree and entered the meditating position, as he went deep inside his mind.

He was once again in what looked to be a sewer though there were no hallways or rooms like before; this time it was only the floor covered by a shallow level of water, he was confused as to why couldn't he see Kurama's cage, a bad feeling crept up his stomach and he took a step forward.

After walking for some time he arrived at what looked to be a wall made of glass, he tiled his head in curiosity, why was it here now, he had never seen it before, he tried touching it but nothing happened.

Just then a giant paw slammed against the wall making Naruto Jump backwards startled.

After calming himself down he narrowed his eyes at the paw and noticed the familiar Orange fur "Kurama? What the hell are you doing stupid fox, are you trying to kill me?" he said approaching the wall once more.

"Kit, someone put another seal on you, I can't get out of here and the others are unconscious" Said the giant fox, slamming a claw against the barrier.

Naruto looked skeptical but nonetheless tried to share a link of chakra with Kurama once more, only to find out that he couldn't, he couldn't even feel Kurama's chakra, he fell to his knees realizing that this was probably the feeling of losing so much of his chakra, he gauged his reserves quietly and realized he had about fifty times less chakra than before "How did this happen?" He asked no one in particular.

His best bet was to find Sasuke and find a solution together, if they were alive they could probably still go him, right?

"I'm getting you out there Kurama, Just wait for me" he said standing determinedly, before walking in the other direction. Kurama simply observed the young ninja with something akin to gratefulness and pride though he would never admit it of course.

Getting back to the real world he was about to enter Sage mode when a voice called out to him, he turned to looked down and saw a man in a strange suit, all black, and with a tie, not to mention sunglasses, Naruto made a face before leaping down the tree to see what he wanted.

"Your name if I may ask" said the man standing rigidly in front of him; he looked like one of those bodyguards he used to encounter in his travels with the pervy sage.

"Uzumaki Naruto" he said without hesitation, he wanted to know where Sasuke was, but maybe he could get something out of this guy, information about this place even.

"Follow me, please" the man replied signaling with his hand for him to follow, and started walking ahead.

Feeling a blade he had in his trousers ready just in case he followed the man, ready to get some answers.


Obsidian eyes opened to the shadows created by trees intertwined in the highest above, yellow light slipping through the cracks and gaps between them.

He tried to move and regretted it immediately after an excruciating pain invaded his body, it hurt even more than the time he had used susanoo at the kage summit.

Ignoring the pain he took a seat and breathed slowly, his eyes roaming the entirety of his surroundings, what the hell had happened, why was he here?, and what was here anyway?.

His eyes closed and the memories came rushing back full force, right, he had exploded, so why was he not dead and what had happened to Naruto, so many questions and he his body hurt more than he cared to admit.

He stood slowly, and stretched his aching muscles, he walked quietly down the unusual path, his senses hadn't come back yet completely, however he was still able to feel a few chakra signatures, a noise alerted him of an object moving towards him, but he wasn't able to dodge as a monster with wheels ran over him, sending him to the ground as well as the pilot of that metallic monster.

He groaned in pain trying to stand back up, when his hand made contact with something soft, flesh he thought.

A feminine moan startled him and he stared at the person who had collided with him, great another woman, and pink hair? He thought raising an eyebrow, how many Sakuras could he ever encounter in his lifetime, he closed his eyes and quickly removed his hand when he noticed it had lingered in her thigh.

She was rather attractive, probably the same age as him, but the way she was dressing seemed unusual to him, green blazer and dark yellow skirt, he wondered what kind of place was this.

"I'm so sorry, I was feeling so dizzy" she said with an apologetic expression

"Yeah, whatever" He said getting ready to stand back up again

"Oh wait, you are bleeding!" she said alarmingly, as she stared at the corner of his mouth

He was indeed leaking blood from his previous fight, he took notice of the absence of his clothes and the fact that his sandals had been blasted away as well, he was sure then he couldn't have worse luck.

His eyes then returned to the front and widened when he noticed the proximity of the girl, she had a handkerchief in her hand which he deduced was to wipe the blood away, but the blush un her face was making him a little uncomfortable,

"I can't" she said getting closer to him "that smell"

His eyes narrowed in confusion what was this girl talking about, he wasn't able to smell anything besides her which he admitted was better than the kunoichi at the academy in Konoha

She suddenly seized his face with her hands and he flinched in pain "I'm sorry, I can't help myself, because I'm a vampire" she said before sinking her teeth in his neck.

He tried processing what she had just said, but he gripped her shoulders and narrowed his eyes at her before saying "what do you think you are doing?"

She quickly pulled away her cheeks flaming pink "I'm so sorry, it wasn't my intention really!"

He glanced at the spot where she had bitten only to find an almost nonexistent wound, strange, did she say vampire?

"Are you going to Yokai too?" she asked now noticing his lack of clothes, as a blush crept its way to her cheeks, she looked away embarrassed, she had never seen a chest so toned in her life.

He paid her little mind but played along, he needed answers and this girl might be able to give them to him "Yeah" he said standing up

"Really?" she said her smile brightening , at his nod she started playing with her fingers reminding him of the hyuuga who had a crush on his best friend "then I have to ask, what do…what do you think of vampires?" she asked nervously.

He stared at her for a moment pondering her question, he had read long ago about these entities that possessed superhuman abilities, creatures of the dark, and fed off human blood, was she serious those things were pretty unreal from where he came from, but then again his best friend housed a demon fox with powers others would consider unreal, he himself was considered a monster by many, so why not perhaps he might be able to learn something "they're fine by me, it might prove useful to learn more about them", he said returning his gaze to his surroundings

Suddenly he was tackled to the ground by the pink haired girl "Really then maybe, we could be friends?" She asked excitedly

He stared at her dumbfounded, it was the first time a girl had asked him to be his friend, never had he heard such words in his life, his shock was so great he gave a simple "sure why not" before she got off him and smiled at him like before, he looked away thinking that perhaps this place wasn't so bad.

"Oh my name is Moka Akashiya by the way" she said standing and extending her hand towards him.

He stood up despite the pain running through him and shook hands with her "Sasuke Uchiha" he said, observing how soft her hand was, if she was a vampire she certainly didn't look like one.

She observed him embarrassed, before he let her hand go, looking at her wrist she realized that she was late for orientation "Ah I'm sorry I got to go, I have a meeting with the headmaster but I'll see you later okay?" she said with hopeful eyes.

He nodded at her, before she ran out of the forest; anyway he needed to get to work too.

A man suddenly appeared in his field of vision and approached him slowly.

He felt no ill intent so he waited until they were face to face.

"What's your name, if I may ask?" he said hands behind his back, he looked exactly like the bodyguards that used to work for Gato, though a lot more respectable he would say

"Uchiha Sasuke" he said drily, expecting to be asked to leave the premises or something of the sort, he was however surprised when, the man instructed to follow, he didn't know where he was, and he needed to find Naruto, maybe he could get some answers from him, he thought following behind the man.