Fox, Crow and a Vampire

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Chapter 4: Beginnings part 2: One step at a Time

It was quiet when his water-colored eyes opened. The darkness of the night had arrived earlier than he expected, and the carrier of the tailed beasts found himself staring at the white ceiling of the infirmary in Yokai Academy.

The room was completely absent of noise, the curtains as well as desks and spare beds created shadows as they clashed with the light of the moon, the only sources of it being one closed window to his left at the end of the room and another one behind his bed at the top of the wall.

His gaze turned to his left where a small alarm clock occupied the surface of a small table.

10:00 P.M it marked. He allowed himself to smile a little as he recalled the events previous to his not so quick nap.

It had been a few hours since he had been brought to the infirmary and met up with an unconscious Sasuke and a restless rose-color haired girl looking worriedly as the nurse bandaged the wounded man up.

Her name was Moka Akashiya, and she was the same girl that tackled his friend back when their classes started.

He had been pretty surprised when he met her, her soft and melodic voice greatly contrasted with the Uchiha's usual fans, and even though worried she exhibited a calmness that was not common around girls, or at least the ones he knew.

After chatting a little with her while waiting for the nurse to finish patching up the midnight blue-haired ninja, he discovered several things about her.

The first and most surprising thing was that she was a vampire, a real in the flesh vampire, he had been horrified at first because he didn't think monsters like those actually existed, after all what were the chances, but he soon calmed down and decided to just go with it.

The second thing he had discovered and it was actually pretty funny was that she was, or at least called herself Sasuke's friend; he couldn't believe Sasuke even had the capacity to make other friends, what with his non-existent social skills, let alone befriend, and he painfully stressed the word friend, such a gorgeous girl. Even so, after that long speech the raven had thrown at him the bastard was shameless enough to go and find himself such a cute friend. He decided to punch him in the face later.

The third and last thing he had discovered was that the raven had actually gone out of his way to protect her from some guy he didn't remember the name of. It wasn't really surprising though, he knew Sasuke wasn't someone who left people to be beaten around if he could help it, but the way the boy with the powerful eyes had acted when they were battling that woman had more than worried him.

Despite having the ability to sense people's evil intentions and hatred, he was still not able to read his best friend; the hatred that previously overwhelmed the uchiha's heart was faint, as if a giant sea had been reduced to a cup of water. That change had left him speechless when they first reunited in the war, not only because it was so premature it seemed to not make even a little sense, but he also had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. The sharingan wielder's eyes reflected nothing and showed nothing, as if emotions themselves abandoned the vessel. If he was honest with himself, this time, unlike the one when they met in the samurai bridge, Sasuke seemed to be even more unreachable.

Another thing that bothered him was the things Moka had said to him regarding their fight with that trouble maker. Apparently Sasuke wasn't the one who defeated the monster but Moka herself, he had been a little impressed with her but the fact that his partner had been defeated astounded him.

According to the pretty vampire, when the battle started the stoic ninja was moping the floor with him, he even had the gall to humiliate him and mock his abilities, Naruto himself found nothing particularly unusual with this but still shook his head in something akin to amusement, if only because it reminded him of their history together as a team. However, the moments that followed confused him greatly, sasuke failing to dodge a successive series of punches, a mysterious pain that came out of nowhere, and falling to unconsciousness despite displaying plenty of power left were not things that would normally happen to the experienced young ninja.

In the end it had been a very bizarre experience according to Moka, but he was still glad everything had gone alright, he smiled with that thought in mind.

"It seems you have finally decided to wake up" said a velvety elegant voce near him

The whiskered blond turned his cerulean eyes to the figure on his right.

Bathed in shadows, sitting atop his bed was the form of the man who had been sent to this strange world alongside him. His hands were joined together while his body maintained a pose of meditation, his usual black orbs hidden by pale eyelids.

Naruto took a moment to observe him before speaking, his torso was still bandaged almost completely but his shoulders were now free of their protection. It seemed the Uchiha had found them quite uncomfortable to wear. Wounds of his fight with the woman were still visible, however the carrier of the tailed beasts found no other injuries on display. He frowned in confusion, Moka had said he had been on receiving end of numerous punches and kicks from the orc. He thought that perhaps the girl had simply misjudged the amount of damage Sasuke had received.

"You're one to talk, only a couple of hours ago you were sleeping soundly like a princess" he said almost automatically his usual insults embedded in the sentence in the most natural way.

He carefully removed the covers off his body and sat up on his bed. There was no one else with them, the nurse already gone after taking notes for their recovery. The grey walls that surrounded them seemed to be almost resting at the prospect of calm and peaceful quiet. The blond however, had no qualms in destroying the silent spell.

"Where's Moka?" he said rubbing his wrists and craning his neck to let his body stretch and regain mobility.

"I told her to go to her room not long after you fell asleep" said the young heir of the Uchiha, calmness radiating from his voice.

Naruto's gaze turned back to his life-long friend with no little surprise and displease as his face contorted to an annoyed expression.

"Great job asshole, you sure know how to treat a girl, not to mention a friend, did you at least thank her for bringing your sorry ass here?" he asked irritated at the lack of gratefulness and joy in the other boy's face and tone. Did he know how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girl worry about him like that? Unlike all the girls that ambushed Naruto that day, Moka smiled innocently and sincerely, with childlike wonder and curiosity. It pissed him off a little that the Uchiha didn't seem to care.

Sasuke did not move from his position or seemed to even acknowledge Naruto's question, for a moment Naruto thought the uchiha did not hear him. The pale boy's lips moving however told him otherwise.

"That is none of your concern" replied the raven haired shinobi, his eyes still closed in relaxation "More importantly, why are you here?" he asked, his tone making it seem as if it wasn't really that concerning "what is the cause of your new injuries?" he said preferring to make his question clear so that his partner didn't detract from the point.

The Uzumaki glared at him for dismissing his question but let it go, knowing that he wasn't going to get a proper answer. His eyes turned again to his hands, new bandages that weren't there before classes finished covered his strong fingers and palms. He moved his left hand towards his right shoulder and started rubbing before he felt sharp pains coming from beneath the bandages. His eyes narrowed in pain and confusion as he recalled the events that had taken place after he had parted with the Uchiha.

Blue-sky eyes turned to the meditating figure beside him and spoke as he started unveiling the bandages in his hands before replying to the other boy "something really weird happened to me….


The wind was blowing strongly against his face, falling leaves being pushed away by his powerful form. Uzumaki Naruto was making his way rapidly through the trees, leaping from branch to branch at speeds that surpassed those of average jonin.

After leaving his partner's side he had decided to go train somewhere, the truth is he wasn't sure what to do to remove seal, his connection to Kurama was now only in hearing range, and he could no longer sense the fox inside him. He had been so used to feeling his tenant's power and presence around him that this made him feel as if he had suddenly dropped naked, he felt much weaker and slower and it bothered him greatly because of all the progress that he had made since his training with old man Bee.

The light of the sun was slowly dimming, the sunset approaching steadily. He took a moment to breathe and look around. The plants and trees looked as intentionally creepy as he had seen them before, he vaguely wondered if they would ever change. The sounds of leaves being softly pushed by small currents of air reached his ears, it was peaceful. He grinned and chuckled due to the contradictory nature of the image and atmosphere of the scene. His smile dropped a little as his mind wandered off to other matters he had previously put aside. He missed his friends, and his sensei, hell he was even missing kiba's loud barks. He could imagine their faces as they awakened from the eternal dream. He hoped they were safe and back in the village.

Even though it hadn't even been a day since the war ended, it had already downed on him that he wouldn't be going home for an extended period of time. That worried him greatly, there was still so much he wanted to do and to experience with everyone back in the leaf. A small fear of not being able to go back at all was growing deep inside his chest.

He shook his head rapidly as his smile came back to him. There was no way he was going to allow that. He was strong, stronger than he had ever been, he had fought many opponents and overcome many obstacles, and this was just another one to add to the list.

His grin turned foxlike at the prospect of other challenges and enemies, yeah his journey had yet to even begin.

If one had seen the carrier of the beasts at that moment, the sheer light and warmth that radiated his form would have been enough to erase the demons that inhabited fragile hearts, and warm up the souls of the onlookers.

That was Naruto Uzumaki, someone who just didn't give up, whose determination and spirit infected the people around him, and made them want to better themselves.

He stopped when he saw a small clearing far away from the academy placed right next to the borders that connected to the red sea. It looked fairly empty and would probably make good training field.

As he scanned the surroundings once again making sure that he was alone, he dropped swiftly to the floor and took off that horrible green blazer that he had been given by the headmaster. His eyes roamed the artifact in his hands in discontent, he couldn't believe he was expected to wear that every day.

Not wanting to waste any more time, he dropped it softly to the floor next to an intimidating looking tree. He swore it looked eerily similar to Itachi's genjutsu.

Now feeling more comfortable with just his shirt and trousers he walked to the center of the clearing, fully intending to begin his new and improved "hellish training to leave the Uchiha in the dust and get out of this weird dimension".

Except he didn't know where to begin.

He crouched and put his hands in his head while grumbling in frustration. How was he going to unseal his chakra, and what kind of training was he going to do now, he had no teacher, no kakashi sensei, or pervy sage, or old man fukasaku to continue teaching him new things. He threw his arms in the air and let himself fall to the floor on his back while frowning.

"Argh, I can't believe this" he said racking his brain for ideas of solutions to the situation at hand "why can't I come up with anything, I'm a master already this should be a piece of cake" he continued ranting about his problem.

A few minutes passed while he stared at the sky trying to come up with anything, he was terrible when it came to theory so he didn't know from where to expand his techniques, his jutsu were incredibly powerful on their own and he had sage mode if anything ever became too much for him, but he knew that the tail beasts powers were essential to his fighting style, besides even though they hadn't talked about it there was still the fight he was going to have with Sasuke. Ever since his arrival to the battlefield they both had been seizing each other up, observing all the new changes their powers had developed.

He definitely needed to take down that seal.

An idea then made its way to his head and he grinned victoriously, how could he have forgotten he had the best possible teacher right inside him?

He quickly sat up and entered a meditation position, he had to talk to Kurama; the fox was so old he probably knew of a few tricks to get the job done.

He closed his eyes slowly as his lips thinned and he began concentrating, it felt like a second nature to him to enter his subconscious. After all those years ago when he had to ask Kurama for chakra in his training to summon Gamabunta, it sure had been a long time since then. He allowed himself to be proud of what he had been through, all his fights and accomplishments, it was a little nostalgic but even so, he was really excited for what was to come.

The winds stilled and the breeze stopped, the light of the sun was not coloring his eyelids orange anymore, it was all perfectly calm and soundless.

His eyes opened to reveal a familiar darkness, the sewers that revealed his inner mind clear for him to see.

He stood up carefully looking at his surroundings, noticing the small water level fading the farther his gaze went, until it clashed with the darkness of the room.

His feet moved slowly but decisively and his arms went behind his head, it no longer caused him nervousness to be in this place, a smile then plastered itself in his face and he continued on his way.

A wall of glass made him stop his movements, it was here, were the powerful demons that once terrorized the shinobi world rested. He wondered if someone else besides Kurama had awakened, it was strange that all of them had just suddenly gone to sleep.

"Hey Kurama! Are you there?" he shouted putting his hands near his mouth.

A giant red eye opening right in front of him almost scared him to death and he fell down on the floor in surprise "What the hell you damn fox!" he said, his eyes bulging out comically

A guttural laugh made the chamber tremble as the eye elevated and a set of white fangs appeared out of the darkness "It's your own fault kid, for not looking where you're going. What do you want anyway?" said the beast resting his head on his crossed arms looking at him amusedly. His powerful voice reminding Naruto that this was the mighty nine-tailed fox he was speaking to.

"I came to ask you some questions" he replied, an annoyed look adorning his face in response to the fox's making fun of him before closing the distance between the glass wall and himself and taking a seat before continuing speaking "you know about the seal"

The Giant demon's expression then became serious, it was indeed about time they talked about this, however…"I didn't get any other information from it, using my chakra to try and read it got me nowhere" he said, trying to make his host aware of the latest news

Naruto hummed in understanding and touched the glass with his right hand, he couldn't find any difference to that of the tetragram seal his father had inscribed on him. Trying to heighten his senses didn't help and pushing forth with his chakra did nothing at all. He furrowed his brows in confusion, how could this seal be so powerful. He shook his head and took some distance reminding himself that he didn't come here for that.

"I…came here to ask if you knew of any way, or if there was any technique you might know that could unseal it, i mean you're old right? Like gramps of the six paths old kind of way, there has to be something we can try" he said determinately looking at the powerful spirit.

Kurama hummed in thought, his mind going back thousands of years back, remembering all kinds of fights, wars and Jutsu. It was true he was an ancient creature, probably as ancient as he was powerful, a millennia had passed since he had been created and all kinds of knowledge were hidden inside his mind, and yet a solution to this problem was very difficult to find. His eyes opened once more and Naruto braced himself for the words of his tenant "I got nothing, I've never seen a seal like that one before, the fact that it can completely suppress my chakra still amazes me" he said in frustration.

Naruto frowned disappointed, he actually thought he was going to get something here.

"However" continued Kurama, making Naruto return his attention back to him "as I told you earlier, with a strong enough push from both sides we might actually break it" his intimidating smile returning to his mouth.

Naruto looked at him confused, they had already tried that but it seemed even their chakra was not strong enough "You also said you couldn't even make it budge, how are we supposed to destroy it completely?" he questioned the demon fox.

Kurama's smile didn't fade and instead he started chuckling, the vibrations making the room shake "you forget I'm not the only one trapped in here, the other eight will wake up eventually, and when they do this seal will be no more" he said excitedly.

A large smile crossed Naruto's lips and he joined his tenant with a loud laugh. Of course, how could he have forgotten that, if Kurama alone couldn't destroy the seal then they would just have to work together, it wasn't a big deal it seemed.

"There is a catch though" said the fox, interrupting the blond and making him look at him confused "for this to work, we will need a strong push from your side as well, we might be able to destroy it, but we sure as hell won't do it in the first try, we have to interchangeably send a barrage of our powers one side at a time" he explained, the wall was too thick and too durable, but if both forces acted on the different ends of the wall it was bound to crack eventually.

Naruto smiled confidently before remembering that his chakra alone didn't amount to the rest of the beasts, he doubted he could make significant damage to the barrier "But my chakra isn't strong enough, I won't be able to equal the pressure of you guys' accumulated chakra" he said with no little unease.

The fox shook his head and addressed his host with his plan "And for that, I do know of something I can teach you" he said grinning excitedly.

Naruto looked at him elated, finally what he was waiting for, and he needed to start training so he could stop worrying about his friends in the other dimension.

"The eight inner gates" announced Kurama shockingly. The mighty secret of the taijutsu specialists Might Guy and Rock Lee.

"The what?!" exclaimed Naruto, with surprise written all across his body "that is bushy-brows' jutsu" he said amazed that the fox had come up with that technique.

"If we release your chakra gates, your flow of chakra will increase at least tenfold, giving you unimaginable power, enough to match our push even if only for a minute, once you do this barrier will shatter to pieces, I can guarantee you that." Continued Kurama with more conviction than Naruto remembered he had.

Both the boy and the fox were ecstatic, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be approaching and with it the way home.

A maniacal laugh interrupted their conversation and their gaze turned to the deep darkness to the left of the boy.

The power behind it made the chamber shake just like when Kurama had done it. It was somewhat familiar, yet the intensity and the euphoria displayed in it reached insane levels.

"It's not gonna work, you stupid fox" said a shrilling voice that made Naruto wonder how Gaara had managed to carry him all his live. It was indeed the one tailed demon possum Shukaku, whose powers to control the sand equaled or even surpassed that of Gaara's.

The giant fox growled and directed his words towards the other demon "No one was talking to you rat, go back to sleep" he said narrowing his eyes to the darkness.

The laugh resumed and Kurama was about to shout before Naruto interrupted him "Wait Kurama, I want to know what he meant by that." He said aloud before addressing the other creature "Shukaku, what do you mean it won't work?" he shouted loudly so the possum would be able to hear clearly.

A giant sand claw smashed the glass wall and both Naruto and Kurama were able to see Shukaku now, his yellow eyes with a cross in the middle still reflected the euphoric madness that was so characteristic of him "it's so painfully clear how you don't know shit about seals fox" said Shukaku with another round of laughter "this isn't just a wall you can trample over" he continued facing his host, remembering the things that had happened in the war, the brat looked stupid but still it was much better living inside of him than any of the others hosts he had had before, well with the exception of the little redhead.

"Because all you rely on is your stupidly massive energy, you think that you can just trample over any obstacle or formula put to seal you, how repulsive you shit fox go die!" started once again Shukaku laughing at Kurama as if his life depended on it.

A loud roar shook the entire room and made the possum stop his actions. Kurama's voice rumbled through the waters and the walls "get to the point damned rat, before I turn you into glass" he exclaimed looking at the sand demon with an annoyed expression.

Shukaku was going to retaliate but the voice of the Kid stole his attention "Guys stop fighting, I need to know why it won't work Shukaku, and if you know a way we can do it then say so" said Naruto a little impatient with all this back and forth between them.

The yellow-eyed demon fixed his gaze onto the Uzumaki and dropped his claw from the wall "Fine, whatever you say kid. The thing is, seals are spiritual barriers; when they go in conjunction with the caging of spirits, more accurately tailed beasts, they are placed inside your own consciousness." Said Shukaku making the blond nod in understanding.

"Now usually, if the seal master is good enough and the seal was done perfectly, it renders physical attacks or physical energy useless. The seal that was previously placed on you, was one of those seals, but even so, the sheer amount of energy the shitty fox has was so high, the seal wasn't able to contain it all." The demon possum explained, as the other two listened attentively "This seal; this dammed glass wall, was made by none other than the old man's mom, that fucking witch shatters everything the word perfect even meant" the possum grumbled irritated "This fucking seal is so strong it was able to contain all of our chakra's at the same time, no way in hell will we be able to shatter it with physical attacks, you can blast it all you want, it will never even dent" he finished taking a seat in his side of the wall.

Naruto sighed dejectedly, there went his chance to go back home.

"There is a way to get rid of it though" Yawned Shukaku, he had slept way too much.

Naruto's eyes widened and he closed the distance to Shukaku's resting place, all the while Kurama observing interested.

"We just have to form a spiritual connection, by channeling our chakra through the wall, we must establish a synchronization of energies so that the seal won't recognize our chakra as foreign anymore, it will have to be slow at first just like a string, small enough to breach the surface and long enough to reach the middle, once we do that we'll just have to charge it up and bam bye bye seal" finished a grinning Shukaku.

"Awesome!" exclaimed a relieved Naruto before smiling to Kurama and returning to Shukaku "and how do we do that, let's do it right now guys, wake up the rest so we can get started" He said, flexing his muscles in preparation for streaming his chakra.

The sand demon laughed once again alerting and stopping the shinobi "I'm afraid it's not that simple kid, I said you have to make a connection to our chakra, so that the seal won't recognize it as foreign, it means our chakra has to match spiritually almost one hundred percent, or in other words we have to possess the same chakra" he continued laughing watching the blonde's eyes go wide.

Naruto was not an expert on chakra, nor was he knowledgeable enough to explain the things he had accomplished with old man six paths' powers, but he did know that no two chakras were the same as each other, well with the exception of that Reincarnation mumbo jumbo. How could he possibly replicate his tenants' chakra? It just didn't make sense, and why was Shukaku so calm about this? If he knew he couldn't do it, then why suggest it in the first place? "How the hell do I even do that?" he asked the possum annoyed, this was no time to be joking around, he had to have at least an idea of what to do or else he was going to go insane, why did that woman have to bring them here, why couldn't she just be sealed and leave them the hell alone.

"You know for a demon host, you really are stupid, it seems you haven't noticed yet" Said Shukaku, making the blond stop his mental ramblings, and regaining the attention of the giant fox "since the moment we met with the old man, and through our battles with Madara and the woman, small fragments of our souls merged with yours, it is the requisite to rely on all of us at once" he continued eyeing Naruto seriously "that is why your power grew to such magnitude, the old man didn't do much really, at this very moment your soul that was previously ordinary has now adopted our characteristics, and so you will be able to match our chakra here"

"However, there is something you need to work on, our chakra in the purest of forms exists as natural elements, my chakra for example exists mostly as sand, Goku's chakra exists as lava, and so on, and yet you don't know how to dominate elemental manipulation" said Shukaku, continuing before Naruto could interrupt. "You know the basics, and you were able to apply it to your shape manipulation, but you are nowhere near the level one can call a master, not like the Uchiha kid anyway, he's the other way around, he has the elemental manipulation portion down, but his skill with shape manipulation is not as good as yours"

"So what you're saying is…" said Naruto facing the sand demon seriously

Kurama observe immutable, he also wanted to know what he was going to say.

"You learn it, wind and earth to make sand, fire and earth to make lava, at this very moment you have the capacity to utilize those bloodline limits, curtesy of the nine demons" finished Shukaku, summarizing it as clearly as he could.

"Only that way, will you be able to synchronize our chakra with yours" offered the possum looking expectantly at Naruto.

Kurama was slightly irritated that the sand demon discarded his idea so quickly, however he knew Shukaku was between all nine of them, the best when it came to seals. It seemed he was going to have to trust him, even if he didn't like him.

Naruto had his gaze on the ground, thinking. Maybe Shukaku was onto something, after all it was him who aided him with his sealing powers against Madara. His gaze quickly turned to the sand demon, and his eyes turned to steel "I'll do it, tell me where to begin" he said decisively.

Shukaku's laughter returned and Naruto's gaze turned to the fox for a second "Kurama, about the gates…" He said confidently, a smirk forming in his lips, and reminding Kurama of the twelve year old who had first stood up to him all those years ago, as he was falling to his death, what an amusing child "Teach me how to open them" the words escaped his mouth and Kurama nodded firmly. This was going to be interesting

Naruto's eyes opened in the outside world, everything was as it had been before he entered his subconscious. His hands left their spot on his legs and he stood up calmly.

It was almost sunset now and the winds had turned a little wilder, those trees that still had leaves on them moved in rhythm, and those that had not, let the air rush through their hollow spaces.

He briefly wondered what Sasuke was doing right now, probably training as well, he had in fact mentioned a Jutsu he wanted to try out. As much as he hated to admit it, he was curious as to what Jutsu it was.

He shook his head softly, reminding himself to concentrate, and spoke to himself and the demons living inside him "alright Shukaku, where do we start?"

"The best way to start this training is with some wind style jutsu; that is your affinity after all, right?" Said the excited sand demon

"Yeah" Naruto replied, breathing steadily, it was finally time to begin.

"Why don't we start with my specialty, the Wind style: wind bullet jutsu" said Shukaku with a sadistic smirk, remembering the time he fought with the giant toad, he couldn't help but laugh at that.

Naruto almost sweat-dropped hearing him laugh like a maniac, he really had to wonder if this was going to be an occasional thing "what about the seals, I don't know that jutsu" he said taking shukaku out of his euphoric state.

"Listen carefully brat, the seals are ram, boar, hare, rat, monkey and dog, in that order, at your level, you should be able to do at least that" the sand demon said more calmly this time. If they wanted to get somewhere with this training he was going to have to be serious for once.

Naruto followed Shukaku's instructions and repeated the hand seals several times, at least until he had them memorized, "ram, boar, hare, rat, monkey, dog, ram, boar, hare, rat…" he said repeating as many times as he could, his hands following his oral instructions, his fingers taking positions and shapes only ninja were familiar with.

"Okay, I think I've got it, now what?" asked Naruto to his now mentor Shukaku.

"Channel your chakra as you perform the seals, then take a deep breath and send your chakra to your lungs, after that all you have to do is to augment the pressure and with your chakra increase the mass of oxygen inside of them, that's the easy part. Next be sure to apply shape manipulation compressing the expulsion of that air, turning it into a big cannon ball-like blast." Explained the possum, envisioning all the steps he was used to do to perform said jutsu.

"I have to what, in the what with my chakra?" asked the confused blond, he understood the taking a deep breath part, but he had never worked with chakra that way, using it from inside his body, he shivered just thinking about it, his chakra was so strong he was ashamed to admit he was a little worried of streaming it through his vital organs.

Shukaku Just sighed and tried not to murder somebody, it was going to be a long day it seemed "take a deep breath and try to apply nature manipulation in your lungs, just try that for now, we'll go from there" he said half grumbling

"Right" Naruto replied, laughing nervously before trying the jutsu. His hands then started going through the seals as he took a deep breath. Closing his eyes he tried applying his wind nature chakra into the air mixture in his lungs before chanting in his head 'Wind style: wind bullets'.

His body suddenly was sent flying backwards hitting and crushing a tree surrounding the clearing. He fell to his knees coughing painfully trying to regain his breath, his gaze turned to the place he had previously been to discover an immense crater in the middle of the clearing, as if a bomb had gone off.

"Again" said Shukaku, reminding Naruto that this was just the beginning of his training.

He shook his head forcefully trying to get rid of the disorientation from crashing against the tree and his hands joined together once more.

He approached the center of the clearing and took a deep breath, again. This time he tried sending less chakra into his lungs and again chanted the name of the jutsu in his head.

As his mouth opened ready to release the jutsu, the air inside his lungs came rushing rapidly, creating a massive blast that he wasn't able to handle, thus pushing his head backwards and making him crash against the floor.

He started coughing once again, finally realizing how hard this training was going to be, but having decided already never to give up on his word, he took position once again when suddenly his muscles went cold.

His eyes widened, when the sensation first entered his body, his hands, his legs, his stomach and throat started losing temperature at an alarming rate. An agonizing pain followed his wounds, as if liquid nitrogen was streaming through his blood, he tried to scream but all that came out was a rasping sound.

"Kid! Kid! What's wrong?" shouted Shukaku from trying to get back his attention, the glass wall trapping them inside had suddenly become gelid.

Naruto tried to speak but his throat wasn't working, his hands moved like broken machinery trying to reach his chest, but his energy abandoned him and he fell face down against the floor.

"Hey Naruto, what's going on!" roared this time Kurama, knowing that something was happening to him, his expression became worried and he cursed the absence of the other dimension traveler and his own powerlessness. "Answer me kid, what the hell is happening!" he yelled as he started pounding the wall with his claws.

Shukaku wasted no time and tried to do the same, the demons charged and fired a bijuudama but to no avail, the wall stood perfectly solid.

The demons then roared in frustration.

Naruto's eyes started fading, and his sight numbing rapidly, 'what the hell is going on?' were his last thoughts before his eyes finally closed.

********************************End of Flashback******************************************


"…and then I woke up, here in this bed. The nurse had already patched me up and told me some students had brought me in when they found me in the clearing. They had heard the explosions caused by my wind Jutsu, and went to see what had happened" he finished his story with his gaze in the floor, still puzzled by the previous events. He vividly remembered the sensations coursing through his muscles, as if he had been freezing from the inside out. His hands shook slightly and a bead of sweat rushed down his forehead. That had never happened to him before.

He hated to admit it but it had terrified him. Never had he lost control over his body in such a way, for the first time since his battle with pain he felt utterly helpless. And this only brought more questions to be answered, was it possible that it happened again? And why had it happened in the first place?

"I see" was the response coming from the Uchiha, the tone flat, and without hints of an emotional change. He was truly talented when it came to mask his thoughts and emotions.

Naruto turned his gaze to the other man in the room, he had left his place in the bed to stand closer to the door, slowly removing the bandages from his body.

For a moment the blond felt really irritated, his partner not showing any concern or any indication that this was a serious issue, brought him back to his academy days, where the midnight haired kid never gave him any attention.

"That's it? No, hey Naruto I'm glad you're ok, or hey Naruto why did that happen to you, or hey Naruto I'm going to try to find out what's going on, you know since we're comrades and all." Said the young Uzumaki looking expectantly at Sasuke with no small amount of indignation.

The dark haired teen stopped his movements and Naruto wearily wondered what he was thinking in that introverted head of his.

The raven haired shinobi half turned his face to him, eyes as dark as night, pale skin glistening in the light of the moon that barely reached his form. Naruto observed with attention until he saw Sasuke lift his left eyebrow, wondering if he was actually serious.

Naruto's cheeks turned red from embarrassment, of course he couldn't expect that guy to be actually decent, and instead was being made fun of by him.

"You know what, fine, I don't need you. I'll figure it out myself" he said getting off the bed he had been resting in. carefully observing his body and removing the bandages that seemed to accomplish no purpose other than restrain his movements. Their bodies still carried the bruises given to them by the rabbit goddess, though given that it had stopped hurting a while back, it didn't seem necessary to cover them. Naruto half-grumbled cursing the fact that Sakura was not present to heal them. Even with all the power he had attained after encountering the sage of the six paths, he still wasn't able to perform basic medical ninjutsu.

Sasuke paid no attention to the blond and instead turned to open the door of the infirmary, it was already time to leave, and he still had much to take care of.

The sound of the door opening brought Naruto out of his musings, it seemed Sasuke was recuperated enough to leave the place. He briefly looked over his hands once more, the events of this afternoon still in his mind, before following his partner out of the infirmary.

As he entered the hallway that connected to the entrance of the academy, he noticed that his friend was now wearing his black shirt. He briefly wondered where he had been hiding it, before looking over his own body and realizing he was still half naked. He shrugged it off and continued on his way to meet his partner in the exit.

They crossed the threshold of the academy without hurry. The night now fully exposing all of its stars in the sky. The moon was shining with intense fervor as if to shelter the two warriors from the uncertainty of the darkness. Numerous thin noises came all throughout the forest, probably being casted by the animals that resided inside. Naruto was somewhat curious as to whether the animals were similar to the ones in his world.

They walked in silence, calmly towards the direction the headmaster had indicated their dorms to be. It had been a long day for both of them, and yet it was but the first day they had spent in that place. For both shinobi, questions had formed that needed to be answered, even so, they knew it was going to be a little longer before they could go back to their homes, and so they carried on, one step at a time.

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