Akira: The Unholy Ashikabi

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{This is mental communication between bonded mates}

'This is sarcastic speech'

"This is normal speech"

'This is mental thought'

\This is flashback\


CHAPTER 1: A strange Unholy Power. Minaka's Questions. Welcome To The Ranks Of MBI, Akira Sagara!

Akira Sagara was a man of high moral and had noble philosophies like no other, other than his best friend: Takehito Asama. Akira was a follower and practitioner of Muay Thai, Karate and ken do. He had an impressive and aesthetically well defined and proportional pleasing physique, which attracted MANY women. However they were all turned down as Akira knew that those women only were interested in him because of his physique and not his character and personality. Akira was an archaeologist, graduating from Tokyo University, or commonly known as Teito.U at 18 years of age, five years ago along with his buddies: Takehito Asama and Hiroto Minaka. He and Takehito had another close friend by the name of Seiyo Kaoru.

One day he decided to give his best friend a visit and to the woman who he had fallen in love with. Akira was very happy for his best friend. He wore his MBI visitors card and entered the building. MBI was the leading conglomerate in Japan now. It started about four years ago by Minaka Takami sahashi and Takehito Asama. It started as a pharmaceutical company and Takami was the head analyst.

Akira went to the reception desk and asked to know where Takehito Asama was. Then came a VERY beautiful fair-skinned young woman of average height and slender built, who sported a very developed and curvaceous body with a slim waist and flared hips. She had brown eyes and a brown hair. Her hair was hime-styled; it had short bangs, chin-length strands surrounded her head and framed her face, a single antenna-like strand hanged just above her head, and hip-length hair at the nape of her neck. She approached him and said to follow her. Akira was mesmerized by her beauty and wanted to know her better to see if they suited each other. Yume had a feeling that she was being watched with focus. Her sekerei heart was beating very fast, but she didn't want this man to be burdened by being in the sekerei plan without knowing anything about it. They entered the lab and Akira was shocked but had a glint mischief after seeing a woman, a pregnant woman, presumably Miya lying down on a metal platform and his brother smiling at her. The two were gazing lovingly at each other and didn't notice the two newcomers.

"Uhm, Yume-San I think we should leave them be and not interrupt their loving gaze." Akira stated to Yume .

"Uhm, you are right Akira-San." Yume said with a smile. This made the other people in the room look away from each other in a blush.

"Akira, what a pleasant surprise. Have you come to visit your old best friend, and after such a long time. I thought you forgot about me. Ha ha just kidding." Takehito said with a smile. Miya also looked at Akira after learning that this man was Takehito's best friend: whom she had heard about a lot.

"Well Taka, yes I have indeed. Plus I came to see your fiancee as well." He said with a smirk. This made Miya blush and look at her ashikabi in joy and surprise, while having a pink tint on her face. Takehito had the same tint as well. Then his best friend became the victim of Takehito's infamous Hanya(demon)-mask "Sorry, I thought you already proposed. He-he, my bad." Akira stated apologetically while rubbing the back of his head.

Akira placed the big lunch of Thai fried riced and Thai red curry, which he made on the table and began to converse with his brother after greeting Miya and apologizing to her because of his assumption. Miya laughed or giggled and said that there was no need to do so. Yume had called her older sister to come outside.

"Miya nee, I think I have been reacting to Akira-san. What should I do? Should I wait and get to know him better or approach him now. I think he would find it odd for having feelings about him without even knowing him." Yume confessed,

Miya had a genuine smile on her face and said "Without knowing him, you guessed his thought pattern right. I learnt from Takehito, about how Akira-kun was always chased by lewd women due to his looks and physique. Takehito was sad that Akira had to disguise himself by wearing glasses and constrictive and less revealing clothes. As he always practices Martial Arts wearing sleeveless gi. Try to get to know him better. Because a bond between us sekerei and our ashikabi is sacred, based on pure love, devotion and adoration. Now let us see if my Takehito was correct about Akira's cooking skills or was he just over exaggerating" Miya stated after patting her fellow younger sister's head.

It turned out that Akira's cooking skills were even better than Yume's cooking and was on per with that of Miya. After lunch and conversing a bit, Akira was going to leave as Takehito had some other work. As he was about to leave, he was halted by Yume.

"Uhm, Akira-san. Your cooking was very tasty and thank you very much for sharing your food with me, especially as you had made this lunch intended for three people. I would lo..like to cook for you as a show of appreciation to your kindness" A blushing Yume stated.

"Please, you don't have to. You are not obligated to do anything as your smile and compliment was heartily appreciated. However if you insist, I would be VERY happy to taste your cooking." Akira said also with a blush while gazing at Yume.

"So, it is a date then?" Yume asked with a deep blush as Akira was blushing even more and was asking whether a geeky man like himself would suit such a beautiful woman like Yume. Yume requested him not to doubt himself and Akira smiled. This was interrupted by a giggling Miya and smiling Takehito.

"Oh my! Are we interrupting, Akira-kun?" Miya asked giggling.

"Uhm, no Miya-san. You were n.." He stopped himself after noticing the ring on her finger and then looked at his brother, who smiled happily. "Well, you certainly did not Mrs. Miya Asama and I am very happy for your union with my best buddy. Please Take care of him and may you live a happy and content life in the Asama family." Akira smiled.

"Awe, thank you Akira-chan. Takehito and I were wondering if you could be our son Minato's godfather" Miya awed and said her request, to which he gladly accepted. He said his goodbyes and promised Yume that he will make good on her promise after returning from his ruin excavation in about five days.

The excavation was on an island which came afloat from the depth of the Pacific Ocean just like that of Kamikura Island. As he went inside the only cave on the island, barren of tress or life, morale broke. His fellow men heard whispers, voices that were not from anyone among them; yet when they looked around the lit cave area, nothing was there. Three men disappeared and then thee were two. He and his remaining companion were religious. They continued praying but their prayers were in vain as a figure came out literally out of the shadows. A figure of an pure white skinned tall buxom woman with violet hair reaching her upper back.

"My, you two are full of energy and especially you with the more muscular look. Your souls and bodies will be mine to do whatever I please and you two will watch as I drain ALL the life energies out off your friends. Ha Ha Ha!" The figure laughed in a sadistic way as holy water was thrown at her and Akira's companion was holding a cross. This irritated her as her fair olive skin was burned a BIT. "You however will die now and painfully. Rah!" She screamed as Akira went to protect his shaking companion but her hands stopped and his friend was impaled from an icicle, while he remained unscratched.

"Who are you and what are you? And WHY are you doing this?" Akira questioned in grief and anger for losing his companions, in sadness for not being able to defend them or himself.

She smiled and said "I am a VERY sadistic and lewd being, a demoness, a succubus and as well as a Yuki-onna. I am doing all this as I can and because I want to. I have been imprisoned here for many centuries and am bored and unsatisfied. I require seeing pain, sadness, and consuming or draining semen, sweat, saliva, souls and blood for satiating my lust and power. I am known as Yukiko. I am giving you a chance to run and find any of your remaining companions. If you are unable to do so, then you will see as ll of your life energies are drained from you as you will become the slave of my desires and also kill your family and friends. Go now." She started chasing him as ran and began to look for his friends. After an hour Mara stated that the time was over and was going in for the kill very slowly, but after showing him his friends and devouring their life energies..

Akira began praying to Buddha as he was a Buddhist, however as he did so, Yukiko laughed and said it won't do him any good. Akira was a very good and holy man but his prayers were in vain. He then remembered from his christian friend, that God is true and the only one powerful enough to do anything right and if He is willing, you may be further rewarded in times of need. Akira abandoned his beliefs in Buddhism, but then a thought came to his mind that it was Buddhism that abandoned him.

He started praying to Jesus and God while pleading for forgiveness, mercy and protection. None came. He cried as visions of tortures came to mind and the looks of his loved ones, mainly his best friends: Seiyo and Takehito, Miya, Minato and Yume when they find him dead. A vision came of how they would be horrified when his body did them harm. He remembered about the Shinto gods and goddesses and began praying to all. As hope seemed lost, he felt a woman's warm touch and heard to call Futsu-Nushi. And soon later a way to attain help came, as well as help itself.

Akira was surprised to find a weapon's shaft. After touching it, a few words came to his min and he recited them while swinging the unknown weapon. Yukiko screamed and the cave caved in. He awoke not knowing how long he as out cold, but knowing that he had heard a mysterious voice. He took in his situation and saw that he was still in the cave, but the rocks were being removed from the outside. He saw his very worried older brother, running to him and enveloping him in a hug.

"Bro, did you know I was here?" Akira asked weakly.

"You hadn't returned in seven days. I do know that sometimes your projects take more time but not even any of your team members returned after the allotted time. Plus a few people, whom I know were feeling that you were in pain. Although I was worried, I could not tell that. You haven't eaten anything it seems. Come, a feast is being prepared. I will tend to your injuries, while you speak to Miya and Yume, who were VERY WORRIED. Takehito said with concern and slightly caressing his little brother's back and supporting him as few members of MBI came to assist him.

After Akira showered, and with his wounds treated, he was finishing his conversation with a very weeping Miya and Yume as well. She was being consoled by a few voices, which he did not know. They were also of concern.

On the jet ride back to Tokyo, Akira was asking how Takehito found the exact location. Takehito then started his explanation.


/Just after Akira left, two of Takehito's colleagues came running and panting. They were Yume and Miya's sekerei sisters. No. 2 Matsu: The Hentai Glasses and No.7 Akitsu: The Ice Sekerei asked where Akira was. They continued on to say that they began reacting when Takehito's brother entered the building. Several of the members of the Disciplinary Squad were reacting to him, it seemed.

On the final day of the excavation, Akitsu had an accident due to an over confident adjuster. She lost the ability to get winged by her ashikabi. The news broke her and as well as her released sekerei sisters. On the sixth day, Matsu, Yume and even No. 4 Karasuba: The Black Sekerei were feeling immense pain and were very worried. Karasuba tried her best not to show it though. Matsu went crazy and searched for Akira as Yume felt that their ashikabi was in deep peril. Takehito had gone himself to find and retrieve his brother. Yume went along with Takehito.

Two days later or a day and a half, they reached the island and Yume and the members of MBI began looking for Akira, when Yume felt Akira scream. She went to the cave entrance and was pushed by an immense force. She tried her best but the force retaliated and sent Yume into unconsciousness. She was later taken back to MBI. Takehito ordered to excavate through the other end and they were surprised at the numbers of boulders and rocks that were excavated. It just didn't seem to end.

Luckily the next day, they were able to completely dig through the cave and make an exit/

Akira was saddened to hear that Akitsu had an accident bu he was not informed of the details. He was happy that people other than Miya and Takehito cared for him. He was still kept out of the Sekerei plan as Takehito yet didn't inform him that he was a potential ashikabi. Takehito just said that some people felt something was wrong.

As Akira was supported by Takehito, they wee greeted by Miya, Yume, Matsu and Akira could see another woman looking at them from the distance, unnoticed by the others. That woman was The Black Sekerei: Karasuba. Akira thought of her as shy but he couldn't ponder long enough as he was being suffocated by the enormous boobs of Matsu and a bit of Yume's as well.

All the sekerei women surrounding him, except for Miya were reacting VERY deeply but they wanted to get to know him better, and also would loved it if he knew them better as well.

Akira was taken to a hospital currently being controlled by MBI. Takehito and Miya visited him while the others were back at MBI. Takehito said it would be better if Akira visited Akitsu later. Takehito was studying a writing, which was in sekerei. Akira asked to help and the three, yes even Akira himself were shocked to find Akira easily reading and translating the words.

This news reached Minaka's ears somehow and he came by to see Akira and offer him a job. He knew that several of the Disciplinary Squad members were reacting to Akira As well.

"It's good to finally meet you Akira-san, and after such a long time. I was hurt that you forgot to visit me and only visited Takehito. I heard that that you were able to translate a very delicate information. As such I am here to offer you a job as the translator in a scheme of mine, The will be able to work alongside you Takehito and I and it will be like the good old days of Teito.U, but only much better. Now then for the interview IF you are willing." The mad man Minaka stated as Akira nodded yes. "Very well then. First, if you were to hear that quite a few people were wishing for you to notice them and be their partner, would you accept? Secondly, if any of your partners were in trouble, but had enough pride to face the challenge alone, what would you do? Lastly if your new partners were in a life and death situation or a situation were they were in immense pain and longing, what would you do if the only way to cure them is for you to exchange DNA or bodily fluids and embrace, what would you do.? Answer please." Minaka FINALLY finished.

"Yes, I would accept them but I would like to know what do you mean by being partnered. Secondly, I would allow them to face the challenge alone but keep reminding them that if and when they would want my help I will be there. Furthermore if I see that they are in too much peril, I will intervene and try to help them with the best of my abilities. Lastly if I would have to give my blood then I will do so in a heartbeat. However why did you mention a kiss and bodily fluids in plural?" Akira asked the last part in a blush and confused look.

Minaka laughed and stated that Akira will be paid a VERY handsome salary and be one of the senior staff of MBI, as well as get to know the details in what Minaka meant. Minaka exited the room shouting out that a new age of gods will begin soon and lead by the the three geniuses of Tokyo.

Akira just stared at the former seat of the man and was happy to have a job working along with his buddies, being a godfather and as well as having women who cared for him. He knew that with their support he can withstand almost anything, and later fell a sleep. However, a nightmare would haunt him.