Akira: The Unholy Ashikabi

DISCLAIMER: Sekerie and ALL of its characters are owned by Sakurako Gokurakuin. However I do own my OC: Akira Asama- Takehito's best friend and Minaka's close friend. brother, Miya's soon to be good ken do partner and Minato's godfather. Akira had graduated together with Takehito and Minaka, and the three were called the the three geniuses of Teito U. Plus I have changed the pairings and taken Matsu, Kazehana and Tsukiumi out of Minato's sekerie as they were there before he was born and my philosophy welcomes no cougars or milfs or pedophiles. However Kochou will replace the role of Matsu in the intelligence Field and Haihane will replace the perverted part, Kaho will take the role of Kazehana, Taki will take the possessive role. As I believe Minato does not deserve Minaka as his father but someone much better and just as smart, with a much more sense of moral and thus he will be the son of Miya and Takehito. Plus Please check out the fics of my buddy and beta reader MickDunD who is the author of Organized Chaos and Organized Chaos:Rewrite. Please check them out. They have Karasuba nd Yume as well.

{This is mental communication and/or sharing of dreams and visions between bonded mates}

'This is sarcastic speech'

"This is normal speech"

'This is mental thought'

\This is flashback\

/This is Dream/


CHAPTER 2: Nightmares send Akira To A Coma; While Torturous Memories Increases His Pain! Yukiko Grips The fates of The Sekerei, Akira Dreams Of The Life of Another?

/Akira found himself in an icy cave. He heard the humming of a beautiful voice. However he saw that it was none other than Yukiko. She smirked and caressed his cheek as he was pulled up by icy chains. Yukiko began to slice his chest but no blood came out, however Akira did begin to feel weak. He saw Yukiko's lips at his chest as she began sucking away what seemed to be his life energy, but she stopped as the area became submerged in darkness, no in black flames, as Yukiko was pushed away with lightning.

"You have been blessed by Futsu-Nushi as well? That general of Amaterasu will NOT interfere. Huh, wait it's not directly him, but oh I see. Well then, looks like an old slave of mine who imprisoned me is seeking revenge. Tell you what Akira, I will leave you with an info and a mark. The info is that the women: Miya, Yume, Matsu and the one you saw at a distance: Karasuba are known as sekerei. They form bonds with their ashikabis. And it seemed that destiny was cruel enough to put a block in your philosophy of having one eternal love, ha! They have been reacting to you and I want to have fun torturing you mentally. Why? Because I like to have honorable men like you as my play things. Your souls are so tasty and the make my very being quiver in ecstasy. It has been many centuries since my hunger and lust has been I WILL taste you soon. Now for my mark." Yukiko smirked as she formed an icy middle finger and kissed it, well more so like kissing and slurping at it. She then looked at Akira, who was in pain. " . .kun" and shot that spike at his chest BUT it didn't penetrate him, only it molded itself in him.

Akira felt immense pain and lost consciousness./

Back in the hospital, Akira's heart rate monitor was going berserk and Takehito, Takami, Miya, Yume, Matsu, Akitsu rushed in seeing his body shaking and his heart rate going berserk. All his soon to be sekerei and Miya were worried DEEPLY as Takehito and Takami were calming trying to treat him. As Akitsu and Yume touched or tried to touch him, fire and electricity came out. This shocked the duo and both had the same thought.

'What just happened? Why couldn't I touch Akira Kun/sama?' Thought Yume and Akitsu respectively. They tried to ponder more on the matter but a voice interrupted them. It was of woman but it spoke different words to each of them.

'Who are you? Why have you disrupted my thoughts?!' questioned Akitsu to the voice. she heard the voice speak with empathy.

' I am a woman of ice and snow as well. I too was cursed like you. My husband and eternal love caught the eyes of a demoness of fire and unless he succumbed to her wills, his soul burned. However he was faithful and devoted to me and I loved him for it. However each time I came close to him, I couldn't touch him to ease his pain and cool his body, nor could I make love to him. I was broken, till I decided to get stronger and banish that demoness for good. I fought with her and failed and instead of finishing me off, the bitch forced herself on my love. I had to see my love weep as he was being violated and hear him ask for my forgiveness even though there was no need for it, as he was not at fault. I became stronger and injured the demoness. However before I could finish her off, she in rage burnt my husband and killed him. I am afraid that you are a victim of such a curse and cannot flee from this cursed destiny unless you become stronger. I will help you, but you shouldn't speak of our conversation. My name is Yukiko my fair sister. Oh and you should try to keep Karasuba away from your love as she seeks his I'll. Till we meet face to face. ' The voice finished and left Akitsu wondering.

The voice then spoke to Yume, filling up her mind with lies and deceit as well. 'i am an emissary of fate just like you and have come to guide you. it was fate that made our conversation possible, however you shouldn't speak of this to anyone but your lover and your husband. The man you are crying for is your destined one, I can tell. you are unable to give him help because you have to reunite all the members of your kind with their destined ones. I will speak to you soon as fate has spoken so. Farewell my fellow sister of fate'. The voice finished as Yume: The Sekerei Of Fate accepted.

However, they did not know that the voice was' lying and the only reason the voice spoke was so because she wanted to use them in her scemes. Karasuba was also feeling strange and sexual urges came rushing through her core. She really wanted it but why now she did not know and she decided that she did not need an ashikabi and tried to withstand it. However Matsu was not affected when she heard a proposition. It was of all the sexual activities she could do with Akira. Being super smart and perverted, Matsu mad the voice flee in embarrassment with more lewd ideas of her own.


She had a huge blush and was shocked at the ideas that Matsu shared with her. She was enraged that Matsu outwit her and decided to grip the fates of the first 9 sekerei. She tried it on Miya but noted that she had NO EFFECT whatsoever and Miya frightened her a bit. She contacted Minaka and proposed to make the sekerei game more interesting. Minaka agreed wholeheartedly. Yukiko smirked triumphantly and thought of the fun she would have.


It was found out that Akira went in a coma. Karasuba felt immense pain and grief, so did Matsu. A broken Kazehana was drinking after she got rejected by Minaka for Takami. Suddenly she felt immense pain wash over her and by instinct she rushed over Akira's room without knowing. Yume didn't dare to get near Akira as she saw Matsu hugging her and not get affected, nor as Kazehana rushed in and did the same. Karasuba also couldn't take it anymore and decided to walk in but as she saw Matsu and Kazehana hug Akira and going for the winging, rage consumed her. She wanted to kill Akira. Matsu and Kazehana got winged together. Kazehana, Yume, Miya, Akitsu protected Akira from a raging Karasuba. After Karasuba was dragged away by Miya, Minaka entered.

"My my. Well no.3 it seems that you are quick to find someone else after your rejection. And it seems that No.2 is also winged. This is interesting and in good order. First No.1 Miya by Takehito and now No.s 2 and 3 by Akira. I wonder what will happen and I hope he awakes soon." Minaka said with real concern. This shocked everyone except for Takehito as he knew the immense bond his two friends shared.

The next day as Akitsu, Yume and Karasuba kept their distances from Akira, Matsu and Kazehana stayed by their ashikabi. The felt him in pain and shared his memories. Unknowingly to them, Karasuba did as well.

{Matsu and Kazehana found themselves inside a cave and felt Akira in pain but they unable to do anything as they were unable to do anything, not being able to move. They saw a figure of an pure white skinned tall buxom woman with violet hair reaching her upper back, grip Akira with her clawed fingers of ice. they saw Akira's blood come out as the woman tasted it. she began to unzip his pants as Akira protested and moved, trying to shake her. This made the woman angry but her eyes told she saw it as a challenge. The woman then showed a few men, who must have been Akira's companions. She later hit two of them with spikes made from ice and as they started to bleed, she liked and sucked them dry. She called one of the two remaining men and said him to please her. The man did so using his hands but the woman hit him and said he can only use his mouth.

The manslave did as he was ordered. The woman became bored as the man was not doing a good job. She then impaled him with ice shards. The last man did the same but was doing a better job and as such the woman kissed him. She started from his neck, slowly nibbling at the skin to his chest, slim abs and then his dick. However as she was tasting and pleasing the man, the hypnotized and pleasured man fell to his knees. The woman sucked out all his seamen and after consuming it, she kissed the man and he began to squirm and then fall. The body of the man seemed hollow as if missing something, it began to freeze up into ice.

Matsu and Kazehana were appalled by the display but were slightly turned on. Karasuba watched interested seeing the blood shed of the impaled man.

The woman then turned to Akira and said that she devoured their life energies and would do the same to him. Matsu and Kazehana had eyes filled with hate, and even Karasuba.

They watched helplessly as the woman of ice and snow torturing their beloved, and as blood dripped from Akira's wounded body, she liked and consumed them. She froze Akira's legs and undid his pants to reveal his manhood. Matsu, Kazehana and Karasuba were turned on and blushed. Yes even Karasuba but with a smirk. Akira began to weep as the woman began to give him a skillful handjob. Akira whispered apologies to his soon to be wife and mate and love. He cried out to the gods and goddesses to help retain his virtue as he wanted to have his first time with his mate and love. This angered the woman but touched the three sekerei. Akira's please were heard as he came across a massive sword like weapon and swing at the woman. A flash occurred and they were shown Akira engulfed in power, this made the woman flee. }

Matsu and Kazehana awoke and touched their still virgin but manly and honorable ashikabi's cheeks. They were sad for his pain, angry at the bitch who caused it and happy because with they will take the virginity of their love and give their virginity to him.

Months passed and Matsu and Kazehana conversed with the still comatose Akira. They fed him and wated to know his view on their cooking, especially after he awoke and tasted their cooking again. Kazehana and Matsu were called to be on a mission, and asked Akitsu and Yume to watchover him, but they refused suffering. Karasuba sneaked in Akira's room and touched his cheek, slightly caressing it

"You are my ashikabi but have not winged me yet. I want to thank you for it but kill you at the same time. So you're a virgin, have a great physique and dick with a handsome face. It is easy to kill you now but it will be too easy and I want to have fun battling you with your new powers and as you are a skilled swordsman. " Karasuba spoke her wishes to the comatose Akira. She was then hit by strong lustful urges and the need to rape him. " However I can take your virginity before your winged sekerei but too bad for you as you won't feel it. Get ready to be my first and be honored that I will be your first." A reaction occurred as Akira had a hard on which pleased Karasuba, she kissed him on the nose and saw a vision of him smiling. This shocked her. Just then Miya, Matsu and Kazehana arrived. Miya looked away completely as Akira was fully on display and as Matsu and Kazehana blushed. The three chased the shocked but happy Karasuba. Miya chased her away as she was not yet his winged sekerei and was trying to violate him.


It has been four years since Akira got into a coma and two since he came back. Matsu and Kazehana continued to take care of the comatose Akira. An overconfident adjuster made Akitsu unable to be winged and made sure no one knew about it, by attempting to remove Akitsu's sekerie heart or Tama. He was caught and was fired. Akitsu went into a state of shock. During these years Kazehana and Matsu did everything they could to keep a blood thirsty Karasuba away from the comatose Akira. Miya, Akitsu, Yume and Kazehana threatened Karasuba and Minaka sent Karasuba and Yume to many missions to keep them busy until Akira recovered. During these years, Takehito and Miya had Minato and soon after little Yukari who was now 1 year old.

They made an establishment called Maison Izumo, a boarding house for those who needed help. Takehito and Akira continued working at MBI while Miya quit the Disciplinary Squad. Akira in that year became friends with sekerei no.5: Mutsu. Akira learnt he had attained an increase in his swordsmanship and as well as strength. He after ordering a horse-slayer practiced with Mutsu and became partners like Yume and Karasuba. Akira requested to Kazehana and Matsu to allow him to speak to Yume and fulfill a promise they made. Kazehana and Matsu agreed understandingly.


Sekerei No. 88: Musubi, sekerei no. 22: Kochou, sekerei no. 87: Kaho, sekerei no.65: Taki and sekerei no. 104 Haihane were kidnapped from MBI and now were being taken somewhere in a military vehicle. Yume and Karasuba. They were too late to save the little sekerei. Shortly after as Yume was still checking on the girls, Kazehana, Mutsu and Akira came to assist them. Matsu came long to find out what the enemy did to them Karasuba fled the area but kept an eye on the situation from afar.


"Yume! What happened to them?" a concerned Akira asked. Yume was able to get close to Akira after Akira managed to control his powers, but it was unknown to Yume. Before she could answer, Matsu quickly suggested to take them back to MBI. There, Takehito tried to heal them with the jinki but before that Akira stopped him by saying that the jinki would not be suitable in the girls' conditions. They were thinking of a way to revive them and especially after Matsu found out that their sekerei hearts have been damaged and they would die if nothing was done.

Yume, Kazehana, Matsu were deeply concerned. Yume spent lots of time with Musubi, Kochou having the same ability as Matsu spent more time with her, Kazehana spent a lot time with Kaho and Karasuba spent her time training Haihane.

Akitsu was hearing a voice and it was not that cold voice she heard during the time when Akira was in comatose. It was a gentler voice but with more authority. Akitsu was asked to go to the children.

There Akira, Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba and Yume also heard the voice.

'I am Amaterasu, the goddess and am speaking to you all for telling you that you all are being used by a demoness and I know a way to help the little ones. See who among you ladies have the best bond with which child and then share a bit of you energy and combine it with Akira and give it to the individual girls. None of you will be harmed but you ladies will feel little discomfort during the process and it doesn't matter if you are winged by him or not, all it matters is that you are bonded with him.'

Akira believed it and Yume and Akitsu did as well. However Matsu and the others were shaky. So Yume volunteered first. She looked at Akira and began using her tama, while Akira used his spirit energy. They panted and Yume was in discomfort but pushed through the pain. Akira grasped her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

" I am here for you Yume-chan." he said with a smile.

"Even though I turned you down and kept my distance?" Yume asked with tears. Akira nodded. She pushed through with Akira's support and Musubi's damaged tama was glowing. Little Musubi opened her eyes and hugged Akira and Yume. Akira looked at Yume lovingly, to which she blushed.

"Doesn't it feel like we have conceived or given our daughter life, Yume-chan? " after this Yume became EVEN REDDER but smiled shyly and nodded. This made all the other sekerei women jealous and their adoration for Akira increase, just as their maternal instincts screamed at them and ached to help the little sekerei girls. Even Karasuba was affected and her confusion started to fade while love for Akira came. The happy moment was disrupted as Yume fell, and as Karasuba clutched her head in pain. Mist began to form as Akitsu too was in pain Yume's body began to vanish and the people became confused.


Akira was distraught by the loss of his best friend who died by trying to heal Akitsu ; via using the Jinki. He was unable to sleep as Miya was being consoled by Kazehana and Matsu. Later, Akira began to dream and a voice which spoke to him during his entrapment inside the cave.

/Akira saw himself in a village in Japan. It was during a war. He saw a tall muscular, yet with an apportionately thin waist man with spiky tall hair walking with a beautiful woman, who resembled Akitsu/Yume/Karasuba. He saw that the woman was pregnant and heard her call the man by the name of Zanza. They were happy.

The scenario changed as he saw an old man, mainly a shogun who came to Zanza for help. It turned out that men were vanishing from the village and being turned to ice or frozen. Others were see to be hypnotized and killed their wives. Zanza went to slay the demoness known as Yuki-onna. He came to her icy lair and saw her feeding off of the frozen men while other worshiped her and pleasing her sexually(orally). He got spotted by the Yuki-onna who ordered her slaves to capture him and bring him to her. Zanza escaped but he was then being frozen by the snow woman known as Yukiko. Yukiko tried to hypnotize him but she was shocked to find her charms unaffected. She was even more shocked to see Zanza break through her trap. Yukiko made a deal with Zanza and said if he fought with her, then she will let go of the hypnotized men and if he won against her in sword combat, then she will not only release the hypnotized men but unfreeze the the frozen men and let them go. Zanza agreed and he beat her using his swordsmanship skill. Yukiko help up her hand of the bargain, but became almost obsessed with Zanza. Akira was amazed by Zanza's skill.

Yukiko tried may advances on Zanza but all failed. Zanza's pregnant wife prayed to Amaterasu seeking guidance. Amaterasu advised Zanza to pray to her general Futsu-Nushi, the war god of swords, fires and lightning. Futsu-Nushi gave Zanza power but aid he may die but as Zanza's spirit and souls and body were very strong, he was able to make use of the gift. He fought Yukiko and almost won but Yukiko then found out the reason why Zanza didn't fall for her lustful desires. it was due to his devotion to his fiancee who was equally devoted and loving.

She killed her slowly in front of Zanza but not before impersonating her and having her way with Zanza. After the illusion disappeared, Zanza was distraught and after burying his beloved wife and unborn child, while Mara laughed, slapped Mara. Mara still couldn't believe that he was still able to resist her. She cursed his soul, going crazy and attacked as Zanza got used to his new powers and vowed to use these powers and end Yukiko. A decade passed and Zanza created a demonic horse-slayer (Like Senosuke's but with demonic attributes. a shield which Mara could not perpetrate as it was made from Zanza's very own demonic flesh and scales. The final battle came and the island which was apart of East Japan separated and was swallowed by the Pacific Ocean, to the east because of the battle.

As being cursed, Zanza's soul traveled aimlessly until he prayed to Futsu-Nushi and the deity locked his soul in his horse slayer and shield. The spirit of Zanza awaits for the day when the creator gives him an opportunity to eradicate Yukiko directly or indirectly.

A voice, namely the voice of Zanza spoke to Akira. "Akira Sagara, now you see what kind of being Yukiko is and was. If we work together, then we can get rid of the snow bitch for good. That way you can be happy and my spirit will rest easy and you will also gain my powers or rather be able to keep them. You should start training and I will assist you. BUT you must find my shield back in the cave./

Akira awoke and decided to begin his journey.