Chapter 8: Hulk Wakes Up

Star-Lord and the others had to soon face the wrath of Thanos and his daughter Nebula.

"You had to disrupt the Hulk from squashing those Xenomorphs on this planet that is rightfully belongs to me" said Thanos.

"Well bub, we don't like it when you take our friend from his home planet for your own amusement" said Wolverine.

"So, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you get" laughed Thanos.

"Uh, what are you doing Wolvierine?" asked Rocket.

"I can take him" said Wolverine.

"Uh, run!" cried Havok as he led the others out.

For Bruce Banner he was sleeping through the entire ordeal. Groot had to carry Bruce as he was dodging Thanos' blasters.

"I am Groot!" cried Groot as he was having a hard time trying to protect Bruce.

"I agree, it is difficult to carry someone like him" added Drax.

"I am Groot" said Groot as he laid Bruce down.

"Hmm, maybe we should reawake the green monster" laughed Drax.

Drax then began to deliver a good old beat down on poor Bruce.

"Hey, what are you doing!" cried Havok as he was pushed aside by Drax.

"Doing us a favor by getting rid of Thanos and his daughter Nebula!" cried Drax.

"But I thought that was what you wanted to do?" asked Gamora.

"True" continued Drax as he ended up beating up Bruce.

"Please, no more!" cried Bruce as he didn't know who Drax was, "I don't even know who you are, why are you doing this! You're no different from that Thanos guy!"

Drax was indeed angered by that comparison and ended up punching poor Bruce which he then emerged back as the Hulk again.

"Hulk no like it when someone disrupts Hulk's sleep!" roared the Hulk.

"Yea, nice going, now the Hulk is going to go after us again" said Havok.

"Oh, this works with my plan" laughed Drax.

Drax ends up hopping away as the Hulk chases after him.

"Hulk smash bald man who hit Hulk!" roared the Hulk.

Drax continued on his trek eventually coming toward where Thanos was fighting Wolverine, where Wolverine was losing pretty badly in spite of his healing factor.

"Great who did you bring?" asked Wolverine to Drax.

"A green friend" laughed Drax.

Both Drax and Wolverine dodged Hulk trying to deliver a slam of his two fists onto the ground.

"Hulk want to face bald man!" roared the Hulk.

"You woke up the Hulk?" asked Wolverine.

"Had to" laughed Drax, "part of the plan."

"You there Hulk" said Thanos, "I ask for you to crush Star-Lord and his friends, and then you can continue crushing those pesky Xenomorphs that you are so good at doing."

Hulk just simply stood there wondering who Thanos was to order him around.

"Why is Emperor Man asking Hulk to do his work?" asked the Hulk.

"That's a new one" said Wolverine whispered to Drax.

Hulk charged at Thanos, yet Nebula ended up stepped in to defend him, she took out her blades and ended up slicing the Hulk which sent him flying in the air.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you are a fool for trying to oppose my father" said Nebula.

Hulk got up and ended up to charge at the two.

"Hulk no likes being used as a play thing!" roared the Hulk.

Hulk ended up delivering a punch to Nebula and another one to poor Thanos. Thanos was knocked against some trees while Nebula was grabbed by one of her legs and began to swirl around as the Hulk swung her around in the air.

"Wow, that's interesting" said Gamora.

Hulk then tosses poor Nebula right over toward a nest of Red Xenomorphs.

"Well this is just lovely" said Nebula in a sarcastic tone as she was prepared to fight the Red Xenomorphs.

Thanos ended up blasting the Hulk again with his blaster sending him crashing onto the ground.

"I've had enough of this!" roared Thanos, "Time to end this, your usefulness is up anyway."

Yet before Thanos could do anything, Nebula had accidently tossed one of the Red Xenomorphs toward Thanos where the Red Xenomorph ended up being on top of him drooling with saliva all over him. Yet Thanos was able to literally knock down the Red Xenomorph.

"See, you don't need the Hulk to do your dirty work" said Wolverine, "come on Hulk let's go."

"Well, since Hulk was really used, okay" said the Hulk as he followed Wolverine and the others back to Star-Lord's ship.

Star-Lord ended up starting the engines on his ship as everyone got onboard and headed off, as for Ronan he decided to help out Nebula and Thanos after all as they found themselves surrounded by Xenomorphs of all colors.

"Uh, the Hulk was good for something after all!" cried Thanos.

Suddenly Ronan ended up teleporting there and ended up using his hammer to smite the Xenomorphs.

"See, we can use our forces to destroy them" said Ronan.

"I see you have a point now" said Thanos.

As the trio ended up making quick work of the other Xenomorphs, for the Hulk he was pleased to be content for the time being while flying back to Earth.