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Maya and Zig both stifled laughs as the other passengers glared at them. They were currently swapping some of their worst Christmas memories, though Zig's story seemed to be able to fit under the best category.

He and some friends were outside in their bathing suits, trying to prove that they were tough enough to brave the snow. Needless to say, Zig ended up getting his pants pulled down by one of his friends, leaving him butt naked in the snow. At his friend's parents' house. With kids and grandparents there as well.

Maya erupted with laughter again. "Did anyone catch you?"

"Luckily, no. My friend's parents are, like, really conservative, so they would have flipped out if they knew what we were doing. We told them we were going for a walk." He paused to chuckled. "I'm surprised they didn't catch us. We were practically screaming because it was so cold." He laughed again. "Your turn."

Maya bit her lip.

"You have to say it. I told ya mine."

"I was visiting my boyfriend's family. Meeting them for the first time, actually." She paused. "Long story short, trying to have sex in a single bed, surrounded my childhood toys and paper-thin walls? Yeah, big turnoff."

"So, did you?"

"Did I what?"

"Have sex with him?You said you tried."

"No, not really."

Zig clasped his hands together in the air. "Oh, a happy ending."

"And why is that?"

"If Mr. Single Bed...bedded you that night, you might still be with him, instead of talking to me right now. So, in a way, I kind of owe him." He pretended to raise an invisible glass. "To Mr. whatever that guy's name is, whose beautiful ex-girlfriend is now in my possession." He smirked at Maya. "If she wants to be, of course." When Maya remained silent, he continued. "She doesn't have to answer right now, though."

Maya smiled nervously.

"Hey, you didn't tell me why you're headed home."

"Winter break," Maya answered.



"Let me guess, it's your...second year."


"Right. It must be the height that had me thinking otherwise." He smirked again.

"Need another kiss?" Maya asked, referring to the first time he'd acknowledged her shortness.

"Ugh, only if you've got the real thing."

"What, someone doesn't like the off-brands? Hershey's can't make all the money."

He chuckled, relieved that Maya was brushing his previous comments off, instead of responding with more silence.

"Why are you going home?" she asked.

"I was working out some stuff for a new job. I, uh, I start next year. Around late February or early March. But for now, I'm just confined to Toronto."

"It's not so bad."

"Do you miss it? While you're at school, I mean?"

"I guess. I went to this school called Degrassi. I don't know if you've heard of it, but I didn't really have a bunch of friends there. But I see kids from there around town all the time when I'm home."

"You went to Degrassi?"


"I did too, actually. Is Perino still there?"


"I swear, there must have been a term when he'd given me detention every single week."

"I don't think I ever saw you there. How old are you?"


"Oh, wow."

"Wow? Sounds like a bad thing. How old are you?"

"I just turned twenty."

"Shit, that's young."

"Only kind of young," Maya corrected. "Besides, it's not like it's illegal."

He smiled at her last sentence. "Why, were you seeing this going somewhere?" Realizing the words popped out of his mouth without any attention to tone, he was afraid she thought he saying it in a negative way. "I'm kidding," he whispered to her. He stretched his hand out to grab hers. "Your hands are freezing!"

Maya pulled her hand away and pressed it to her other one. "I guess my hands are always cold."

"Do you want some gloves or something?" He glanced toward his messenger bag, ready to retrieve a pair of gloves if she needed them.

"I'm good. Thanks, though."

"No problem. Do you want to go get some coffee or something? Surely that'll warm you up."

"Uh, well, I don't drink coffee."

"You don't drink coffee?"

"I don't like the taste."

"I'm sure they have hot chocolate too. You do like hot chocolate, right?"


"Good." He stood up.

"I've actually been on a cherry hot chocolate kick lately. I tried it as a free sample and it's amazing."

"Well, I don't know if they have that, but we'll find something to warm you up so your poor fingers don't fall off."

"So..." Maya looked at Zig, waiting for his response.

"Yup," he said, setting his drink down. "You've officially won me over. Where has this been hiding all my life?"

"Right? I used to get mint all the time, bu now this is all I ever order. While they have it, at least. I think it's only a holiday flavor, which sucks."

Zig nodded, and they both continued to sip their drinks.

"What are you thinking about?" Maya asked.

Zig bit his lip. "You really wanna know?"

"That's why I asked."

"I feel kinda pathetic admitting this, but I was thinking of how I could get your number."

"Any luck with that?"

"Couldn't think of anything."

"Why not just ask?"

"I would have come off as too forward. But after everything we've talked about today, I'm pretty sure we've already touched on being forward."

Maya rolled her eyes.

"So, does that mean I can have your number?"

"We'll see about that." She took another sip of her drink.

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