Hummmmm hum hmmmmmm, hm hmmmmmmm, hm hmmmmmm

Link knew he was getting closer to whatever that music was. He's been in Hyrule Castle for an hour, and was glad he found a map.

Judging from the knowledge he knew of past heroes' journeys and the layout of the castle, he figured he was in the Era of Time's version of the castle.

Between the organ and him was now a golden locked door. Using the key he found earlier, the Hero Across the Ages opened and entered the door.

And there sat Ganondorf playing on the organ.

And he kept playing for a while as Link and Proxi watched the villain, knowing that the Demon King wasn't vulnerable at the moment.

And then he stopped.

"For 1,000 years, I attempted to gain the full Triforce. For 1,000 years, I brought Hyrule to its knees. For 1,000 years, the Hero and Princess would...defeat me. How is it that they will always fight side by side? Then I found out why. Their souls are connected, just like they are to me, by it is a different connection. It is why Link and Zelda with, most times, be childhood friends and/or fall in love. Cia failed me. She couldn't kill the Princess."

"Why Zelda?"

"Smart question. You see, history is tainted with the fact that the Princess is a weakling who relies on the Hero. We both know that isn't true. The Master Sword alone is powerful, but without the...Why am I telling you this?" Ganondorf finally turned around, and Link and Proxi could see the huge grin on Ganondorf's face. "I've finally won. For the first time in 1,000 years, the Triforce is completely mine."

"Psssh, you wish! Link will beat you!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Ganondorf clutched his stomach, tears rolling from his eyes and he almost fell over.

Link never felt so humiliated in his life. But he was never so angry in his life either.

"You think this shrimp can beat me? I am Ganondorf, King of Demons, Possessor of the Triforce. You. Can't. Win. Boy."

Link unsheathed the Master Sword, equipped the Hylian Shield on his right arm, and stood tall. "Then let's fight. Fate has brought our souls together again. Only one will survive."

"Indeed, Link." Ganondorf rose into air, and slammed his fist into the ground, creating a gap between him and Link.

"Catch, Hero." Ganondorf created an orb out of his fist, and threw it. Link hit it back, they went at it for some time, and it hit Ganondorf, locking him in the air. While he struggled, Link whipped out an arrow, which, to his surprise, was a Light Arrow. He fired it, and Ganondorf was encased in light and fell to his knees.

Link didn't know how to cross the gap, so he went to the wall behind him, and pulled out something he thought he'll never use.

He jumped onto the Spinner, and a pole with a track rose before him. The Spinner went up it, and Link jumped off and landed on the platform where Ganondorf was.

After freely beating him, Ganondorf sent Link back to the other side, and resumed their tennis match. Twice Ganondorf would be hit, and Link would repeat the same process.

The fourth round, Ganondorf hit the orb so hard that Link miscalculated the timing.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Electricity coursed throughout Link's body, and Ganondorf laughed as the Hero struggled.

"Now we share each other's pain, Link."

Link couldn't refute that. It hurt like hell.

The fifth round was a loss to Ganondorf, and Link took advantage once again before Ganondorf rose back into the air.

"Heh heh heh, so far, so good. Now how would you like this?" Raising both arms into the air, Ganondorf created a large ball of yellow light before sending it at Link. The large ball separated into five smaller ones, and Link took all five of them. He didn't like it at all.

"Come on, Link! We got to beat him!" Link got up, but the next attempt ended the same. So did the next one, and it was just one orb.

The pain was unbearable, and Link hadn't even faced Ganondorf in a sword fight yet. He didn't think he could win. After all, Josh, who was equal of skill to Link, didn't beat Ganondorf, even in Focus Spirit. Volga did it, but only with Cia's power. Link couldn't even hold the power of Focus Spirit long enough, even though he unlocked it before Ganondorf sent them traveling through time.

Not to mention no other Hero had to face Ganondorf who obtained the full Triforce.

But somehow, Link would regained the advantage once more, despite his weariness and doubt. But once again, Ganondorf would blast him with the quintet of orbs.

"So weak. Just plain pathetic. Your ancestors were a better match." Ganondorf sent the five orbs at Link again, and the Hero screamed in agony. "I'll just kill you now, and then Princess...excuse me, Queen Zelda, will fall after you do." Creating the large ball again, he fired at Link.

Link expected them to hit him. But they never did. What he did see was a fading blue light laying before him.

It was Proxi.

"NOOO!" Link scooped up the fairy, and, well, felt helpless. He put her into a bottle, hoping she's still alive.

Ganondorf laughed to himself the entire time. "Oh, this is familiar. The Boy Without a Fairy is back!"

Link looked up at Ganondorf, letting his anger fueled him. "And that boy is gonna make sure you never threaten Hyrule again!" Ganondorf sent quintet of orbs after quintet of orbs, and Link barely dodged them. Finally, Ganondorf returned to the tennis match, and Link won. After firing the arrow, Link used the Spinner to get to the center platform, but took the Spinner with him and rammed into the Demon King, drilling into him. Ganondorf yelled in pain before finally pushing Link away.

"The Demon King Ganondorf...beaten by this kid...with the full power of the Triforce?!" He stood up, and used his power to destroy everything. Link looked around as everything changed, and light brighten the area.

And sent him outside.


Link turned and saw Zelda run towards him. He grabbed, kissed, and hugged the Queen of Hyrule. "Zelda...I thought I'll never see you again."

"You're ok. We're gonna win."

Link looked at the tearing Zelda and pulled out the bottled Proxi. "We need to hurry. Proxi is dying. She needs the Great Fairy."


"Aw, it is Her Highness!" On a hill nearby, Ganondorf sat on a black horse. "You'll make a fine wife. But sadly, you shall die. Along with your beloved hero." Ganondorf charged towards them, sword in hand. Several phantoms followed behind, all ready to turned the duo into a kebab.

Link stood ready. "Zelda, get out of the way."

She didn't hear him. She instead said a prayer. One her ancestor said in the same situation. One every princess since would say to assist her Hero against evil. Holding Link's hand, she recited it.

"Spirits of the light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon the lands of our world, in my hour of need, grant me the light to banish evil!"

Her prayer was answered, and they were teleported to another part of the field, mounted on a horse.

"Epona, buddy!" The horse recognized its master and his companion, and reared up.

"I'll try to slow Ganondorf with my light arrows. You keep him in range."

"What about something for good luck?"

Zelda kissed Link's cheek. "There you go. Now go."

"Hang on Zelda! HIYAH!" The duo of legend found their target, and Link tried to trail him as Zelda aimed her arrow. The first missed as Ganondorf turned before she fired, but the second connected.

"Great shot, Zelda!"

Link rode up and swiping at Ganondorf, and the sequence would happen twice more.

Ganondorf slumped on his horse and fell off, and the duo stopped a few feet away. Ganondorf rose up, laughing and brandishing his two blades. Link got off Epona, and stood to face Ganondorf.

And Zelda stood by him.

"Well, well, well, looks like the couple who fights together, dies together. I'll admit, I'm surprised, Your Highness. Your ancestors were feeble, yet you are strong. You was on the front lines in the war, not behind the scenes. I admire your courage. But I got two blades, one for each of you." A barrier separated the trio from the world.

Zelda and Link held their swords, and Ganondorf made the first move. The teens barely held their own against the attacks of Ganondorf, as he was overwhelmingly strong. Link couldn't handle two blades at once with this strength, and Zelda, well, probably would be dead now if she was alone.

Ganondorf kept the offensive going, as if the heroes were mere weaklings. Which, at this moment, they were. At this rate, he was going to beat them, despite the several light arrows he had fired at him the last two battles.

He found an opening in Zelda, and smacked her aside. She hit the barrier, and collapsed against the ground. Link was distracted by that, and had the Master Sword knocked from his hands. He dodged Ganondorf's next attack, and saw the sacred blade across the area. Ganondorf wasn't going to let him get it that easily.

Link searched through his pouch as Ganondorf slowly made his way over to Link, and the Hero hoped he had something to distract Ganondorf. He felt something, and took it out.

"What the hell?" It was a fishing rod. He held the rod in front of him, deciding to make use of it, and looked at Ganondorf.

Ganondorf just stood there, staring at the rod. Link moved it left, and Ganondorf's gaze followed. Link slowly walked over to the Master Sword, and picked it up. Ganondorf was still hypnotized by the fishing rod. Link took the opportunity to attack Ganondorf. He knocked one of the swords away, and it flew over the barrier.

"WHAT?" Ganondorf pushed Link away as his senses came back, and saw the fallen rod. "I fell for it again? Stupid rod."

As Ganondorf ranted to the rod, Link checked on Zelda. She was coming back from unconsciousness, and stood up. "You alright? I still need you."

"I'm fine Link. I can't help you from the front line, but I have a plan. This time," she picked up the light arrows, "you're bait."

"Fine. Recover first."

"Ok." Link returned to Ganondorf, who was still ranting.

"I'll destroy you, and then every fishing rod in Hyrule!"

"You done?"

"Lets see how fast you can press the A button!" Ganondorf swung his sword, and the two locked up. Against the odds, Link pushed Ganondorf back and attacked him. Ganondorf tried again, almost winning, but Link used his strength and attacked again. Link ran forward, swinging his sword, but Ganondorf blocked his attacks and jumped over Link.

The Hero tried a Jump Attack, but Ganondorf moved to the left. Link kept trying, and Ganondorf kept dodging. Neither man could hit his opponent, as each expertly dodged thrusts, kicks, swipes, and jumping attacks.

Ganondorf jumped forward, elbowing and swiping Link to the ground. Link moved in time before Ganondorf stabbed him and returned to his battle stance. Link returned the hits with a few slices to the back and front, and was knocked down again. Link jumped forward, and they locked up again. Ganondorf won, and pushed Link to the ground. Ganondorf went for the final blow...

"ARRRGH!" He sizzled with light, and Link got up and attacked Ganondorf. Ganondorf recovered, summoned the previously missing sword back to him, and went for Zelda. She missed her second shot, but it gave Link the opportunity to attack Ganondorf's back, and allowed Zelda to reposition. Her third arrow hit Ganondorf as he fought Link. She fired again, but this time Ganondorf acted unaffected, jumped into the air towards her, and, weirdly, just smacked her down. He looked at Link, grinning as if he did the greatest thing in the world. "Now let's resume our fight!"

Link lost all courage he had there. He had to constantly dodge the dual wielding swordsman attacks, as Link was never trained to fight one like Ganondorf like Josh was. He could hold his weight, but victory was very, very low. Considering he beat Ghirahim when he had two blades, but Ganondorf was stronger. And taller. That matters in battle.

Link took hit after hit, and desperately wished the fishing rod wasn't broken, and wished even more that Zelda wasn't unconscious again. But he was lucky enough to land some hits on Ganondorf, so it wasn't a total beatdown.

Ganondorf jumped into the air, and a light arrow struck Link. He fell to the ground in pain, and Ganondorf found this amusing. "I thought today was out of surprises, but no. The Princess...Queen is trying to kill the Hero!"

"Link, you have to distract him. I'll aim for you. You use your shield. You get it?"

"Yes. Warn me next time."

It was no use. Either Link was struck by the arrow, or Zelda missed completely. Although Link was blamed for not being in position.

This went on for minutes, and neither were sure it would work. Link just kept his shield out to protect himself.


The light arrow struck the shield and reflected to Ganondorf's face. Taking advantage of Ganondorf's blindness, Link kicked him down, and the Demon King fell down, exposed. Link jumped and stabbed the monster in his heartless chest.

The three returned to their time, and Link and Zelda looked around. The Hyrulean Army was winning, due to the enhancement of the monsters now gone. Link looked up, and saw a glimmer of sunlight in the sky.

"Master Link, Your Grace, welcome back." The blue sword spirit appeared behind the duo, followed by the younger Hero of Time. "I have some good news. I've calculated that the power of Ganondorf had severely depleted when the sword came out the castle. That power was from the mask of the Fierce Deity."

Link looked at Young Link and back at Fi. "Meaning?"

The young boy took out the mask. "He isn't as strong anymore. Now we must finish this battle."

"Then catch a ride, kid." Out of nowhere, Josh, Lana, and Impa arrived on a fire dragon. Josh looked at Ganondorf before chuckling to himself. The boy got on and they flew towards the castle.

Link and Zelda turned around and walked towards the hopefully dead body of Ganondorf. They stood over him, looking at each other.

"Ganondorf is defeated, and the castle is under our control. We are victorious, Link."

"Vacation time finally!"

"Heh heh heh heh heh." Link and Zelda turned to the body of Ganondorf, and he laughed at them. "As long as my true power is awakened, I can never be defeated." The Triforce rose from his body, and floated above him. Black smoke filled the area, and the two heroes moved back to see what was going on. They kinda knew.

Ganondorf was now...well, he says it better.


Link and Zelda almost pissed on themselves seeing Ganon. He was huge as hell boar.

"Link, Zelda, be brave. If we defeat Ganon, light will return to Hyrule and the war Cia started will be over!"

Their courage temporarily returned, the couple saw the giant horns of the monster open and fire seeds. It clicked in Link's mind on what to do. He quickly jumped in front of Zelda, and used his shield to protect her. The firing ceased, and Link threw the boomerang at the horns. It hit one and missed the other. "Zelda, if my hero instinct is correct, we're going to use the items like we did against the individual monsters."

"Alright." The left arm began to shine blue like the eye of the Gohma, and Zelda whipped out her bow. The duo dodged the blast, and the queen fired the arrow to the vulnerable spot.

One down, three to go.

Ganondorf charged his right hand, similarly to how a Dodongo would. Link rushed forward and threw bombs at the arm, destroying the gauntlet around it.

Two down, two to go.

The seed attack returned, and Zelda was on top of the situation, destroying the final large horn.

Three down, one to go.

Ganon rose into the air, and fired fire at them. They ran from the fire, and then Ganondorf exposed his tail.

"Coming down!" A hookshot latched on to Ganon's tail, and on the other side was Link. He both tugged at the hookshot, but Ganon was too big.

Zelda joined in, but the twoof them wasn't strong enough to bring Ganon down. Zelda screamed a command. "We...must go into...Focus Spirit. It is the only way!"

"Ok!" Concentrating their powers, Zelda eventually got a hang of it, and was surrounded by a holy yellow light. Link tried, but to no avail.

"Link, focus on something dear to you. That's how Light Users unlock their power."

There's a lot of things dear to Link. Zelda, Josh, Impa, Lana, the other warriors, the troops, his home and his friends back home.

Hyrule. Hyrule is dear to him, above all.

He tried again with this thought, and finally the third time was the charm. The two fated heroes gripped the chain.

Zelda questioned Link. "What did you think of?"


"Great minds think alike."

"Quit the chit chat and pulled on three."




They pulled with all their might, and brought the monster down, breaking his tusks and snapping the end of his tail off. Ganon roared in anger, which was beyond deafening.

Link whistled Epona's Song, and Epona came to them. Zelda joined Link as they rode away from enraged Ganondorf.

"Zelda, use the Light Arrows. Hit that rogue pig in the face, then I will dice him. We'll try to distract him. If all goes well, we'll have ham, bacon, and whatever other parts of the pig people eat for dinner!"

"Sounds like a plan, Hero."

"Thanks, Your Highness. We can do this together."

Pulling out his Gossip Stone, the Princess shouted to the others. "Everyone! Give me your power to make the Light Arrows stronger!"

The powers of the other warriors went straight to the Light Arrows, and the legendary couple rushed towards Ganon. "Zelda, take Epona."

"Alright. And I love you Link."

"I love you too, Zelda. Let's put the idea in his head that he will never beat us."

"Right." The queen rode off, and Link had to be bait. Again.

Ganon saw him and stared him down. "Come Hero. Fight to your death." He charged at Link, who jumped out the way. The purple spot on Ganon's forehead lit, and a light arrow from Zelda went to it. It was accurate, and Ganon tumbled to the ground.

"Now Link!" Link attacked the weak spot, trying to crack it open so he could sent the sword inside. He did some damage, but Ganon recovered faster than expected.

Several red spots circled the ground, and Link dared not to touch them. Ganon instead shot red lasers at the Hero. Ganon charged forward again, and received another light arrow. Link ran and attacked the gem again, and it began to crack. Ganon pushed Link away, severely in pain.

"Urgh, I have to give them credit...But that's all!" Seeing Zelda, he fired lasers her way. It hit her, knocking her off Epona and dropping the Light Bow. In her hand was an Light Arrow. Ganon went after Link, who didn't know what to do now. Zelda had a risky one, but she didn't care know. She wanted to be better than her ancestors, and although she has proven that, she wasn't satisfied. Clutching the arrow in hand, she walked towards Ganon. Then began jogging. Then began running.

Ganon saw what Zelda was doing, and charged straight for her. She slid right under, turned around, and using a bow she summoned herself, used Focus Spirit to jump high into the air and shot Ganon with the arrow, adding more power to it.

Ganon fell to the ground in agonizing pain. "Why? Why do you two keep resisting me? Why won't you two give up?" Zelda landed on the ground in front of Ganon, and answered his question.

"Because if Link and I give up, who else will rise?" She saw Link coming towards Ganon. "Link! Victory is a step away! LET'S FINISH HIM!"

Zelda summoned her rapier, ran forward and climbed onto the beast's arm. "Why won't you get it, I don't know. But I do know this. It's a shame your whole life been a waste trying to rule Hyrule." Using the power of Focus Spirit, Zelda jumped into the air, took out another arrow, and came down hard, stabbing the head of the beast and shattering the gem. "Cause today will be known as the day you got schooled!"

Link followed suit. "I'm the Hero of this story, Ganon." Link twirled the Master Sword into a downward position and came down. "WHY WON'T YOU GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!"

The Master Sword and the Arrow of Light combined was enough power to weakened Ganon. Zelda looked at Link, and they silently affirmed each other's thoughts.

Time to send Ganon away.

Link landed beside Zelda, Lana and Josh, and they watched as Ganon tried to get to them. He roared before falling just in front of the four heroes. Link sheathed his sword. "We did it!"

The Triforce rose from the monster, and returned to its previous masters.

Link, the Triforce of Courage.

Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdom.

Josh, the Triforce of Power.

Link looked at the boar in front of him and smiled. "Any last words, Ganonfreak?"


Link nodded. "Love you too, Ganondorf."

"Make a wish, everyone." Putting their hands together, they summoned the power of the Triforce, and all of them aimed their wish at Ganon. The monster reared up as the Triforce branded and banished him from Hyrule once again. Quickly making another wish, one part of the power of the Triforce wrapped itself around Lana, restoring her broken soul and turning it into a complete soul at that. A second wish did nothing visible, but to the wisher, it worked. The last wish went across Hyrule, restoring the land and reviving those who were innocent, yet victims of the war.

The four were facing Hyrule Castle, looking at the restored sky.

"Hey." They turned around, and saw their allies standing together. Midna stepped forward. "We'll miss you guys."

Zelda nodded. "Thank you all for helping us."

The other heroes nodded. Tingle looked towards Link, and smiled at Zelda. "Watch over our Hero, Your Highness. They have an unprecedented tendency to do stupid heroics."

Darunia patted the Hero of Termina on the back. "So right. My sworn brother, great guy he is, is very stupid."

Colin had to step in. "Very stupid indeed. What do you guys say?" The other Ordonians agreed with the big guy.

Pipit just had to say something. "Blind courage is a form of stupidity, Link."

"I calculated a high percentage of stupidity in each of the heroes."

Young Link defended himself. "I'm not stupid!"

"LINK ISN'T STUPID! He's just so dreamy!" Link, Impa, and Zelda watched the heroes of Ordon, Sky, and Time bickered over the supposed stupidity of every Link.

Midna and Agitha confronted Josh and Lana. "Take care, you two butterflies."

Josh bowed before the girl. "You too, Princess Agitha."

"Lana, take care of him. He relies on women too much."


Lana giggled. "I will, Midna."

Midna walked over to the Gerudo King, and whispered into his ear. "You did make the wish we talked about, right?"

"Ten-four, Your Highness."

"Good. Enjoy your time with her, Josh. You too, Lana."

Everyone went to their sides, and the ten heroes of Hyrule waved goodbye to the heroes of the past as they vanished. Link waved bye to his best friends, and Impa separated herself to check on the troops.

Lana turned to Link and Zelda. "There's just one thing left. Return the Master Sword to its place. But I'm not the one who should do that. No matter what, Link and Zelda, you two always save Hyrule...together."

Link looked at Zelda, and nodded. They went up the bridge, and teleported to the Temple of the Sacred Sword. Josh and Lana stood there, watching them leave.

"They are totally going to bang."


"What? It's true!"

Link and Zelda arrived in the grassy field where the Master Sword once laid.

"What's that smoke on the pedestal?"

"It was here when Ganondorf was freed." They just looked at it.


Link nodded and walked up to the pedestal and tried to put the sword in, but it wouldn't go in. Zelda ran forward to held him, and using their combined strength, vanquished the black smoke and returned the Master Sword to the pedestal. They looked at each other, and Link decided to make a move. He brought Zelda close to her, and-

"Hey, Link! Zelda!"

"Dammit Proxi!"

The legend is over. For now.