-21 Years-

A brief synopsis of the life of Uchiha Itachi:

Year 1- There are whispers among the clan of the babe with the too-sharp eyes.

Year 2- A mother wonders whether genius is a blessing or a curse.

Year 3- Shisui meets Itachi; Itachi meets a monster.

Year 4- Minato thinks that this gentle boy would be a good successor; Kushina thinks he needs to play some pranks.

Year 5- Itachi becomes a big brother, and fate is irrevocably altered.

Year 6- The water reflects the too-bright flames and steam escapes into the air. His father's hand is heavy on his head.

Year 7- Itachi graduates the Academy, and is congratulated.

Year 8- The fully formed sharingan imprints the fearful faces deep in his memory.

Year 9- He likes to go to Ichiraku's for lunch and get dango for dessert.

Year 10- The chunin exams are held in Kirigakure; the water turns as red as Itachi's eyes.

Year 11- He is Anbu, and he sees a scarecrow's mismatched eyes in his nightmares.

Year 12- He stands before the Yondaime's grave and asks for an answer; he prays for time.

Year 13- Demons ordered democide; he committed patricide, matricide, paedocide, and populocide. He prays that he won't commit fratricide.

Year 14- The Akatsuki are undeniably, a bunch of weirdos.

Year 15- Konan is beautiful, impassive, and suspicious. Nagato is quite friendly.

Year 16- Sasori hands the medicine to him discreetly, and never pries.

Year 17- Itachi wonders what he should do with Orochimaru's hand.

Year 18- Deidara seems to be a mix of Shisui and Sasuke- he's annoying, loud, and obsessively wishes for Itachi's death.

Year 19- Kakashi knows there's something off about his story. But he'll keep his distance, because nothing good ever came with getting involved with the Uchiha.

Year 20- Kisame wistfully remembers when Itachi was just (a clan murdering psychopath of) a kid.

Year 21- Itachi is one of (if not the) most powerful shinobi in the world.


He is dead before he reaches 22.