Disclaimer: I own nothing relevant, I just like to rhyme.
Author's note: I was terribly upset after watching BOTFA. Fíli deserved so much better. (Also, I can't use the 's here, so formatting looks awful. This poem looks like it's supposed to on AO3.)

He is a Durin, the heir to the throne
- Capable, durable, kind
As all of his people, he's carved from stone
- And he leaves no one behind
He is first his brother's brother
Then a son to their mother
Then a friend to any other
- Pure, is his heart and his mind

A hand in his hair and a blade to his skin
- There is a gasp and a hiss
Captured; held hostage in front of his kin
- How could he end up like this?
Overpowered, and with ease
Golden prince brought to his knees
Someone, somewhere, begging "please"
- There is a scream; and it's his

He is a a lion, a full-worthy heir
- Golden; his heart and his mane
He's being dragged, on his knees by his hair
- Terrified, stubborn, in pain
Sensing death he's acting brave
Royal, treated like a slave
Slaughtered, falling to his grave
- He'll never stand tall again