Fluttershy was walking through town wearing some pink socks with purple butterflies on them. The colts and stallions thought she was just wearing them to wear them, but the mares and old enough fillies knew what time it was. The mare in question was walking, trotting really, to Twilight's new castle. When she got there, she knocked and waited. Spike opened the door holding a book with his tail, "Yes? Oh, hi Fluttershy. Cool socks." He said when he noticed them.

She blushed ,whispered a "hi" ,and flew passed him to Twilight's room. Spike just shrugged and closed the door. When she knocked on her door, Twilight was instantly there with a tub of chocolate and some red socks with black stripes on.

"Fluttershy!" she said, then she noticed the socks, "Oh, come in. Come in." she ushered Flutters in her room and locked the door so Spike wouldn't come in. "Ice cream?" she asked while stuffing the spoon in her mouth. Fluttershy nodded and collapsed on Twi's couch holding her stomach.

A few hours later, four tubs of chocolate and strawberry ice cream, and a sappy romantic movie about vampires and were-ponies. Fluttershy had on another pair of socks as did Twi, and they both were on their backs. "So," Twi said "how long?"

"Two days" she answered without her normal shy demeanor "You?"

"Four" and she punctuated with a very un-princess like burp. "'Cuse me."

"No prob" the pegasus said rubbing her stomach. "Has Spike noticed?" she asked

"No, he never does or really did." the princess answered, neither meaning to be rude. "I hate this crap" she said rubbing her wings.

"Same, same. You know what makes this worse?" she said sitting up a bit.

"What? Wait no, let me guess." she sat up too, "Boy?"

"You know me too well!" Flutters said falling back again pawing at an empty ice cream tub, "Discord apparently thinks it was an 'amazing' week to visit me. I mean don't get me wrong, I love it when he visits but why this week!"

Twi smiled, "Love huh?" she giggled a bit, too much sugar.

"What! No that's not what I meant!" she blushed and lightly pushed Twilight.

"Heh, I know. Just messing with you." then she sat up straight up, much to her thighs protesting, "CRAP!" she yelled gripping her stomach.

"Well, then why did you move?" she asked and Twilight was about to answer when there was a bright light. They both shielded their eyes. When the light died down, there standing in Twilight's room was Discord himself.