Chapter 5: The Truth

Discord woke up felling something in his arms. He looked down and saw his dear friend sleeping on his chest. Who did this happen? He didn't have time to think as he felt her stirring. He closed his eyes and loosened his grip he had around her torso. When he did this Fluttershy opened her eyes and saw the little predicament, she didn't react the way Discord did however, she just smiled and rolled off his chest and off the bed. Her hooves landed with a thud on the wood floors as she walked over to her sock drawer to get some new ones, for she felt she would defiantly have to change soon. But, she realized she was wearing her last clean socks when she saw the drawer empty. She cursed, she only had six pairs and she had worn them all. She glanced over at Discord and smiled, time to see just how good a friend he was. She left him a note and ran into the bathroom to take a long, hot shower.

When she left the room, Discord opened his eyes. He had heard everything, the drawer opening, her inward gasp, scribbling, and finally the water that was now running. He glanced over and saw a note with his name on it. He picked up and read it aloud, "Discord, I need you to go down to the shop and buy my some new socks. Please buy them and don't use your magic. Oh, could you also get me some chocolates? XOXO- Fluttershy." he was puzzled. Then he shrugged, "Maybe if I do this, she will finally explain what in Celestia is going on." So he teleported himself to the nearest shop, made some money appear, and bought Fluttershy's socks and chocolates. While he bought these things he was disguised as a unicorn gray stallion. The shop keeper, a young mare with a read coat, smiled at him and as he was walking away said, "Lucky marefriend you must have." He stopped, marefriend? No, Fluttershy was just a friend. What did she mean? He walked out of the store and when he was sure nopony was around he teleported himself to Fluttershy's cottage while at the same time changing himself to normal. He heard the water had stopped, but there was no sound of hooves anywhere. He teleported in and said in a sing-song voice, "Honey! I'm ho~ome!" He heard her gasp upstairs and flew up, "I got the stuff you needed, now can you please tell why exactly you need it?"

"I'm in the bathroom, just teleport it in here. Then I will explain." he obliged and sat waiting. "Have you ever noticed mares and fillies wearing socks? Maybe even Celestia and Luna?" she started, quickly putting on the socks, which were butter cream colored with pink butterflies on it. She smiled.

"Yes, I have seen that before. Does it have any significance to what has been happening?"

"Yes it does. Once a month, for about a week or so." she started "Mares have this thing happen to them, it's a sign that they are growing up."

"Growing up? So puberty."

"Uh sure, and well. Not only does our body and voices change. But," she was glad there was a door in between them so he couldn't see the rising blush covering her face.

"But, what?"

"Well, the reason we use socks is because. Oh! Just look at my old pair." she finally said and held her other pair of socks while opening the door.

Discord took the socks and examined them closely, not noticing the blush on Fluttershy. "Hmm, they look relatively normal. Well there are some red spots that weren't there before. Did you spill punch on them or something?" he asked, still not looking at her.

"That's not punch Discord."

He stopped, "Wine?"

"You know I don't drink"

He looked at her with bewilderment in his eyes. Now he noticed the bright red blush on her. He looked back at the socks and threw them down. "You? On them? What?!" he leaned against the wall and ran a paw over his face.

"Yep," she walked over to him, "and do you know what else happens?" she sat on his lap and wrapped her back hooves around his waist. He stiffened and shook his head. "Our hormones, go crazy." Before he could react she kissed him. And again, and again. On his muzzle and down his neck. Then when she was satisfied that she had stunned him enough for a few years she walked away, swaying her hips a bit and giggling to herself.