Chapter Six: The End

Discord came to a lot sooner than Fluttershy expected. He watched her walk away and smirked to himself. He got up and went down to his spot of the sofa, then he thought to himself, 'Marefriend? I actually really like the sound of that.' He sighed and decided to take a nap. While he took that nap Angel was furious, mostly to the fact that Discord was once again on his spot, but also to the fact that he was so stupid! Angel had to do everything just so they would kiss. He made sure Fluttershy's socks were gone, he actually paid the store clerk to mention a marefriend, and he closed the door behind Discord. He did look out for Fluttershy and he did love her, but she can be pretty dense too. Now they finally kiss, but they go their separate ways? Not on his watch, if he had one that is. It was Angel's turn to smirk and he hopped upstairs to were Fluttershy was sitting on her bed brushing her mane.

'Hmm, what to do? What to do?' the little bunny thought to himself as he peeked inside, careful not to be seen. 'Oh, I know!' He quickly scampered downstairs, to where he knew Discord would see him. And, even though he knew this was going to hurt, jumped off the railing and onto the center table. He broke his leg. He cried in pain, a cry that got both Discord and Fluttershy running towards him. Discord obviously got there first and picked up the little rodent.

"Oh, great Fluttershy will think I did this!" He looked at the bunny's leg, "Or maybe not." He used his magic just as Fluttershy was flying downstairs. His magic healed Angel's leg and once he was sure it worked, he jumped into Fluttershy's open hooves and quickly told her how Discord had healed him.

Fluttershy quickly fawned over the baby bunny and then turned to Discord after setting him down. "You healed him?"

"Well yes, I know we don't really get along. But that doesn't mean I'm-" he was cut off by Fluttershy kissing him. The force on which she flew into him caused them both to fall down, still in there lip-locked state. Fluttershy broke the kiss and stared into Discord's eyes. "Cruel" he finished, out of breath and in a much higher pitch than before.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" the butter cream pegasus said and kissed him again.

He pulled away, much to her dismay, and said "So I guess this is the end of out friendship?" before she could gasp of horror of what she thought he finished, "And maybe the beginning of something more?"

She squealed with delight, kissed one more time, and said "Every ending has a new beginning."