Brittany lived in two bedroom & bathroom apartment all by herself except her dog Loki which means' god of mischief. She was low on money and never had time to look for a better job. She had to keep up with her job, school, and the dog she also had a band that really never had any gigs she was the basses/manger. Brittany's parents gave her up for adoption when she born. Her aunt took her in and loved her like her own since she couldn't have any of her own. she was now entering her second year of her high school year she decided to move out and live on her own but she's a little behind on rent her best friend castiel that she's knew since she was just a baby asked to be her roommate a couple weeks ago but she never gave him an answer because she worked too much. Early today she invited him over to talk about something it was still the summer just a week before school so castiel could move in with her before school started and be settled down. They also could take turns driving to school to save money. It was a perfect idea thought Brittany. 'Knock. Knock.'

Brittany opened the door. "Hey cassy "

"Hey Brittany, what's up?" he walked in a jumped the couch fallowed by Brittany jumping on him.

"You know how you asked about being my roommate... well you can be my roommate as long as you pay the rest of the rent..."

"Sure as long as i can party before school starts."

"Fine but too many people."

"And i can pick any room i want."

Brittany started to busted out laughing not controlling herself she rolled on the floor tears rolling down her face she didn't hear him laughing she looked up wiping the tears from her eyes " you're not kidding are you ?"


"No way."

"Fine have it your way i'll just be leaving." he walked up to the door and started to open.

"Fine! Go pick your room."

"That's a good little Brittany" he walked past her with a smile on his face. first room was Brittany's a little red room with black carpet and a big closet
it was kind of dark and shady. "Na.. i guess i'll go with other one.

"But you haven't even seen the..." he looked at Brittany and gave the look when he was just kidding. Brittany tackled him to the bed rolling around on the queen size bed she pinned him down. "Roommates?"

he pushed her off of him he rolled on top of her pinning her down "roommates" he confirmed.