Hey guys! This is a story I've had in mind for a while. I've always wondered - since so many things about Finn were left unanswered, what if he was still alive out there, somewhere, and nobody knew? What if it appeared that he was dead, but he wasn't... for some time at least? Would it be possible for him to be found before it was too late? The events of the end of Season 4 and the first few episodes of Season 5 will happen, but with a few adjustments. Since this is a sensitive subject, I decided to wait a while, but now I want to do this. Let me know what you guys think and if I should keep going!

Chapter 1: The Shortcut

Finn sat in his dorm room, trying to finish up his review for the test in his math class. It was like Puck had told him - college was the real deal. He couldn't just hope his potential would be enough anymore. He had to prove that he was in this.

Still, college could be stressful. He knew that before he even signed up, but he wasn't sure just how demanding the classes would be. He probably spent two or three hours studying for every hour he spent in class. Since University of Lima operated on quarters rather than semesters, there was more material to cover in a shorter amount of time.

Finn hadn't gone to the dining hall tonight since he had been studying so much. But now it was beginning to catch up with him. He was hungry.

The dining hall was already closed for the night, but there was a CVS nearby. Maybe Finn could go pick up a snack at CVS. He looked across the room, where Puck was playing a video game. "Hey Puck, I'm going to go grab something to eat. Want anything?"

"Okay," Puck said. "If I think of anything I need, I'll text you."

Finn nodded and grabbed his wallet before leaving the dorm and walking to CVS. One of the guys from the fraternity had shown him a shortcut to CVS from campus though some backroads, so this way he could get more studying in. Finn went inside and looked around before buying some chips. He paid for the chips and began to take the shortcut back to campus. He wasn't lying, this shortcut did make him a little nervous. The street wasn't well lit, and it was pretty deserted.

As Finn turned the corner, he saw a car approaching. Maybe taking the backroads wasn't such a good idea. He could get hit. This probably wasn't a good idea. He shouldn't have taken this shortcut.

Finn moved to the side of the street, hoping that the car wouldn't hit him, trying to speed up his walking.

The car paused, and a figure bigger than Finn's got out. Finn gulped and began walking faster. He tripped over his untied shoelace. Now he felt like a real idiot. He felt his head hit the ground and put his hand to his head. He looked at his hand and saw that there was something liquidy on it. The street wasn't lighted - but he was pretty sure it was blood.

The figure came over to Finn. "Need some help?"

Finn looked. "Yes, please."

The figure pulled Finn up. "Now, what are you doing?" Finn looked. This was a man even bigger than he was. Probably 6'5 or 6'6 and about 100 pounds heavier.

"I was just picking up a snack..." Finn began as the man grabbed him. Finn began panicking. What was going on? "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" he shouted. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" He tried kicking, but there was no use. This man had a few inches and about a hundred pounds on him. "HELP!" Finn shouted. "HELP! SOMEBODY! HELP!"

"No one can hear you," the man said, dragging Finn to his car. He opened the door and sat on Finn as he tied his arms together, then his legs. "Now you can't get away."

"What are you doing to me?" Finn asked. He was beating himself up on the inside. Why had he taken that shortcut? It had given him weird feelings... "You don't know who I am! I never did anything to you!"

Finn tried to pull down the window with his head, but there was no use. The window had clearly been locked. Instead, he screamed as loud as he could. "HELP! HELP!"

"Shut up," the man said. "If you don't shut up I'm going to kill you."


Hours had passed, and Finn hadn't come back to the dorm room.

Puck picked up his phone and tried calling Finn to see where he was. Finn didn't answer the phone. Puck tried again, and the phone went straight to voicemail. Finn hadn't mentioned going anywhere but CVS. Maybe he'd gone home? Puck dialed the Hudson-Hummel house number.

Carole picked up the phone. "Hello?" She sounded half asleep.

Puck felt bad. Had he woken Carole up? "Carole, this is Puck."

"Hi honey," Carole said. "How are you?"

"Hey, I was wondering, is Finn home?" Puck asked.

"What?" Carole asked.

Puck began getting nervous. If Finn wasn't at home - where was he? "Finn went to get a snack earlier this evening and he still hasn't gotten back."

"What?" Carole asked. "When did he leave? Did you try calling him?"

"He left a few hours ago," Puck said, feeling his heart beat fast. "I tried calling him. More than once. I..."

"Honey, maybe he left his phone in the room," Carole said.

Puck went to Finn's desk and looked all over it. There was no sign of his phone. "I don't see it."

"Oh God," Carole said. "Well, I'll try calling him. I'll call you with an update, okay?"

"Okay," Puck said. He hung up the phone, worried sick about Finn. Why wasn't Finn answering his phone? Where was he? Why hadn't he gone with him?


"Burt, wake up," Carole said, nudging her husband. She'd just tried calling Finn, but there had been no answer. When Puck had called her to say that Finn hadn't come home, she was worried, but now she was even more worried. Finn always answered her calls. It was possible that he'd lost his phone, but if he had, he would have told her.

Burt sat up and looked at Carole. "What's going on?"

"I don't know where Finn is," Carole said. "Puck called me to say that Finn went out to get a snack a few hours ago and he still hasn't come back. I tried calling him and so did Puck."

"You said he went to CVS?" Burt asked.

"Yes," Carole said.

"The one near his school is 24 hours," Burt said. "Let's go there."

"Okay," Carole said. But she knew Finn wasn't at CVS. She didn't know where he was but she knew not at CVS. Maybe someone there would have seen something though.

"Let's go," Carole said. She didn't speak as she and Burt drove to CVS. Where was her little boy? Was he safe? Was he hurt?

Burt and Carole pulled into the parking lot at CVS and went inside. "Hi, were you here earlier this evening?" Burt asked the employee at the counter.

The employee looked confused. "Yes. How may I help you?"

"Was there a young man who came in earlier this evening, 6'3", about 200 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes?" Burt asked. "That's our son, and we don't know where he is..."

The clerk looked confused, then like she was thinking. "There was a young man who meets that criteria who came in tonight..."

"When did he come in?" Burt asked.

The clerk paused. "Maybe about ten."

"When did he leave?" Burt asked.

"He was only here a few minutes," the clerk continued. "How old is your son?"

Carole managed to speak. "He's eighteen."

"I don't think you guys need to be worried," the clerk said. "Kids that age are always up to things. He's probably with his friends or something."

But Burt and Carole knew their son. Finn didn't just walk away like this. He was out there somewhere. But where was he?

"Should we go to the police?" Burt asked Carole as they left.

"That's what I was thinking," Carole said. She got in the car with Burt and they drove to the police station, going up to the first officer they saw. "Hi, I'm from Whitman Avenue in Lima. I think my son's gone missing," Carole told the officer.


Finn lay miserably in the back of the car. So many thoughts were going through his head. Why was this person doing this to him? What had he done to deserve this? He had no idea who this person was.

He felt tears welling up in his eyes as the car pulled into a driveway. "Where are you taking me?" Finn asked the driver. "This isn't fun. I want to go back to my dorm."

The driver didn't answer. He came to the backseat of the car and picked up Finn. Finn realized they were at a house. Looking around, Finn didn't know what this part of town was. They'd been driving a while, so Finn wasn't even sure where they were.


"He's eighteen, nineteen this summer," Carole told the police officer. "He's 6'3", about 200 pounds, he's got brown eyes, brown hair, he usually spikes a little bit of it up at the top..."

"Okay, when did you last see your son?" the police officer asked Burt and Carole.

"We saw him a few days ago," Carole said.

"Did he seem upset about anything?" the officer asked.

"No, that's the thing," Burt said. "He wasn't upset about anything. He had a rough beginning of the year. He broke up with his girlfriend and he failed out of the army, but his life was really coming together. He just started college and he's happy. There was nothing concerning us."

Puck came in. "Sorry I'm late." Carole had called Puck to meet them at the police station. Since as far as they knew, Puck had been the last one to see Finn, it would be good to have him there.

"This is Finn's roommate, Noah Puckerman," Carole told the police. "He saw Finn right before he went to CVS.

"Hi Mr. Puckerman, thank you for being here," the police officer said. "So, you last saw Finn this evening?"

"Yeah," Puck said.

"Was he okay?" the police asked. "Anything happen to upset him lately?"

"Yeah, he was fine," Puck said. "He was stressed about an upcoming test, but he was fine. He didn't run away or anything like that."

"Are you sure he didn't run away?" the officer asked.

"Why would he?" Puck asked. "There was no reason for him to."

"What was he wearing?" the officer asked.

Puck paused to think. "I think he was wearing jeans, and a striped shirt. I'm not really sure. Too bad Finn's brother's not here, he'd totally remember."

The police officers turned to Burt and Carole. "Would your other son have any idea where Finn is?"

"He goes to school in New York," Burt said. "I doubt he knows anything." They didn't want to tell Kurt and worry him. At least not yet. For all anyone knew, Finn might be fine.

"You should call him," the police officer said. "Maybe he knows something."

Carole tried to think of a way to tell Kurt without giving things away. Instead she just sent Kurt a text. "Has Finn mentioned coming to New York any time soon?"

Kurt texted back. "We talked yesterday, he's doing great. He's talking about coming this summer."

So Kurt didn't know where Finn was. Things were looking worse and worse. Carole looked at the police. "No information from our other son." Where was Finn? He would be found soon... right?