Author Note: So I decided to re write this entire fanfiction. I am writing this for my sister who is very impatient so the story line is going to move along quite swiftly. It's sort of a oneshot but it's too long so I've split it into five separate chapters. My plan is to have three sections to this story so the first five chapters will conclude part one.

Hope you guys enjoy and a shout out to my lovely sister, this is for you xxx

Shawn wasn't sure exactly how it all started or how it escalated so quickly. For a CIA agent they had manipulated him so easily. That is the problem with staying in one place for too long. You get attached to people. And so when they kidnapped Gus, Shawn didn't know what to do. When his gut told him to shoot the hostage he just looked into his best friends eyes, pleading with him, begging him to help, he didn't know what to do. Except back down and do what the men were telling him. It was totally against his instincts but he dropped the gun on to the floor and it clattered loudly. Shawn thought for a few seconds. These men obviously wanted something from him and it was evident to him that he should play some sort of angle. Shawn forced himself to start visibly shaking.

Shawn looked up and his face twisted into a look of worry, He was severely outnumbered but there was no doubt that he could take them all out. But Gus was being held hostage by a man who looked as if he didn't know what fear was. His mask firmly on his face, holding his gun on Gus' neck. Shawn looked into his best friends eyes. Gus was close to crying, in fact he was crying but trying really hard not too.

Shawn's eyes narrowed in on the gun pressed to his neck. The safety was off and his finger was twitching with anticipation.

"Are you willing to listen to me now?" the man growled.

Shawn cowered, "What do you want?"

Gus let out a loud sob and Shawn tried not to look in his eyes.

Just then one of the men bent down and picked up the gun near Shawn's feet, the man stood up and re-joined the others stood behind him and knocked Shawn hard on the shoulder forcing himself to go flying to the floor.

Shawn scrambled to his feet, breathing heavily.

"One of our men was arrested last night and we want him back" a man stepped up and explained. Shawn could see the inside of his blazer that read Charlie Roberts. Shawn made no movement and dared not interrupt him.

"He is very important to us so we are going to make this simple for you. You break him out and we deliver your best friend back alive" he growled before smirking.

"Gus…." Shawn whispered….

"Shawn!" Gus yelled before grunting, tears in his eyes as the man kneed him in the stomach.

Shawn reached towards him but a click of a gun switched his focus.

"Our mates name is Dave. Tell them Vixon sent ya. You deliver him to the pier at four o'clock and we'll deliver your mate Gus to you"

"Comprende?" The man asked.

Shawn glanced once again at Gus before looking back at Mr Roberts, the man who he assumed was in charge and nodded. Tears were now streaming down his face.

"Just know…." Shawn stammered before drawing in a huge breathe, "If you harm him…"

The man smirked, "And if you allow Dave to be harmed it won't just be your friend we kill, we'll hunt you down too"

Shawn blinked and scrambled back.

"I'll escort you out"

Shawn looked back at Gus again who was attempting to be brave.

Shawn looked at the group of men as one came towards him holding a cloth. He realised he wasn't being escorted out, he was about to be drugged and dumped somewhere.

It took great restraint for Shawn not to fight back but he allowed himself to be at the mercy of these men and the last thing he knew was the overpowering smell of chloroform and the fading image of Gus' terrified face calling out his name.

Author note: Until next time...