Author note: So Gus was kidnapped, Shawn broke a criminal out of the precinct holding cells and set off an explosion in the precinct. He got caught on camera doing Kung Fu and Buzz got stabbed. Knowing that his cover was blown Shawn said goodbye to Henry, checked that Buzz was ok and bailed. Juliet and Lassiter confronted Henry and Gus who told them he'd lied and left. They were on their way to confront the Chief.

The Chief has just finished piling through the paperwork when she was interrupted by two angry looking Detectives who didn't even pause to knock before entering.

"Shawn Spencer has skipped town. We've just left his father and Guster both in terrible states"

The Chief looked surprised and then her expression settled on sad, "Shawn's gone?" She confirmed.

Juliet nodded. "What's going on Chief, we know there is more than you are telling us"

The Chief sighed, knowing they weren't going to be satisfied by silence so she motioned at the door.

"Shut the door" she commanded gently.

Juliet reached over to close the door and she closed the blinds as well to ensure maximum privacy.

"I was right earlier wasn't I?" Lassiter quieted forcefully. "I said his training looked military and the fact you haven't sent us after Vixon is because they have already been taken care off, haven't they?"

The Chief smiled, impressed by her detectives work. There was a reason that Lassiter was head detective after all.

"What I'm about to tell you is classified. If I find this information is leaked in anyway you will be going to jail." The Chief seemed to pause as she realised what the consequence of her actions would be, "And I would also go to jail"

Lassiter seemed to smile slightly smugly and Juliet looked on in shock.

"Vixon is finished. Shawn is responsible, how is slightly more difficult to explain"

The two detectives remained silent and waited for her to continue.

" Shawn works for a special branch of the CIA. He was stationed here in Santa Barbra to complete his mission."

"Shawn is CIA?"Juliet repeated in shock. "CIA"

"Originally he asked for a job here and I declined. No way would I have an undercover agent posing as a detective. I didn't trust him. I have grown to now however"

The Chief closed her eyes and replayed the memory in her mind…

"Chief. I shouldn't be here long but I need a cover, you understand?".

"Look I told you, I said no . I don't trust you. I am not willingly going to employ a secret agent and give him access to all our files unless I know what your mission is"

"But I told you it's"

"It's classified, yes I know. Look I'm sorry but I'm doing what's best for the station."

The Chief thought nothing of it until she heard a name being mentioned as an accomplice in a crime and his sudden psychic powers proving his innocence. She wouldn't let him leave so freely and caught up to him on the steps of the building and pulled him to one side.

"What do you think you are doing?" She commanded with authority.

"Doing my job, I was thinking as Shawn Spencer, psychic consultant. I've just proven myself to your colleges I think"

She just narrowed her eyes, not liking where this was going one bit.

"Though your head detective…. You realise he's sleeping with his partner? And wound So tightly he didn't believe a word I told him, In fact I could charge him for leading a witness."

"What do you want?"

"Hire me for the occasional case. I'm not the enemy here."

"Did you commit the crime they accused you off?" She responded instead.

"It was a robbery and no, all I did was call in a tip from watching the news and he tried to accuse me of murder".

"Fine, But I'll be keeping my eye on you" she relented. "the only reason I'm giving you a chance is because of Henry"

"I wouldn't expect anything less. Thanks Chief".

"I never even suspected…" Juliet spoke aloud.

Lassiter smiled slightly, "Well I always knew he wasn't psychic".

"Well we can't think about the right now. Shawn's gone, we have to find him" Juliet demanded.

The Chief sat back in her chair.

"As much as I want him to come back. If he's gone it means he completed his mission, if he doesn't want to be found he won't be".

Juliet's face hardened into a mask of determination. "We can try" she looked over at her partner with an expectant expression.

Lassiter relented and gave her a nod. As much as he hated Shawn, it sounded like he didn't know him at all and that was enough to want to question him in person.

Over the next few days Juliet and Lassiter searched for Shawn with no success. They tracked his phone to the hospital and spoke to Buzz. They even traced the last number he rang but it turned out to be a window washing company. Hey couldn't do much using the police resources without it flagging up and no one else was allowed to know. It seemed as if all hope was lost and no matter how many times they interrogated Henry, he wouldn't tell them anything useful.

Henry had watched Shawn disappear many times. He had gone on many missions in the time he had lived in Santa Barbra but he had always given a time frame. Henry had never had to contact him on a mission before. The only times it had happened was when Shawn rang him, always on a restricted number, usually asking for a favour or advice.

Karen Vick was taking an evening off as Chief and headed to Henry's house. She missed having the annoying younger Spencer at the precinct and wasn't too prideful to admit it.

She wasn't alone when she got there. It seemed Guster has been round for dinner and Juliet and Lassiter had stopped by to check on Henry after leaving him drunk before.

"Looks like I'm the last to join the party" she remarked sarcastically.

"Karen, what are you doing here?" Henry asked with a small smile.

"Where is your son?"

"You realise, he's not actually my son right?"

"Yeah he is" Gus spoke quietly, "in every way but blood"

Henry smiled slightly at that.

"We've tried everything Chief. We can't find anything, it's like Shawn Spencer has dropped off the face of the earth"

"That is what he will have done" Gus reminded them. "Shawn Spencer isn't real, he's nothing but a phoney"

"No" Juliet refused to believe this. "Shawn Spencer may not be who we thought he is but he is still our friend"

Everyone was looking at Juliet, not shocked at all by her passionate response.

"Henry, he might not be your real son but I know you love him like one. How did that even happen? He just asked to be your fake son?" She asked confused.

"You will find there are records of Shawn Spencer…" Henry recounted sadly, "My son died from leukaemia years ago. He used to be an analyst for the CIA and I helped out occasionally"

Karen remained quiet. She was one of the rare few that were aware his son had truly died all those years ago.

"I was was contacted by someone in the CIA who told me to say he was travelling and I was sent the occasional postcard, they informed me an agent would be stationed in Santa Barbra and recycle Shawn's identity in the near future"

"That's so cruel" Juliet cried out.

Even Lassiter had trouble keeping a blank face. "I'm sorry for your loss Henry"

Henry shrugged, "He was ill for a long time and I had no problems in helping out the CIA"

"So Shawn lied to us, all of us" Gus spoke out.

"We may not know anything about him….. but I believe he cares about us. He must do, he's our friend, it can't possibly be fake"

"Well, I'm not letting Shawn Spencer die twice. He's travelling… leaving him the option to come home"

"Or visit" Gus added in quietly.

They couldn't quite believe that Shawn had left so abruptly but over the next few months Shawn never made contact. Although they kept searching, there was no sign of Shawn Spencer anywhere.

All hope was lost.

So life went on. Henry told people he and Shawn had fought and Shawn had done the one thing he's always been good at…running away. Lassiter and Juliet buried themselves in their work, lying to their colleagues and focusing on the job.

As months passed, people started forgetting about Shawn Spencer. The precinct was less hectic and more efficient and the officers continued with their lives, it was only by the occasional sad faces of the two detectives and the Chief that anyone would suspect that someone very important was missing at the station.

Someone whose real name was unknown.

Someone they knew as Shawn Spencer.

Author note: And so... that's it. Sorry guys. The end... of part one. Part two will be up as soon as it has been written. Possibly under the same title or maybe as a new story under a different name, so be sure to follow story/author to know when I next update :)

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