Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia: The Lost Files

As my readers should be aware, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia began as Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL II started, and thus it went through changes. We're now about half of the way through Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia, and now also into the bulk of the first third of a new series, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

Currently, it's too soon to tell who the heroes and villains, as well as their ace monsters and upgrades, will be. The only examples that can be pinned down are two heroes, Yuya Sakaki with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as his ace monster and Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as the current upgrade, and Declan Akaba (let's be honest, he'll end up being a good guy) with DDD Armageddon the Cruel End Overlord as his ace monster.

Thus, with only two characters, the fic cannot be restructured to include them.

For now, since I wanted to get some practice in for them, I decided to write a one-shot for both Yuya and Declan, at different points in the fic.

Since Declan's one-shot would take place after where we are currently up to and change those chapters a wee bit, it won't be written for a while, so we'll be starting with Duel-tainer (yes, that's what they call Entertainment Duelists in the dub) Yuya Sakaki. This also means that the fic may contain early-instalment weirdness – when I write, I generally have the dub characters in mind, so once these are rewritten and integrated into Dissidia proper, they may change (aside from the obvious name changing). I do have a bit of a helping hand with the early confirmation of Yuya's dub voice actor.

But enough about that. Let's begin with the dramatic intro.

Isolated from his friends under the attacks at the Dimensional Temple, Yuya Sakaki comes face-to-face with its master.

While his primary fears have been of living up to his father's legacy, now the fate of the timeline is at stake, and the pressure is more than that of living up to any crowd…

LOST FILE: Destiny Draw 51-II

Yuya and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon landed hard, it had been a long fall. Yuya was thankful that there had been flat ground to land on, given that they'd been dropped through quite the hole by…well, whoever they'd been attacked by when they'd tried to protect Yuma and Jaden from Yubel.

Yuya rubbed his tailbone; it really seemed to be an area where he got injured frequently. "Jeez…" he groaned. "Why did she have to show up like that just after we got Jaden to safety?" He looked around and took in his surroundings carefully. "Eh?" he asked.

It looked like he was in the same place that Jaden had described. Except, of course, given the events that had happened afterwards, horribly trashed; the stone of the walkway that he and Odd-Eyes were standing on was cracked and broken (and he privately figured that while he should get off it, it was lucky that he'd landed on it), and the section behind him had broken off completely.

Still, though, it was terrain that Yuya knew how to traverse, so he carefully positioned himself and grabbed onto Odd-Eyes' spikes. "Let's go, Odd-Eyes!" he said. "Up to that platform there!"

Odd-Eyes screeched in agreement, and it leapt up into the air, bounding from area to area of the walkway until it landed squarely on the platform.

Yuya hopped off his dragon carefully, testing the ground stone beneath them gingerly. Having just fallen a large distance, he wasn't all that keen to do so again. But he was prodding the stone beneath him and it seemed to be solid, so he jumped up and down a little more vigorously. "Seems to be okay…" he mused thoughtfully. He raised his hand above his eyes and looked around the room. "But I don't see anything or anyone else here… Shrugging, he walked around the circumference of the platform, but there were no other walkways besides the one that he'd just came from, and that one, of course, was broken without repair.

Maybe there were hidden walkways under the platform. Carefully testing the areas, he leaned over the edge and looked for any stairways, but there were none there either.

Yuya sighed and he walked back to the center, flopped down on his back, and took off his pendant, swinging it back and forth through the air. "Well, if Zorc's guys want to beat me, then I guess that they can just leave me down here," he commented to Odd-Eyes.

"It's too soon for that, Z-one," he heard a nasal voice say.

Z-one?, Yuya thought. Isn't that the guy from Crow's timeline?

He slipped his pendant back on, and he crawled on his belly to the edge of the platform where the voice had come from. It was the walkway, the broken walkway, and Yuya's hopes rose.

They were founded. Z-one, the hovering comma machine, and Doctor Faker, the mad scientist of Heartland, were standing on the other side of the stone walkway.

"I need to conduct my research on Aporia and combine it with the knowledge of their powers to create them," Faker explained. "And the full knowledge lies with the one who gave them their powers, and I don't know whether or not he'll cooperate."

"I am sure that he will," Z-one reassured Faker. "In the meantime, they will need an area to be tested, and this is probably the best area for it." He moved forwards, and extended his oversized hands, opening an overlay network through which a large stone block fell through. "Besides, surely you are happy for the opportunity to escape the conflict for a while?" he asked Faker.

Sighing, Faker put his head in his hand. "Let's just finish one piece of the puzzle, shall we?" he asked. He waved his hand. "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon, come forth!"

Yuya clapped his hand over his mouth to prevent himself from gasping as the gigantic dragon appeared above him. Purple skinned and white bellied, with a coiling body that filled the room, and its wicked jaws looked large enough to pick up Odd-Eyes without a struggle.

The dragon was arranging itself to form a bridge for Doctor Faker when it noticed Yuya, and it roared angrily. It pointed its head in Yuya's direction, and Faker leapt onto the dragon's forehead, which elevated so that he could see Yuya and Odd-Eyes crouched on the platform clear as day.

Yuya gritted his teeth as Z-one also rose into the air.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Faker asked. "Someone who heard something that they shouldn't have, no doubt," he commented.

"It will do no harm," Z-one reassured Faker. "He knows not of what we speak, so even if he escapes, he will not be able to tell anyone just what he heard."

"Wha- you, what do you mean by that?!" Yuya asked.

"Exactly what was said," Z-one replied. "You are not leaving this place without a fight…or as the case may be, without flight."

Faker began to chuckle. "You know, Z-one, I really don't know why, but I seem to remember an odd case of a simulated Shadow Game – no pain involved, though – where as each duelist lost life points, either the nearby building was repaired or demolished."

"…And you bring this situation up for what reason?" Z-one asked.

"I'm in the mood for some fun," Faker said with a smile, and Yuya brightened up considerably.

"If you want some entertainment, then I'm your guy!" he said, thumbing towards his chest. "They don't call me a Duel-tainer for nothing, you know!"

Faker smiled. "I suppose that they don't," he said. "All right, how about this? We shall duel, and whenever we lose life points or monsters, the bridge shall either be destroyed or rebuilt by Z-one here."

"I warn you that I am not some mere construction droid," Z-one said, his mechanical voice dripping with indignity.

"Oh, come now Z-one, if you can't have fun in a situation such as this, when can you?" Faker chuckled, tossing a card zone into the air. It came to rest in front of him.

"All right, that sounds good to me!" Yuya replied, donning and activating his duel disk. The deck slot slid out, and the energy blade activated with a shimmer.

"Let's duel!" Yuya and Faker both cried.

"I shall take the first turn!" Faker called. "I draw!" he yelled, drawing a card from the card zone. He placed the card on the card zone. "Since I control no monsters, I can special summon Junk Forward form my hand!" A bronze robot appeared, leanly built and sprinting. (900/1500)

"Next I shall summon the tuner monster Junk Synchron!" Faker added, and his orange-armoured warrior leapt into play. (1300/500)

"A tuner monster?" Yuya asked in surprise.

"I tune my level three Junk Synchron with my level three Junk Forward!" Faker cried. Junk Synchron tugged its cord, bursting into three stars, becoming the triple rings. "And now I perform a synchro summon!" he yelled as the rings surrounded Junk Forward, causing it to fade into three aligning motes. A spear of light shone through them.

"Come forth, Junk Gardna!" Faker called. A large green warrior appeared, heavily armoured and holding its massive arms protectively in front of its body. (1400/2600)

Yuya frowned. "Aw..." he muttered. "Looks like it'll be up to me to liven things up a little."

Faker chuckled. "You're determined to have fun, aren't you, Yuya?" he asked.

Yuya nodded eagerly. "Of course I am!" he said. "And not just for me, but for the audience!" he added. "So let's make this a duel that they don't forget!"

"Then come at me, Yuya!" Faker called, slotting a card into his card zone. "I set a card face-down and end my turn!"

Yuya grinned. "My turn!" he called. "I draw!" He drew sharply, and slapped the card down on his disk's energy blade. "I summon Performapal Whip Snake!" he called. A purple cobra wearing a bow tie and top hat appeared on the field. (1700/900)

"Now I activate the effect of Whip Snake!" Yuya called. "It can switch the attack and defense points of one monster my opponent controls once per turn until the end of the turn!" Whip Snake swung the heart-shaped charm on its tail, hypnotizing Junk Gardna. It swayed as its defense points fell to 1400.

"You'd better have some building materials ready for me!" Yuya called to Z-one. "I attack Junk Gardna with Performapal Whip Snake!"

Whip Snake charged forwards, narrowing its eyes.

"I activate a trap card, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Faker called. The metallic scarecrow emerged from the card and warded off Whip Snake. "This card blocks the attack of one monster and is then re-set on the field!" Faker explained.

"What? So I've got to bring out two monsters to beat that one?" Yuya asked in surprise. "That's an exciting challenge!" he commented. "You're definitely quite the showman, Doctor!" he called, sliding a card into his duel disk. "I set a card face-down and end my turn!" he finished. Junk Gardna's statistics returned to normal.

"My turn," Faker commented. "I draw!" he yelled, drawing a card from his card zone. "I'll set one monster in defense position!" he declared, and a backed horizontal image appeared. "I end my turn with that."

Yuya looked disappointed again. "Hey, come on now," he said reproachfully. "I can't carry the whole show now, can I?" He shrugged. "My turn!" he called, drawing a card. "I summon Performapal Silver Claw!" he called. A silver-furred wolf with a bowtie appeared on the field beside him.

"I'll use Whip Snake's effect again!" Yuya added, and once again, Whip Snake swung its charm tail, and Junk Gardna fell to 1400 defense points.

"Now it's time to battle!" Yuya called. "I attack Junk Gardna with Performapal Whip Snake!" Whip Snake dived forwards again, and Faker responded in kind.

"I activate the trap card, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Faker replied. The iron scarecrow appeared again to block the attack and Yuya grinned. "You can only block one of my attacks per turn!" he commented. "Now I attack with Silver Claw!"

Roaring, Silver Claw charged forwards. "Silver Claw's special ability also activates!" Yuya called. "It gains three-hundred attack points until the end of the battle phase!" Silver Claw glowed yellow as it increased to 2100 attack points, and then Faker reacted.

"I activate Junk Gardna's special ability!" he called. "Once per turn I can switch one of your monsters' battle modes!"

Junk Gardna glowed, and Silver Claw pulled up short, skidding to a halt and glowing blue.

"What's this?!" Yuya asked. "And Doctor Faker pulls ahead with a monster effect!" he called. "This is a perfect defensive pattern!"

Faker decided not to comment on Yuya providing his own commentary.

Sighing, Yuya shrugged. "I end my turn with that," he said. "You aren't just going to sit around all day, are you?" he asked as Junk Gardna's defense points returned to normal again. "I mean, I'm doing my best to provide Z-one with entertainment and you're not letting things flow!"

Z-one was rather thankful that he was wearing a mask, since it allowed him to conceal his inability to deal with the situation.

Doctor Faker smiled, and then he chuckled. "Don't worry, Yuya Sakaki," he reassured Yuya. "The counterattack starts now!" he called, drawing a card.

He added it to his hand and he placed another on his card zone. "I summon another Junk Synchron to the field!" he called. Another of the orange tuners popped into play.

"Then I flip summon my set Junk Servant!" Faker called. A yellow and red robot appeared as the card flipped up. (1500/1000)

"Another tuner monster?" Yuya gasped.

"I tune my level three Junk Synchron to my level four Junk Servant!" Faker yelled. Junk Synchron once again split into the three motes of light, which became the green rings that surrounded Junk Servant, likewise causing it to fade into four motes of light, aligning themselves for a spear of light to shoot down them.

"I synchro summon Junk Archer!" Faker called.

With a burst of light, an orange armoured archer with a turquoise bow appeared. (2300/2000)

"Junk Archer's monster effect activates!" Faker declared. "I banish one monster from your side of the field until the end of this turn!" Junk Archer strung an arrow and fired, hitting Silver Claw, which howled as it vanished.

"I activate Whip Snake's effect!" Yuya called. "I can switch the attack and defense points of one monster you control!"

Whip Snake swung its charm, and Junk Archer swayed as it decreased to 2000 attack points.

"It's not enough to save you, I'm afraid, Yuya!" Faker called. "Now, Junk Archer, attack Whip Snake!"

Junk Archer fired another arrow, plunging into Whip Snake and destroying it. Yuya ducked as his life points decreased to 3700.

"Z-one!" Faker called. "If you don't mind destroying a part of that bridge…"

Z-one moved forwards, and his massive hand tore a chunk of rock out of the bridge. He carted it across to behind Faker and deposited it on the sturdier ground.

"I end my turn with that!" Faker called. "And now your Silver Claw will return to the field," he reminded Yuya, and the silver-furred wolf rematerialized.

"My turn!" Yuma called, drawing a card. He looked at it – Performapal Lizardraw. "It's here!" he said, pleased.

He added it to his hand, spread his arms and yelled, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!"

"What's this?" Faker asked in surprise.

"I am glad that you asked, my dear audience," Yuya replied. "For you are about to witness what only I, Yuya Sakaki, can do, my Entertainment Dueling!" He held up two cards with a grin. "I use the scale four Performapal Trump Witch and the scale six Performapal Lizardraw to set the pendulum scale!" Yuya called, slapping them down onto his duel disk. The word "PENDULUM" flashed across it in rainbow letters.

A childish witch and an orange gecko in magician's gear appeared, each in a column of blue light, and a glowing number appeared beneath each of them; "4" beneath Trump Witch and "6" beneath Lizardraw. A larger version of Yuya's pedant had also appeared in the sky above them.

"With this, I'm able to summon level five monsters!" Yuya explained. "Swing, pendulum of the soul!" he called as the pendulum swung one way. "Draw an arc of light across the sky!" he continued as it swung past the other. "I pendulum summon my monster servant!" he called, and a blue burst of light emerged from a portal. "Stargazer Magician!"

A white-robed, purple-caped blonde-haired mage holding a long staff with a circular disk in the middle appeared, glowing blue. (1200/2400)

"But there's more to come!" Yuya called. "For now I summon Performapal Hip Hippo!"

A large pink hippo with a bowtie and bowler hat appeared on the field. (800/800)

"During the turn I summon Hip Hippo, I can summon a level seven or higher monster!" Yuya explained. "So I tribute Hip Hippo and Silver Claw, and I summon our main actor to the stage!" Both monsters burned away, and Yuya slid one into his graveyard and the other into his extra deck. "Pendulum monsters that would go to the graveyard from the field are sent to the extra deck instead," Yuya explained, holding up the last card in his hand. "I summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

With a roar and a screech, Odd-Eyes appeared on the field. (2500/2000)

Faker smiled. "You just emptied your hand to summon your ace monster, but it still won't be able to advance your situation any further," he remarked.

Yuya smiled in response. "Oh, but we're just getting to the climax of the first act!" he called. "I activate Trump Witch's pendulum effect!" he called. "I can fuse monsters on my field to perform a fusion summon!"

"A fusion summon?!" Doctor Faker asked in shock.

"The monsters I choose to fuse are Stargazer Magician and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Yuya explained.

Trump Witch fired a blast of playing card symbols from its staff, creating a fusion vortex in the air.

"Wielder of mystery, become the bright light in the eye of the dragon!" Yuya chanted. "I fusion summon Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

A softer version of Odd-Eyes appeared, with rounder armour and a gold ring attached to both its head and back. Its right eye was a golden symbol. (3000/2000)

"Go! Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Yuya called, hopping on its back. "Attack Junk Gardna!"

A triangle of lightning materialized in the air and then each of the corners bonded to points in the ring on Rune-Eyes' back. Then a blast of lightning fired from one of them. "Repeating Shining Burst!" Yuya called.

"I activate the trap card, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Faker yelled. "It will negate your attack!"

The Scarecrow intercepted the blast, and then disappeared under its card.

"Too bad, Yuya, but you won't be getting my monster this turn," Faker remarked.

"Oh, is that so?" Yuya asked. "When Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon uses a level five or higher spellcaster monster as its fusion material, it can attack monsters three times!"

"WHAT?!" Faker yelled.

"Here comes the second attack!" Yuya called. "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Attack Junk Gardna again, with Repeating Shining Burst!"

This time, a blast of energy emerged from the second highest corner of lightning, and plunged towards Junk Gardna.

"Junk Gardna's monster effect activates!" Faker yelled. "I change Rune-Eyes to defense position!"

"I'm afraid not!" Yuya called. "Since Rune-Eyes used a pendulum summoned monster as fusion material, it is unaffected by my opponent's card effects for the rest of the turn!"

Faker gasped in shock as Junk Gardna was destroyed.

"Now, go, Rune-Eyes!" Yuya yelled. "Attack Junk Archer now! Repeating Shining Burst!"

The lowest and final corner fired a blast of energy at Junk Archer, disintegrating it.

Doctor Faker ducked away from the backlash as his life points fell to 3300.

"And now, with that, my opponent's life points have fallen!" Yuya called. "So Mr. Z-one here must rebuild the bridge a little!"

Ignoring the feeling of embarrassment, and thankful that no-one else was here, Z-one picked up some materials, and he moved forwards. He simply bolted the pieces on in a manner that would allow him to remove them again, rather than waste time demolishing it. That being said, if Yuya lost too many more life points, he'd have to start taking off more of the stone.

"Now, I'll use the effect of my Performapal Lizardraw!" Yuya called. "I draw a card, and then I can shuffle Lizardraw into the deck!" He drew, and Lizardraw faded from its pendulum zone.

"I set a card face-down and end my turn," Yuya said, slotting the card into his duel disk.

"My turn," Faker said. "I draw!" He smiled, and placed the card onto his duel disk. "I summon Junk Blader!" he called. A purple armoured warrior carrying a massive triangular sword appeared on the field. "And now I activate its monster effect: by banishing Junk monsters from my graveyard, I can increase its attack points by four-hundred for each!"

"What?" Yuya gasped.

"A lone warrior steps up with the wishes of his fellows behind him," Faker commented. "I banish five monsters: Junk Archer, Junk Forward, Junk Gardna, Junk Servant, and one Junk Synchron, increasing Junk Blader's attack points by two-thousand!" he called.

Junk Blader powered up to 3800 attack points with a groan.

"Go, Junk Blader!" Faker called. "Attack Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Junk Blader raised its sword and charged, even as Yuya swept his hand over his field. "I activate the quick-play spell card, Hippo Carnival!" he called. "It special summons three Hippo Tokens in defense position to shield my monsters, and for the rest of this turn, you can only target Hippo Tokens for attacks!"

Three hippos in dancing girl wear burst onto the field, one blue, one yellow, and one orange. Junk Blader cleaved the yellow one in two.

Faker blanched at the sight of the dancing tokens, and he closed his eyes. "I end my turn there…" he said slowly.

"My turn!" Yuya called. He looked at the card, and he smiled. Thank you, Declan, he thought, slotting the card into his disk. "I activate Pot of Riches!" he called. "By shuffling three pendulum monsters from either my extra deck or my graveyard into my deck, I can draw two cards!" he called. He held up three cards to Faker. "The monsters that I'm returning are Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Stargazer Magician, and Performapal Sliver Claw!" He slotted the cards into his deck, it auto-shuffled, and he drew two new cards. He grinned, and he held one of them up.

"I set the scale four Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the pendulum zone!" he called, placing it in the left pendulum zone. Odd-Eyes appeared in the blue column of light, the number four appearing beneath it.

"What?" Faker asked. "But with this, your pendulum scale is set to four, so you can't pendulum summon!"

Yuya grinned. "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon has a very useful pendulum effect," he explained. "But now it's time to battle!" he added. "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Attack Junk Blader with Repeating Shining Burst!"

The triangle of lightning appeared, bonding to the four corners of Rune-Eyes' circle, and then Rune-Eyes fired a blast at Faker.

"I activate Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Faker called, flipping the trap card. "And I negate your attack!" The scarecrow appeared and it blocked the attack before vanishing under its card.

"Now for the next one!" Yuya called. "Repeating Shining Burst!" he yelled. Rune-Eyes fired off another blast, and this time, it struck Junk Blader squarely in the chest, disintegrating it.

Faker groaned as his life points decreased to 2100.

"I can't attack you directly with Rune-Eyes' effect," Yuya admitted. "But now that you've taken damage, I must ask Mr. Z-one to begin to rebuild the bridge!"

Z-one promptly and swiftly lifted several blocks of stone, attaching them to a frame and bolting them down.

"Now, during my end phase, I activate the effect of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Yuya called. "I can destroy it…" he explained, and it exploded into dust in the pendulum zone. "…and then I can add a pendulum monster from my extra deck to my hand that has fifteen-hundred or less attack points!" Yuya called. A card slid out from his deck, and he held it up. "I add Timegazer Magician to my hand," he called. "And I end my turn!"

Faker nodded. "My turn! I draw!" he called, drawing a card. "Since you control a level five or higher monster, I can special summon Junk Giant!" he called. A burly jade-armoured giant appeared on the field. (2000/2400)

"Then I normal summon the tuner monster Junk Anchor!" Faker added, slapping a card down. A silver and magenta spindly mechanical warrior appeared beside Junk Giant, baring its chest.

"Another tuner monster?" Yuya gasped.

"I tune my level two Junk Anchor, treating it as Junk Synchron with its effect, to my level six Junk Giant!" Doctor Faker called. Junk Anchor split into twin motes of light, becoming the tuning rings that surrounded Junk Giant. "Behold as razor sharp steel and scraps of iron are forged together to create a powerful new force!" Faker cried as Junk Giant turned transparent, revealing the six stars inside it. A beam of light shot through the stars.

"I synchro summon, Junk Destroyer!" Doctor Faker called. An iron armoured giant appeared on the field, with four powerful arms and four white glider wings, a red orb and four blue orbs glowing on its chest. (2600/2500)

"Junk Destroyer's special ability activates!" Faker crowed. "I destroy a card on your field for each of Junk Destroyer's non-tuner synchro materials!"

"What?!" Yuya cried.

"I destroy Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Faker yelled, and Yuya cried out as Junk Destroyer's blue orbs charged up, and then it released a beam of light from its red orb at Rune-Eyes. The beam impacted the dragon's blue orb, and Yuya was blasted off its back, landing hard as Rune-Eyes disintegrated.

"Now, Junk Destroyer, attack a Hippo Token!" Faker yelled. "Fists of Ferocity!"

Junk Destroyer charged forwards, swinging its fists.

"I activate the trap card, Meteorain!" Faker added, swinging his arm.

The trap flipped up and Yuya gasped. "Not Meteorain!" he cried.

Faker smirked. "I assume you know its effect then, don't you?" he asked. "Take this! Twenty-six-hundred points of piercing battle damage!"

Yuya was blasted backwards as his life points fell to 1100.

"If you would, Z-one," Faker commented.

Z-one silently began to remove the frame of stone that he'd erected, and he demolished even more of the bridge where Yuya lay, twitching as he felt his tailbone.

"I end my turn with that," Faker said as Junk Destroyer came to rest beside him.

Yuya got to his feet with a wince. "Ouch…" he muttered. "I really gotta stop doing that…" He stretched his back and rested easily on the balls of his feet. "But it's a pity that we only have Mr. Z-one for an audience," he remarked. "I'm sure that our duel would light up the hearts of many people!"

"How?" Faker asked.

Yuya chuckled. "It doesn't look like a duel from a battlefield, for one thing," he commented. "Neither of us are dueling with the intent to hurt one another!"

Faker looked at Yuya long and hard, and he smiled, bowing his head. "Then I hope that you treasure this experience, Yuya Sakaki," he admitted.

Yuya nodded eagerly. "My turn!" he called, drawing a card. "I summon Performapal Trampolynx!" he called. A purple-furred lynx wearing a top hat and with a trampoline for a main body appeared. (300/300)

"I activate Trampolynx's special ability!" Yuya called. "I can return a card in my pendulum zone to my hand, so I'll return Performapal Trump Witch to my hand!"

Tramp Witch faded from the column of blue light, and the column dissipated.

"I play one card face-down…" Yuya called, slotting a card into his duel disk. "…and I end my turn."

"You're leaving it in attack position…" Faker mused.

"Eh?" Yuya asked.

"You do not draw, and you do not summon monsters in defense position," Faker commented. "Such has dueling advanced…"

"If you're going to take your turn, just do it!" Yuya called. "Come on, Doctor! Let's make this duel an entertaining one as we approach the climax!"

Faker smiled. "My turn! I draw!" he called, drawing a card. "I discard my Garbage Ogre from my hand in order to add my Garbage Lord from my deck to my hand!" he called, sending a card from his hand to his graveyard and then a card from his deck slotted out.

"Junk Berserker attacks Performapal Trampolynx!" Faker called.

Junk Berserker charged, and Yuya flipped a trap card.

"I play the Command Performance trap card!" Yuya called. "Since I control a Performapal monster, I can switch all attack position monsters you control to defense position! And they can't change battle modes until the end of the next turn!"

A blast of light burst from the card, and Junk Destroyer shielded its eyes as it was forced into a kneeling position.

"Not bad, not bad at all, Yuya," Faker commented. "That trap was well-timed, and could always have been. I shall end my turn here."

Yuya nodded. "My turn!" he called, drawing a card. He frowned to himself. It's not here yet…, he thought. "I change Performapal Trampolynx to defense position!" he called. Trampolynx glowed blue and curled up with its paws over its head. "And I end my turn!"

"My turn!" Faker called, drawing a card. He smirked as he beheld the spell card, Inferno Reckless Summon. This card will allow me to bring forth my ace Number card…, he thought. He slid the card into his hand and plucked out another. "I pay two-thousand life-points to special summon my Garbage Lord from my hand!" he called.

A magenta robed fiend holding a staff appeared on the field as Faker's life points fell to 100. (0/2400)

"Then I activate the spell card, Inferno Reckless Summon!" Doctor Faker continued. "When I special summon a monster with fifteen-hundred or less attack points, I can call out as many copies as possible from my hand, deck or graveyard!" He slid out two cards from his deck and placed them on the card zone. "I call forth two more copies of Garbage Lord!" he called. Two more of the robed fiends appeared beside the first.

"If you like, you can call out as many copies as possible of a monster you control, regardless of attack points!" Faker informed Yuya.

Yuya gritted his teeth. I only have one copy of Trampolynx…, he thought grimly.

"Now, I overlay my three level five Garbage Lords!" Faker called, raising a hand. All three monsters became purple swirls and spiralled into the air.

"What?!" Yuya gasped.

"I use these three monsters to build the overlay network!" Faker called. "I'm going to unleash a force of agony and destruction! But before it appears it will need a huge supply of energy, and I xyz summon Number 53: Heart-eartH!"

Yuya gritted his teeth as he recognized the massive form that had risen up behind Doctor Faker. The creature that he'd summoned at the first battle loomed over them: a giant torso of blue frame and maroon spurs, joined by angry orange orbs. A blue number 53 flashed in the air. (100/100

"A Number monster…" Yuya muttered.

"Next, I switch Junk Destroyer into attack position!" Faker called. "And I attack Performapal Trampolynx!"

Yuya ducked as his monster was shattered by Junk Destroyer's powerful punches.

"Now, Number 53: Heart-eartH, destroy his last monster!" Faker called.

Heart-eartH blasted a beam of power at the final Hippo Token, disintegrating it.

Yuya winced as he shielded himself from the backlash.

"Now you've run out of monsters to hide behind, save the little monster in your hand," Faker observed. "Will you still keep going?"

"Of course!" Yuya called. "It would be an anti-climax if I didn't continue and just gave up now!"

Faker smiled. "Spoken like a true entertainer," he commented. "Z-one, if you would destroy the bridge just a little, since his monsters were destroyed.

Yuya jumped backwards with a yelp as Z-one chopped off another block of stone.

"I set a card face-down and I end my turn!" Faker called. The card hologram appeared before him. "This is it, Yuya Sakaki!" he told Yuya.

"Yeah!" Yuya replied, raising his arms. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" he called. "My field is bare of everything save a set card, and if I draw the right monster, I can defeat Doctor Faker here and now, and have Mister Z-one here rebuild the bridge to safety!"

Faker crossed his arms with a smile as Yuya grasped the top card of his deck.

"I…draw!" Yuya called, drawing the card.

It was Stargazer Magician.

"Yes, it's here," Yuya said happily.

He raised two cards in his hand. "I, using the scale one Stargazer Magician and the scale eight Timegazer Magician, set the pendulum scale!" he called, slapping the two Magician cards down. Each of the mages, the white clad-Stargazer and the black and gold clad Timegazer, rose in a column of blue light, their scale numbers appearing beneath them as the massive pendulum appeared overhead.

"With this, I'm able to summon multiple monsters from levels two to seven!" Yuya explained. "Swing, pendulum of the soul!" he called as the pendulum swung one way. "Draw an arc of light across the sky!" he continued as it swung past the other monster. "I pendulum summon my monster servants!" he called, and a blue, then a red burst of light emerged from a portal.

A gorilla with drums for pectorals, a top hat and bow, cymbals on its shoulders, and round weight instead of hands appeared on the field. (1600/900)

"First up is Performapal Drumming Kong!" Yuya called.

Then, the red light faded, revealing the dichromatic Odd-Eyes standing there with a roar.

"And, for the second time today, we have the star of the show, he of the brilliantly dichromatic eyes, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Yuya finished. "Give them a round of applause!"

Faker lifted his hands and clapped slowly, but sincerely.

Yuya grinned happily. "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, attack Number 53: Heart-eartH!" he called, donning his goggles and leaping onto Odd-Eyes.

"Heart-eartH's effect activates!" Faker called. "Once per turn, when you attack it, it gains attack points equal to the original attack points of the monster that it battled!"

Heart-eartH glowed as it powered up to 2600 attack points.

"Now I see why you summoned it!" Yuya called. "It's a perfect final adversary!" He raised his hand. "I activate Drumming Kong's special ability!" he called. "It can increase the attack points of a battling monster by six-hundred during the battle phase!"

Drumming Kong began beating its chest, sending out shockwaves, and Odd-Eyes screeched as it rose to 3100 attack points.

"Go, Odd-Eyes!" Yuya called. "With those dual coloured eyes of yours, lay waste to all that you see before you!"

Odd-Eyes leapt into the air, and it began to build up energy in its jaws.

"Spiral Strike Burst!" Yuya called.

Odd-Eyes blasted a crimson plume of fire from its jaws at Heart-eartH.

"I activate my Draining Shield trap card!" Faker called. "It will negate your attack and increase my life points by the same amount!"

"Timegazer Magician's pendulum effect activates!" Yuya called. "When a pendulum monster I control battles, trap cards cannot be activated! Inverse Gears!" Timegazer Magician extended a golden ring from its right glove, and it sent out a clock-like symbol that sealed Faker's trap.

Before Faker could do more than gasp, Odd-Eyes' fire hit Heart-eartH.

"Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's effect activates!" Yuya called. "Battle damage involving it and a monster is doubled! Reaction Force!"

Drawing its head back, Odd-Eyes fired an orange plume of fire in addition to the crimson flame that it still exuded, and it slammed into Heart-eartH.

Faker was blasted backwards. The Number wasn't destroyed, but he was hurting, and his life points fell to zero.

"My dear audience, thank you for your cheers!" Yuya called.

The monsters all vanished, save Odd-Eyes, which landed on the bridge squarely and screeched in triumph.

Sighing, Yuya removed his goggles, and he patted Odd-Eyes' hand. "Thanks, Odd-Eyes," he said. "You did great."

"As did you," said the voice of Z-one. "I see now that you have the skill to be chosen by Horahkty," he mused. "If you would wait, while I rebuild this bridge…"

Yuya nodded as Z-one bolted the frame securely to the bridge and began to fill it with stone.

Doctor Faker picked himself up from the floor. "I must commend you, Yuya Sakaki," he admitted. "To face off against me and win, it's very impressive."

"Jaden beat you," Yuya pointed out.

Faker chuckled. "That he did," he commented. "May I ask why you are here?" he asked Yuya.

Yuya clutched his pendant, thinking to himself. "I don't know yet," he admitted. "Dueling isn't a tool for violence, it's for bringing smiles and laughter to people's faces. That I'll always believe!"

Lowering his gaze, Faker appeared to be closely examining the floor. "It's people like you and Yuma Tsukumo that remind me of why I built Heartland City," he mused. "A place for children, but also a place of fun…"

"What about you?" Yuya asked. "Why are you here?"

Shaking his head, Doctor Faker looked up at Yuya. "I cannot tell you," he replied. "No, I desire someone who suffers the same as I and my…son…to divulge my secrets to," he said.

Yuya cocked his head in annoyance. "I don't like being kept in the dark," he said. "Why are you here, Doctor Faker?"

"Rest assured that this doesn't involve you," Faker reassured him. "Besides, I think that Z-one has finished his work."

Z-one moved away from the patched up bridge, and Faker stepped aside.

"You may go now, Yuya Sakaki," Faker said sadly. "Go now, and bring joy to all who you encounter."

Yuya frowned. "You guys are both weird," he commented. "But I think that you're both all right. I hope you both get what you want and no-one gets hurt."

He waved vigorously from Odd-Eyes' back. "See ya!"

With that, Odd-Eyes bounded into the depths of the tunnels to the surface, leaving Doctor Faker and Z-one in the depths of the Dimensional Temple.

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