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Turlough Freeman presents: Death By Jawbreakers, a Robot Chicken sketch.

In the Candy Kingdom, Finn The Human is being dragged into the Site Of The Condemned by two candy guards. The Site Of The Condemned is a place of execution for the criminals of the Candy Kingdom. An mob of angry citizens are gathered at the site, they yelled and screamed at Finn for betraying them, as he is being tied to a post. An Execution Officer has appeared and silences the crowd. He opens the scroll and reads...

"Finn The Human, Self proclaimed hero of The Land Of Ooo..." The Execution Officer reads.

"Uh, yeah. Heh heh, that's me. Heh Heh." Finn said nervously.

"You have been found guilty by the Royal Candy Court of courting a witch from our enemy, The Spice Empire. As so as a traitor to the candy crown...!"

The crowd oohs and Finn gulps.

"You are to be stoned to death."

The crowd growls at Finn and gives him a mean glare.

"Look, we were only dating." Said Finn. "And all i said to Jake was "She's so awesome, she put Princess Bubblegum to shame."

The crowds gasps.

"BLASPHEMY! He insulted our princess!" Yelled the Execution Officer.

The crowd shouted angrily.

"Did you hear him?!"

The crowd agreed as they continue shouting angrily. But a disguised Jake rose up and shouted...

"He's not a traitor! He's a hero!"

The crowd goes silent. The execution officer scans the crowd and said...

"Are there any dogs here today?"

The crowd said nothing as Jake whistles.

"Very well. By virtue of the authority vested in me..."

A teengage girl throws a jawbreaker at Finn.

"OW! You assholes! That really hurt!" Shouted Finn.

"Come on. Who threw that?" Asked the Execution Officer.

A few eyes in the crowd looked at the young girl who threw the jawbreaker.

"Who threw that jawbreaker? Come on." The Execution Officer demanded.

The crowd points to the teenage girl.

"Her. She did it. It was her. Yeah, totally her." Said the crowd.

"Sorry about that. It just slipped." Said the girl.

"Go to the back." Said the Execution Officer.

"Oh, boy." The girl said as she runs off giggling.

"Always one, isn't there? Now where were we?" The execution officer pondered.

"Look, i don't think she's a witch." Said Finn. "She's just friendly and more beautiful than PB."

"He insulted her again!" Said one of the crowd member.

The crowd shouted angrily..again.

"You're only making it worse for yourself!" Shouted the Execution Officer.

"Well, it's the truth!" Shouted Finn. "She's much more attractive than the princess! Did you see that hot body she has? And that amazing face..."


Peter Griffin throws a jawbreaker at the Execution Officer.


Peter starts giggling. A few people looked at him.

"Come on! Who threw that?!" The Execution Officer demanded.

The crowd points to Peter Griffin. Peter tries to run, but the crowd drags him to the Execution Officer.

"Was it you?" Asked the Execution Officer.

"Yes." Peter Griffin confessed.


"Well, the kid is right about one thing: Princess Bubblegum is getting way too old." Said Peter.

The crowd stones Peter Griffin with jawbreakers.

"STOP! STOP IT! WILL YOU STOP THAT!" The Execution Officer shouted.

The crowd stop stoning.

"STOP IT!" Shouted the Execution Officer. "Now look! No one is to stone anyone until i blow this whistle! Do you understand?! Even, and i want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do they say our princess is losing her touch."

The crowd proceeds to stone the Execution Officer. They finally crush him with a giant sized hard candy.

"Good shot!"

The crowd applauds. Princess Bubblegum appears and looks around...

End Of Sketch...