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Once they made it back at Benny's place, Sarah carried the dog to the couch and placed it down gently on it. Benny then left quickly to find his grandma to inform her of what had happened. Once she heard his explaination she went to check on the dog. "So...is it ok?" asked Rory. " Don't worry dear! She gonna be ok! It just looks like the poor thing is just tired with exhuastion." replied Evelyn, Benny's grandmother. "Well that's good!" sighed Sarah in relief. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go and get her some water. She'll probably be thirsty." said Evelyn, as she left for the kitchen. Just then the dog started to wake up.

"Ugh...where am I?" the dog said groggly.

Once she noticed her surroundings she started to panic. "Who...who are you people?!" exclaimed the terrified dog. "Whoa! Whoa! Easy there! You're ok now! You're safe now!" replied Sarah, trying to calm the dog down. After a few seconds the dog eventually calmed down. "Hold on! You all can understand me?" asked the dog. They all nodded their heads yes in response. "So then that must mean you all are supernatural in some way." said the dog, although it sounded more like a question. "Yeah! I'm Ethan and I'm a seer. And that's Benny. He's a spellmaster. And that's Sarah, Erica, and Rory who are vampires." explained Ethan, as he pointed at each one them. "I knew that I was sensing something from you guys the moment I ran into you before I passed out!" said the dog. "Yeah...about that...how is it that we can hear what you're saying?" asked Ethan. "Oh! That! That's easy! I'm a caynic!" replied the dog, happily. "A what?!" asked Benny. "A caynic, Benny. She's a caynic. I've heard and read about them, but I thought that they were extinct." interupted Evelyn, as she just walked in the living room with a bowl of water.

"Here you go dear." said Evelyn as she placed the bowl down on the floor. The dog then jumped down from the couch and drank some water. "Ah! Thanks! I was really thirsty after all that running!" said the dog. Everyone except for Evelyn and the dog gave each other a strange look at what the mysterious creature had just said. "Your welcome dear! And by the way my name is Evelyn. I'm Benny's grandmother." the elderly woman said. "Nice to meet you! Oh! But I never did tell you guys my name have I? Well my name is Cammie!" replied the dog, happily. "And nope! We're not extinct. There's still a few of us left out there." said Cammie.

"Ok! Cammie! Just what is a caynic?" asked Erica. "A caynic is basically a magical dog. Kind of like how a unicorn is a horse with magic powers and has a horn on its head, except a caynic doesn't have any horns on it's head." explained Evelyn. "You seem rather smart for a dog though. Not that I'm saying that dogs are stupid." said Benny. "Oh! Well, caynics have an intelligence equal to that of humans." answered Cammie. "Ok. So then that still doesn't explained why we can understand you." wondered Ethan. "That's because you're supernatural. Only other supernatural beings or humans who possess a supernatural abillity like magic or gets visions can understand what we're saying. As for regular ordinary humans all they hear is barking and other dog noises." explained Cammie. Everybody had a look of oh on their faces.

"If you don't mind us asking...you said earlier that you did a lot of running and you looked really frighten right before you passed out. Why was that?" asked Ethan. Cammie then looked down and started to explain. "Well you see. I was running from a vampire who was wanting to use my power for his own selfish desires. You see, caynics have the ability to temporary boost other supernaturals powers. Well...only magical or mental powers and not physical powers like super strength or super speed." explained Cammie. " I believe the vampire that was after me name was Jesse." said Cammie. Just then everybody had a worried look on their faces. "Did you just say Jesse?!" asked Rory. "Yeah! Why? Do you know him?" asked Cammie. "Yes! We do! He's the reason why me, Erica, and Rory are vampires!" exclaimed Sarah, with hate and distaste in her voice. "What do mean?" asked Cammie.

After they explained to her everything that Jesse had done to them, Cammie had this look of disbelief on her face. "Wow! I'm so sorry. He really is bad news. I'm glad I managed to get away from him. No telling what he would of done if he did manage to make me join him." said Cammie, as she let off a shiver.

"I'm also sorry Sarah that he basically made you drink human blood and become a full vampire. If only we meet sooner. I know that we barely know each other, but you seem like a really nice person. Then maybe you could be cured and be human again." said Cammie, sadly. "Gee...thanks! That's really sweet of you...wait what did you mean by me being cured and being human again if we met sooner?" replied Sarah. "Caynics also have special blood. Their blood can cure vampires and werewolves. Of course it can only cure them if they haven't became full vampires yet or if the person bitten by a werewolf hasn't gone through their first full moon transformation yet. That and their ability to boost powers is one of the reasons why so many supernatural beings were always after them. Many vampires or werewolves would seek them out to either kill them to prevent them from curing others or they would seek them out to be cured, but wind up taking to much blood and killing them in the process. Other supernaturals would also enslave them for profit and sell their blood to those who wanted to be cured. That's why I thought that they were extinct because after all of that, it greatly decreased their numbers to the point to where fewer and fewer where ever seen." explained Evelyn.

"Wow! That's some sad history that your kind have." muttered Benny.

"Yeah. It nearly did drive my kind into extiction, but a few of them managed to survive by hinding themselves really well and basically keeping it a secret as to what they are. There's still on only a few of us left after all those years, but its because we age differently from your average dog and we don't have large litters of puppies like they do too. We usually have only one or two or maybe even three pups in a single litter. And as for our aging process, we age basically the same as humans do." explained Cammie.

"So, how old are you?" asked Rory.

"I'm 15."

"Hey! That's the same age as me, Ethan, and Benny!" exclaimed Rory, happily.

Cammie giggled at his response as Ethan, Benny, Sarah, and Erica all face palmed themselves. "Well. I have imposed enough on you all, but I should probably be leaving." said Cammie, as she got up. "Wait! You can't just leave! Where will you go?!" asked Ethan, worriedly. "Yeah. Plus Jesse's still out there! He's probably just waiting for you to let your guard down and for you to be a lone." added Sarah.

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure once I crossed the town's border he just stopped chasing me." answered Cammie.

"What?! That's strange? I wonder why he would just give up at the border?" pondered Ethan.

"Who cares! As long as he's not in town causing trouble for us!" replied Erica.

"Hmm...but still though. I recommend that you should at least stay with one of us for a while, just encase. And besides you still seem a little tired from today and it's getting late out. You'd be safer that way." suggested Evelyn.

Cammie thought about it for a while. 'Hmm...they do seem nice and all, but I don't know if I could impose on them like that. But they do have a good point. Maybe I should stay with one of them. It has been a while since I ever had a place to call home.' thought Cammie. "Ok! You conviced me!" she replied happily.

"Excellent!" replied Evelyn, "But now the real question is, just who are you going home with?"

They all took a moment to think about it.

"Well she can't stay with me. My dad's allergic to dogs." replied Rory.

"And you can't stay with me because my mom is not a dog person." added Sarah, sadly.

"Well, she's definitely not staying with me!" said Erica, a little rudely, "What?! Dogs shed and I don't want dog hair all over my nice clothes or my expensive shoes all chewed up!"

"Oh-oh! I'll do it! I'll did it!" exclaimed Benny, jumping up and down happily like an idiot.

"I don't think so Mr. Benjamin!" replied Evelyn back at his response.

"Awww! How come Grandma?" whinned Benny.

"Because! I know you and I don't trust you with the responsiblity of taking care of a dog. Even if that dog is smart enough to take care of herself. Knowing you, you would probably try to use the poor dear as guinea pig with one of your spells and your not exactually the best when it comes to magic." she explained. Benny just crossed his arms and pouted while mumbling something that no one could hear.

"So, then that just leaves Ethan." said Rory.

"How about it, E? Can Cammie live with you?" asked Benny.

"Well...I don't see why not. Hopefully my parents will let her stay. So how about it Cammie? Are you willing to stay at my place?" replied Ethan.

"Sure! As long your parents say it's ok!" said Cammie.

"Then its settled then! Cammie will stay with you!" said Mrs. Weir, "Now! You kids should best be getting on home before your parents start to worry."

"She's right! I'll see you guys later. Bye!" said Sarah, as she and Erica left.

"Yeah! See you dudes later!" Rory said as he waved good-bye and left.

"Well! We better be getting on too, Cammie! Bye Mrs. Weir! Bye Benny!" said Ethan as he too was leaving with Cammie following him.

"Later E and Cammie!" responed Benny.

"And thanks for everything Mrs. Weir!" shouted Cammie as she left.

"No problem deary! You're welcomed back here any time!" she replied.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" shouted Ethan as he and Cammie come walking in throuh the front door.

"Oh! There you are sweetie! I was starting to get worried for a second!" replied Mrs. Morgan as she walked in from the kitchen. Then she noticed Cammie standing there wagging her tail. "Uh...honey? Why is there a dog with you?" she asked, just as Mr. Morgan came downstairs.

"Oh! Well you see...me and Benny were walking back from the theater and this dog just showed up and started following us. She seemed to really take to me and I kind of felt the same way, sooo I brought her home in hopes that...maybe you'll let me keep her?" explained Ethan, a little nervously since that was a total lie, but he had hoped that they had bought it. Fortunately for him they did.

"Now Ethan. If we can't trust you to babysit Jane then what makes you think we'll let you have a dog?" asked his mother.

"I don't know. Maybe because a dog is a little easier to watch than a 9 year old sister." replied Ethan, unsure like and shrugging his shoulders.

Mrs. Morgan was about to saying something when Mr. Morgan cut her off. "Well now honey. I think him having a dog is a great idea. Maybe it'll help teach him what it means to be more responsible when looking after someone. Plus, every boy needs a dog growing up! I mean I had one when I was about his age and I learned a lot about responsibilty."

Mrs. Morgan thought about her husband's words and finally agreed. "Alright!" she sighed, "But she's your responsibilty! That means you have to feed her, walk her, bathe her, and so on."

"Yes! Thank you! Thank you!" Ethan said excitedly, "I promise I will! You'll see! I'll show you just how responsible I can be!"

Just then Jane came down the stairs. "Who's dog?" she asked.

"Mine!" replied Ethan. "What?! Ethan gets a dog and I can't even have a pony!" exclaimed Jane. "Sorry sweetie, but you're not old enough for something with that huge of a responsiblity. And besides, where would we keep a pony? They're much larger than a dog." said Mrs. Morgan. "Not to mention more expensive too!" added in Mr. Morgan as his wife just lightly nudged him in his side. Jane sighed and then said, " Fine!" and then began to head back upstairs, until she heard something that stopped her in her tracks. "It was nice to met you Jane!" She quickly spun around and said, "Did you guys just hear that?!" " Hear what sweetie?" replied Mrs. Morgan. "Yeah?! Hear what? All I heard was the dog barking." also replied Mr. Morgan. "T-the dog! It just spoke!" said Jane in shock. "Well yeah, honey...that's normally how dogs speak is by barking." said her mother, with a confused look. Then Ethan whispered to her that he'll explain later and to just go back upstairs. "Yeeah...sorry! I'm must of just imagined it! Sorry about that." said Jane. She then turned back around and went back upstairs to a wait for that explaination from her brother.

"So what are you gonna name her?" asked Mr. Morgan, as he returned his attention back towards he's son. "Hmm...I was thinking Cammie." answered Ethan. "Cammie? Why Cammie?" asked his mother. "I don't know? She just seems like a Cammie to me." replied Ethan, as he then looked at Cammie with a smirk on his face that his parents didn't see. "Well alright then. You better head on up and get washed up. Dinner is just about done."said Mrs. Morgan. "Ok mom! Come on Cammie! Let me show you to my room!" said Ethan, happily. "Ok!" responded Cammie, but all his parents heard was a bark.

"So this is my room! Your welcome to sleep here if you like." announced Ethan. "It looks nice!" said Cammie. After a little while, Jane had entered his room and of course without knocking first. "Alright Ethan! You still owe me that explanation as to why the dog can talk and all mom and dad heard was barking? Benny didn't do this did he?" she said. "No Jane! Benny didn't do this. And first of all, her name is Cammie. And secondly, learn to knock!" Jane then stuck her tounge out him for that one as he continued, "And thirdly, she's a caynic." he finished. "A what?" she asked him. With a sigh he began to explain to Jane everything that had happened earlier tonight and what a caynic was. When he was finished, Jane then asked, "So she's a dog who can do magic and only supernatural people can understand what she's saying?" trying to make sense of it all. "Yep! That's basically about it!" Ethan responded. After a moment of processing, Jane then smiled as she was excited about having a dog who was magical. "But wait a minute. Earlier downstairs when you said 'nice meeting you, Jane'...you were talking directly at me as if you knew that I would hear you." Jane said, curiously. " That's because I did! Another thing I forgot to mention about my kind is that we can sense when another supernatural being is close by. Of course we can't exactly pin point who they are and some supernaturals are really talented at being able to hide their presence from others." explained Cammie. "But how did you know that Jane was the supernatural one?" asked Ethan. "Easy! When we first walked in the house I could faintly sense another supernatural presence. I knew it wasn't you since I'm already familiar with your scent and presence by now. A I knew that it wasn't your parents because the feeling was still kind of weak, but as soon as Jane walked into the room it got stonger. So I figured it had to be her!" she answered. "Awesome! I gotta be sure to tell the others about this!" responed Ethan, in amazement.

"Oh! That remind me! If we're ever out in public or around other people, I won't be talking. Instead I'll be using a telepathy spell to communicate." said Cammie. "A telepathy spell?" asked Jane. "Yep!" said Cammie out loud. "Like I'm doing now!" thought Cammie, as she let of a little giggle. Both Ethan and Jane had heard her voice in their heads. "Cool!" responded Jane. "Hey! When you did that, your eyes just changed blue?" Ethan curiously said. Cammie shook her head up and down and then relied, "Uh-huh! That's because when caynics do use magic, their eyes turn blue. Indicanting that their using a spell. They stay like that until they stop casting the spell and then return back to their original color." "But what if your eyes were blue to begin with?" asked Jane. Cammie then shook her head no. "All caynics eyes are originally brown." she answered. "Cool!" said Jane.

"But if that's the case what are you going to do if someone noticed your eyes glowing blue and then change to brown again while your using that spell?" aske Ethan. "Don't worry! I'll just combine the telepathy spell with the eye color spell." "What's that spell?" asked Jane. "It's basically a spell to change your eye color to what ever you want. Kind of like contacts." she answered. "Oh!" replied Jane.

After bit of silence Jane then asked Cammie a question. "So Cammie. Do you like to play dress up?!" Jane suddenly asked her. " Well...I never really played before, but I'm up for trying anything new! It sounds fun!" she replied. "Yay!" said Jane excitely, "Come on! Let's go play it now!" Just then they heard Mrs. Morgan call up stairstairs for them.

"Jane! Ethan! Supper's ready! Come down and eat!"

"Darn it!" pouted Jane.

Cammie giggled and then said, "Don't worry Jane. Maybe after dinner. I still want to try this dress up thing with you."

Jane's face then lit up and she head out the door. "Oh crap! I forgot! I won't be able to go to the pet store to pick up pet supplies until tomorrow after school! Which means I don't have anything to feed you!" Ethan realized.

"That's ok Ethan. I don't mind it. I geuss I could always just sneak out later and go find me something to eat." suggested Cammie.

Ethan then shook his head in disagreement. "Nuh-uh! I can't just let you go out and rumage through garbage cans for food. Then what kind of dog owner would I be?" He then stopped and thought for minute. "I got it! Maybe Mom will let you have what we're having tonight for dinner!"

"Are you sure?" she asked.

He shook his head yes. "I'm sure! If I explain it to her then I'm sure she wouldn't mind it just this once until I'm able to pick up the proper supplies tomorrow after school."

"Well...alright then." she replied, not to sure if this was gonna work.

But it turns out that it did. She agreed to let Ethan give Cammie some human food, but only just this one time. After dinner, Ethan went upstairs to go video chat Benny while Cammie went with Jane to her room to play dress up. Surprisingly, Cammie quite enjoyed it. After a few hours it was Jane's bedtime. So after Jane undressed Cammie and went to bed, Cammie decided to go back to Ethan's room. Ethan had just finished his video chat when he noticed Cammie walk in.

"So how was the dess up?" he asked her.

"Actually, it was really fun! Afterwards, we also had a tea party!" she replied, joyfully.

"Good! Maybe, now she'll stop bugging me to do that." he replied. They both laughed at that. He then looked over at the clock and realized how late it was getting. Even though he still had at least an hour left until his bedtime, he decided it was time to crash anyways since it's been a long and tiring day. Cammie agreed as well. When she saw that Ethan was going to grab his pajamas, she quickly turned away and to face the door and then closed her eyes so he could have some privacy while changing. When Ethan saw this, he quitely let out a laugh and then got changed.

"Ok! Cam! You can turn around now. I'm finished." he said.

She then turned back around to face him. "Cam?" she asked.

"Yeah. Is it ok that I called you that?" he asked.

She then smiled and replied, "Yeah! It's ok! I like the nickname! As long as it's ok that I can call you E."

"Of course it is!" he chuckled.

Ethan than climbed into bed as Cammie just found a nice little spot on floor to curl up into. Ethan noticed her on the floor. "You can sleep on the bed you know." he told her. "I know, but I figured since I haven't had a proper bath yet that I'm probably filthy. And I didn't want to get your bed all dirty." she replied back. "It's ok, I swear. I don't mind a little dirt. Besides, that's what washing machines are for." he said. "Well...if you insisted." said Cammie. She got up from the floor and then head towards Ethan's bed and then jumped up on it. She curled up at the foot of the bed.

"See. Isn't that much better than sleeping on the floor?" said Ethan.

"Much better actually. I never knew beds could be so comfy."she replied.

Ethan smiled. "Good night Cammie!"

"Good night Ethan!"

"And E?"

"Yeah?" he said tiredly.

"Thank you!" Cammie said.

"Mmm...you're welcome..." he mumbled back, are he started to drift off to sleep.

She smiled at him. "Wow! He must of really been tired after all. But I'm glad that I ran into him and his friends today. I have a good feeling that things are gonna be quite interesting hanging around these guys. And I'm looking forward to all the fun that we're going to have." she thought to herself. Cammie than put her head down and fell fast asleep herself. Happy that she had friends and a place to finally call home.

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