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Harry Potter - holly wood, phoenix feather

Hermione Granger - vine wood, dragon hearstring

Ron Weasley - willow wood, unicorn hair

Luna Lovegood - oak, thestral hair

Ginny Weasley- ebony wood, thestral hair

Neville Longbottom - cherry wood, unicorn hair

Annabeth Chase - 12 inch, cypress wood, dragon heartstring

Percy Jackson - 12 inches, vine wood, phoenix feather

Hazel Levesque/Flamenco - 11 inch, hazel wood, unicorn tail hair

Frank Zhang - 12 inch, hornbeam wood, veela hair

Piper McClean - 12 inch, cherry wood, coral

Jason Grace - 12 inches, elm wood, troll whisker

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Allerano - 12 inches, hawthorn wood, thestral tail hair

Nico di Angelo/Flamenco - 11 inches, yew wood, dragon heartstring

Calypso Titan - 12 inches, rose wood, unicorn tail hair

Leo Valdez - 12 inches, ash wood, phoenix feather


Lightning streaked the personal hurricane that Jason and Percy were creating together. Sadness mingled with hope ran through Annabeth's veins like lava in an erupting volcano. Piper's silver mourning decor shimmered as the Campfire turned black-a sign that the camp was in mourning. The Sev-no, the Six, always did a display of their powers to show their grief, every night around the Campfire.

Jason and Percy would cross swords and make a lightning hurricane. Piper would decorate with Aphrodite's sends of stylish mourning decor. Hazel would add to the decor by adding fire rubies to the mourning decor, in honor of the fire-user's fire power. Frank would shoot an arrow to sever the rope that held Annabeth's tapestry of the hero defeating Gaea.

"In honor of the hero who fell and disappeared, the one who defeated Gaea, and also so many others," said Chiron in a rough and haggard voice. "In honor if the fire-user, Leo Valdez." Leo. The name hung heavy in the air, and the Campers bowed their heads. Annabeth choked up.

Leo was one of the prophecy, the Second Great Prophecy. Seven Half-Bloods Who Answer the Call, to Storm or Fire the World Must Fall. An Oath to Keep With A Final Breath, and Foes Bear Arms to the Doors of Death.

Seven half-bloods who answer the call. Jason, Percy, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Piper and Annabeth. To storm or fire the world must fall. Leo was fire, Jason was storm, and Leo was who the Gaea fell to. An oath to keep with a final breath. Leo's oath to Calypso, that he would return to Ogygia...and to her. And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. Bob and Damasean, the good titan and giant closed the doors of death on one side, bearing arms.

Annabeth leaned her head against Percy's shoulder and closed her eyes. Tears were welling up in them as she remembered Leo. His curly black hair, the impish smile, the pain in his dark chocolate-colored eyes, laced over with light-heartedness and humor. Annabeth opened her eyes again, and saw Jason, golden hair astray, and light blue eyes hollow with sorrow.

Percy's black hair was standing up in static electricity, and Annabeth was concerned about the emptiness in his bright, sparkling, sea green eyes, the way his shoulders slumped, the way the tiredness was showing in every inch of his body. Annabeth saw his sorrow clearly in the way he looked. He was still not over his grief for their curly-haired friend.

Nico was usually in Camp for the Campfire. His black hair flopped limply over his dark green eyes. Those eyes. Eyes filled with pain. Over and over and over again. Pain...pain beyond belief...Annabeth shuddered to think of what the pale-skinned boy had gone through. Even Drew, the Stoll brothers and Clarisse looked sad and remorseful. Annabeth caught Nyssa, the daughter of Hephaestus and Leo's half-sister, sniffling into a tissue.

Piper, Leo's best friend, was dabbing tears away from her kaleidoscope eyes. Usually her eyes reflected all the colors of the rainbow, but at the Campfire Mourning Ritual, her eyes reflected black, gray and silver, and a lot of grief and pain. Her dark brown hair had feathers braided in. Usually she had multi-colored beads and bright blue jays feathers braided in and eagles feathers and many more brightly colored birds feathers. But for the Campfire, she exchanged those bright, happy beads and feathers for crows and Ravens feathers and black beads, sadness reflecting off of every inch of her tan skin.

Reyna sat next to Hazel, and was wearing a black toga, her black braid flung loosely over her shoulder. Her obsidian eyes looked like Nico's eyes...reflecting their pain and grief. Every one of the Six was grieving. Even the Two, who brought the Athena Parthenon, were sorrowing.

Hazel's golden eyes were tearing up, and she covered her face with her hazel-skinned hands. Her dark brown hair was curly, just to her shoulder, and Frank was comforting her.

Frank's dark brown hair was cut short, and his dark brown eyes were filled with sadness. He and Leo had never gotten along so well, but Leo's death had still affected him.

Suddenly Annabeth opened her eyes wide. There was a scurrying sound in the bushes, and she narrowed her eyes and all the Campers turned their heads into the bushes, as a slim beautiful girl walked out. Annabeth heard Percy gasp, but she didn't have time to wonder why.

This girl was wearing a short white dress that reached to her knees. Her eyes were almond-shaped and were caramel-colored. Her hair was cinnamon-colored, and tied in a loose braid.

"Forgive me for intruding," she said with a sweet smile. "But I believe what you are going to see will be extraordinary. We did it with the help of Nico di Angelo." Annabeth glared at Nico. So that's why he wasn't grieving with the rest of them!

"Miss me?" A voice asked from behind the almond-eyed girl. A voice Annabeth knew too well. And out of the shadows stepped a curly-haired boy with black hair, and impish smile, slightly pointed ears and a tool belt.

"LEO!" Piper screeched and knocked him to the ground with a great flying hug.

"Leo!" Jason yelled, and Annabeth could see he was trying to decide wether to punch him or hug him. The Six and the Two flew forward and tackled the boy with a hug...all of them except Annabeth. She stalked forward and looked on the ground where the boy was now sitting and laughing. Her eyes widened with shock and happiness.

Sitting before her was truly Leo Valdez.

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