Summary: Buffy dies after escaping the Sunnydale collapse, she is then approached by Daniel Jackson, who is ascended at this time. she accepts his proposition and he transports Buffy to the Pegasus Galaxy, where she will stay in stasis for over fifty years.

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Chapter 1: Death of The Slayer

"Buffy Luv, go on. Get out of here." Spike said and he gave he a tender look as he spread his arms to embrace the end of his life and the saving of the world at the same time. Crying as she watched, Buffy entwined her hand with his and tried to tell him that she DID love him, no matter what she had said and acted like in the past, but he refused to accept it telling her to leave before she died again.

So with a heavy heart Buffy left him and started to run up the staircase, refusing to look back she barely made it out before rocks collapsed in the stairway, blocking the Uber-Vamp army and Spike from getting to the surface. She raced up to the roof dodging falling debris and jumping over patches of the floor that had collapsed, and once she made it to the roof she sprinted toward the edge and without any hesitation she jumped off and managed to land on the top of the school bus that the others were driving out of Sunnydale. She held onto the sides of the bus it until they made their way past the town limits and when it stopped she slipped off of it to the ground. She hid her flinch as a sharp stab of pain ran through her side, where she had been stabbed as the others started to pour out of the bus to celebrate that they were in fact alive. She stayed standing, even as she pressed her arm firmly to her side discreetly in an attempt to stop the bleeding as everyone began to realize that they didn't have any plans for what to do next, seeing as how their survival was a thing they didn't really expect to happen.

With that realization the group exploded into a flurry of questions, what they would do or where they would go now, each question leading them to become slightly more hysterical. Eventually, Giles managed to quiet the group down, doing his best to answer the questions that had been thrown about. As the quiet began to stretch Buffy felt herself slowly collapsing to the ground distantly realizing that she had lost to much blood, the first one to notice was Faith, who had just finished tending to Robin. Catching her Faith called out in panic, "Guys, we need help here. She's' bleeding pretty badly, Red don't just stand there DO something." Faith cried as she laid Buffy on the ground, putting as much pressure as she could onto the wound in a effort to stop the bleeding. Willow dropped to her knees ordered everyone to be quiet and closed her eyes holding her hands above Buffy, concentrating on healing her as the others whispered and worried behind her. Slowly Buffy's eyes drifted shut regardless of Faith's continuous muttering to keep her awake, and she fell gently into blissful darkness.


"Hello Elizabeth. I've been waiting for you." A voice stated somewhere in front of Buffy. Startled she opened her eyes, blinking rapidly to accustom herself to the blinding white of her surroundings. Looking around she silently tried to remember if Heaven was a diner, when she realized that the person who spoke was the man in front of her. Looking at the man before her she cataloged him, he was about the same height as Riley if not an inch or two taller with hair just slightly longer than military style that was brushed upward at the front, and he was dress in these white glowy robes. He was in, short order, pretty cute and possibly one of the 'Powers that Be'.

"Where am I, and who are you?" She stated as bluntly as she could, in no mood to dance around the subject or to be subtle. "Are you one of the PTB's?" The man surprised her as he erupted into laughter, ducking his head down as they slowed into chuckles.

"No thankfully, I have been made aware of your many threats towards them, which I think is a large factor in why they're even letting me give you this choice. No, I am a human like you I just happened to ascended to a higher plane of existence, and not the bad kind ascension you're familiar with. I'm Daniel Jackson, and I'm here to offer you a choice, and make no mistake you can say no."


"Hah, you can say no AFTER I've explained it of course. Now, you can choose to remain dead and continue on to be happy in heaven, you can ascend and follow the rules of 'Watch but Don't Touch', or you can be transported to another dimension to fight a threat to earth. Now if you choose to go to heaven you will never see your friends or family again you will know when they die, but even then you won't be able to see them. If you ascend you will be alone until someone else manages to ascend as you will be the first, also you will be able to see your family and friends but never interfere or take action in their lives, and they cannot know that you still live. If you go to the other dimension no one but you will control your destiny, you will still fight but it will be on your terms and decisions, also you will get status updates monthly of your family in your dreams and during those dreams you will be able to interact with your family, but you cannot tell them the truth, for to them they must believe that you are just a dream. Take your time deciding your choice, time has no real meaning here so you can take as long as you want." Daniel laid the choices out in a organized and efficient manner.

After some time Buffy decides that even though she really wanted to stay dead and at peace, she wouldn't be able to stand by without knowing about her friends and Dawn, the same for seeing them but not able to help them, she would break that within a heartbeat and no doubt something worse would end up happening, which left one choice. "I guess I choose to fight in the other dimension. Will I remember this?" She asked quickly, hoping that she would get an answer in any way that wasn't, by definition, vague.

"You will know that this was your choice, but the rest of this conversation will be slightly fuzzy, including me. Also, since you already have the gene needed to make the city you will eventually find yourself in respond to you, I will store some of the knowledge you will need in your subconscious. And one last thing, the Slayer part of you will be stronger, so you will heal faster and age even slower than you do now, you will be able to sense the Wraith, and you will have a strong urge to take a mate when you are within range of one you deem suitable." And the man disappeared, leaving Buffy speechless. She tried to form a sentence but her world faded, once again to darkness.