When Did Things Get So Complicated

Chapter 2

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Ichigo reluctantly let Orihime and Rangiku dress him up as a doll, with Toshiro, who somehow gotten pulled along on the ride, watching him. With the fear of meeting someone he knows, Ichigo didn't try to run off, until they made a stop to a store that sold undergarments.

The sign that named the store "Victoria's Secret" seemed to mock Ichigo as he stood, rooted to the hard cement ground. Horror and realization slowly dawned Ichigo's new feminine features. With all his previous fear gone, he began running, with no clear destination in mind.

"Go after him!" Rangiku shouted at Toshiro, who was staring into space, bored out of his mind.

Realizing there was finally entertainment, Toshiro decided to chase after Ichigo. In about a minute, Toshiro caught up to Ichigo, which wasn't hard, partly because he kept tripping.


Five minutes later, Toshiro managed to drag Ichigo back and resumed to staring into space. Ichigo resigned to his fate, but as he went inside the store, his whole face flushed a bright red.

For ten minutes straight, Ichigo looked down to the lobby through the staircase between the first and second floor, wondering if he would die if he jumped off the stairs. His whole face, all the way to the tips of his ears were still red, and worst of all he was bored and tired.

Rangiku and Orihime were busy going around the store, giggling, and eyeing Ichigo's chest. Toshiro was still stared into space, but if you close enough, his cheeks were slightly red, due the fact that he was surrounded by many "female unmentionables".


After five hours of a torture known to females as "shopping", the only people that were having fun, finally decided to put an end to the other two's pain and suffering. Poor Ichigo had to suffer the most, being forced to carry all the bags, which probably weighted about 30-40 pounds.

A sudden question struck Ichigo. "How am I supposed to go to school like this on Monday?" he wondered aloud, strangely not as panicked as you would have expected. "I mean I could cut my hair...since it hadn't grown that long…."

"It wouldn't work." Toshiro interrupted Ichigo's train of thought. "First off, your voice changed. Secondly, the way you walk changed drastically. Finally, there is no way you could hide these." saying the last reason, Toshiro poked Ichigo's chest.


There was a collective stunned silence as two of the three girls, (with the third one wondering what had just occurred) tried to comprehend that Toshiro Hitsugaya, who never showed an interest in girls, just technically molested a girl. These actions were not what you expected from the "Ice Prince".

It would be an entirely different story if it was one Renji Abarai. With him, no one would be surprised….well unless it was the harassed victim.

Ichigo with confusion written over all over his face wondered why Toshiro suddenly poked his chest. A strange feeling spread over his body and made him want to slap him for some reason.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" all of a sudden, Rangiku shriek shocking everyone, and also broke the silence. "I shippppppppppppppp!~"

"Ship?" Ichigo cocked his head not quite getting it. " As in the boats? Where?"


Going back to his original question, and how his solution was shot down, Ichigo decided to ask Toshiro what his solution was.

"Simple. Just register at school tomorrow as a new transfer student." was his answer.

"That's your solution? How was it any better than mine, O Great Wise One?" Ichigo asked sarcastically.

"Do you have a better idea?" he shot back, pretending not to notice the sarcasm.

"..." Ichigo has no answer to that question and turned away. "What about my family?"

"Figure it out yourself."


Just as Ichigo opened the door to his home, his father, Isshin Kurosaki came flying at him.

Ichigo came crashing to the floor, obviously not prepared for it, and forgetting the fact that they would come home at five.

"Haha! You-" Isshin stopped mid-sentence as he got a good look of Ichigo's face, as he was slowly raising from the floor.

"Ichi-nii!" Yuzu, hearing the commotion came running, eager to see her brother….except the person in front of her wasn't her brother.

"I'm home?" Ichigo asked, scratching the bad of his head, and looking a tad embarrassed.


"You look like this because you were dared, and losted that dare. So as punishment, you are supposed to crossdress?" Yuzu summarized Ichigo's explanation, while giving him a look of disbelief.

"Yeah. Y-yeah. That's right." Ichigo said praying they wouldn't ask any questions or any at all if it was too much to ask.

"How long are you going to stay like this?"

"He didn't specify…" he answer sweating slightly.

"..." the other three Kurosaki didn't say anything for a while.

"I know this is-" Ichigo got cut off mid-sentence when Yuzu and Isshin glomped him.

"I always wanted another sister/daughter." After saying that Yuzu went back cooking and Isshin went up to his study.

Karin gave Ichigo a doubt look, before her too, left the Ichigo. Ichigo ran up the stairs to his room and collapsed on his bed with a sigh.

"That went well. Almost too well…"


"Okay class. We have a new transfer student today!" the teacher announcing, trying and failing to look enthusiastic. Transfer students at Karakura High School were not too common, but common enough so that it wasn't that exciting.

A familiar orange hair stepped into the room looking awkward and unknowingly flashing off her panties. Obviously, Ichigo never wore a skirt before, and not to mention, the skirts that are part of the uniforms, are quite, quite short.

All the attention of the males in the room sudden was directed toward Ichigo, who was oblivious to the perverted stares. A few of them had nosebleeds, causing Toshiro to send them death glares from across the room. The students shivered with fear, feeling Toshiro's KI, and advert their eyes.


Aizen, however, focus was on the supposedly "new" student. Right away he knew he, or rather she, was Ichigo Kurosaki. Putting aside the sex and new looks, he has this aura that was uniquely Ichigo.


No one in the class, besides Toshiro, seemed to recognize the student when he introduced himself as Ichigo Kurosaki. No matter how he tried to hide it, Toshiro had this look in his eyes, as if he already knew who the new student was.

"Alright" and teacher said, scanning around the room for an empty seat "you could sit next to Sousuke Aizen. He could also show you around the school today."

Ichigo tried to hide his scowl at the prospect of sitting next to the creep, and being lead around by him, for the entire day. Ichigo could feel glares of jealousy from the female population for sitting next to their Aizen, as he walked to his seat.

He threw himself on the chair and buried his face in his arms, trying to ignore the person next to him.

The rest of the period went by smoothly, with Ichigo ignoring Aizen, and Aizen sending occasional stares at Ichigo, and throwing smirks at Toshiro.


Just as the bell rung, Ichigo dumped all his books in his bag and was about to walk out, when he was stopped by Aizen, who grabbed his wrist.

"Wait. I'm supposed to show you around the school."

"I don't need you to show me around the school. I could manage fine on my own."

"We don't want to get to lost wandering around the school do we now? New student." and with that, Ichigo decided to let Aizen lead him around the school. After all, what could possibly go wrong?


Ichigo walked silently next to Aizen, while gripping the straps of his bag, as Aizen gave Ichigo a tour.

All of a suddenly, Aizen stopped, making Ichigo, crash into him. Aizen grabbed Ichigo's wrist and slammed him against a nearby wall. He pressed against him, cutting off all his routes of escape. "I know who you are Ichigo Kurosaki." He said leaning close to him and whispering in his ear.

Inward Ichigo was running around screaming his head off, but on the outside, he stood calm and composed, staring at Aizen with a straight face. "I don't know what you mean. This is the time I ever met you."

Aizen gave him a smirk, as if he was expecting that, and leaned in to kiss Ichigo. "COUGH" Someone coughed behind them, interrupting Aizen from advancing any further. Aizen let off of Ichigo, and turned around to glare at whoever was interrupting his little session.

Toshiro returned the glare tenfold. "What are you doing?" Toshiro asked in a more or less controlled voice.

"Kissing the new student." Aizen said casually, as if announcing the weather. If Toshiro can be made even angrier, Aizen just did it. "You know I can report this to the Principal right." Toshiro whisper through gritted teeth "This counts as sexual harassing. NOW. LEAVE."

Aizen finally decided to let go of his pride before Toshiro's self-control snap, and he goes on a killing rampage. Once Aizen left, Toshiro looked over at Ichigo, who at that point moved away from the wall. In a terse tone, he told him "If you wanted to flirt with him, don't do it in public. Do you want to start rumors on the first day?"

"I'm the fucking victim here! He was the one who started kissing me." Ichigo snapped at him. "But you let him do that to you." Toshiro said coldy before walking off. "Bastard." Ichigo hissed at his retreating back.

With a growl, he turned and stomped behind Toshiro to their next class, P.E.

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