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November 2nd, 1983

"Come on, let's say goodnight to your brother," Mary told her little boy, Dean, holding him in her arms. They made their way over to his younger brother's nursery and turned on the lights. Mary sat down her son so he could lean over and kiss his younger brother goodnight.

"'Night, Sam," he cooed, sticking his little hand through the rungs in the cot to wiggle his finger over Sammy's face.

Mary leaned in as well and brushed back Sam's soft hair, kissing his forehead, "Goodnight, love."

"Hey, Dean," A man suddenly greeted from behind them.

The little boy turned around and once he noticed the man standing in the doorway, a big smile appeared on his freckled face. "Daddy!" He rushed over to his father and jumped into his arms.

"Hey, buddy," John laughed. "So what do you think? You think Sammy's ready to toss around a football yet?"

Dean shook his head, giggling, "No, Daddy."

"You got him?" Mary asked him when she passed her son and husband on her way out of the room.

"I got him," John nodded, hugging Dean closer to his chest. "Sweet dreams, Sam," he told his youngest son with a soft smile before he flipped off the lights and carried Dean out of the room.

Little Sammy gurgled in reply, trying to reach his toes. His attention suddenly got pulled to the baseball-themed mobile above his crib as it started to spin on its own. The ticking of his clock stopped while the moon-shaped nightlights started to flicker.


Mary stirred when she heard strange noises coming through the baby monitor on her nightstand. She turned on the light next to her and turned around, looking for her husband.


Once she noticed she was alone in bed, she got up and walked down the hall to Sam's nursery. She noticed her husband standing over her son's crib and asked, "John? Is he hungry?"

John turned his head and shushed her. Mary simply complied before heading back down the hallway. The lights by the stairs suddenly started to flicker. She frowned, going to tap at it till the light steadied. More flickering light is coming from downstairs and Mary decided to take a look. Once she was down in the living room, she noticed a war movie was on… and John sleeping in front of the TV.

Alarmed, Mary ran back upstairs to her son's nursery and stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the man standing next to Sam's crib.

"W-who are you?" she questioned with a trembling voice. "Get a-away from my son. Now!"

"Ah, Mary," the man smiled and Mary's eyes widened in shock and fear when she noticed the yellow eyes.

"Wh-what did you do to my son?" she cried, seeing blood dripping from his wrist and onto the floorboards.

The man noticed her gaze on his bloody wrist and held his hand up, "Oh, this? I just give your son a little taste."

"Cristo," Mary grit her teeth and muttered under her breath but apparently it was enough to make the man in front of her hiss. "Demon…"

The yellow eyed demon smiled, praising her, "I thought the yellow eyes already gave it away."

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to bargain the end of our deal," Azazel told her, taking a step closer to her, "... remember?"

Mary didn't waver from her spot even though the demon kept inching closer to her. "Please don't take him away from me."

"Deal is a deal," the demon shrugged, not caring for the tears that started to pool in front of her eyes, or the way she was practically pleading him. "And it's not your son you should be worried about, it's you."

"I'm begging you, please don't do this. He's only six months old, he needs his mother," Mary didn't care that she was practically begging, making herself look weak in front of a demon.

"Again…" The demon raised his hand and Mary could feel an invisible force holding her, "… deal. Is. A. Deal."

Mary suddenly felt herself pinned against the wall before she slowly inched towards the ceiling. "N-no, don't. Stop it," she begged, feeling her heart thud in her ears, her breath coming in short gasps but her cries fell on deaf ears. "I'll do anything. Please, I'll do anything, I don't care what just please don't do this."

The demon stopped when her head bumped against the ceiling. Mary hated how pathetic she sounded, but she literally would do anything to save herself so she could save her son from whatever destiny the demon marked him.

"Anything?" the demon wondered out loud, contemplating his next move. Mary nodded frantically. "What did you have in mind?"

Mary was momentarily taken off guard, she didn't think the demon would actually consider her pleas. At a loss for words, the demon resumed his task at hand and Mary felt herself inching up the wall again. "No, no, stop. I-I have an idea."

The demon paused once again and nodded, motioning for her to go on, "I'm listening."

"Wh-what if you just give me another ten years, ten years that's all I'm ask-"

"No," The demon cut her off before he raised his hands again.

"Seven! What about six?" Mary tried with a shaking voice but the demon continued raising her up against the ceiling. "Five? Please just, just tell me! What do you want?"

"I want your son," the demon looked up at the ceiling where he got her pinned, "... and I want you dead."

Mary felt a stinging pain ripping through her stomach. "Oh, god. No, please," she was practically crying by now but the demon was heartless to any form of emotion and simply continued cutting through her stomach. "W-what if I gave y-you another child?"

This got his attention and Mary felt the cut stop at her navel. Noticing how got him to stop, she took her chance and continued, "Wh-what if you let me keep S-Sam and I'll give you a-another b-baby…"

"And where does that leave you?" the demon asked her skeptically.

"I-I'll get to stay a-alive… a-and take care of my family."

"Hm," Azazel had a pensive look on his face, well his meat suit's face.

Both their attentions were pulled to the little baby who was making soft noises, oblivious to what was happening around him. Mary noticed a little bit of blood on his lip and she knew that she was too late to turn around whatever that demon had done to him. But she was hoping that at least when he let her stay alive, she'd do anything to protect her son and keep him away from Azazel.

"The moment I smell life inside your uterus, that baby will be mine." Mary felt herself slide back down, slowly. "I'll give you ten years. If you don't give me what I want till then, the deal is off and you're dead."

With one flick of his wrist, Mary fell down hard against the carpeted floor. She winced when she put her hand on her bloody stomach.

"See you in a couple of years. And don't forget… deal is a deal," with another flick of his wrist, the demon set the bedroom on fire. The flames licking at the walls as he disappeared. Mary quickly stood up, ignoring the stinging pain and grabbed her son from his crib.

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