Summary: A different prophecy spoken causes a different chain of reactions. The Dark Lord takes control of Great Britain, Harry Potter is given to the Lestrange family to be raised as their own, and it seems there is no longer any force going against the Dark Lord...Key word; seems.

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Chapter One: Actions Against Fate

"I have horrible news to deliver." Albus tells his two dear friends and ex-students; James and Lily Potter. A couple that he never thought that would come to be, but it had somehow come to life in their seventh year. He supposed that was the wonders of falling in love upon first sight. Truly, they were a perfect match. Happy and in perfect harmony together, and their newborn child only complimented their relationship together. It saddened him to have to deliver such bad news.

"What is it?" Lily questions softly, holding her month old son in her arms. His green eyes are wide and awake with wonder, but he silent and still. His mother's own green eyes, a few shades darker that is hardly noticeable unless you look at both sets carefully, were filled with worry and slight anxiety. She had heard rumors of the Dark Lord hunting children down, but no one knew the actual cause. Most speculated he was looking for an heir, while others thought he was looking for someone that fit the criteria of becoming his future wife.

"As you probably both know, Voldemort is looking for a child. Can either of you guess why?" Albus gently asks the two.

James frowns. "An heir?" He says.

"A wife?" Lily adds.

The old man sighs. "You are both correct, in your own sense." He says. "You see, a few months ago I had heard a prophecy. A young woman I was interviewing for the job as a Divination Professor suddenly gave birth to it. At first I was skeptical, but then I discovered there was only two children that could possibly fit into it. Of course a spy had overheard the prophecy and gave it to the Dark Lord."

"Sir, if I may ask, what is it your point?" Lily interrupts his explanation, fearing the worst already.

"What would this prophecy have to do with anything with us?" James chimes in.

"My own spies delivered to me information Voldemort, at first, wanted to kill the child. After all, the prophecy states that there is a child out there equal to him in power and intelligence and would probably bring his downfall. However, he changed his mind on the course of action." Albus says. "From wanting to kill the child, he decided he would take the child and give him to a trusted Death Eater couple to be raised. Upon his fifteenth birthday, he would either become the Dark Lord's heir or the Dark Lord's consort. As heir, he would eventually takeover the Dark Lord's responsibilities while Voldemort still maintained upmost power. As consort, they would birth many children that could possibly beat Voldemort in power and intelligence to one day takeover completely if deemed worthy."

"Are you implying Harry is this possible child?" Lily holds tighter onto her young son, eyes narrowing.

"If he touches my son I'll castrate the bastard." James growls, eyes flashing.

"The prophecy is...Confusing, at the least. Voldemort only has heard half of it, so he believes he can have a better understanding. He probably does." Albus sighs. "The full prophecy dictates that the chosen child will either bring the rise of the wizarding world and the destruction of the muggle world, or the end of the wizarding world and the rise of the muggle world. What will happen relies fully on that child's choices in life. Voldemort has heard only of a child being equal to him, and hints to who that child can be...He probably thinks this child will end his reign and life if allowed to grow up in such a way, but raised correctly could continue on to make him more powerful. He is most likely correct in this supposed thinking." He folds his hands gently on his desk.

"What is the prophecy?" Lily questions.

"How could Harry even have a kid? He's a guy." James deadpans.

"James, there are ancient blood rituals that can add in creature blood. For a male to birth, the genetic coding of a nymph, naiad, elf, or veela would work." Albus tells the man. "Voldemort would not hesitate in this, seeing as he is a master of such things."

"The prophecy?" Lily repeats.

"Yes, yes..." Albus nods, sighing. "The prophecy goes; 'Born as the seventh month dies, to parents who have thrice defied the Dark Lord...A child equal to the Dark Lord enters a warring world...Neither can rule while the other defies the other...The child will bring power to either the the magical or the magic-less...Marked only by the Dark Lord's magic, the child shall grow...'"

"That's not very vague." Lily frowns. "How much did the Dark Lord hear?"

The first three lines. Hearing the last two would not change the man's mind." Albus sighs.

"Sounds like our son is going to end up in that bastard's hands regardless." James points out. "I mean, come on! 'Marked only by the Dark Lord's magic'? What in the fuck does that even mean?" He snaps.

"I believe Voldemort will attempt to leave a marking on the child...Like the Dark Mark, but not in a demeaning way that would mark him as a servant." Albus says.

"Is there any way Harry isn't the child?" Lily questions.

"Neville Longbottom is another possible choice, but it is doubtful Voldemort will pick him. Voldemort himself is a halfblood, so he will want a halfblood equal." Albus explains.

"What do you want us to do?" James questions. Lily nods in agreement with her husband.

"You will be hidden into a new home, protected by as many wards as we can put on. Including the Fidelius Charm." Albus says.

"Who will be our Secret Keeper?" Lily asks.

"Peter would be best; Sirius has familial links to the Dark side, and could more easily be forced to give into divulging the secret. Remus is a werewolf, and close to the full moon he can be forced to obey the orders of his Alpha, aka Fenrir Greyback." Albus tells them.

"This makes no sense! Why spring this on us so suddenly, then expect to adjust immediately?" Lily snaps. "Our child is in serious harm here! We need to move out of the country! Something!"

"Voldemort would expect that. It is best to hide here in England." Albus says.

Lily frowns, but nods. She trusts him not to let her baby boy get into the hands of that monster. James more reluctantly agrees, not so sure about the plan, but he also believes Albus would protect his son if all went to shit. Hopefully their trust pays out in the end.

Voldemort glares at the many papers scattered out on his desk. Reports from spies, reports from missions, reports from inventory checks, reports from recent attacks on their enemies, reports from recent attacks on them, reports their clinics and hospitals, reports on their member count, reports from every damn thing there possibly could be on waging a war against the majority of the world! Well, at least he was slowly beating that majority down into becoming the minority. Sadly reports came in by the hundreds of every day, thanks to thousands of followers, dozens of headquarters, hundreds of spies, and thousands of missions constantly ongoing.

He picked up a random set of parchment, rolled into a tiny little scroll. It was closed with a wax seal that held a 'BL' pushed into the wax. With ease, he knew it was from Bellatrix Lestrange. She had recently been sent out with a small legion of Death Eaters to hijack shipments of medical supplies coming in. Hopefully that mission went well...As he picked off the wax and unrolled the scroll, he was happy to see he was not disappointed.

Nearly all of the supplies was successfully taken with zero casualties on their side, though plenty of crewmen on the other side were lost and currently tainting the ocean's water red. Vaccines, salves, rare ingredients, cures, vials, bandages, and syringes had been taken. All of it could be easily used except for the vaccines, which would be dumped in the front of St. Mungo's later. Until then, Bellatrix reported all of the supplies had been evenly divided and sent out to the main clinics, with some extra given to the ones containing more occupants.

He signs the end of the report, and places it into the neater section of his desk; where the signed and handled reports go, to be later sorted out.

He needs a secretary.

A gentle knock sounds on his office door, and Voldemort holds back a sigh. "Entrance allowed!" He shouts, just barely holding back a growl to go alongside it.

The door opens, and in comes Lucius Malfoy. Loyal Death Eater. Good man who was fighting for more than the aspect of torture. "Sir, I have news." He says.

Voldemort waves his hand as a signal to continue.

"Harry Potter, the child you believe fit to become your heir or consort, has been found. A spy had become Secret Keeper to the Potter family's home, and gave us the location on a piece of paper." Lucius pulls out a small scrap of parchment.

"Bring it here!" Voldemort snaps.

Lucius rushes forward, handing over the scrap of parchment. Voldemort takes it, reads the small print on it, and grins.

"Sir, we can take action to retrieve at any moment." Lucius says.

Voldemort nods. "Good. Summon Bellatrix, Rabastan, and Rodolphus. Give them the location and orders to collect the boy, but not to harm his parents. Their death is unnecessary." He tells the man, handing back the parchment.

"Yes sir." Lucius nods. "Where shall we bring him?" He asks.

"Straight back to me." Voldemort says. "I'll have the elves prepare a nursery for him."

"Sir...If I may interject, I dare say Bellatrix shouldn't be involved with this. She tends to lose control." Lucius softly says, looking down.

Eyeing the man, Voldemort silently agrees. "Have her keep lookout, and help the others enter the home and take Harry. If she goes...Beyond her orders, tell me so I can find her a suitable punishment. Understood?"

"Yes sir. Anything else, sir?" Lucius asks.

"No. Begone." Voldemort orders.

The man vanished, leaving the Dark Lord alone in his office.

One step closer to getting young Harry Potter, the child that will likely bring him success. Who would raise the child wasn't yet determined, but he could easily decide whom before he arrived...

The Malfoy's? No, they already have a child of their own to focus on.

Bartemis Crouch? No, he wouldn't be a good parent to a child at all.

Severus Snape is just not good with children.

Bellatrix and Rodolphus? Even though Bellatrix is mentally unstable, she would be a good mother. She works amazingly well with children, and loves them seeing as she can't have one of her own. Rodolphus is the same way, but in a much more respectable fashion. If Harry is given to them, Rabastan would help raise him throughout the times Bellatrix or Rodolphus has to go out on a mission. As would Narcissa.

Hadrian Lestrange does have a nice little ring to it.

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