Summary: A different prophecy spoken causes a different chain of reactions. The Dark Lord takes control of Great Britain, Harry Potter is given to the Lestrange family to be raised as their own, and it seems there is no longer any force going against the Dark Lord...Key word; seems.

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Chapter Five: (In)Sentient Choices

There had once been dozens of laws related to wands. How many one could own, what materials could be used to make them, when you could get your first wand, and so on. When the Dark Lord had taken over the British Isles he had abolished those laws, only adding in a law stating one person couldn't own more than five wands to yourself for use under the basis that a wizard or witch needed to be better used to one wand in particular, and it wouldn't be healthy for their magic to continuously change wands. Another was to ensure that any new materials, never used before by wandmakers, was to be brought to the Ministry of Magic to be scanned by a number of wandmakers to see if it was suited to becoming a wood or core of a wand.

Thanks to no more real restrictions on making wands, dozens of wandmakers came out of Knockturn Alley to set up shop all around Diagon Alley. After a few years, only the top three wandmaker's were able to survive sharing the same alley as Ollivander, who was a skilled wandmaker that happily brought in new materials for wands every other week. He could mass produce amazing wands with ease, and the three wandmakers that remained had to fight constantly to ensure that they could still sell wands. By now, however, families have attached themselves to one of the four wandmakers in Diagon Alley permanently. It remained, however, Ollivander was the best of the best.

Harrison walked down the alley with Draco beside him, and their parents behind him.

"Who are we going to go to for our wands?" Harry asked his mother as they passed by the first wand shop he's spotted since leaving the bookstore; Mercury Wands, the small little shop was painted over with orangish paint and the shop name had been placed on in bold, black letters.

"Ollivander." Bellatrix stated. "The Dark Lord had gotten his wand there, as did I, you father, aunt, and uncle. We will be going there."

"Though Yew and Holly Wands is perfectly suitable. Their wands are very well made." Narcissa gives a pointed look to her sister.

"That owner refuses to use a number of cores!" Bellatrix huffs. "My son needs the widest variety to find the perfect wand!" She states.

"Of course." Narcissa internally rolls her eyes.

Draco just sighs, while Harry giggles.

After a few more minutes of packing through the packed alleyway, they find themselves entering the old, dusty shop belonged to Ollivander; promptly named Ollivander's Wands.

"Nervous?" Draco asks Harry.

"Of course not!" Harry quickly replies. "You?" He questions back.

Draco flushes and shakes his head. "N-no!"

"Come on boys, inside your go!" Narcissa orders, ushering them in.

Harrison pushes open the door and marches in happily, and Draco trails right after him. Bellatrix rolls her eyes before entering, while her sister looks disgusted at the dusty floor of the shop before she brings herself to enter.

"Welcome to my lovely shop! How can I help you today?" A elderly man steps out of seemingly nowhere to stand in front of the group, giving a bright smile. Undoubtedly this was Ollivander.

"Two new wands." Bellatrix states.

"Wonderful! For these two young lads, I presume?" Ollivander smiles. "Is there any limit on how much you're willing to pay? I need to know so I don't pull out the wands with rarer ingredients, just in case of course. "

"No limits, go all out." Narcissa says, and Bellatrix agrees.

"Great! Which one of you shall be first? Mr. Malfoy or Mr. Lestrange?" Ollivander turns his attention to the two eleven year old's.

Harry shoves Draco out with a smile. "He's first, of course!" He chirps.

Draco glares at his cousin briefly before turning to nod at Ollivander. "I am going first." He says, although bitterly.

Ollivander nods and ushers the Malfoy heir forward, to stand in front of the counter towards the back of the shop. As Draco stands before the counter, Ollivander pulls out measuring tape. "Left or right handed?" He questions.

"Left handed." Draco states.

Ollivander takes the measuring tape and begins to measure as many things he seemed to think of on Draco. Height, width, arm length, legs length, waist, even his nose! It was certainly an odd sight to see for Harry, though his mother and aunt seemed unfazed by the sight. Meanwhile, Draco looked a mix of confusion and annoyance. Eventually, Ollivander stops measuring Draco and goes behind the counter to pull out a long, narrow box.

"Now, I do believe your father uses a old wand my great-great-grandfather made. Elm wood, dragon heartstring core, eighteen inches long. Beautiful piece! Many times the son shares a wand somewhat similar to their father's wand, either by wood or core." Ollivander says as he opens the box, pulling out a simple-looking wand. "Taking from how your mother's own wand is hawthorn wood, I give you this little beauty. Hawthorn wood, dragon heartstring core, eleven and two quarter inches." He hands the wand to Draco, who nervously takes it.

Wilted flowers pour out of the tip, and Ollivander winces and swipes the wand. "Obviously not a good combination then! I dare say it's the core, then." He says.

"How do you know?" Harry questions from where he stood.

Ollivander banishes the wilted flowers and smiles. "The wood causes the magic to flow, the core affects the magic cast, and length ties the two together. The wood agreed with him, but the core caused the flowers to wilt because it does not like him." He says.

"Cool." Harry grins.

"Indeed!" Ollivander grins, placing the wand back in its box. He pulls out another narrow box, and opens it to pull out another wand. "A similar wand, this one is." He says and slowly hands it to Draco. "Hawthorn wood, unicorn hair core, ten inches." He states.

Draco takes the wand, and immediately silver and green sparks shoot out the tip, brightening the shop with the glow.

Ollivander smiles proudly. "Wonderful!" He chirps. "Now, Mr. Lestrange, why don't you come up so I can find you a wand?"

Draco returns to his mother's side, happily holding onto his new wand.

Harry walks up to the counter without hesitance and smiles. "What are my parents wands? Do you remember?" He questions.

"Your mother's wand is walnut wood, dragon heartstring core, twelve and three quarters long. Unyielding, truly, takes a dominant nature to control the wand." Ollivander says. "Your father himself has a elm wood wand, phoenix feather core, fifteen inches long. An elegant wand that demanded a logical owner!" He smiles proudly.

"I'm ambidextrous." Harry says before Ollivander could ask.

"Of course!" Ollivander smiles, pulling out the measuring tape.

He measures Harry's height, length of both arms, width, nose, waist, knee to ankle, and so on. Eventually, he places the measuring tape on the counter and happily pulls out a seemingly random wand.

Harry watches in interest as Ollivander pulls it out of its container.

"Walnut wood, phoenix feather core, nine inches." He announces and hands it over to Harry.

The moment it touched Harry's fingers, a scorching wind blast out of it and Ollivander snatched it out of his hands.

"That wand does not like you." Draco commented, cheeks flushed red from the blast of hot wind.

"Whatever you say." Harry rolls his eyes, putting his full attention back on Ollivander. "What part didn't like me?" He questioned the wandmaker.

"The wood I believe. The core tried to create something nice, but the wood tried stopping its flower, causing it to shoot out the way it did." Ollivander explains, placing the wand back into its container, putting it back from where he had pulled it out originally. "Odd, indeed. Phoenix feather cores tend to like elm wood...Maybe something that doesn't normally belong?" The wandmaker says, turning to pull another wand.

"What is this one?" Harry asks excitedly.

"Holly wood, phoenix feather core, twelve inches." Ollivander states and places it into Harry's hand.

Harry yelped and dropped the wand, looking at his hand in shock- a red line had formed from where the wand was, a burn mark.

"Obviously not." Ollivander picks up the wand quickly, putting it back. "It seems like the length didn't work out very well..."

Harry pouts.

"Three is a lucky number." Bellatrix says, smiling. Harry nods in agreement to her.

"I do have one wand..." Ollivander trails off. "I did suspect it when you came in here, I suppose it's a try." He says. "I'll be right back." He says, turning around and walking through a door to the right.

"He should have brought it out immediately if he thought it could be yours." Bellatrix grumbles.

"Now, now, sister!" Narcissa scolds. "Have some patience. He knows what he's doing." She says.

"My wand is amazing." Draco agrees, petting said object.

Harry just rolls his eyes at them.

Just then, Ollivander comes out the door again holding a dusty wooden box. He places it on the counter, and wipes off the dust. "Holly wood, phoenix feather core, eleven inches." He states before he opens the box, and pulls out the wand. He slowly hands it over to Harry.

Hesitantly taking it, Harry grips the wand and waits for something bad to happen...Then, beautiful roses shoot out of the tip of the wand, alongside golden sparks that shot high up and lit up the dim shop.

Amazed, Harry looks at Ollivander expecting to see a proud face like how he acted when Draco found his wand. Instead he finds a emotionless look.

"What is it?" He questions.

"The core within that wand shares a brother. That wand itself is an unusual combination. Normally, the holly wood and the phoenix feather set each other off. I've managed such a combination very few times without it exploding in my face. The core comes from a phoenix who willingly gave two feathers, a rarity in itself as most phoenix feathers have to be taken unwillingly like unicorn hair...I suppose that's why this works so well..." Ollivander murmurs softly.

Harry frowns. "Your point?" He pushes.

Ollivander hums softly. "When two wands share a care, they are called brother or twin wands. The brother to your wand belongs to the Dark Lord." He says. "I never thought I would sell this wand. When you walked in here, I sensed the same kind of desire as he did when he walked in here so many years ago...I had felt as though it would fit, but I didn't honestly want to try." He continues. "He did great things, occasionally terrible, but great. I expect to see amazing things to come from you, Mr. Lestrange." He says.

"How much are the wands together?" Narcissa questions.

"Sixteen galleons." Ollivander says.

They pay and leave.

All the while, Harry marvels at his own wand.

September 1st arrives quickly after the day of shopping at Diagon Alley.

Everything had been packed the day before by his mother into three separate trunks, each with magically enhanced storage. His instruments had been shrunk to fit into them, so he could practice at school. Not to mention the hundred or so books his mother insisted that he bring with him alongside his schoolbooks, even though they would all be useless to carry around. Part of his normal wardrobe was packed alongside his new school wardrobe, too. Lets not forget his wand polishing kit, jewelry, a pouch of galleons, hats that his mother thought he would need, candy, catalogs to multiple different shops, a small radio, a camera, and a bunch of other (junk) items his mother believed he would use at some point in time.

On the bright side, all three of them had been shrunk and placed into his pockets to be easily carried.

"Remember, Draco said to meet him at the back of the train." Bellatrix reminds her son as they wait for Rodolphus, who was getting the portkey sent to them by school. It would take him to the train station, where a train would take him from London to somewhere in Scotland in a matter of hours. Why they didn't just portkey them straight to the school was beyond Bellatrix's reasoning, other than the fact to get the students to bond some before being sorted.

"I know mum." Harry rolls his eyes.

"Harrison." Bellatrix frowns. "Don't show me disrespect. How are you ever going to become a Death Eater with that attitude?" She questions with a huff.

"Mum, I haven't even met him yet! How do you know how I'll act around him?" Harry groans.

"Harrison Lestrange!" Bellatrix scolds. "If you cannot give your own mother respect, how can I be sure you won't be at the receiving end of a Cruciatus Curse because you let a disrespectful word or two slip. The Dark Lord is not a forgiving man."

Harry refrains from rolling his eyes, again. Every one of his friends has already met the Dark Lord, he was the only one who has only seen glances of him. His mother insisted he had spent time with him when before his second birthday, but he couldn't quite remember those days seeing as he was so young. Draco said the man was terrifying and had already started a conversation on the basis on when he would become a Death Eater. From what he was told, the Dark Lord only talked to non-Death Eaters if he was interested in making them a Death Eater.

With that in his head, Harry knew he would never really meet the man. He had no interest in becoming a Death Eater, even though both his parents, godparents, uncles, and aunts were all Death Eaters. Okay, most of his uncles and aunts weren't really his uncles or aunts, but he thought of them as though they were. He didn't want to spend his adult life acting as a soldier and politician. Sadly, he couldn't get out of becoming a politician with his family's importance within the House of Royalty, but he could get out becoming a soldier. He loved learning and performing magic, but he hasn't really found a love for dueling. His father and uncle taught him how to traditionally duel, but he didn't like it. His dueling was nontraditional and inventive, and wizarding culture weren't really into nontraditional dueling.

He doubted he could get away with using Siren Singing in a duel without being called a cheater, wuss, or something equally insulting.

He briefly wondered who would take his father's place in the fourth ranking, but guessed someone would be chosen to take his place.

"Honey, he's eleven years old. You can't expect him to know how to know everything."

Harry looked gratefully at his father, Rodolphus, who enters the room with a shake of his head.

"I can if I bloody want to." Bellatrix sniffs angrily.

"Sorry Harry, I can't change your mother for the life of me. Or her, for that matter." Rodolphus smirks.

Bellatrix glares. "Portkey?" She questions.

Rodolphus nods and pulls out a small white stone, giving it to Harry. "Since you're a first year we can't come with you. Once you get to the station, the letter said you would be brought to the back of the train so all first years an be placed together. Makes rounding you all up easier." He states.

"We'll be there to pick you up at the end of the year." Bellatrix adds.

Harry frowns, confused. "Why can't you come with?" He asks.

"Something about where all the first years will pop up at. Can't have anyone but the first years there, I guess." Rodolphus shrugs.

"We have a meeting to go to at two o'clock, so it's at advantage." Bellatrix reminds her husband, before she turned back to her son. "Harrison, I expect a letter as soon as possible! I want to know what house you've been sorted in by you before Crouch."

"Uncle Barty teaches Dark Arts, right?" Harry asks.

"Yes, he does." Bellatrix nods.

"Severus teaches NEWT level potions, but acts as the headmaster." Rodolphus adds.

"Rabastan teaches Defensive Magic." Bellatrix supplies.

"Carrow-" Rabastan began.

"I got it! Thanks, mum, dad." Harry cuts in quickly, holding out his hand. "Portkey please." He says.

Bellatrix glares. "Goodbye first, young man." She orders, holding open her arms.

Harry fakes a groan before he rushes forward, and hugs her. "Love you mum." He chirps.

"I love you too sweetie. Have a good time at Hogwarts." She smiles, kissing the top of his head.

"I will." Harry says as he lets her go, smiling.

"Before I permit you leaving, I also demand a hug." Rodolphus orders.

"Yes dad." Harry rolls his eyes. He gives the man a shortly timed, but tight hug.

"Destroy the Malfoy family's name." Rodolphus instructs, hugging him back. "I want the Lestrange family to get the best grades in all of Hogwarts history." He states.

Harry laughs, letting him go. "Got it." He says.

Rodolphus hands him the stone portkey. "Just state your name."

"Full name?" Harry sighs.

"Yes, your full name." Rodolphus says.

"Look at that, a time he has to refer to himself as Harrison." Bellatrix teases.

Harry throws his head back and exaggerates a sigh. Holding the portkey in his hand, he says. "Harrison Rodolphus Cygnus Black Lestrange."

Ever since he was a child, Harry despised all forms of magical transportation. His mother made sure he could go through the Floo or use a Portkey without reacting like a common muggleborn, but he still found he sensations of both to be unpleasant. Don't even get him started on Apparition! He went through it all without complaint, of course, as complaining did no good. He did, however, make unpleasant comments in his head during and after the process whether it be Portkey, Floo, or Apparition.

Landing right in front of a train station, beside a few dozen other first years, Harry glared at the stone in his hand.


Immediately, he recognized that voice. Sadly.

"Hello Pansy." Harry turns to smile at the girl.

Pansy Parkinson is an arrogant and slightly obnoxious girl, just like every other pureblood heiress. As the oldest child of three girls, she would inherit the Parkinson's family large wealth and was on the way of becoming a Death Eater. That didn't make her a bad person, no, but Harry knew she would the stereotypical teenage girl in every fiction book.

"How are you?" She asks with a large, bright as the sun smile.

"Good, how about you?" Harry returns the question.

"Wonderfully! Daddy bought me a new dress for the occasion. It's beautiful! It's too bad us first years can't go to the annual balls held at Hogwarts." Pansy says. "To think we have to be in our fourth year to go to any ball at that school! At least I can wear it to the Yule Ball at home. Do you think the Malfoy's will hold it again this year? I heard the Dark Lord is thinking about hosting it himself, but he's only done that two times in the past. Maybe your family will? I know your mother would love too, but she only got to host it once before." She finally stopped, hesitating slightly before flashing another smile.

"I'd love to see that dress, Pansy. Who designed it?" Harry questions. "Also, I believe Aunt Narcissa will be hosting again this year." He says.

"It's designed by the Russian clothing mastermind Natasha Alakev. It's part of her latest Fall collection, but I'm one of the first that has it! I think it's going to be my favorite dress until I grow out of it. Since it's meant for grown women it had to be specially tailored." Pansy says.

"Natasha Alakev has made a new Fall collection? I thought she forbid herself from making a new one since the 1985 Disaster?" Harry gasps.

What? He can talk clothes!

"I know! I was shocked, too. Mother says it's about time as all the other designers can't compare to her skills, and she prefers wearing her works over any other. It'll make choosing clothes for the Samhain Feast so much easier!" Pansy nods.

"Feasts are hard to dress for." Harry agrees. "I can't contain myself with all the food!"

"I know! Mother says I'm lucky now because I'm young and I don't have to worry about eating so much. She says by the time I'm sixteen I'll be worrying over how much I can gain from a single piece of chocolate." Pansy says.

Harry's about to respond but another steps in.

"Pansy, stop boring poor Harry with your girl talk." Draco sniffs arrogantly.

"I thought I was supposed to meet you in the train?" Harry rolls his eyes.

"We have to spend more time together now! God knows you'll probably end up a Ravenclaw, or worse, a Gryffindor." Draco huffs.

"Dray! Don't say such things!" Pansy gasps.

"I agree with Panny! How can you say such a thing?" Harry jumps in. "Mother would kill before I ever even tried to go into Gryffindor."

"Her dislike of things has never stopped you before." Draco dismisses.

"Rude." Both Harry and Pansy say, with the latter placing her hands on her hips.

"I doubt he'll find his way into Slytherin. He isn't very..." Draco seems to struggle to find the right word. "Ambitious."

Harry fakes a pout. "Dray Dray! How can you be so mean?"

"Well, he is right." Pansy says. "I mean, Harry, you're the only one of us who hasn't made efforts and plans to achieve more political powers, even though you have more worth than all of us because both your parents have a place in the House of Royalty. Not to mention the inhuman rate you learn things."

"I don't want political power." Harry whines. "I don't really want power, at all. I find it all useless in the long run. Magical power is all good, but political power? Utterly useless." He states.

"So you say." Draco rolls his eyes. "I heard the Dark Lord is looking for a heir within the House of Royalty and the House of Nobility. Supposedly he's looking for someone young enough to be trained."

"I heard he was looking a consort." Pansy says. "So his consort can give him heirs."

"That's stupid. Father says the Dark Lord has never been attracted to anyone, and Aunt Bellatrix was ready to marry him instead of Uncle Rodolphus at a moment's notice." Draco says. "He doesn't like people."

"It's more realistic he's looking for an heir." Harry agrees with Draco. "Isn't he in his sixties or seventies? He as old as our grandparents. He's going to die eventually, no matter how powerful he is, and needs someone to ensure that his reign continues on in one fashion or another."

Pansy sighs. "You both win."

"Thank you." Draco puffs up his chest proudly.

"I know I'm right." Harry rolls his eyes.

Pansy is about to reply, but a booming voice cuts her off before she can even speak. "FIRST YEARS! FIRST YEARS OVER HERE!"

The crowd of students they were surrounded by quickly began to move to whoever yelled. Harry, Draco, and Pansy move along with them. In the mix Pansy ditches them to talk to a group of female students, and Draco most likely has no complaints. Harry thought she made conversation.

Standing by the last entrance doors of the train was none other than Bartemis Crouch, who held a giant grin on his face. Running from his bottom lip down past his neck, hidden by his robes, was a dark red scar. Harry was told that he got it while fighting ten different Order members at once right before Voldemort took complete control of the British Isles. He had to broken out of Azkaban and while on the escape route out, his rescue boat had been attacked. Bartemis stated he had managed to steal a wand from one of the Order members, and used it to defend himself. The wand, by the way, was now considered a trophy to himself and he kept it as a reminder as the battle that nearly took his life.

"You're all first years, right? Yes? Good!" Bartemis nods. "You will all be the last to board the train and the last to leave it. When we arrive at Hogwarts I will personally lead you to the boats, that will take you to a path not used by the other arriving students. You'll be picked up by our one of our Transfiguration professors, Professor McGonagall. She will explain some of the basic school rules at Hogwarts, but you will all be provided with a handbook before your first day of classes anyways."

"How will we be sorted?" Questioned a random student.

Harry was told it was a test of some sort.

"That's a mystery for you all to discover! Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous...As long as you aren't clumsy." Bartemis jokes.

"Who are you?" Another questions.

"I'm Professor Bartemis Crouch. I teach the Dark Arts. I also help run the Dueling Club alongside Professor Lestrange." Bartemis answers. "Anymore surprise questions?"

As no one answers, he smiles. "Good to hear! Now, everyone board the train!" He orders. "Stick to the back, or you'll get lost and won't get sorted!"

Harry and Draco move alongside each other, both boarding the train and finding a seat at the very back.

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So I tried putting in the train ride, sorting, and settling into the dorm within this chapter...But then I realized I would end up making it way too long. I probably filled with chapter with a bunch of crappy fill-ups, but I didn't really want to delete any of it. Anyway, I hope you liked it!

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