This was made especially for my friend Sasha and is purposely as terrible as possible. Read with caution.

Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy were all playing Truth or Dare. First, Luigi started. "Amy, truth or dare?" Then Amy chose a dare. Luigi whispered in her ear and then she got up and sat next to Tails. Then, she started pretending he was a cow and milking him by pulling on his tails. Tails gave a moan each time Amy did it. Apparently he liked being touched there. After that, it was Amy's turn. Amy looked at the group, curious on who to choose. She sighed and went to Knuckles. "Truth or dare?" Knuckles thought, and then said "Dare'. Amy then said, "I dare you to run around the circle 3 times yelling "I'm an idiot." So Knuckles ran around yelling "I'm an idiot. Amy was laughing her heart out. Everybody else thought it was childish. Knuckles then went to Mario.

"Truth or Dare?"

Of course, Mario wasn't one of the mind, so he picked a dare.

"I dare you to hold hands with Sonic for the rest of the game."

Sonic blushed furiously as Mario carefully sat next to him. The two were blushing so hard it looked like their heads were going to explode. Then, it was Mario's turn to give out a dare. Mario asked Daisy, "Truth or Dare?" Daisy chose Truth. "How many times... uh... have you umm..." Mario was finding it really hard to think when his hand was touching Sonic's. "Uhhhh..." Then, Mario came up with a stupid idea. "Have you kissed Luigi?" Daisy said, "Never." And then she kissed Luigi. After a minute or two, they broke up, and Daisy said, "One."

Then, Daisy asked Sonic, "Truth or Dare?" Sonic, even though he was stuttering and his brain was fuzzy, chose Dare. He had to be brave, to show Mario. Then Daisy told him the one thing that he didn't want to hear: "Kiss Mario for 30 seconds straight." And then, before he went in, Mario started the kiss. The two instantly knew about their feelings for one another. Their kiss was filled with passion and it felt timeless. Nothing could every be this great.

Daisy's phone then rang to 30. "Ok guys, time's up." But, much to her surprise, the kiss didn't end. It almost got more aggressive. Knuckles then said, "Let's skip his turn. Tails, you're up." Now, let's just say Tails isn't that young, adorable Kitsune we always thought he was. He said, "Peach, truth or dare." Of course, nobody wanted to pick Truth, so Peach picked a dare. Tails whispered to her and Peach looked shocked something like that had come out of Tails. She sighed. If she didn't want to lose, she had to do this.

Mario and Sonic were still enjoying each other's warmth. Hats had been knocked off, hair and fur rustled, even one of Mario's suspenders was ripped. He didn't care one bit. The two were both mortified when a third person joined the kiss- Peach? After that, she exited, wiping her tongue off. "Yuck." Then, she said, "I dare every single one of you to join the kiss!" And then, suddenly, all 8 of the characters were kissing in one huge circle. Shadow appeared out of nowhere and joined. Then toad. Dr. Eggman broke through the wall in one of his bots, jumped off, and rolled into the kiss. The house went up in flames as Bowser thundered in. Yoshi jumped in, rolled, and started with his long mutant tongue. Silver flashed in. Then Bowser Jr. and Dr. Robotnik joined. Soon enough, 16 characters, from Mario and Sonic, all united, in one passionate collection of tongues.

Later that night, Mario slept with Sonic, Luigi, Daisy, Amy, and Tails slept in the same bed, and Knuckles and Peach. Also, new couples had been formed, with Shadow and Toad, Bowser and Dr. Eggman, Silver and Yoshi, and Bowser Jr. with Doctor Robotnik. Couples that had been forged for eternity.