Peter had gone to sleep in his costume again. He had been so fatigued by the events of the day that he had barely blinked before his head was engulfed by his tempting pillow. Aunt May had not been shocked to find the boy in his costume once more. After all, this had happened numerous times and one more did not deter her mood. She was concerned about Peter's wellbeing. However, after she had given herself time to accept this situation, she had realized that this was Peter's secret and his decisions. Therefore, all she could do was silently support him and pray for his and his teammates' safety.

She smiled as she moved to kiss the boy goodbye before she went to work. She had a morning shift today and, as a result, could not spend her morning with Peter. However, once she stepped closer to the boy, who was still out cold, her eyes narrowed. There was some sort of whitish-gray substance that was sticking from the area between his ribs.

Aunt May quickly scanned her memory, searching for any signs of such an occurrence before. However, she found none. The revelation made her frown. Not being able to help herself, she started worrying. Just what had happened to her dear Peter this time? Had he got himself into some sort of trouble once more? Was he going to be alright?

As she kissed him on the forehead and carefully exited the room, her mind raced through different scenarios. There was always the possibility that his powers had been enhanced somehow. However, she had never once seen web sticking from such an area. There was also part of that substance sticking from his mouth. She wanted to gag for she had first thought it was just morning drool. Unfortunately, she had been wrong and now had to suffer the repercussions of her trying to brush it away.

She managed to eradicate the pesky substance. Nonetheless, she could not help the shock that went through her system once she realized something – what had glued her fingers together was a very sticky web.

Sam had not meant to walk this early towards Peter's house. However, he could not help himself. He sighed as he revisited his memories from last night. Something had obviously been wrong with his boyfriend. Unfortunately, he could not figure out exactly what was amiss. Normally, Peter would talk to him about it. However, this was not a normal situation by any means. After all, Peter had been attacked by Doc Oc.

Suddenly Sam shivered. His brows scrunched. He turned left and right, feeling as though someone was watching him. Once his gaze landed on nothing out of the ordinary, he shrugged, opting to quicken his pace. After all, for all he knew, his imagination was probably playing tricks on him. At times like these he envied Peter's 'spidey sense'.

Sam was surprised to find Aunt May exiting the house this early. Normally, she would be inside, cooking breakfast for Peter.

"Good morning, Aunt May." Sam greeted as he hugged her.

She reciprocated the hug and smiled at the boy. Sam mirrored her expression. Soon, however, his smile faltered.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he noticed the slight strain her smile possessed and the quick shifting of her gaze from Sam back to the house, to be precise, the window to Peter's room, and then back to Sam.

She opened her mouth only to close it again. She repeated the actions several times before she stopped herself and shook her head. Now Sam was worried. He stepped forward and gently grasped her by the upper arm and asked as he locked gazes with her, "Is there anything I should know?"

Aunt May knew about the relationship between Sam and Peter. In all honestly, even though the two had been certain she was not homophobic, they were still worried. Nonetheless, they had told her. Imagine their surprise when she had congratulated them, leaned back into her chair, crossed her arms, smiled knowingly and uttered, "Took you long enough."

Those words had been echoing in Sam's head ever since. After all, it was because of him that he and Peter had not started dating sooner. Sam still berated himself for being in denial for so long. Naturally, after he had accepted his feelings for Peter, he had vowed to do anything he could in order to make up for the lost time. And now was no exception.

To his surprise Aunt May locked gazes firmly with Sam. The intensity in her eyes nearly made him flinch. He jolted when she grabbed his arm and said simply:

"Look after him for me."

She then looked at Peter's window once more before she let go of Sam's hand, stepped backwards, smiled, nodded and sidestepped the frozen Sam in order to go to work.

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