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Chapter 7 – Departures

Sei took his first breath of fresh air in a very long time and let it out slowly, enjoying the feeling of a slight breeze softly grazing over his skin. He closed his eyes as the sunlight danced over his skin and his face lit up as he opened his eyes again and looked up to the sky, seeing birds flying overhead.

Mizuki felt as if he could cry because of how happy Sei looked. He was like a child on Christmas day. Sei had still never really talked about what had happened to him before he'd wound up in hospital but since he'd said Shiro was the first real animal he'd ever held, Mizuki could guess that he'd been locked up somewhere. For all that Mizuki knew this was Sei's first time outside. That thought made him quite sad, but seeing the pure joy on his friend's face made him feel a lot better.

It was also the first time Mizuki had seen Sei wearing anything other than his hospital gown. Seeing him in normal clothes was a bit strange, but at the same time Mizuki found it hard not to keep staring at Sei. He wasn't wearing anything particularly strange; it was just a black jumper with a white shirt underneath and black trousers, but Mizuki still found himself staring and had to force himself to stop.

Sei looked down from the sky and turned back towards the hospital. "It's hard to believe it…" he murmured.

"Yeah," Mizuki agreed, smiling slightly. "We finally got discharged."

Both young men stared at the hospital building for a few more minutes in silence. Mizuki felt Sei gently take hold of his hand and Mizuki automatically squeezed it.

"What will you do now Mizuki?" Sei asked, turning back to face him.

Mizuki grinned. "I'll go see my team and celebrate of course! You?"

Sei looked down for a moment before he answered. "I guess I'll go surprise my relatives."

Mizuki squeezed Sei's hand again. "I'm sure they'll be really happy to see you Sei."

Sei nodded once before he looked back up at Mizuki, smiling again. "Mizuki…thank you so much for everything you did. It means a lot."

Mizuki shook his head. "No need to thank me Sei. Thank you too. You helped me as well!"

The light in Sei's eyes dimmed slightly and he swallowed. "I guess…this is where our paths separate, huh?"

Mizuki's shoulders dropped. Sei had become one of his best friends. It was going to be so strange not seeing him every day. He wasn't sure how to feel about all this.

"For now yes…but I gave you my coil number, remember?" Mizuki replied, trying to stay positive. "So whenever you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, okay?"

Sei smiled once again and nodded. "Of course Mizuki. Thank you."

Neither of the friends seemed willing to let go of the other's hand, or to be the first to say goodbye. Mizuki felt his heartbeat start speed up, and he could feel his palms sweating. He knew he needed to do this, but he was scared of what Sei's reaction might be.

Before he chickened out, he opened his mouth.

"Hey Sei… Before you leave… There's one game we didn't get to play again."

Sei frowned. "Really?"

While Sei had been blind, Mizuki had played little games with him, like when Sei had to draw something and Mizuki had to guess what he'd drawn. The friends had continued to play these games even after Sei had gotten his sight back as the doctor said little exercises like that would help to strengthen his eyes.

"Yes, the one with the tastes," Mizuki explained. "Remember? When you were blind and I had you guess what I was feeding you. So…"

Mizuki slowly stepped closer towards Sei, who looked like he was trying to hold in a smile.

"Please close your eyes and tell what this tastes like, okay?" Mizuki murmured quietly, looking directly into Sei's eyes.

Sei smiled slightly and nodded once. "Alright," he giggled like a child before closing his eyes.

Mizuki gently brushed some hair away from Sei's now closed eyes and rested his hand on his cheek. Sei leaned into the touch and Mizuki's heart started to race. Softly cupping Sei's cheek, Mizuki leaned in and pressed his lips against Sei's, his own eyes closing over as he did so. Almost immediately Sei kissed him back.

Mizuki leaned back after a few seconds and both young men opened their eyes. Mizuki searched Sei's face in a slight panic, looking for any indication that he'd just made a huge mistake. However, he found quite the opposite.

"Hmm…" Sei grinned, running his index finger gently over Mizuki's lips. "I couldn't guess. I need to try again."

Without waiting for Mizuki's response Sei took hold of Mizuki's collar and pulled him back into the kiss. Mizuki was surprised but quickly melted into the kiss, his eyes closing over once more as his arms found their way around Sei.

The second kiss lasted longer, and a few minutes later Sei gently pulled back and smiled at Mizuki. "Just like I thought. It tastes like peaches."

It had been almost two weeks since Mizuki had been discharged from the hospital. True to his word, the first thing he had done had been to surprise his teammates at their usual hangout. They'd been over the moon to see him and the party that night had been a blast. Mizuki quickly got back to work in his tattoo parlour, and his regular customers were also very happy to see Mizuki again.

Mizuki found himself thinking about Sei a lot. They had been speaking almost every day since they'd been discharged, but only over coil. They hadn't seen each other face to face since that day. Mizuki wanted nothing more than to see Sei again, but he felt awkward asking. He knew from Sei's reaction that he hadn't been angry or disgusted about the kiss, but Mizuki was still worried that Sei may not feel the same way about him as Mizuki did.

Mizuki was standing behind the bar at his tattoo shop thinking about all this with Shiro on his shoulder, and for some reason Aoba's face popped into his head. He hadn't gone to see Aoba since he'd been discharged, although he had given him a call to let him know he was out of the hospital. He and Aoba had been friends for a long time and he'd always been able to ask for Aoba's advice on pretty much anything. He didn't see why this would be any different.

His mind made up, Mizuki closed the shop up for lunch and started to walk towards Aoba's work, Shiro now curled up in his pocket. When he got to the Junk Shop the owner informed him that Aoba was at home as it was his day off. Mizuki thanked him and started to head to Aoba's house. He knocked on the door and Aoba answered, a grin appearing on his face.

"Mizuki!" Aoba smiled, holding his hand out. "Congrats on being discharged."

Mizuki rolled his eyes as he gripped Aoba's hand. "Congratulating me? Shouldn't that be for the doctors? I just sat in bed for months!"

Aoba laughed as Ren padded towards the open door and looked up at Mizuki.

"Good to see you again Mizuki," Ren said in his deep voice.

Mizuki smiled and crouched down to pat Ren on the head. "Thanks Ren. Good to see you too."

Shiro took the opportunity to run out of Mizuki's pocket and down his sleeve, pressing his little black nose against Ren's.

"Hello Shiro," Ren greeted.

Shiro squeaked slightly before clambering onto Ren's head and curling up, crooning happily.

"You want to come in?" Aoba asked, stepping aside so Mizuki could pass him.

"Yeah, thanks," Mizuki smiled, kicking his shoes off as he entered the landing and following Aoba through to the kitchen.

"Coffee?" Aoba offered.

"Please," Mizuki replied, sitting down at the table. "Your grandmother not in?"

"No, Granny has a neighbour watch meeting or something," Aoba replied. "Oh! When I told her you were out of the hospital she was really happy though. She told me to tell you that, but I forgot until now."

"Well tell her I say thanks if I don't see her myself today," Mizuki said as Aoba brought over two mugs of coffee and sat down opposite him. Ren had hopped up onto Aoba's lap and Shiro had ran back over the table to Mizuki, sniffing at his coffee as he went, before climbing onto his shoulder.

"So, what's up?" Aoba asked. "The shop been busy?"

"Yeah, actually," Mizuki replied. "Business has been surprising good. Some of the Dry Juice guys had been keeping it open while I was away but a lot of people said they'd rather wait till I was back to give them tattoos, so I've been super busy these past two weeks."

"That's good though!" Aoba said. "It shows people know what a good tattoo artist you are!"

"I guess, yeah," Mizuki smiled before he remembered why he was here. "Actually Aoba…I wanted to get your opinion on something."

Aoba nodded. "Sure, of course! What is it?"

"Well…" Mizuki looked down, trying to figure out how to word this. "While I was in hospital, I met someone. I visited their room a lot and we got really close. We got discharged on the same day and…we kissed before we left. I gave them my coil number and we've been talking every day but…neither of us has mentioned what happened and I really don't know what to do now."

Aoba was quiet for a few moments, taking in everything that Mizuki had told them.

"Well…do you like them?" Aoba asked carefully.

Mizuki looked back up at Aoba and nodded. "I do. A lot. And…I think they feel the same way."

Aoba smiled. "Then I think you need to tell them Mizuki. Because if you don't say anything and neither do they, then you'll wonder about what could have been for the rest of your life."

Mizuki nodded slowly. "Yeah…you're right Aoba," he smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem," Aoba grinned back.

Suddenly Mizuki heard footsteps coming from upstairs. "I thought you said your grandmother was out," he frowned.

Aoba sighed heavily. "She is…I actually have something to tell you too…"

Before Aoba could continue, there was the sound of footsteps on the stairs before the kitchen door was opened.

"Nii-chan, did you see that book I was reading yesterday?"

Mizuki frowned again. Nii-chan? Aoba didn't have any siblings! Mizuki turned around…

And when he did his heart stopped.

His eyes widened. "…Sei?!"

Sei's jaw dropped open. "Mi…Mizuki?!"

"Um…how exactly do you two-" Aoba began to ask before he stopped himself. "Oooooh…hospital. Right." He then quickly turned to face Mizuki. "Hang on. You weren't…were you talking about my brother just there?!"

Mizuki wasn't listening; he was still staring at Sei. Sei's face slowly lit up and he jumped on Mizuki, throwing his arms around him.

"It's so good to see you!" he cried, hugging him tightly.

Mizuki started to laugh and hugged him back. "It's great to see you too! But…what are you doing here?"

Sei looked over at Aoba and smiled cheekily. "So…should we tell him, nii-chan?"

Aoba rolled his eyes at Sei and smiled back. "Yeah, I think we'd better."

It took a while but eventually Aoba and Sei had explained everything to Mizuki; how they were twins, how they'd been separated at birth, what had happened to Sei and what Aoba had done in Platinum Jail. Mizuki could barely believe it, but he found himself increasingly grateful as the story went on that both Aoba and Sei were alright.

"So," Aoba started, staring at Sei and Mizuki in turn. "What happened to you two in hospital?"

Mizuki's cheeks reddened slightly and he looked down, which Aoba raised an eyebrow at.

Sei however didn't seem embarrassed in the slightest. "Well a nurse asked Mizuki if he would keep me company while I was still blind and couldn't speak. He really helped me." Sei smiled at Mizuki kindly and Mizuki blushed even more. "We became really good friends."

"Just good friends?" Aoba pressed.

Sei finally realised what Aoba was getting at and he also blushed, avoiding his brother's gaze.

Aoba sighed heavily before turning to Mizuki. "Oi, Mizuki."

Something in Aoba's tone made Mizuki look up at his friend. "Um…yeah?"

Aoba smiled slightly at Mizuki with a bit of a glint in his eye. "If you hurt my big brother, I won't forgive you. I hope you realise that."

Mizuki shook his head violently. "I would never hurt him Aoba! You should know that!"

"Nii-chan, stop being embarrassing!" Sei whined, pulling at Aoba's arm.

Aoba burst out laughing and ruffled Sei's hair. "Don't worry so much Sei. I'm just looking out for you!" Aoba leaned back in his chair and grinned at both of them. "Look, be honest with me. Are you two…a thing?" Both young men again avoided Aoba's gaze and Aoba sighed. "Alright. Sei, Mizuki just told me what happened when you both left the hospital; about how you kissed."

Mizuki couldn't help but smile because of how much Sei blushed at that even though he was embarrassed himself.

"Nii-chan…yeah, we kissed," Sei said after a short silence. "And…I really like Mizuki. And he won't hurt me, I know it."

Mizuki was shocked by Sei's confession, and his face clearly showed it; his eyes widened and his jaw dropped open. Both Sei and Aoba noticed his reaction and grinned.

"And Mizuki?" Aoba asked. "How do you feel?"

Mizuki swallowed hard and looked up to meet Sei's eyes. "I…I feel the same."

A shy smile appeared on Sei's face as he kept his eyes locked with Mizuki. Aoba looked at both of them once again before smiling and standing up.

"Ren!" he called through to the living room. "We're going out for a little while."

Ren hopped off the sofa, Shiro curling up again on the sofa, and padded over to Aoba. "Understood."

Aoba ruffled Sei's hair again and lightly punched Mizuki on the shoulder. "See you two later."

"Where're you going?" Mizuki asked.

"Out," Aoba teased. "Figured you two should have some alone time. But Mizuki, I meant what I said. Don't you dare hurt my brother."

Mizuki met Aoba's gaze and nodded. "I promise I won't Aoba. You can trust me."

Aoba smiled. "I know I can," he said softly before he left.

Mizuki and Sei kept quiet until they heard the door closing and Aoba's footsteps walking away from the house.

Mizuki let out a breath he didn't even realise he was holding and slumped down slightly in his seat. "Well, that was stressful," he chuckled.

"It was, wasn't it?" Sei agreed with a smile. "I guess he just wanted to see how we really felt about each other."

Sei stood up and walked over to Mizuki, standing behind his chair. "So…did you mean what you said to my brother?" he asked softly.

Mizuki gently took hold of Sei's hand and smiled. "Of course I did Sei. And…did you mean what you said too?"

Sei slowly leaned forward and brushed Mizuki's bangs off of his face. "I did," he whispered before pressing his lips against Mizuki's. Mizuki cupped Sei's cheek in his hand and kissed him back.

The two were oblivious to Aoba peeking through the window, chuckling with a smile on his face.

"How do you feel about this Aoba?" Ren asked.

Aoba turned away from his house and started to walk down the street, Ren at his side.

"Well, Sei is my brother and Mizuki is one of my best friends," Aoba replied. "Of course I'm happy for them. They both deserve to be happy after everything they've been through." Aoba glanced back at his house and smiled. "And if they make each other happy, then I'm glad."

Aoba turned away from the house again and walked off towards the town, feeling satisfied that two people he really cared about deserved to be together.

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