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Chapter 2: Pikachu has a Harry situation

Pikachu was unconscious. He was like that for ten days. When he woke up, however, he was confused and really, really, really and really missed soon got over it and took stock of the situation. He was floating in the ocean on a piece of driftwood-with no land in sight. He climbed up onto the driftwood and let himself dry. The driftwood was a foot wide, and a foot-and-a-half long. Pikachu suddenly saw a small shape in the water. Being curious (and stupid), he swam over. He saw a young boy, but not his beloved Ash. He had green eyes and raven hair. Pikachu put his ear to his chest and heard him breathing, making sure the boy was still alive. Then, Pikachu carried him over to the driftwood and set him down. Night was falling, so he curled up, and slept dreams of Ash and his old life. When he woke up, he saw the sleeping form of the boy, and thought of how to get food. That was when he saw a stick, some string, and a paper clip. He set to work on a fishing rod of some-sorts. While he was making the rod, he heard the boy start to wake and quickly turned boy woke, and when his eyes fell upon Pikachu, he fainted. Satisfied that the boy was alive, he finished the rod. When the rod was finished, he saw some fish and tried it out. He knew he needs bait, but a fish got on the hook he used that fish as bait. He caught a bigger fish nd used part of it as bait and was about to eat the rest when he changed his mind. He would try to make the boy eat. just then, the boy woke up again and did not faint this time(thankfully).But, the boy did not speak and just stared. Then, the boy said, "Who are you?"; Pikachu replied "I AM PIKACHU!."The boy fainted again.