1776 Crystal Bay Harbor

A young man, twenty-six years old with thick black hair and eyebrows grinned as he held onto a rope that had been swung out to him. After nearly three weeks at sea, he was excited to finally reach port and see his Isabella. Wearing a white loose shirt, a red sash, black pants, and boots, he quickly used his muscles to pull the rope along with the other members of the crew as the shit docked and creates and barrels were being carried out.


Captain James called as he made his way onto the dock. Turning, Peloquin smiled as he walked over, boots loudly thudding against the boards as he lent his hand out and helped the captain to his feet.

"Thank you son. Make sure all of the supplies is brought to the warehouse then take the rest of the evening off. You boys deserve it."

Throwing Peloquin a few coins, he winked at him as he made his way towards the bustling brick buildings and market that overtook the crowded travels, cobble stoned streets, and merchants. Smiling, he tucked the coins away before calling to the others to get going in a double. Within the hour, everything had been unloaded. Making his way towards the tavern, Peloquin passed the many sellers and buyers before reaching the lantern strung porch. Climbing the stairs, he entered the hot and crowded bar, where fifty or so sailors stood around, bumping into each other, smashing glasses, and dancing around to the gleeful piano that filled the stuffy air that had a mixture of liquor, sweat, and sea air. Peloquin spotted several friends of his, bumping shoulders as he laughed and made his way through the crowd to Oscar, the barkeeper. Once he reached the bar, Peloquin grinned as Oscar turned and raised his eyebrows surprised.

"Peloquin! My boy I didn't expect you back for another two weeks!"

Peloquin smiled as he leaned against the bar, littered with empty glasses and spilt booze that soaked into the wood.

"We came into port early. Is Bella upstairs?"

Bella was Peloquin's fiance', a whore that was nearly seven years younger than him. He met her last year, instantly taken aback by her beautiful green eyes, and her exotic beautiful golden tan. Becoming a regular customer of hers, Peloquin found himself falling head over heels in love with her. The two became engaged, and Peloquin promised he would save up his bounty and finally marry her, taking her away from this lifestyle. He didn't mind that she screwed for money, or that she spent her evenings with other men. That truly bothered her was that he felt he couldn't properly take care of her until he was finally done with his travels and settled down. He was thinking of pooling their money together, buying a small place in the village, and becoming a dock worker until they began starting a family.

Just a few weeks ago, after a night of exhausting passion, he left her in her room above the tavern, deeply kissing her full lips and promising once he returned they would be married. All those long days at sea, the only thing that kept him going was seeing those beautiful green eyes. Now nothing seemed more inviting than going up and falling into her arms.

That's when Oscar's face fell. Instantly, Peloquin knew nothing was wrong. Glancing over at Davis, another bar hand, he nodded to him before motioning Peloquin up the stairs.

"Come on!"

Peloquin followed, working his way through the crowd before following Oscar up the stairs. As they climbed, passing drunken men who hung on the railings, they got to the upstairs hallway where several other ladies who worked with Bella were standing in their doorways, batting their eyelashes. Walking by some of them, girls he knew he saw them drop their eyes. Once he reached Bella's room, he looked at Oscar and nervously smiled.

"Where is she?"

Oscar sighed, staring at her. Down below the muffled sounds from below were beneath their feet. Looking at Oscar, he saw something was wrong. Feeling his heart hammer in his chest, he glanced at the closed door.


"I'm sorry Peloquin, there was no way of contacting you but Isabella is dead."

Peloquin's face fell, his smile slowly fading. Staring, he blinked, waiting for the door to fly open at any second and Bella to appear, wearing that beautiful blue velvet dress that made her breasts well, laughing and teasing as she usually did. Instead there was silence. Looking, Peloquin stared, opening his mouth to speak before shutting it.


Oscar opened Bella's room. A room where he spent most of his time, rolling over with her, tangled up in her sheets with her making love for hours on end. Now the room seemed dim, empty, and not hers anymore. Standing there, he stood in shock before Oscar lit one of the candles, casting more light.

"It was a fever. Came upon very suddenly. The doctor didn't think it was scarlet, but she passed within a day. I was with her, as was some of the girls. She was calling for you. I'm so sorry Peloquin. I know how much you cared for her..."

Peloquin, almost in a trance walked over to the bed. The same bed where he had proposed. The same bed where night after night the two of them would collapse upon each other, trapped in a warm embrace. Staring at it, images of his poor Bella laying there, pale, feverish, and dying flickered over his eyes. Oscar patted his arm.

"Here, I know she would have wanted you to have these..."

He handed him Bella's beads, the same ones she was wearing the last time he saw her. Holding them in his palm, he looked around, unable to cry, unable to speak, and unable to move. Instead he just deeply sighed, and leaned against the bedpost. How could this even be possible? Was life really that cruel? Standing there, he grasped onto the bedpost, and felt as if he was going to sway down to the ground. Instead, he simply stood there, trying to allow his mind to fully understand that she was now gone.

"It happened so fast, but we buried her down at St. Lucy's cemetery by the ponds. It's real pretty there. I'm not using this room for a while. You're more than welcome to hold up here for a few weeks, free of charge. Again, I'm sorry..."

Oscar patted his arm once more before walking out. Alone, Peloquin slowly sat down, looking around and couldn't believe it. No tears came, no horrible sobbing or breakdown. Instead all he felt as an ache. A sad lonely ache, that was replacing what once was his warm beating heart.


Peloquin had gotten himself quite drunk. After several stiff shots of whiskey, he had stumbled out of the tavern, and made his way down the darkened alleyways. Several men had tried pulling him aside, but he shrugged them off and continued walking alone, finishing off the bottle he had swiped from the bar. Now empty, and his head spinning, he left the village and slowly made his way down towards the dirt road that led to St. Lucy's cemetery.

Wobbling as he made his way through the darkness. Finally after an hour, he paused, leaning against a tree looking at all the moss covered headstones and weeping angels. Stumbling, and nearly falling, he searched before finally spotting the freshly dug grave. Her headstone was thin, cheaply made, but nevertheless hers. Staring at it, faintly hearing the crickets chirp in the bushes. Kneeling, he stared forward looking at the lettering, he leaned forward gently brushing his fingertips against her name. Bowing his head, he felt his chest heave. He wanted to be dead. He wanted to be with her. Silently, he slipped her necklace on and sighed. That's when he heard movement. Lifting his head, he turned slightly and looked around.

"Who's there?"

He called out, waiting for a response. Waiting he continued to hear the crickets, and the faint sway of the branches from the weeping willows around him. Turning back, he didn't have time to react as something massive leaped on him. Grabbing him, he felt sharp fangs sink deep into his throat. Eyes widening, he wasn't even able to scream as blood gurgled up into his throat, spilling down his lips. Being lifted, he stared up at the star lit sky before being thrown down. Hitting the grass, he turned over, his own blood pulsing and gushing onto the ground below. Struggling to breath, he grabbed onto his wound as his eyes weakly stared up. He couldn't explain it. It looked like some sort of beast. It's eyes glowed, and it's fangs dripped. Staring down, he glared down at him. Choking on his own blood, Peloquin looked up.

"Kill me..."

He was able to choke out. The creature laughed, slowly shaking his head.

"No, death is not an escape. You shall be part of my breed, and live forever..."

Peloquin suddenly saw swirling mist, almost like a thick fog begin to surround him. In just an instant his once warm welcoming brown eyes turned to an ugly shade of brilliant blue. Reflecting back, he felt his blood boil, then turn ice cold. A horrible pain raced through him, he twisted, squirmed, and cried out as he lifted his own blood slicked hand. Staring, he thought for just a moment it was the moonlight, but in just seconds he saw as his skin began to change color. His golden rich tan, quickly turning a deep ugly purplish red. His back arching, he screamed as his body began to transform. The man who was once named Peloquin was forever lost. What awoke just an hour or so later wasn't a man, or human being. It was a demon, a creature, a monster. He was of a different breed now. The night breed.


Peloquin walked through the gates of the cemetery. The wind had picked up, causing the trees that lined the path back and forth. Carrying the baby who nuzzled against his chest, he glanced down and looked at his child. She was beautiful. At this age, she didn't cry or scream in horror by how he looked. Instead, she looked up at him with those greenish wide eyes with nothing but wonder. Holding her close, he passed the crumbling headstones before Rachel appeared, her eyes heartbroken. Looking down at the baby, she cocked her head to the side. "Oh Peloquin, what have you done?" Peloquin hissed at her before staring up at the thin moonlight.

"She'll come, she belongs to me."

"Don't you see, no matter how many of these God forsaken creatures you make with her, she'll never be her."

Peloquin ignored her, and waited. He could sense her coming. Yes, soon, very soon she would arrive.


Lori knew she was dying. She reached the ruins of Midian after what seemed like a lifetime of driving in the darkness. Twice she nearly wrecked her car as headlights came screaming towards her wide and frightened eyes. She fought to stay alert, her insides burning terrible aching pain, her fingers numb, and her stomach swollen and growing larger from beneath her torn blood stained blouse. When she parked, she could see it sticking out, straining against the buttons, ready to pop. She felt whatever was inside growing, getting stronger, ready to rip itself out. For the second time she had been raped by Peloquin. Forced, and used like some filthy object as he buried his cold dead seed within her. A second time this terrible monster took her, and put something in her.

The same monster who she originally trusted when she followed her real love Boone down into this mysterious strange world all those years ago. The same monster who had brought the love of her life back, only long enough to fight a war and get killed. Her Boone, her partner, lover, and friend taken. There she learned very quickly that these monsters weren't the good guys. They were just as bad as Dr. Decker. He had taken and raped her before changing a part of her, a part that she knew was her only hope to stop him and get her daughter back. Her sweet beautiful Parker. The only reason she had survived and been able to live with the nightmares. No, he wasn't hers. She belonged to her. She had pretended none of this had happened. That Boone had been her daughter's father, not this horrible demon from Hell. He had come back, raped her, put another spawn inside of her, and took their daughter. Terrible thoughts of what he would do to her flashed before her mind, causing that lingering power to start to build within her. Her eyes changed shape and color, her nails slowly turning into claws. She was part of the undead. She wasn't sure if her soul was safe, but she would be damned if that monster hurt her baby. She was going to make sure she was saved, and get away from this madness. Stepping out among the overgrown weeds and grass, she braced the car for support. Her stomach moved from beneath the stretched blouse. This wasn't going to be like Parker, she knew it. She needed to stop it before it was too late. Holding onto herself, she cried out in pain before hurrying down towards the twisted skeleton remains of the fence.

She still remembered being chased by Decker all this time ago, stumbling into the graveyard, and down below where she met him.

Grabbing onto her, pulling her forward and hissing...

"She's mine!" That's exactly what he said when he took her baby. Guided only by thin moonlight, she looked around at the crumbling tombstones, and piles of derby. She saw most of it was covered by moss and destroyed by the elements. This was the scene of where the war had been fought. Where she had stood side by side with Boone, and watched how horrible man could be. This was also where Boone had died for a second time, and where his body still laid beneath the Earth. Where Peloquin had betrayed her, and raped her, and where her daughter had been conceived. Where she had been changed. No, she wouldn't allow it. Not her baby. She stood back, eyes flashing before she heard him in the shadows.

"My pretty little butterfly..."

Freezing, Lori slowly turned and saw her standing, leaning against an old pillar, almost in the same exact spot he had changed Boone. Smiling, he cocked his head to the side. Lori slowly turned, her eyes furious. From the distance unknown to her a few of the last survivors, including Rachel watched. They were scared, and knew how this would end. A wind picked up, making Lori's hair to flutter back. Instantly, Peloquin laughed.

"I knew you would come."


She roared, her eyes flaring like fire. Just then, a tiny gurgle came from the tall grass, snapping her head over she saw her baby, her darling Parker sitting there perfectly, smiling and giggling as the wind blew back her thick dark hair. At that exact moment she looked like the most beautiful creature that ever existed. At that exact moment, for one flickering second she could see whatever true human Peloquin had been years before was in her now. Long before he turned into the monster that stood before her. Feeling her heart race with relief, she nearly cried out and went to run over to her when Peloquin hissed.

"Stay away from her!"

"YES SHE IS!" Lori and Peloquin began circling each other like wild animals. In the distance Rachel and Kinski watched. Nervously, Kinski turned towards Rachel and whispered...

"We should do something..."

Rachel slowly shook her head.

"No, this was foretold. We can merely stand back and watch them rip each other apart."

Kinski sighed, as the clouds parted causing the full moon to shine down, casting dark shadows around them. This was no longer a graveyard...it was a battlefield. Peloquin shed his coat, dropping it to the ground. He grinned as he beckoned Lori and laughed.

"Come on pretty little butterfly, let's dance.

" Lori glared at him before whatever was growing inside of her shifted, causing her to freeze, nearly doubling over in pain. Peloquin casted his eyes down towards her swollen stomach and smiled.

"My seed grows deep within you again. I asked once if you wanted to join the family...now you have become my own. Give yourself to me Lori and together we can teach our children that we were the chosen ones."

"Never, whatever was human in me is in my daughter. She will never be like you!"

"I am the only reason she exists! You should thank me!" "For what? For raping me? For turning me into whatever I am? For making me run like a frightened animal? For being nothing more than a murderer rapist?! You will ever be the man Boone was. He was my soul mate, and the true leader, he was Cabal, Baphome said it himself! He was supposed to lead you out of the darkness!"

"And what happened Lori? He was murdered, struck down by Ashberry like a mortal."

Peloquin laughed shaking his head.

"If he was Cabal he failed us. It was I who gave him his power, that turned him. I should have been the one!"

Lori glared.

"So what do you do? You rape me, using me like a piece of property. Look around, there aren't any of your kind left! You didn't protect them!" Peloquin shook his head.

"I found Ashberry after we were separated. Murdered him like a dog...I protected my people, and I'm making sure our breed survives. That child is mine Lori. She's our new hope in rebuilding and starting over. Join me Lori, and together with our children we can rule the world..."

"You're insane..."

The baby cooed in the grass, wiggling her arms.


Peloquin turned, looking at the baby. He grinned.

"She's beautiful...I knew we would have such beautiful children Bella...just like you."

Lori stared at him.

"What are you talking about?" The sad glimmer of remembrance left Peloquin's eyes. Instead, he stared down at the baby, staring up at him gurgling and smiling. Forgetting himself, he became lost in his gaze when Lori charged towards him, screaming and using all of her strength and power that was within her to explode. Leaping on top of him, she dig her claws into him, feeling her own fangs come out as she screamed and began going after him.

Taken slightly off guard, Peloquin stumbled for just a second before turning and flinging her off like a rag doll. Flying backwards, Lori screamed as he began breathing deep, ready to change form. Lori flew off, hitting the ground before looking up. He started marching over towards her, eyes wild. That's when she felt her stomach shift again. Glancing over, she saw a piece of sharp rock laying on the ground. Grabbing it, she held onto it tightly as he started making his way over. Holding onto it, she knew if she didn't do this now, she wouldn't For one brief moment she glanced over at her baby, her beautiful Parker and rammed the rock straight into her stomach. The hot white lighting pain flared up inside of her, causing her to snap her head backwards and scream. Peloquin stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widening.

"NO!" Lori twisted the rock deep, feeling blood splutter out. Screaming, bitting down she continued stabbing herself before Peloquin raced over, nearly dropping down to his knees. Ripping the bloody rock from her hand, he grabbed onto her and gave her a hard shake.


Lori felt the blood pulsing out of her, she smiled between two bloody lips.

"You may have changed me Peloquin, but I can still die...and I rather go straight to Hell than having you ever touch me again..."

Peloquin saw how much blood she was losing, staring up at him, she smiled, all the while her other hand slowly creeping over to another rock that was laying slightly behind her.

"I'll see you in Hell Peloquin..."

With that with all of her strength she slammed the rock into the side of his head, knocking him off guard. Rolling over, she grabbed another rock and slammed it against his face before he grabbed onto her wrists. Together the two rolled over into the grass, just a few feet away from their daughter. Peloquin roared at her before she grasped onto his necklace, the same necklace that belonged to his lost love and tore it off, beads flew everywhere as the two growled at each other. Blood soaked into each other's clothes as Peloquin began to transform. Kinski who watched from afar, shook his head. "No Peloquin..." Peloquin's jaw grew massive, his face shifting as his fangs dripped. He clawed up and down the sides of Lori's blouse, as she hissed. Peloquin's hand swiped over at her stomach.

"Give me my child you bitch, you could never be her..."

He growled, trying to rip her open. Lori screamed, her eyes an icy animal blue. The two continued hissing at each other before Peloquin pinned her down, on top of her, holding her wrists above her head. The two locked eyes, and for a mere moment, Lori thought she saw the human he once was. Centuries old, and so alone. So very alone. She stared up at him before Parker gurgled, just a few feet away. She was sitting on her bottom and stared out at them.


She said, just below the wind that was howling around them. Both turned their heads and stared. The baby was beautiful, nothing like the two monsters who laid just a few feet away from her. Lori saw the same distant flicker in Peloquin's eyes before her face crumpled and she grabbed the same rock she had used to stab herself with. Holding onto it, she grasped with the last of her strength and prayed that wherever Boone was, he would help her. That he would make this one count.

"I'm sorry Peloquin..."

She said before ramming the rock in the only place that counted. Straight up right into Peloquin's heart. Instantly Peloquin's eyes snapped shut as he uttered a horrible echoing roar. Peloquin's eyes widened in surprise and pain, fangs dripping as Lori twisted and rammed it straight up, causing black blood to spurt up and pour down on her. She rammed it straight up, hitting him in a place she didn't even think he was capable of having. Right in a place that had died lifetimes ago.

Right in his heart... Peloquin froze, his snare faltering. Staring down, he looked back to normal, or at least how he looked when Lori first saw him. The closest he could get to being half human. He stared down, black blood dribbling from his mouth before he collapsed on top of her, his dead weight sinking further down onto the rock that had now not just ended him, but her as well. Lori laid there, feeling herself starting to drift away before he weakly lifted his head and stared at her.


He asked weakly. With that Peloquin collapsed and was no more. Moments later Rachel and Kinski hurried over. They looked at Peloquin, now dead laying on top of Lori, a large puddle of blood forming beneath her. Rachel muttered a prayer, making the sign of the cross as Kinski hauled Peloquin off Lori carefully and laid him down, slumped over on his side. Lori stared at him, and saw how peaceful he seemed, now no longer a monster but the empty shell of a thing that was once a man. Staring up, Lori choked on her own blood as Kinski knelt down as did Rachel.

"Take it out now...please, I'm dying..."

"Let it die Lori, it isn't meant to be..."

Rachel softly said. Instead, Lori struggled, shaking her head, as she felt her vision blur.

"No, it's still half of me...like Parker. Take it out and save it, give them to people who will love them, and not let them be like me and him, please..."

Rachel nodded before Lori closed her eyes, listening to her daughter behind them and the wind, all the meanwhile searching for Boone, somewhere in the darkness. Minutes passed, and Rachel had opened Lori up, blood on her hands as she took the squirming infant in her arms, remembering her own child... She slowly stood up, wrapping the baby up in her shawl, wiping it's face and sighing. Kinski held Parker in his own arms. The baby smiling, unaware her parents were both laying dead below her.

"What now?"

"We bury them, and take these poor innocent children somewhere safe..."

Later that night...

Rachel and Kinski watched from the bushes as the front door to the orphanage opened and two social workers stepped outside. Parker was sitting on the steps, next to her newborn baby brother who was wrapped up in one of Rache's shawls. They were too far away to hear them, but Rachel knew these humans could be trusted. Both creatures watched as the children were picked up and hurried inside. She knew they would most likely be taken to the hospital, and even an investigation. Most likely it would be traced back to Lori if there was indeed a murder, but after that a complete dead end. No, these children belonged there, not with them. They were going extinct, and no longer could survive.

"Are you sure?"

Kinski asked. Rachel felt a dull ache in her chest before nodding. Peloquin and Lori were buried in Midian, and she hoped whatever peace they couldn't find in life, they would find in death. The best she could do is keep her promise Lori in protecting her children. Together, they turned and disappeared into the night.

16 years later.

After many years in foster homes, both Parker and her brother stayed together before getting adopted. The couple who took them in were a nice middle aged pair who couldn't have children of their own. The husband a contractor, the wife a painter. They lived in California in a beautiful tract style home the husband had helped build. They adopted Parker and her brother when Parker was five. The social workers wanting to keep them together were thrilled to hear they wanted to adopt both of them. There was an investigation, but in the end they never traced them back to Lori with her fake name. Back at the loft the police believed Lori, or whoever she was had murdered her neighbor and disappeared. Everyone who knew her, including her co-workers at the club all admitted they never really knew her. The children were taken home finally by Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Parker's name was changed to Lisa, and her brother Rusty. They were well loved and taken care of, never knowing the truth of who their parents were. Lisa grew into a beautiful young woman with greenish eyes, and light brown hair. Rusty had green eyes, and brownish red. Lisa joined the cheerleading squad, and was currently ready to graduate high school. She planned on going to the state university and study business. Her biggest passion thanks to Mrs. Sterling was her love of making hand crafted jewelry. Unknown to both of them, they were two of the most breathtaking teenagers in the entire area. People were instantly attracted to them, drawn like a magnet so to speak. Both represented their parents, even Peloquin when he was a human, and one of the most handsome and attracted suitors in Crystal Bay Habor all those years ago.

Both were likable, smart, fit, and attractive. Megan was happy go lucky, her smile and sparking eye could light up any room. Boyfriends upon boyfriends lined up to be with her. Rusty was mysterious, handsome, and driven. He was sixteen, just beginning to drive and loved heavy metal music. He was handsome with his thin face, and likable attitude. Both filled their home with noise and energy. This warm spring morning, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling were in the city visiting friends. Lisa, who was two weeks away from prom was sitting on the deck in her bathing suit, flipping through a fashion magazine trying to get ideas for her hair. Rusty was currently laying beside the pool tanning, hands behind his head. Both wouldn't say it, but for the last few days they had shared the same dream. A strange mysterious dream of creatures and monsters running through a field towards the gates to a cemetery. They knew they were adopted, and only that they were brought to the orphanage when Rusty was just a newborn, no information was known about their birth parents. Both adored The Sterlings, and were beyond grateful they had been taken in by such a wonderful, and well loved family. But both possessed a power, more powerful than anyone could have ever guessed. A powerful that had been mistakenly foretold to be Boone's. A power that laid dormant within both of them. The power of the night breed. As both sunbathed, a pulsing power lingered between the two of them. One that was pulsing, ready to be awaken. A power that surged within their bloodlines, ready to explode. But until then, both were just two carefree teenagers, having no idea whatsoever that one day the power would explode, and both would claim their birth right.

Until then, they laid beneath the sun, basking in it as they would someday in the moonlight.