AN: This will contain slash, Ocs, Au (that kinda obvious though with it being a crossover), femslash, bashing, OOC in some people opinions , and harem. Just thought I should probably warn people of that. On that note I don't know if this will even have smut in it but I have decided that if there is smut it will not be on here but on another account of mine. For those of you who dislike that kind of stuff then I suggest you stop reading. That is all FANactic Writer out :3

A small black and red blur ran through the forest as fast as it could go. Bright jade green eyes wide with terror and pain as it tried to run away from it pursuers. The blur stopped, revealing it to be a small ebony black fox kit with five tails and crimson red flames around its ankles and a peculiar white lightning bolt shape marking upon its forehead. To any non-magical person, this creature would look like a mutated fox kit, to any magical person though; this creature would be a Hell fox kit. However, both would be wrong for this creature was really Harry James Potter, Boy-Who-Just-Wouldn't-Die and runaway pawn of Albus too-many-middle-names Dumbledore, in his animagus form, bleeding heavily from wounds he gained from a group of wizard poachers eager to catch him due to how rare his animagus form was.

'Well it's official fate, hates me.', Harry thought as he began running again when he heard his pursuers giving chase again. 'Why does my life suck? First my parents are murdered, then I had to live with the Dursleys, then it turns out Dumbledore, the ministry, and most of the Weasleys as well as Hermione were just using me and pretending to give a rats ass about my wellbeing, and now THIS!', Harry mentally groaned as he dodged another stunning curse as well as a binding and cutting one.

He needed to get far away from here and somewhere safe before he lost consciousness from blood loss. Already he had black spots in his vision. Problem was: where could he go that was safe? Frantically he tried to think of a place but the only one he could think of was at Haruto Tenjo's home. Haruto was a young boy he crossed paths with when he accidently wandered into the kid's backyard a few weeks back. The kid was odd in the fact that he didn't freak out about him having fire around his ankles or five tails. The kid called him Hisoka (which personally Harry thought was a much cooler name than Harry) and would always play with him when he visited as well as give him food. The problem though was that it was still mostly day time and Haruto's family was having a BBQ right now. Harry so did not want people finding out about him. He was told enough stories about what happens to freaky things (like say a FOX WITH FIVE FREAKING TAILS AND ON FIRE!) by normal people from the Dursleys that, while might be lies, held a bit of truth in them. Another cutting curse that hit his back though took away the last of his resistance to going to Haruto's to escape. With his mind made up Harry used the meager amount of energy he had left and jumped into a shadow, instantly sending him to the nearest shadowed area to Haruto's, leaving behind frustrated poachers. 'Suck on that jackasses!', Harry smugly thought as their sound of frustration reached him.

Harry limped out of a tree's shadow mentally groaning as his senses were assaulted by the smell and sound of a party in full swing. 'Merlin balls it's going to be hell finding Haruto without being seen in this mess!', Harry groaned. Still he had no choice as he, valiantly in his opinion, limped off to find his little friend. He only made it a couple of (painful) inches before he bumped into a pair of legs and promptly lost consciousness from the blood loss. The last thing he remembered before everything faded to black was the legs' owner yelling, "WHAT THE HELL…." and their blue eyes.