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Harry woke up at his least favorite place, a hospital bed. When you have been in a hospital the number of times that Harry had been, you can tell when you're in a hospital, no matter how it looks. Currently, this hospital looked more like a lab than a hospital. The bed was comfortable at least, but the fact remained that this was a hospital and Harry hated them with a passion.

Before Harry could make a break for it, a familiar voice stopped him. "Hisoka you're awake!" Haruto happily cried out as he hugged the breath out of Harry.

"You scared us Hisoka! You've been asleep for the last two days! You nearly died Hisoka!" Haruto cried into Harry's fur. Harry on his part felt guilty for worrying Haruto the way he did, but there was nothing he could do to avoid the situation. Trouble just always found him. It was a fact of life, no, the universe really, that wherever Harry was , trouble was to be found and where there was trouble, someone was bound to die or come really damn close to it, usually Harry. Still, he felt guilty for worrying the kid and tried to comfort him the best he could by rubbing his back with his tails and licking the boy's face.

"Thanks Hisoka." Haruto sniffed as he rubbed his eyes from the last of his tears. "Come on, you're just in time for breakfast! Mihael made Belgium waffles! We could share if you want some too!" Haruto happily cheered as he rushed off to the dining room with Harry sitting on his head.

The rest of the Tenjo/Arclight family were eating breakfast when Haruto joined them….with the previously nearly dead and unconscious mutated fox on his head. The fox didn't look at death's door anymore, in fact it look like it was in complete health, save for the white bandages that had splotches of red on them around its chest. The fox's intelligent, big, bright jade green eyes regarded them with some wariness but no hostility.

"So it seem our little odd patient is awake and well." Smirked Byron as he lifted a hand and pet the little fox's head. The fox stilled at the touch before relaxing and giving an odd purring like sound.

"Is that fox…purring?" Cris asked curiously.

"Wow I didn't know foxes can purr!" Haruto smiled.

"Usually foxes don't make such sounds. In fact they usually make less than pleasant sounds, but they could make a purr like sound. Not quite but close enough I suppose." Byron explained.

"Well what do they eat? I think it may be hungry." Mihael asked.

"They're omnivores. They'd eat anything they found in the wild, even bugs." Faker answered as he sipped his coffee.

"Even chocolate Belgium waffles?" Thomas asked.

"Of course not! Chocolate is bad for them!" Kaito huffed.

"Well foxy here is a goner because he just ate one." Thomas pointed out as they all looked at the fox that just swallowed the last bite of the mentioned waffle it'd taken from Byron's plate.

"Hisoka no!" Haruto cried out in worry. The fox simply cocked its head to the side in confusion.

"Byron why didn't you watch your plate? Now the fox might die just because it ate chocolate!" Faker yelled.

"Oops, I guess." Byron responded as he fed Hisoka another chocolate belgium waffle.

"DAD STOP FEEDING THE FOX CHOCOLATE!" Cris yelled as he tried to reach out and take the waffle away, only for the fox to jump away and growl at him, daring Cris from taking its ,apparently, much beloved treat.

"Hisoka please drop the waffle. We don't want you to get sick again." begged Haruto.

The fox glanced at Haruto before reluctantly dropping its treat and sulking away with drooping ears and tails to a corner.

"I think that fox is pouting." Snickered Thomas.

The fox gave Thomas a small glare before going back to its pouting.

"Oh hush Thomas, stop antagonizing the poor thing. Here, I hope you like some leftover BBQ chicken instead of chocolate, and don't mind Thomas, he's just a butt." Mihael smiled.

The fox gave a bark of a laugh before accepting Mihael's offer of chicken.

"Will Hisoka be okay, dad?" Haruto asked as he watched Hisoka dig into the chicken.

"Yes, but it might have a stomach ache later since it did eat some chocolate. Luckily not enough to be fatal though." sighed Faker.

"Good! So can I keep Hisoka as my pet?" Haruto wondered.

Everyone, even Hisoka, silenced and looked at Haruto in surprise.

"Haruto why do you want Hisoka as your pet?" Kaito questioned, finally breaking the silence.

"Because Hisoka is my friend, and I don't want it to get hurt like it was again!" Haruto sniffed.

"Haruto, how do you know Hisoka won't hurt you?" Faker asked.

The fox in question gave an affronted look at Faker for even suggesting such a thing.

"Hisoka won't ever do that!" Haruto yelled in defense of his friend as Hisoka solemnly nodded in agreement.

"Please dad! Please Kaito! I promise to take care of Hisoka, and it won't cause any trouble!" begged Haruto.

The Arclights and Tenjos looked at each other, having a silent conversation with one another about Haruto keeping Hisoka as his pet, since it would affect everyone, before coming to a decision.

"You promise Hisoka won't hurt you?" queried Cris.

"Yes!" Haruto replied with Hisoka nodding along.

"You promise Hisoka won't cause trouble?" Mihael asked.

"Uh huh!" Haruto responded with Hisoka hesitantly agreeing as well.

"And you promise to take care of Hisoka?" Kaito inquired.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I promise I'll take good care of Hisoka! So can I please keep it?" Haruto asked once again.

"Fine you can keep it, but just so you know we'll be keeping an eye on Hisoka just in case." Faker agreed, with a shake of his head.

"Yay!" cheered both Byron and Haruto as the others smiled or smirked, in Thomas's case.

'Well it seems I'm here to stay. I'm not so sure if that's a good or bad thing. Only time will tell, but at least they seem nice.' Harry thought as he finished his meal.