Camila Stilinski sighed as she woke up from her sleep as she heard her dad calling her and her brother Stiles down for breakfast, "Coming dad!" she called out as she went into her private bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror as she saw her deathly expression and chuckled as she cleanse off her face a little to wake her eyes up as her fingers worked their way up to her hair she pulled it up into a messy bun as she wanted to wash her face before getting in the shower as she was in need of a deep cleanse. As soon as she stripped her clothes off and turning the heat up to where she can stand it, she steps in the shower and sighs as she noticed her razor, looking down at her scarred arms, she breathes out a word "Okay."

She decided to cut once for today and see how it goes as she was self-meditating to cut less, but ever since Scott and Stiles had some secrets that they wouldn't share with her, her trust became shattered as she wanted to know what they were up to and why they were hiding it from her, didn't they trust her? Or didn't they trust the idea of her knowing? All that she knows was that her trust in people was diminishing as the years went by, so the secrets kept building up.

Camila got out of the shower after some thinking and gets ready in jeans, long t-shirt added with a jean jacket to hide her scars as she was afraid that her spastic yet adorable older brother Stiles will say something to their dad. She walked down the stairs and sighs as she put her steel-toed boots on as she grabbed her bag while getting herself something to eat as she looked to her dad "Morning Dad. Morning Spastic" She smirked as Stiles yelped out an offended 'Hey!' "Let's go big brother time's wasting with you eating like a pig." She said as she walked off towards to his jeep and jumps in.