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After flying around and enjoying the breeze of the night for a bit, Timmy made his way back to Tootie's place, happy to see her bright smile from a distance.

That is until he noticed her smile was directed towards the person that happened to be walking with her.

And the fact that the said person was another male human species with neatly styled blonde hair, striking hazel eyes, was tall with an impressive six-pack, had pearly white shining teeth that glimmered in the moonlight, and most importantly, was not named "Timmy Turner", made things worse. He quickly disguised himself into a tree and listened in on their conversation.

"Well hey, Jerry I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by to smooth things over with the animal rescue team. You really didn't have to do that." Tootie smiled.

"It was my pleasure Tootie! They were asking too many questions anyways and totally losing focus at the goal at hand to save those poor helpless creatures. Guess it helps being the coworker of someone who happens to be the nephew of one of the best Zoologists in Dimmsdale huh? Even if his last name is ridiculous…" Jerry replied.

"I don't see anything wrong with Butterfarts." She said innocently.

The two humans missed the snickering from the strange pink colored tree that wasn't far from their location.

"Hey I've been meaning to ask you, how exactly did you manage to get all of those apes contained in your backyard like that? Did you use magic or something?" He joked.

"M-magic? Pff d-don't be ridiculous! I don't know what you're talking about; unless you mean the magical wonders of the internet! I mean they don't call it 'Amaze-on' for nothing ya know? Heheh" Tootie laughed nervously.

"Smooth Toots. Real smooth." Timmy thought with a smirk on his face…er, tree trunk.

Jerry stared at her for a while then chuckled. "If you say so. Well, while we're on the subject of you thanking me, how about you join me for breakfast tomorrow before we head off to work? My treat?'

"Oh that's very nice of you to offer Jerry, but I don't think I can. I've got to be at work early to finish a report I'm working on for the professor." Tootie replied.

"Well at least let me pick you up in the morning then. We could work on the report and complain about being chained to the office desk together!" He gave a charming smile at Tootie which made her smile back uncomfortably.

"Again, that's nice of you to offer, but I'll be fine getting to work thanks."

"Oh come on. How do you plan to get there? Magically poof into your office?"

"Yeah Smarta** that's exactly how she'll get there. Now back the he** off! Can't you take no for an answer?!" Timmy thought indignantly, clenching his teeth.

"I have a friend of mine who offered to drop me off first, so-"Tootie explained.

"Oh I understand. Rain check then?" Jerry continued to smile with understanding.

"Uh sure?" She answered back, smiling with uncertainty since she did not want to come off as rude.

"Great! Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night." Jerry winked.

Tootie just waved back, watching him leave. As the handsome man passed by the strange colored tree, he stopped to admire it with a look of confusion.

"A pink colored tree? Strange. I didn't know cherry blossom trees grew in Dimmsdale; much less in the suburbs...OW!"

His rambling was cut off by a bunch of coconuts falling on his head, knocking him to the ground.

"Wow maybe it's a tropical cherry blossom tree…Oof!" He concluded in a daze, until about 5 more hit him again knocking him out completely.

After seeing these events take place, Tootie was about to rush over to check on him, until a high-pitched voice stopped her.

"Hey Tootie!" Timmy greeted her.

"Timmy!" Tootie hugged the little fairy with excitement, until she realized he was in his fairy form. She then frantically grabbed his hand and ran behind a bush where they would be out of site.

"Timmy Turner, what the heck were you thinking being out in the open like that?! You need to be more careful! You don't want to be exposed and then make me lose you forever do you?!" She glared at him, her tone full of worry.

Timmy tried to hold his chuckles in. but failed as he let out a soft then hearty laugh.

"And just what is so funny about that Timmy Turner!" She put her hands to her hips, insulted.

"I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you or anything. It's just ironic that you're saying all of this now when I remember a time when we were younger where you were doing the exact opposite." Timmy explained, calming down.

"What do you mean?" Tootie asked with confusion.

"Well, there was this time when you were having a birthday party and you kept sending me all types of invites, but I kept rejecting them-"

"Oh yeah…I remember that! You had fun with Chester and A.J. and completely ignored me!" Tootie recalled angrily.

"Well…That's not entirely true…Ok, so maybe it was. BUT I tried to make up for it! How else do you think you were able to get a pony with a diamond saddle, a fairy princess themed city birthday party, and a huge cake with real butter cream icing made from scratch? I lent you Cosmo and Wanda to make up for my guilt and actions."

"Wow I had all of that?! I can't even remember! All I remembered was you giving me the best gift I could have ever gotten." She replied.

"Huh? I did? What was that exactly? I don't remember buying you any presents?" Timmy said honestly.

"You…said you were my boyfriend and kissed me on the cheek…That made me so happy, I couldn't have wished for anything more to make my birthday perfect." She smiled at him softly.

Timmy blushed a bright red. "Oh…well I-I uh"

"Hey, wait just a minute! Are you telling me that you did all of that just to appease your guilty conscious?!" She asked, her eyes narrowing behind her purple fitted eye frames.

"UH-well-I-I mean at the time…Okay maybe…Fine. Yes. BUT I really was sorry and tried to make it up to you! Promise!" He exclaimed uncomfortably, guilt working its magic on him full force.

"You're such a jerk you know that!" She glared, but then softened. "But, I guess I forgive you anyways. I mean it was a long time ago, and the fact that you lent me your fairies says a lot. But I don't get it, why can't I remember meeting Cosmo and Wanda back then?"

"Well that's kind of the point I was trying to make this whole time. While they were your temporary fairies, Wanda was trying to tell you about the rules of not exposing them, but you were so excited about the wishes and wanted to show them off that she never got the chance, and the whole night turned into a series of events with me trying to keep them secret before you'd make me lose them forever! And Crocker did NOT help the situation at all! In the end, I arranged a time frame for how long you could have them, and have been trying to keep you occupied, and them secret until that time finally came." Timmy replied in exasperation.

"Oh my-wow really? I had no idea!" Tootie responded with remorse. "I must have put you through a lot of trouble…Was I really that impulsive and hyper as a kid?"

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA!" He thought, contemplating on screaming it out, but then thought against it and instead, just shrugged innocently.

"Well, it's a real shame. I bet I really enjoyed their company back then. They are really great people, er magical beings, and so much fun to be around! I bet you guys had all types of adventures huh?"

"You have no idea…They can be crazy, but I love them to death. They're my family." Timmy smiled.

"I'm sure. I know I only got to know them, Poof, and Sparky for a short while, but with all the adventures we did have together, it was really...amazing. I never felt more complete than when I was with you all. It was like we were all one big crazy, but magical family. I…I really miss them." Tootie smiled back, reflecting on the memories of her time with Timmy and his fairies.

Timmy thought back to what his godmother said a while back.

"It gives us the chance to be a family again! An extended family!"

"Yeah…They really miss you too…We all do…" He replied softly.

"Ugh, listen to me rambling. I bet I sound like one of those movies that make you either want to go 'aww' or throw something, huh?" She chuckled.

"I'd be lying if I said you didn't." He smiled with a light shrug.

"Oh! You never told me how your visit went!" She mentioned eagerly.

"Oh. It was good! They're just the same as always. Poof is doing well with Sparky, Cosmo is still…Cosmo, and Wanda's holding it all together like she usually does. Oh! And turns out Marty and Mitzie are doing great too! There was some type of recession and bad financial choice that caused their family to come together; so the gang is just hanging out until they get reassigned again."

"That's wonderful! It's great to hear that things worked out!" Tootie exclaimed.

"Yeah…By the way, I saw you talking to some guy earlier..." Timmy started.

"Oh! You mean Jerry? He's a fellow coworker form my job that just happened to have the right connections to help me settle things with the animal rescue team! He even made sure that he would see to it that the apes get the best medical treatment and will be released back into their habitat! Wasn't that nice? Now those poor creatures can be free and happy, and makeup can be saved!" She explained with excitement.

"Yeah…Great. So…he's just a friend form work?" He tried again.

"Yep, just a friend from work!" She replied innocently, oblivious to Timmy's concern.

"Well he sure doesn't seem to think that…" He thought, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Well, we better get going. I have to get up early for work tomorrow. "Tootie said.

"Ok then, shall I poof up your favorite breakfast pastry when I take you to work tomorrow?" Timmy asked.

"Aww…You don't have to Timmy. I mean you already do so much for me…" She replied sheepishly.

"Great! So I'll take that as a yes then! Well off to bed with you. I'll be up trying to work on giving myself gills if you need me." He responded.

"You're too much Timmy Turner…How did I ever get so lucky?" She softly put a hand to his cheek while gazing into his bright blue eyes for a moment, then finally walked off.

"I'm the lucky one Tootie. It just took me a while to realize it…But now that I have…I don't ever want to let you go…" He mumbled to himself, and flew into the house.

"And I hope I'll never have to…"

The next morning, Timmy woke up abruptly to his tiny alarm clock and glared at it for a while, since he didn't get much sleep due to staying up all night with his failed attempts of giving himself gills; so he settled for sleeping at the foot of Tootie's bed, not complaining in the slightest.

"Tootie are you ready yet? You don't want to be late!" Timmy called out, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Be out in a minute!" She replied from her bathroom. She came out of the bathroom, buttoning up her white lab coat. "Okay, ready to go!"

Timmy floated, just staring at her in awe.

"What is it Timmy? Is there something on my face?" Tootie asked.

"Yeah! Are those new glasses?" Timmy asked, pointing at her new pink frames.

"Oh, you noticed!" She giggled. "Yes they are! My optometrist gave me new prescription frames, since my contacts haven't come in yet. They didn't have any of the regular colored frames I always get, so he suggested these. Does it…look okay?"

"They're stunning Tootie…Just like you…" Timmy replied in admiration, forgetting to mentally add the last part, which made him blush.

"Oh you're so sweet!" Tootie pecked his forehead. "Well we better get going! You don't want to be late for Jorgen's next training session!"

"Ugh…Don't remind me…" Timmy groaned.

Once Timmy poofed Tootie to work, he went off into Fairy World. It seemed like everything was normal in each other's separate lifestyle, as they went about their day.

That is until lunch time came around.

Tootie clocked out for lunch, ready to enjoy some peace and quiet, until she heard a voice call out her name.

"Hey Tootie! Are you doing anything for lunch?" Jerry called out.

"Nothing special really, why?" She replied.

"How about we have lunch together? I know a great spot with awesome food and isn't too far from here. It'll be my treat! What do you say?" He offered.

"Well…it sounds nice, but I don't know…"

"Aw come on, it will be fun! After all, you owe me remember?" He smiled charmingly.

"Well, okay. Sounds fun! Why not?" She smiled.

The two of them walked and talked all the way to the restaurant, enjoying each other's company and enlightening conversations about animals, how to make a difference in the world, and other things they had in common until lunch time was nearing to an end.

"Wow, look at the time! Hey, thanks so much for inviting me Jerry, it was fun!" Tootie smiled and got up, until Jerry stopped her, by taking her hand.

"Tootie…I was wondering…Well, I mean…I have to tell you something…" He stuttered, blushing slightly.

"Yes?" She blinked.

"Well…Man this is hard." He cleared his throat, still holding her hand. "It's just…Ever since you started working for my uncle, I-I've noticed you. Your work is not only amazing, but the way you care about things and direct so much passion to making sure others are happy is just so admirable…I've never met anyone like you, and I guess you can say, I like you…a lot. So, I was wondering maybe if you would like to go out to dinner with me tonight….And maybe more?"

"Jerry…" She started.

"Or maybe if not tonight then, tomorrow? Or next week? I mean whatever works for you, works for me!" He smiled nervously.

"Jerry…Listen, I'm flattered…Really I am, but I-I don't think I can…" Tootie replied softly.

He frowned. "Why not? We work so well together! I mean…unless, there's someone else?"

She nodded softly.

"I see…It wouldn't happen to be that one guy in pink that helped you deliver the dolphin serum and likes wearing lip balm all the time would it?" he asked.

She nodded softly once more. "His name is Timmy Turner…We've known each other since we were kids, and I've kind of been crazy for him since then…He's something else though." She chuckled nervously.

"I see. Well if you don't mind me asking. Does he feel the same?"

"Well…Yes of course!" Tootie replied, trying to sound convincing.

"And he's been crazy about you since then as well?" He questioned.

"She's creepy!"

"I'm NOT your boyfriend!"



"It's just…You wouldn't understand…"

"I take it back…You understand completely…"


"Well…Maybe not ever since then like I was for him, but he came around…eventually." Tootie concluded, coming out of her train of memories.

"Oh, well…Where is he now?" He challenged.

"W-what do you mean?" She asked.

"Well, not to sound forward or anything but it's been quite some time since I've seen him around. In fact, you've been pretty much by yourself since you came back from Hawaii, making me think that maybe you weren't taken. Why isn't he here with you? I mean I should hope that he makes time for you?"

"He's just been busy that's all! He…works really hard and he does what he can!" She snapped.

"Whoa, calm down there Toots, didn't mean to imply anything."

She slightly growled at his use of her nickname, since it was Timmy that always called her that.

He cringed, but continued. "I'm just asking all of this to make sure you're in capable hands. See, I care about you a lot, and I would hate to see you get hurt. You mentioned that you've been through some tough times as a kid, and even though you cared about this guy, where was he then? If he wasn't there for you much then, how do you know he'll be there for you now? You deserve someone that will not only give you the time of day, but will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I can only hope that he fulfills that role and that he comes back soon. Because if I were him, I wouldn't let someone as special as you out of my sight…"

Tootie sat in silence, taking in every word.

"Well then, guess we better get back to work." He let go of her hand and started to walk off, but then looked over his shoulder.

"Oh and Tootie? One more thing…If there was ever a chance that he lets you down or isn't willing to give what you need, I'm always available…There are other men out there that will care and give you what you deserve. Count on it." He walked away, leaving her at the table in her frozen state.

Later on, Tootie got a message from Timmy saying that he was going to be late, and to go on home without him. Once Tootie got home she was having quite a mental battle as she paced back and forth in the living room.

"Ugh! Pull yourself together Tootie! Ever since Jerry was spouting all that nonsense about Timmy you've been a total wreck!" She berated herself.

"But…but what if what he said was true?"

"No way! There's just no way!" She argued.

"But he made some pretty valid points. You can't deny it…"

"It's all a bunch of bull! Timmy cares about me just fine!"

"Right. Cause putting out over 50 restraining orders against you, soaking you with water balloons, ignoring, screaming, and hiding from you, giving you the party of your life to soothe his guilty conscious, and let's not forget regurgitating at the very mention of you and him together like he did at Squirrel Scout camp, really says that you're the woman of my life…"

"We were 10! He was self-centered and shallow, I was obsessive and headstrong! We were idiots! Times changed! Besides, he's had his moments of caring! Like when he gave me his Crimson Chin doll, or when he wouldn't let Francis hurt me, or when he let me be his valentine! And despite trying to appease his guilt, he lent me his fairies of all things! He could have just sent a card to say 'Sorry, happy birthday. Here's a gift card for Cake N' Bacon', but no! He gives me something precious that he could have lost and it would have been all my fault! Lots of things were my fault back then…The fact that he likes me now says a lot…"

"Good point, but one thing still gets me…"

"W-what?!" Tootie asked, feeling stupid that she was actually arguing with herself.

"If he really loves you…then why isn't he willing to be with you?"

"He is willing! He's with me all the time! He even made sure it would be so!"

"As a fairy? Get real! You're not 10 anymore! You don't need him to be your fairy! You need him to be your man! You have needs! And you can't seriously expect them to be fulfilled with the wave of a fairy wand! If he really loved you like you're saying, shouldn't he be finding a way to turn himself human again? Surely there's a reason why he hasn't! And you know what it is; and you know you can't blame him. Those fairies are his family. Why would he leave them for the likes of you? He wouldn't. But you can't go on like this. Maybe…Jerry's right. Maybe you should find someone more worthwh-"


After catching her breath from shouting at herself, she blinked, then wiped her tears away.

"Man…I'm going insane..." She sighed, but then tried to smile. "Well, at least there's nothing else that could possibly happen to make me feel any worse!"

All of sudden, the doorbell rang. When Tootie went to answer it, she saw a beautiful woman with long, blonde hair, sparkling light green eyes, and a cute pink bow pinned behind her bangs. She wore a long blue-jeaned dress, tied with a pink belt in the middle.

"Um, hello there." Tootie greeted. "Can I help you?"

"Hi! I'm sorry to trouble you like this…My name is Missy and I was wondering if, well, phew this is embarrassing…Umm, I'm sorry if this is so out of the blue since we don't even know each other, but I was just wondering if you knew a Timmy Turner by any chance. He lives here in Dimmsdale and-"

"Yes…I know him. Who are you exactly?" Tootie asked with suspicion.

"Phew! Good. Maybe this won't be as awkward as I thought then. Well you see, like I said, my name is Missy, and Timmy and I go way back to elementary school. At least, that's where I met him. We sat near each other in the classroom and admired each other from afar. He would act really strange sometimes, but turns out it was only because he liked me. I really liked him too back then; a lot. But for some reason, we grew apart; as in, he never passed the 5th grade like everyone else, grew apart. I hadn't the strangest idea why though. Even though I grew up, I never forgot about him, and it doesn't look like my feelings have gone away either. So, I was kind of hoping to see if you knew where I could find him? I asked some of his friends and they said you would know since you used to stalk him all the time or something like that, I think they said…" Missy explained.

"Oh…is that right?" Tootie asked through clenched teeth, silently seething.

"I'm sorry this is so weird. I bet I sound like one of those movies that make you either want to go 'aww' or throw something, huh?" Missy giggled sheepishly.

"Mhmm." Tootie mumbled, teeth still clenched.

"Oh I hope he's not too far away! I heard he had an awfully huge crush on a Trixie Tang back in the day, but I heard she moved away and became a huge sensation somewhere else. I also heard that her friend Veronica had a thing for him too! But she's kind of creepy! There's no way that he would like someone or anyone for that matter that is so obsessed with him like that right?"

Tootie kept her mouth shut and tried to take deep breaths to calm down.

"Well, I hope he's still available. I'm sorry I took up all of your time. I guess my point is just, if you see him around, please let him know I'm in town! I'd love to see him again and maybe get reacquainted. Here's my card." Missy gave her card to Tootie, who took it without a word.

"Thanks again! Have a nice day!" Missy smiled and then walked off.

Tootie could barely remember shutting the door after that.

"Aaand…now I feel much worse…" She thought.

Later on as she sulked on the couch, she heard a 'poof' sound followed by heavy breathing and groaning. When she looked up, she saw a battered, scarred, and bleeding Timmy Turner as he floated in front of her with a painful smile.

"Hey Tootie! I-whoa…" He paused looking at her, while she did the same to him, gasping.

"What happened to you?!" they cried in unison, then burst out laughing.

"Well apparently Jorgen put out a new training session that involved a dangerous industrial park full of broken wand shards, blades, and toxic waste pools, followed by a valley full of landmines and a steep waterfall with jagged rocks at the bottom…Oh, and the water contained a bunch of vicious fairy-eating magical sharks…" He deadpanned.

"And that teaches you to be a better fairy how exactly?" Tootie blinked.

"Good question. According to him, he said that the objective of the obstacle course was to learn the importance of responsibility by not losing your wand. By doing so, there are severe consequences, so a fairy must do whatever it takes to keep their wand on them."

"So was the purpose to find the wand if you lost it?" Tootie raised an eyebrow.

"No. The purpose was to get a taste of facing the consequences…" he deadpanned once more.

"Oh…So is that why you look like you're about to pass out anytime from severe blood loss?" She asked cringing at his appearance.

"Pretty much." He shrugged, then poofed his injuries away. "But I'm okay. Now, your turn. What's wrong? You looked like someone died or that you lost something or someone important to you when I came in." He said with concern.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about. I'm fine…" She replied softly, looking down.

"Tootie. I know when you're lying…" He warned.

"You know nothing Turner! I'm fine!" She snapped.

"Ok, now you're getting defensive which confirms that you're lying and I know something must be wrong…" He crossed his arms.

"Darn him for knowing me so well! Well, I can't lie…Think Tootie!" She scrambled through her thoughts, trying to find an excuse, but knew he wouldn't be fooled, so she settled on a truth. (Keyword: a truth, not the truth.)

"Fine…I'm sorry. It's just-I guess it's my job…" She admitted.

"Your job? What's going on? Is everything ok?" He asked with concern.

"I guess. I don't know, I guess I'm suffering from burnout…I'm kind of wishing I could do, or be more than what I am right now I guess…" She shrugged.

"Filing exciting animal reports, and fetching coffee for professor Butter-flatulence is wearing and tearing on you huh?" He sympathized.

"Timmy! It's Professor Butterfarts silly!" She giggled and gave him a playful shove. "But yeah. Guess, that's the gist of it…"

"Well if you believe you can do better, then why don't you? I mean it's obvious you're bored being chained to a desk and a lab table, you want to be part of the action in actively helping the creatures don't you?"

"Well…Yes, I do!" Tootie smiled, amazed that he knew her so well. "But…I don't know if I'm capable…"

"Don't know if you're capable?! Wh-"Timmy's exclamation was cut short, by his wand ringing.

"Uh guys? Not a good time I-"

"TIMMY! WE NEED YOUR HELP!" Cosmo and Wanda cried in unison, Poof crying in the background, and Sparky howling in distress.

"Guys?! What's wrong?! What's going on?!" Timmy and Tootie gathered closer to the wand.

"It's Sparky! Something's terribly wrong with him, but we can't make out what it is! He's too much in pain to speak!" Wanda cried.

"Yeah! He just keeps yelling, 'Oh the pain! The agony! Make it stop! I'm going to die!' over and over kind of like I always do when Wanda forces me to watch chick flicks with her at night!" Cosmo added.

"Did he step on something sharp? Did he get into some type of trouble? Did he eat anything poisonous?!" Timmy tried.

"No, not that we know of! Poof fed him a chocolate bar form some girl scout-leprechauns that stopped by earlier. Other than that, he seemed just fine." Wanda explained with worry.

"Oh…well then I don't kn-"Timmy

"Wanda. How much chocolate did Sparky eat and what kind? Sweet, semi-sweet, or bitter?" Tootie barged in on the conversation, completely serious.

"Uh I think, about uh, it looks like according to the wrapper, 8 milligrams, and it was semi-sweet." She replied.

"Okay. There's hope then. Can you get him to a vet?" Tootie asked in the same tone.

"We want to, but Dr. Rip Studwell's, cousin is the only veterinarian in Fairy world, and he's out of town!" Wanda explained.

"Kind of weird how we magical fairies are unlimited in making magic happen, except the magic of finding the right physician for our needs without insurance! Curse you Magical healthcare-reform act!" Cosmo cried.

Tootie cursed silently, then searched her thoughts.

"Okay. Do you guys have any hydrogen peroxide handy?" She pressed.

"Sure we do, but what does tha-"Wanda asked, only to be cut off by Tootie.

"Give Sparky about one teaspoon; 3% at most. Take him to a place where he'll be able to throw up. Watch him for the next 15-20 minutes until he does to which at that point, give him some water for dehydration and take him immediately to the vet when you get the chance; as soon as possible. "She ordered.

"Well alright if you say s-"Wanda started to say.

"Done!" Cosmo exclaimed. "Did everything you asked Tootie right down to the letter T!" Cosmo replied with a smile.

"Cosmo! You actually understood and followed directions?! Correctly?!" Wanda gasped, fearing that it was the end of days…

"Well duh! I'm a complete, and total Idiot Wanda, not slow!" He smirked.

"But your attention span is that of a rodent!"

"Yeah! But Tootie barked out the orders so fast, my rodent competency skills was able to keep up!" He smiled.

Wanda didn't know whether to kiss him silly, schedule a doctor's appointment for her husband's suddenly intelligent position, or report him to the authorities for a possible suspicion that he could be from another planet.

She decided on the first option.

"Wow! What was that for?" Cosmo asked in a daze from the kiss.

"Just savoring the moment." Wanda replied in admiration.

"TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!" Cosmo suddenly should, while doing a weird dance.

"And there goes the moment…" Wanda deadpanned.

All of a sudden, violent sounds of regurgitation were heard in the background and continued for a little while. Finally, it stopped and a panting Sparky was able to speak again.

"Phew! That. Was. AWFUL! I thought I was going to go to the big dog house in the sky! Well, technically, we're already in the sky…Well wherever is higher than the sky then!" He panted, and exclaimed weakly.

"Poof! Poof, poof! Poof!" A relieved and excited Poof exclaimed, laughing as he hugged the dog.

"It worked! He's okay!" Wanda cheered.

"Thank goodness." Tootie breathed, relieved. Timmy just stared on in awe over everything that happened.

"Oh, hold on. Poof wants to speak to you Tootie!" Wanda said, letting Poof's image reflect in the wand.

"Poof Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!" he said.

"Hi Poof! Aww, you're welcome. But hey, are you alright? I know that must have been pretty scary huh?"Tootie spoke gently.

"Poof, poof…" Poof nodded, with a sniff.

"Aww there, there. You didn't know that chocolate would hurt him. The truth is, chocolate is very bad for dogs. It's like a poison that can make them very, very sick. He needed to throw up so he can get that bad poison out of his tummy. It's important to feed your pets just what they need, and not what we think would be good, because it taste good to us. Just remember that next time okay? He should be fine now. Just be sure to let the vet check him and everything should be okay. Alrighty?" Tootie smiled.

"Poof! Poof!" He nodded and gave her bright smile, blowing a kiss at her.

She giggled and pretended to catch it. "You're welcome. I miss you too. All of you. Be a good boy okay?"

"Poof poof!" He saluted then Wanda's image reflected once more.

"Thank you so much for your help!" Wanda said gratefully.

"Yeah! Thanks Tootie! You're a real lifesaver! I always did tell Timmy you were a keeper out of all of them!" Sparky called out from the background.

"My pleasure Wanda. Take care now!" Tootie waved.

"BYE TOOTIE! BYE TIMMY!" The fairies waved back and then ended the call.

"Timmy? Are you alright? You haven't said anything…Is something wrong?" Tootie asked with concern.

"You…You're amazing you know that?" Timmy replied softly in awe.

"Oh that was just a little home remedy I remembered…" Tootie waved it off.

"You ever think of becoming a vet?" Timmy asked with consideration.

"M-me?! A Veterinarian?! Well…I-I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about it…" Tootie replied feeling shy all of a sudden.

"Then that settles it! You should quit your butt named boss job and work towards being a vet; like you want to be!" he proclaimed.

"Timmy…I-I don't know…You have to be smart to be a doctor…"

"You are smart." He scoffed. "I mean, what kind of eight year old tells Santa to give a chemistry set for Christmas, or can successfully wiretap a phone to track down a crush?"

She blushed sheepishly.

"Look. You have a passion for helping animals, making a difference in the world, and making people happy. You should make your own self happy, and go for what you want already!" Timmy demanded.

"I-I guess…You're right." She nodded, deep in thought.

"Hey, I never got to ask, but I've always wondered; how did you become so into animals and start acting so selflessly? I mean, no offense, but your priorities when we were little were not exactly other-centered…Besides me…" Timmy asked with curiosity.

"None taken…You're right. But it was only because I admired you so much. You not only noticed and stood up for me on occasion, but you were the only kid brave enough to stand up to my sister. Well, I guess to answer your question, the truth is, I've always been into animals. They were the ones to get me through some pretty hard times. As you probably know, living with Vicky was never a life full of sunshine and roses; quite the opposite. People would never want to be my friend because of it; that and they found me creepy and overbearing. My social skills were never the best, but for some reason, I was able to express myself to animals. It would seem like they were the only ones that would listen; like Vicky's dog, Doidle. He was evil, but when he wasn't being Icky Vicky' patsy, even he would be willing to listen to me…Even if it was taking joy in my sorrowful moments." She chuckled.

"I would always be alone…No one wanted to be around me. At school, I'd hang out on the playground behind a tree, or be sitting at a table by myself, watching and talking to the squirrels. One day, as you probably know, I moved away. The reason for that was because my parents felt bad for not giving me enough attention, but feared Vicky all the more. So, they figured they could at least preserve what was so called my life, by sending me away to some relatives out of Dimmsdale who were safe from Vick's rule of terror. I spent the rest of my childhood there, but things didn't get any better. Well, they got a little better since my relatives were nice enough to send me to the best optometrist and dentist in the town and bought me nice clothes; but I was still miserable from having to leave Dimmsdale, and my social skills never improved. There were a lot of animals to play with though since they owned a farm! I spent my time there mostly. One day, when I was about 16, I saw a bunch of dogs at a hospital I was volunteering at, and found out it was for therapy." She smiled at the memory.

"When I checked into it and volunteered, I absolutely loved it. I think it was the best years of my life! I would not only get to care for the animals, but I would observe and see how the animals used their natural skills to care for those who really needed it. Just seeing the smile from the children in the hospital despite their conditions, really opened my eyes…I mean, I thought I had it bad, but here were kids who have been in traumatic accidents, had cancer, were abused in multiple ways, and even were dying! Yet, they still found happiness in the simplest of life's pleasures, like a dog's wagging tail, or a purring cat. That's when I understood. That's when I realized that the world didn't just evolve around me and my problems…There was a whole world full of sorrow and pain that although can't always be fixed or be perfect, could be helped if people were willing. I promised myself, from that day forth, that I would dedicate my life to making a difference; starting with the creatures that helped me through my toughest times. I studied hard in school, and became top in the class, and the next thing I knew, I was noticeable! I made friends, engaged in activities, and had a life! I even got to travel around the world!

"But in the end, when it came down to it, my home was always here…" Tootie finished looking into Timmy's cerulean orbs.

"Wow…Tootie…I had no idea…" Timmy stared back in wonder.

"Yeah. Weird huh? Bet you wish you got to know me better, instead of being such a self-centered jerk huh?" She joked.

"Yeah. It does…" he replied honestly. "But to be fair, bet you wish you weren't such a hyperactive stalker." He quipped back.

"Touché'" She giggled. "Maybe we should just agree that we were both idiots back then?" She offered, not tearing away from his gaze.

"Agreed. We were back then. But we're here now aren't we? And in the end, that's all that matters…" He said softly.

"We are…and you're right…it does..." She replied quietly.

Tension was rising between woman and fairy. Both parties had yet to look away from each other's piercing gaze, as if in a trance until Timmy started to come closer, Tootie following suit. They came closer…

And closer…

And closer, until they could feel each other's warm breath on their faces.

Finally, Timmy closed the gap between them first by softly brushing his lips against hers. To say that the feeling was magical would be an ironic, yet annoying understatement as he pulled away slightly, and sighed at the feeling, only to delve back into her lips even deeper than before. Tootie kissed him back with just as much passion; holding back a moan at how wonderful it felt to kiss him again after so long. She came to her senses, however, once she felt a sensation on her lips that made her entire body tingle with desire: his tounge on her lower lip, gently pleading for access. Her eyes widened in horror and she abruptly ended the kiss.

"I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean-I-I mean I shouldn't…I-I can't!" She stuttered and ran off, sobbing silently into her hands.

The pink hatted, buck toothed fairy just watched her go, without a word.