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Wanda had always been known as the strongest and smartest one of the bunch. Her resolve was always based on keeping her cool, even when all of her boys would drive her to the brink of insanity. But when one of them was in trouble, she'd waste no time in springing into action; always having a brilliant plan to fix their messes. But when it came to this particular situation with her former godson, she was stumped. Even worse, as she heard his sobbing continue from the other room, she felt utterly helpless.

And it broke her heart.

"Is he still crying?" Cosmo asked softly.

Wanda only nodded, sniffing slightly since the situation took a toll on her emotions. She tried to be strong once more however, and floated into the back bedroom where her former godson wept.

"Timmy? Sweetie?" She tried softly. He did not look up, but instead clutched the pillow tighter to his face to conceal his bitter sobs.

Wanda sighed sadly, but before she could try to console him once more, Cosmo poofed in the room.

"Aww come on Timmy! Don't be so down! I know what'll make ya' feel better! Ice cream! It's the one food source that you can depend on to help mend a broken heart! Mainly because of the creamy deliciousness!" Cosmo smiled brightly as he poofed up a huge ladle spoon of ice cream and shoved it into Timmy's mouth without delay, not being aware that he was starting to turn blue after having multiple scoops forced down his esophagus as he continued. "Well, then again it's either that or it's because the pain of the brain freezes usually helps distract you from the pain of your misery…"

Timmy coughed violently from nearly choking on the ice cream as he swallowed the scoops, but before he could shout at Cosmo, he paused, yelped, and grabbed his head in agony. "AH! MAJOR BRAIN FREEZE! TOO…PAINFUL!" He then passed out from the pressure.

"Yay! It worked!" Cosmo cheered. "And there's more where that came from!" He exclaimed brightly as he poofed up a gigantic ice cream semi-truck, struggling to hold the weight of it on his shoulders as he held it up.

"COSMO! CUT IT OUT RIGHT NOW!" Wanda roared from behind him, making him lose his balance. He yelped painfully as the heavy loaded truck landed on top of him.

"Oh no! Cosmo!" Wanda cried with concern.

Cosmo's bruised head popped out of the rubble as he smiled despite his broken tooth and black eye. "N-no worries Wanda I'm oka-"

"-YOU MORON! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY NEW HARD WOOD FLOORS! I JUST GOT IT WAXED!" She finished in an outrage as she watched the shine of her polished floors wither and dull from the sticky and gooey ice cream that now covered it everywhere.

Cosmo flinched and panicked as he tried to recover. "A-and such work will not go in vain! Since I'm going to clean it! Pronto!" He raised his wand, but floated near Poof who started to eat the sticky ice cream with his fingers. "Help me out here Poof!" He whispered into his ear. Poof rolled his eyes in response, but raised his rattle wand along with his dad.

Suddenly, the ice cream spill was gone leaving the room spotless once more and the floors shined with a newly polished glow.

"See good as new!" Cosmo tried to smile under his wife's still fiery glare.

"You. Are. Such. An. IDIOT!" Wanda shouted, but then smiled as she grabbed her husband in a tight embrace. "But I love you anyways!"

Cosmo winced from the hug since his body was still broken and sore from the impact of the truck. "And I can't feel my face when I'm with you!"

His wife glared.

"But I love it!" He exclaimed quickly, hugged her back, and kissed her on the cheek, making her smile once more.

"Well I'm off to the emergency room now! If I don't make it back before dinner it's probably because I've either passed out from waiting in the waiting room too long, passed out from the hospital food, or because of the hospital bill once I see how much it's going to cost me! So don't wait up!" He exclaimed brightly once more as Poof pushed him to the door in a wheelchair, as they waved goodbye to Wanda.

Once they were gone. Wanda sighed as she shook her head with a smile and floated to Timmy who was now sitting on the bed holding his head.

"Sorry about that Sport. He was only trying to help, but you know how Cosmo is. Are you alright?" She asked with concern.

"How do you do it?" Timmy mumbled seriously.

"Hmm? How do I do what?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Deal with him…Like-I don't know…How do you…tolerate being with him?"

"I don't deal with it. I want to be with him! He's my husband and I love him." Wanda retorted.

"I know all that." Timmy softened not wanting to offend her. "But, I mean, is it what you've always wanted from the very start? You've never had the thought crossing your mind of what if things were different in your life?"

"Well of course I have! I mean don't get me wrong. I love my husband dearly, but let's be honest here. He's an idiot! There was a time in my life where I would have never even considered the thought of him. Heck, there was a time when I had more chances of being more successful than my unfortunately more popular than me twin sister!"

Timmy blinked at her as she led him into a trophy room. He saw an entire shelf littered with glimmering trophies all in Wanda's name.

"Back in high school and even before then, I guess you could call me an overachiever. I excelled in almost everything I put my mind to, or whatever Big Daddy paid for me to get into; whether it was cheerleading, being on the high school year book committee, or leader of the debate team, I was top of my class and voted the most likely to succeed. And yes, I was happy even though I was still second to my sister and thought that I wouldn't trade my life for anything…But I still felt like I was missing something. I felt a void even when I was dating Juandissimo. Then, there was Cosmo…He turned my life upside down. At first, I didn't give him much thought, but he was kind of hard to forget…" Wanda deadpanned as she remembered a time when Cosmo accidently set her hair on fire from a failed science experiment. "And yeah, he drove me crazy, but as time went on, I fell in love with him. And throughout that course of time, I realized that, that void I felt which annoyed me like something was missing, was filled! I never thought he would be the one to fill it, but he did…But it wasn't without a cost…" Wanda finished grimly.

"What do you mean?" Timmy asked softly with interest.

"Well…like I said before, Cosmo's an idiot. And even though I was happy despite that fact, others didn't share my enthusiasm. They didn't bother to delve deeper and see the value of Cosmo like I did. The only one that found Cosmo valuable was his mother and even she hated me since she thought I was stealing him away from her. People looked at me very differently and thought I had gone insane at the thought of being with him. Before I knew it, it seemed like the whole fairy society and the world I once knew and loved was against me and I found myself caught up in a mess since I basically had to decide whether to drop my success, popularity, and blissful lifestyle to be with Cosmo, or just drop Cosmo and just be happy with the life I had even though that void would still be there. I had to make a choice. Obviously, you can guess how it turned out…" She shrugged.

Timmy nodded slowly. "…Do you ever regret it?"

"Well, not to say that I don't have my 'what if' moments. I mean everyone does. Life's full of choices and whichever you choose, you're always going to wonder what could have happened if you picked the alternative. But the fact is that you can't always have your cake and eat it too because life just doesn't work that way sometimes; even with magic…The best thing that you can do is weigh out the benefits and go with what feels right. Take chances, and hope it's all for the best. In the end, though it seems like I'm going to go insane…I couldn't be any happier! Being with Cosmo, having the chance to become god parents, meeting you, having Poof, and being a family just makes me realize every day that the sacrifices made were well worth it." She smiled.

Timmy looked at Wanda, cracking a small smile, but then looked away as his mind flashbacked to Tootie's tear stricken face.

"I love you Timmy. I'm so in love with you that…I have to let you go…"

"…And I'll be happier knowing that you'll be happy in the end."

"…I see. I guess that makes sense then. You loved Cosmo so much that you were willing to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the sake of his and just being happy with him…"

"Yeah…But hey, enough about my interesting love life, let's talk about you now!" Wanda smiled obliviously, but put her hand on his shoulder. "What happened Timmy?"

Timmy heaved a heavy and shaky sigh. "Tootie…She…She requested to end the arrangement we made. I-I'm not going to be her fairy anymore..."

Wanda gasped. "Oh no…"

"And that's not the worst part." He continued bitterly. "Once the request wish is granted at the stroke of midnight, she made it so that I would lose all of my memories of her. It will be like she never even existed!"

"Which I'm guessing despite what you said back in the past over and over and considering the situation at hand, is something that you don't want after all." Wanda replied in a matter-of-factly yet empathetic tone.

"Of course I don't! I mean how was I supposed to know that the one girl I wished would just leave me alone and disappear off the face of the earth would turn out to be the one and only girl I'd ever want to be with and apparently can't be happy in my life without?! MAN I HATE IRONY! THIS STINKS!" He exclaimed angrily.

"I'm so sorry Timmy…" Wanda sighed. "Well…what are you going to do?" She asked softly.

"Y-you're asking me?! Wait a minute! You're the smart one Wanda! I should be asking you that question!" He sniffed.

Wanda sadly shook her head. "I'm sorry Sport, while I appreciate the compliment, I'm afraid that there's not much I can do in this situation…Not only just because fairies can't interfere with matters of true love, but because this is something that only you can figure out.; a problem that only you can solve."

She put a comforting hand to his cheek while she ran her other hand through his brown hair. "Y-you make look like it, but the fact is that…you're not a little kid anymore Timmy. You're all grown up…and not only that…you're in love." She smiled tearfully. "You've come so far and done so much in this crazy life of yours, even put your own life on the line multiple times to save others. You've learned so much about life as well; how unfair it can be, but also how it can be full of special and even magical opportunities. I, Cosmo, and Poof were lucky enough to help you through those moments…Even now, I-I go as far to say that you weren't just an ordinary godchild to me…but like a son. My own son…"

Timmy smiled warmly as she continued. "But…like every parent, there comes a time…when they have to let their little ones go…they realize that they have grown and that they have to go out and explore the world and experience different things of life. And no matter how unfair, or even how painful it can be, they can't interfere. They have to let them decide what's best for them; hoping that in the end their choices will lead to their happiness…That's what I have to do now Timmy…And what you have to do as well. What happened in Hawaii…was unfortunate, but in the end, we thought it was wonderful since we could all be together. But as it turns out, it wasn't as wonderful as you could have hoped since there was a price; a price that I don't think you're ready or willing to pay. But you're the only one who can make that choice…"

Timmy wanted to wipe the tears that ran down his godmother's cheeks so badly.

"B-but just know…that whatever you decide to do, I, Cosmo, and Poof will support you all the way. And that we'll always love you no matter what Timmy Turner."

Timmy suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see a bandaged up Cosmo smiling softly at him while nodding sincerely in agreement at his wife's words.

"Poof, poof."

Timmy looked below to see his little sphere shaped god brother hugging his legs gently, along with the sight of his former dog's tail wagging happily as he nodded in silence.

Timmy's eyes watered once more. "I-I love you guys!"

After a heartfelt group embrace, Timmy broke away to look at Wanda. "Wanda…you were always like a second mother to me…Thanks for everything."

She smiled and kissed his forehead.


"Wow, you're actually crying Cosmo?" Timmy couldn't help but smirk.

"N-No! My eyes just leaking with manly emotions! The doc said it would be a side effect from the pain meds he g-gave me t-that's all! IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL AND MANLY!" He cried louder as he grabbed Timmy into a tight embrace.

"…Can't…breathe!" Timmy gasped.

"Alright, alright you big sappy lug, let him go already before you suffocate him!" Wanda chuckled as she managed to pry Cosmo's hands off of Timmy.

"Thanks Wanda." Timmy dusted himself off after finding his breath.

Before she could reply, she checked the clock on the wall and her eyes widened in horror. "Oh no! Timmy it's 8:00 in your world!"

"That means you have less than three hours before the wish goes into effect and you lose Tootie forever! Which can't happen since you love her!" Cosmo added while frowning seriously.

"COSMO DID YOU JUST SAY SOMETHING SMART?!" Wanda and Timmy exclaimed as they gawked at him in unison.

"Well duuh! I'm prone to have my moments too ya know!" Cosmo folded his arms before flinging his arm forward and squatting his legs and wiggling his body. "NOW WATCH ME WHIP! OH WAIT! Maybe it's a nay nay? Ooh! Ooh! I know! FIRST LET ME HOP OUT THE MOTHER-"

Wanda poofed an anvil to fall on his head before he could continue while Timmy floated in front of them.

"Alright guys…I think I know what I have to do." He narrowed his eyes in determination.

"We're with you all the way Sport! What's the plan?" Wanda nodded as she held Poof in her arms who readied his rattle.

"We gotta' stop this wish from taking place before it hits midnight, but since DA rules are against us in this case, we're gonna need some help from someone powerful enough to defy the standards!" Timmy explained.

"And just who did you have in mind Sport?" Wanda asked as she poofed the anvil off of her now unconscious husband.

"Cupid." Timmy smirked. "If anyone's good at solving and screwing around with people's love lives and complicated unnecessary drama, it's him!"

"I don't know Timmy, what if he can't do anything about this?" Wanda frowned.

"-Or if he refuses to help you because he hates you for making his job so difficult over the years?" Cosmo added, as he shook his head from his dizzy state.

"Hey Cupid and I are cool! And even if we weren't, once he hears about the situation, he'll definitely help me out!" Timmy replied confidently.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T HELP ME OUT?" Timmy roared angrily as he grabbed Cupid by his silky bathrobe.

"I meant what I just said Timothy Turner! I, Cupid, the most fabulous, magnificent, and superb deity of love-"He fluttered his eyelashes at his reflection as he poofed up a mirror, but then puffed it away. "-cannot help you…"

"Can't or won't?" Timmy gritted through clenched teeth as he tightened his grip. Cupid poofed from his grasp and appeared in his heart shaped covered study room.

"While I admit there is a rather fine line considering that you're not exactly my favorite person in the world after making my job so difficult over the years, I assure you that after hearing about the tragedy of your love lost tale, I want nothing more than to grant the happy ending that poor girl deserves after suffering for so long!" Cupid explained tearfully as he looked at a picture of Tootie in his "most challenging yet successful project up to date" marked pile of photos on his desk.

"Look, I get that you don't exactly like me…and that I kind of made your job a living he** over the years…and I kind of can't stand you either…But why won't you help me?!" Timmy asked sincerely with slight desperation.

"You know the rules as well as I do Tim-Tim. No fairy magic can interfere with true love!" Cupid stated as he poofed up the DA rules.

"Which is why I thought that by going to you, you'd have some type of brilliant plan to override that!" Timmy snapped as he threw the book over his shoulder.

"Normally, I may or may not have some little tricks of trade up my sleeve to pardon certain situations, but my hands are tied in this case. You heard it yourself, she made that request out of nothing but selflessness, sacrifice, and honesty, which are just three of the basic effective components of true love's power. Unfortunately, the council is most likely going to want me on their board to testify as a witness on behalf of the emotion she put into that request, meaning that I'll have no choice but to help finalize that decision...I'm sorry Timmy." Cupid explained thoroughly, but softened as he watched the buck toothed fairy's eyes water as he sulked hopelessly.

"So…that's it then…There's nothing that can be done…I'm going to lose Tootie forever, probably never see her again, and it'll be like I never even knew her…" Timmy whispered somberly as a tear escaped his eye.

"Well…on the bright side, she said that it wouldn't hurt once your memories are extracted…And in a way, you're getting the wish you've always wanted back in the past…so maybe it's a long overdue win-win?" Cupid offered softly.

Timmy just looked down as he tried to keep himself from collapsing into sobs right then and there.

"Hey if it helps, you'll be happy to know that you and Tootie were elected as my number one top OTP in the history of my unrequited love projects! Your story is so good in fact, that I've convinced a renowned Fairywood director and producer to make it into the hottest blockbuster movie in Fairy World! Can you imagine the sales it's going to make! Lovesick viewers are going to totally eat this up! It'll be like the chick flick of all chick flicks and-

"-Cupid. Stop. Talking. Now." Wanda warned through clenched teeth. Cosmo and Poof nodded with equally furious expressions.

"-Er...n-never mind then." Cupid squeaked.

Wanda looked over to see her gloomy husband give her a look of helplessness as he and a tearful Poof tried to hold Timmy up from breaking down as the poor pink cladded fairy fell to his knees after looking at a picture of Tootie.

"OH THIS IS A BUNCH OF BULL****! There must be something that we can do to stop this from happening?! Anything?!" Wanda pleaded desperately as she tried to refrain herself from crying.

"W-w-well…there might b-be something…after all…that might, make the wish null and void…but I'm not sure if the kid will be up to it-" Cupid relented in a voice just above a whisper, only to be grabbed by the silk robe once more. By a rabid Timmy.


"Come up with a better offer." Cupid stated seriously.

"Wait what?" Timmy raised an eyebrow. Cupid freed himself from his grasp and continued.

"You have to come up with a better offer that will counter if not cancel out Tootie's wish altogether. You see, the Fairy Council's ruling system works similar to the necessary evil that is the corporate world. Although they all detest any Pixie form of business statutes, such an organized system is what keeps the DA rules validated; especially the 'Timmy Turner' clause section since it was a special exception case. Being that the agreement is pending to be broken in a thorough, thought out, and emotionally based request, your only solution is to convince the council that you can counter it with a better offer." He finished explaining.

"But-but I-I don't know what I could do! I mean…I can't find any possible loopholes to this, or trick the Council…and I can't change or alter the wish by magic since she did it out of true love; even though I absorbed powerful magic from the Abracadabrium, I still can't do anything to change it! I don't know what to do…" Timmy replied helplessly.

"Well…you love her right?" Cupid asked.

"Yeah I do…Never thought I would, but…I really do." Timmy replied honestly.

"And you want to be with her?" He asked again.

"Well duh! That's kind of the whole problem and how we got caught up in this sh** to begin with!" Timmy deadpanned in exasperation.

"Then what are you willing to give to make that happen?"

Timmy blinked. "W-what do you mean?"

Cupid refrained from rolling his bright blue eyes and face palming and just sighed. "I mean…she was willing to give up her happiness of being with you, and even you having the memories of you and her for the sake of your happiness since you get to be forever the jolly lolly fairy and even more importantly, be with your former fairy godparents. That's a pretty big sacrifice since all she's ever really wanted in life was to be with you. So, the question is, what are you willing to sacrifice in return to counter her offer?"

Timmy looked down silently, deep in thought. He wasn't an idiot so it wasn't as if he suddenly came to a realization, but rather, was facing the reality he did not want to face. He dreaded it to tell the truth. But it was there. Right in his face. He turned his eyes towards a mini film that played in the background on Cupid's heart shaped screen of him and Tootie when they were kids that continued into his adult human years, and recent fairy days. He then turned his gaze to his fairy family as they floated silently in the corner, watching him with supportive yet somber smiles on their faces. He reflected on all of the times and adventures he spent with them since they first appeared out of the magic 9-Ball, up until this very moment.

He sighed as he felt his eyes sting once more, hating the cruelty of life's unfairness, but the fact remained that he had a choice to make.

He took a deep breath and looked up once more with a seriousness in his cerulean eyes…

To be continued.