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He stared at the first year whom usually noisy no matter what time is it during the day. Thenhe glanced at the bunker which recently had been vacant. After their defeat to Inashiro during the semifinal, Sawamura Eijun had been blaming himself for the loss. Even after the seniors leave the nest and a newly captain had been appointed nothing seems to change Sawamura Eijun back into himself.

Their defeat during that time affects Eijun's the most. Almost every night since that day, Kuramochi will find Sawamura looking restless although he is sleeping. Pleading, screaming to himself about the one pitch. Tears would flow like rivers that never dried during those hours. Sometimes he caught the first year staring at the ceiling blankly with beady eyes trying to stay awake, to avoid those nighmares.

He had tried to help only to be rejected by the stubborn pitcher. Days passed and nothing seems to change, not even when he tried to knock those sense into him...

"Could someone bring him back"


Miyuki couldn't take it anymore, any longer than this he would burst into bubbles in the ocean and disappeared. The team that he supposed to lead is wrecked at the moment. Non of the members seem to be in spirit for practice, in fact half of them had quit after a few practice. In a time like this he needs someone whom specialized with this kind of thing. The problem now is that is Sawamura Eijun whom delving in his own dilemma at the moment. He misses that idiot cheekiness and his unwavering trust to his teammates. He had tried to fix that idiot but he is beyond repair for him to do it. Every moves he makes will receives an icy glare at the end. He hope that all of this will be over soon or he might collapsed from all this stress.

"Eijun... Bring yourself back to us"


Everytime he called out for him, emotionless eyes greeted him back. No matter how many times he asked him if he want someone to hear him out, Haruichi only got a polite rejection and a sour smile. To his utter suprise Eijun is reading a book. Wait a minute... WHAT!? Eijun and a book. Eijun don't read, he's the type to act before think. Ever since that time Eijun had been weird, he couldn't get used to the polite Eijun nor his demeanor.

"Please come back Eijun..."


He is bored. The captain had been ignoring him lately though he had been bugging him to practice for quite a while. He despised being ignored the most and more importantly he despises the pitcher that seems to be ignoring the facts that he couldn't do anything to change the result. He hate it to see him in pain because of this kind of things. He hate to be the one who couldn't provide him any help and support. He could only hope that someone will bring him back to them...


He couldn't imagine it when he heard from his kouhai that the idiot is being ridiculous. He is busy preparing for college when he overheard the kouhai's talking about the degradation of the baseball team. He walked down the staircase leading to second years. As he passed by he heard people muttered and pointing straight at him. When he arrivedat the class he is looking for, he called for one person whom had been left in charge. Miyuki Kazuya walked out, depression could be seen from his face.


Miyuki greeted him and bowed a little.

"We need to talk"

They left the place to discuss the matter at hand. Both of them debating on what the best option left for them to be and how to approached it.


His pitching didn't improve even for a bit. He look down his feet in shame. If he could be just a little stronger. He gritted his teeth thinking about it.


A gentle voice called him from behind. When he turned back he seen the stern face of the ex-captain Yuki Tetsuya.


He said his name, at the same time his mind is working at the top speed. He look at the captain and hung his head in shame. Surely the captain had seen his bad pitching.

The thid year put his hand on his hand and pat the head of the first year.

"Yu..ki senpai"

He let the older man pat his head, feeling a little anxious and warm at the same time.

"Sawamura, let it go"

He told him...

"It's no use to dwell in the past..."

Sawamura eyes widened as he heard thise word spoken in a gentle manners that no one expected from that man.

"Let it go and come back to us... Eijun"

He said it as tears start to flow from the pitcher eyes, letting the grief fade away and tge darkness flees.

"Do you come to bring me back senpai"

He asked as the tears beginning to slowed down for a bit.

"No, I came to bring the real you back"

He ruffled the first year hair ignoring the protest. For some reason he, Yuki Tetsuya is fond of the boy~~~

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