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Chapter 4- CRUSHING THE WALL [Part 2]

Eijun trudged down the lane and lined up for their morning practice as usual. He greeted a few people and the coach before he partnered up with one of his teammates. The do a couple of stretches and warm up before running laps. The manager Yoshikawa-chan is standing on the side line cheering for them. When he passes through her, she smiled at him.

"Ganbatte, Eijun-kun"

Hearing the girl called him with his first name after a long time really did makes him feels a bit uneasy but he continued on running with the rest of the team. On the other hand, Yuki Tetsuya is having a hard problem in handling Isashiki Jun whom had been trying to confront him since last night. Although he is his friend, this kind of thing is a bit annoying. The only reason why he couldn't do it is because of the coach and Ryosuke watching at him like hawks.

Eijun started to speed up a bit as they nearing the finishing laps, after a few more seconds all of them stop their current activities.

"Okay, partnered up we're doing field play today"

The coach announced. Eijun is lucky since he paired up with Kominato Haruichi, his best friend. Both of them worked perfectly around each other since Haruichi could match his pace with anyone on the team. It is his specialty after all. After the rigorous activities, all of them cool down before returning to the dormitory to change and attend class.


Classes aren't as boring as usual. Turns out their science teacher are a bit of a funny guy. He strolled around the classes wearing the white coat which been splattered in many colours. It looks like he's going to teach kindergartener than a high school student. He had quite a high voice for a man. He rambles about the planet and anything that seems to cross his mind. The gentle demeanour and occasional tripping had made him popular among his students. Meanwhile, their English class is okay, the teacher seems to be giving less homework due to the school and club activities lately. His friends had not changed even for a bit. They still welcome him with open hands and tried to cheer him up. He appreciates all their concern but it seems like the efforts are too much. He doesn't like to be treated like a doll which seems to be tearing up slowly. He had been mending himself, and from the looks of it, seems like he's going to be fine in no time.

"Sawamura, do you want to go for lunch with us"

A group of boys from his class asked, after refusing their offer Eijun settles down to the school store. He walked down the staircases and reaches the first floor. The school store is in a complete mess. People barging here and there try to grab their lunch. Slowly Eijun went to the crowd and let them push him until he reaches the counter. He purchased a yakisoba bun and a can of orange juice. He leaves the store just in time to get back to class and finishes his lunch.


Yuki stared at the brunette as he pitched the balls into the net. The grace of his fingers when he released the ball from his grip looks so exquisite. Looking at the other he realized that all of them are focused on their defence technique since the coach had been pressing the matter at the morning practice.


The assistant manager, Rei-san called out for him.

"Hand his down to Sawamura-kun, this will be his new training menus"

She handed him a blue folder. It seems that a few of them had been spending extra effort in getting Eijun back into his shape. He took the file from Rei-san and said to her that he'll give it to him after the practice.

Suddenly they heard a loud shout coming from the bullpen. It seems that the monster pitcher and Eijun had a face off again. It is confirming when then words 'BRING IT ON' and 'idiot' could be heard from both of them. Yuki chuckles at both of their actions. But, realizing that Eijun aren't supposed to overexert himself he quickly headed towards both of them.

"Sawamura, Furuya, stop this nonsense right now"

Both of them freeze as they saw their senior standing right in front of them. Sweats dropped like rain from their body.


The monster pitcher went stiff hearing his name.

"20 laps, now"

Without wasting any time, the young pitcher went ahead. As Sawamura tried to slip off, Yuki grabbed him by the collar of his training shirt.

"Sawamura, where are you thinking you're going?"

He asked him, realizing that he couldn't free himself from the vice like grip. He could only pout at the third year.

"Here, Rei-san gives you this"

He handed the file down to Eijun. Looking at the files with a confused face makes Yuki feels a bit warm. Seeing Eijun had been acting like his old self is really refreshing.

"What is this?"

He asked him.

"It is your new training menus"

He piped back. Looking at the folder, he could only smile as he opens it.

"Thank you, Yuki-senpai, please give my thanks to Rei-san too"

The brunette had already walked away from him, bouncing around showing his best friend the menus.

"It seems that the wall had been crushed already"

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