Nishi: Riu had you seen my sketchpad.

Riu; Nope, why d'ya ask?

Nishi: Oh, nothing

(Neko passes by...)

Nishi: Nekocchi do you take my sketchpad

Neko: Do you mean the old one?

Nishi: Yeah

Neko: I throw it away

Nishi: WHAT!?

Neko: that thing bugs me

(Neko walk away mumbles about some weird bug)


Riu: oh shut up already! We do not own Ace No Diamond

Hello there everyone, it's been a while sorry for not updating The Song. But I hope that everyone will be patient about it. I'm thinking about rewritting the story but that is for another time. For the new year, Riu-chan, Nekocchi and I will write a bunch of oneshots meant to be serialized. I hope that alk the readers will spend a bit if their time to vote on the poll that we will put. Nevertheless this one is from me, enjoyed it and some reviews would be nice too.

"To Make Him Mine"

Sawamura Eijun, a hitherto name that had been bugging his mind lately. He wonder why does a great person like him could be so dense and stupid at the same time. All this time that he spend watching the pitcher grows, he couldn't stop himself from noticing the cute brunette and his one time temper. That young pitcher is so full of life and energy, he haf lead them throughout many hard spots that they encounter.

He watches as the young one pitch into the net, mumbling about unfairness and how picky the coach is. The bad habit of calling the coach as Shogun and many more had gave the pitcher a lot of trouble. Even when the senpai is talking his unusualness gathered many attentions. To say the truth about that pitcher is he's too oblivious for his own good.

As that idiot settles on bugging Chris-senpai he wonder how he'd done if he's the one receiving all his attention. He loves the way that eyes shine as he talk about being the ace. If he could tell him that he love him. As the pitcher enter the bullpen after being lectured by the coach, he could hear him whines.

"Hey Sawamura if you want to pitch I'm open"

He offered him. Like always that eyes of his starts to shine before he snapped out of it.

"I'd rather like Chris-senpai to catch my pitch than a sadist like you"

He couldn't help to feel a little jealous from all the attention his senpai get from the first year.

"Hey Sawamura"


"I like you"

A silent sneak in and suddenly the pitcher start to fluster and talking incoherently.

"You're cute"

More pinkish spot comes to that he looks like a ripe cherry at the moment.

"Wanna go out with me"

Sawamura starts to feel dizzy before collapse onto the ground. The catcher went to him and pick him up carrying the first year out. A smile adorned his face, feeling satisfied because his plan would be easier to be carried right now.

"You'll be mine Eijun~~"

He carried him all the way from the bullpen with people staring like idiots from the side line. He chuckled a bit thinking of what will happens after all this.

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